マジキチ [majikichi]

May 27, 2010 at 6:07 pm (otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード), slang)

 Finally I can take a rest. Even though I work from Monday to Friday, I only spare my time on Thursday and Friday. Something always comes out on Saturday and Sunday. Now in Japan, it is getting warmer. Sometimes it even gets hot and humid. I don’t like the heat…

 Anyway, I just make a new post today since I have uploaded my cosplay photos too much. Seems like this blog has lost the meaning. No no no.

 I have introduced so many terms. But remember, words are alive. So words you often say a lot now wouldn’t even necessarily last forever. Ten years later, no one would say that. Maybe yes, maybe no. However, what if people abolished a word? It is going to be 死語[shigo] or dead word. We have yearly famous words[年間流行語], I mean, the words that were the most famous in the year such as アラフォー or 草食男子. Having said that, those would be possibly dead words 10 years later, I suppose so.

 Meanwhile, there are taboo words, we say 禁句[kinku]. That’s to say, we can’t say those words in public. So that means those words shouldn’t be aired on TV. If someone said that on TV, it must be bleeped like ピーッ. Those words are most likely summed up as 放送禁止用語[housou kinshi yougo], and most of them are like names of sexual orgens. Abolishing words change nothing. The more people ban words, the less interesting it would be.

 One of such taboo words is 気違い[kichigai] or mental. It could also mean insane, crazy, or psychopathetic. I don’t see why this is not good in public. Is this because people have been mental or such outrageous incidents have happened too much? At any rate, there is a saying to mean 気違い among 2ch bugs, that is 基地外[kichigai]. Pronounciation is the same, but replaced by different kanji. 基地[kichi] means a basement, and 外[gai] means outside. Means nothing. Also 電波[dempa] has also the same meaning. Both 基地外 and 電波 are used to describe such a painful person. If he is much psychopathetic than 基地外, he could be labelled as マジキチ[majikichi], which is an  abberiviation of マジでキチガイじみてるからやめろ[maji de kichigai jimiteru kara yamero] or,”Stop, this is seriously crazy!” キ印[kijirushi] also has the same meaning. [ki] stands for キチガイ[kichigai] and [shirushi] means a label or a mark.

 If you see someone who is too painful to see, you could say マジキチ…but don’t say this to the person directly, please. We don’t know what would happen. Anyway, I shall give you an example.

I don't have to be worried about guys who pick me up!

 This screenshot is from a certain TV show that introduced a crossdressing cafe in Otome Road. All the garsons are crossdressing women, and customers enjoy having a chat with them. The two guests were asked why they liked to see the crossdressing garsons, and one of them answered like above. ナンパされる必要もなく、安心してお腹いっぱい目の保養をさせていただいております。[There is no need to be worried about guys picking me up, and I can enjoy the eye-candy.] And there are a lot of comments from the viewers…like below.

 See? みんな自分が誰だかわからないと容赦がないですね(苦笑)Also, someone said もう少し自重して欲しかった[mousukoshi jichou shite hoshikatta] or I just wanted her to be modest. 自重[jichou] means to be modest, but this is used when you get carried away. It is not only an otakish term, but most people say this. Having said that, otaku people started to say this because of 真・三國無双[shin sangokumusou] in which generals say 自重 to stop such a reckless warrior. 私のコスプレも自重かな(笑)

 Also, there is another saying, メンヘラ[menhera], which stems from mental health[メンタルヘルス]. We abbreviate it as メンヘル[menheru] and add -er, so we make it メンヘラ[menherer]. The meaning is, yes, mentalメンヘラ is more serious than マジキチ. Don’t shut yourself  in your shell. Just talk to your friends before you become メンヘラ.

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[Cosplay] Death Note

May 20, 2010 at 1:51 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))


 How come I am so busy? I can’t spare time to introduce a new term because it takes time to write in English. If only my English was much better, I am sorry. So after all today’s entry is my cosplay. Well, in Japan we have three successive holidays in the beginning of May, which is Golden Week. This year we were lucky because it had five holidays including Saturday and Sunday. What did I do during this holiday? The answer is, yes, cosplay! Anything else? lol

 I joined the cosplay event with my friend who cosplayed Mukuro in Katei kyoushi Hitman! REBORN. In fact, when I knew him, he cosplayed L in Death Note. Because he made a really nice L, I spoke to him. He used to cosplay L a lot, but lately he has cosplayed Mukuro, Hakkai in Saiyuki, Kaji in Evangelion or something like that. I dared to ask him to cosplay L again, and he said yes. So we went to the event together in order to do Death Note. In my opinion, his L reminds me of the actor who portrayed L in the film, Ken’ichi Matsuyama, no?

 As you may know, Death Note is already over. But I still love it, and I want more episodes! Would Ryuuku come to someone and drop the Death Note so that a new story begins?  lol Anyway, there were almost no Death Note cosplayers but us. However, we were kind of recognisable so that some people shouted,”Hey! They are cosplaying Death Note!” Even though the series is over, people still remember…At any rate, I was with L, so that’s why people could recognise us. Without L, I was just a person, an otomen, an ojisan. orz Far from God of the new world. どこが新世界の神だよ(笑) Read the rest of this entry »

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[Cosplay] sweet pool Ⅱ

May 10, 2010 at 1:41 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word)

 I think I have been crazy about sweet pool. Now my brain is full of this game. What is going on? 病んでるのはこのゲームのキャラだけでたくさんです(笑)I think I tend to love such a deep and sad story rather than happy conclusion. Of course I do like happy endings so that nothing is left, but sweet pool actually left something inside me. Even now I can’t come off this sloppy feeling. Something like this didn’t happen to me since I watched Mirage of Blaze. Oh I shouldn’t have played this game…but it was so nice to play actually. WTF, which is better? I guess this is why most Nitro +Chiral fangirls get attracted. If you don’t accept bad endings, I don’t recommend this game. However, if you like something really deep and sad, I seriously do. And after you finished playing it, something would remain inside you for sure. It would be going to chase you and you can’t come off for a while. Umm, I feel I want to cosplay Shiki in Togainu no Chi to change my mood.

 Anyway, in Japan we had a long vacation called Golden Week. My vacation started from April 29th to May 5th. You don’t need to ask what I was doing, because there is only one thing. Yes, cosplay. I joined the cosplay events for two days and had a photoshooting for one. Too much, ne? ホントよくやるよこのオッサンは…

 In this entry, I shall upload sweet pool cosplay photos, but be aware of that it contains some spoliers.

 There are some key scenes I want to copy. Well, it is NOT Youji’s オナニー, but some other scenes such as a scene in which Tetsuo comes to Youji’s room to bring some food or something like that. Read the rest of this entry »

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閉鎖空間 [heisa kuukan]

May 3, 2010 at 4:18 pm (general, otaku word)


 There is often an old saying; otakus have their own universe and stuck there all alone. And they never come out and see nobody. I know that’s not true, however, I sometimes wonder why a word like 自宅警備員[jitaku keibi’in] is always stalking otakus. Let’s talk about it later, but now I shall introduce today’s keyword, that is 閉鎖空間[heisa kuukan].

 I assume there is no need to explain what it is if you have watched the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi[涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱], but for those who haven’t, let me explain. In this anime, the heroine Suzumiya Haruhi is actually the God of all the universe, and whatever she wishes comes true. But she is not aware of that, and her classmates including the hero, Kyon try to keep it secret so that she does not realise it. Because catastrophe might happen if she did. At the same time, her classmates must entertain her so that she wouldn’t get bored. when she gets bored, when her frustration comes to the point, something would happen. Yes, that is 閉鎖空間[heisa kuukan] or a closed space.

 閉鎖空間 is a totally different world from where we are, and there is nobody. Whatever Haruhi wishes is supposed to exist. In other words, she can do anything inside it. Anything comes true. Besides, a mysterious giant acts weird. According to Koizumi who is an esper boy from the agency he belongs to, the giant represents Haruhi’s frustration. If 閉鎖空間 gets broad, the real world would disappear and only 閉鎖空間 exist. In other words, the two worlds would be switched.

 That is all(almost?) about 閉鎖空間. Actually this word has been popular out of Haruhi fans since the anime was over. To make it simple, it means to stay in your shell. Like people often say, otakus tend to stay in their inner world. Watching anime, playing games, reading or drawing manga, or whatever. While you do this kind of thing, you stay indoors and talk to nobody. In the end, you might forget how long you shut yourself up…because you place yourself in your 閉鎖空間.

 Please don’t take it so seriously. This term has no negative connotation, rather most otakus use it as a joke. Let me give you some examples.

a. ねえ、夏休みどうしてた?[Hey, what did you guys do during this summer vacation?]

b. 閉鎖空間に引きこもってゲームやってた。 [I was stuck at 閉鎖空間 and played video games.]

c. 閉鎖空間でチャットしてた。[I was chatting online.]

 Of course, I shut myself indoors when I blog or do homework. Because I can’t talk to anybody while I do it. I can’t do two things at the same time, so I have to tell if someone speaks to me while I am engaged in something,”I’m sorry, but could you wait for me a bit more? Now I am in 閉鎖空間.”

 Having said that, it could mean as it does, I mean, your frustration. When you get frustrated too much, you might feel like crying out. Somewhere in this world, or in the universe 閉鎖空間 would come out, and a giant is freaking out. Since we live in such an irritable world, we get frustrated, irritated, and annoyed. If there is no way to release it, it would drive you crazy. That is not good. Koizumi is right. We had better clear frustration so that we won’t make 閉鎖空間. To do so, you just do what you want. Me, go to karaoke or cosplay, that’s all. That is the way I clear 閉鎖空間. Once a week or so, I go to karaoke. Well, not bad!

 How you deal with 閉鎖空間 will be important for your life.

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