[Intermission] How much possibility to be yandere you have?

January 31, 2008 at 8:43 am (general, otaku word)

 As I have said, I shall post my translation for the questionnaire to diagnose your yandere syndrome. Okay, when you go to this site, please click 鑑定する[kantei suru] or test.


Please enter your name in the white bar, underneath あなたのお名前を入力してください. Anything is okay. And answer each question Q1 onwards. Just choose one from the three answers. When you click it, a green dot shows.

 When you finish Q30, click 鑑定[kantei]. And you can see the result.

 So I shall post my translation for all the questions.

Q1. You are a wonderful person.


I don’t think so.

I am not sure.

Q2. You have to keep going.

I have to for everything.

I am doing my best all the time.


Q3. Once you start to think a bad thing, you can’t come off it.

I know I should come off it, but I end up thinking.

Sometimes I do.

I seldom think of bad things.

Q4. You think tomorrow is not going to be a good day.


Maybe yes.

I will make it a good day if tomorrow is really sucks.

Q5. You have much responsibility.

Of course I have.

Someone else will do it if I don’t do.

I am forced to do it though I don’t want to do.

Q6. You don’t hesitate to sacrifice something for your important thing.

Partly it should be okay.

If it is really important, it can’t be helped.

That depends.

Q7. Your ideal is too far from your reality.

I don’t think so.

Maybe yes. But that’s what life is all about.

I have my ideal, but I can’t make it come to pass with the reality I am in.

Q8. Though you are sure it’s not good, you do it.

I don’t do it if I know it’s not good.

When I come to my senses, I already did it.

Nothing can stop it, so it can’t be helped.

Q9. Though things go as you planned, you don’t get satisfied.

I would be happy if things go well.

Nothing can satisfy me.

Rather, nothing goes well.

Q10. Even though it doesn’t matter to anybody else, you do care about it.

Of course, I care.

There is no accounting for tastes.

I don’t think about such a thing.

Q11. Here comes a UFO.

What are you talking about?

Oh, it’s a UFO!

They will kidnap me!


Q12. A ghost is behind you.

It’s only your fancy.

Stop talking about scary things.

It’s an usual thing.

Q13. BTW, we got hungry, didn’t we?


Yes, we got.

I know a good restaurant.

Come to think of it, I had a dream.

Q14. You are being chased by someone.


No way.

Actually, I have a debt.

I am starting to be nervous.

Q15. Your next door hates you.


So what?

I don’t care.

That’s true.

Q16. Your friend killed your dog.

I will kill his(her) one in return.

I will blame him(her).

Call the police.

I will endure.

Q17. You failed the exam.

Because it was too difficult.

Beacause I didn’t do my best.

I will make it better next time.

What should I do?

Q18. You lost something precious.

Cry out for it.

Find it until I can.


Buy a new one.

Q19. You got humiliated in front of others.

I won’t go out.

I never forgive those who laughed at me.

I will humiliate those who laughed at me.

I won’t make the same mistake.

Q20. There’s a person who is doing the same thing as you.

I am glad.

I want him(her) to stop it.

I don’t care.

I will stop doing it.

Q21. Have you got a traffic accident?


Yes, so what?

I got a huge injury a long time ago.

Q22. Have you almost got killed because of a natural disaster?


I know someone who got.

I don’t want to recall.

Q23. Have you got strongly traumatized by physical violence?

No way.

I don’t remember.

I don’t want to recall, but yes.

Q24. There’s a time you can’t recall clearly.


Memories are gradually fading.

There’s the certain memory I can’t recall.

Q25. You don’t trust your parents.

Yes, I do trust them.

Not I don’t trust, but it doesn’t mean I trust.

Even though they are my parents, I think they are the same as others.

Q26. You belong to the certain circle or organization.

Yes, it’s important.

I belong to the minor circle.

No, I want to be free by myself.

Q27. You have a custom that most people don’t do.

Yes, it’s my custom. I always do.

I didn’t care, but come to think of it, I have.

Not especially.

Q28. You can endure any pain depending upon the situation.

No way.

Possibly, yes.

There is such a time.

Q29. You must govern your desire.


Yes, but I am not good at doing so.

I don’t think so.

Q30. There is something more important than your life.

I don’t think there is.

I don’t know such a thing yet.

I think there is..


 If you have any questions about your certificate, please feel free to aske me. Either you can write down on the comment board or let me know via e-mail from the sidebar. I will answer it. 🙂 Below is my result which says I am not yandere. And I worship my love as god. WTF? lol

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[Intermission] 少年犯罪とヤンデレアニメ[Juvenile crime and yandere anime]

January 30, 2008 at 12:28 pm (general, otaku word)

 Well, I have heard hundreds of times that there has been a lot of serious juvenile crime(shounen hanzai) lately in Japan. I know this is not a good thing at all, but I am getting bored to hear this kind of news. Mostly, children murder either their mothers or fathers…otherwise both, otherwise thier siblings. And when it goes too far, they might burn down a house. But minors shouldn’t be identified, and anyone who is under 14 can’t be punished by law. It’s too lenient? Anyway, if you have watched the most awesome yandere anime School Days, you would be sure of nice boat! the final episode was postponed because of the incident where a real schoolgirl killed her father with an axe. How come recent schoolgirls can handle such a heavy weapon? So most School Days fans got disappointed in the end. Umm, whether such an incident happened or not, the episode shouldn’t have been on the air…I think.

 But the press(or parents) always says the same thing, I mean, they immediately blame such a yandere anime or game everytime such an incident happens. Well, to be honest I don’t think so. I assume most sheer yandere fans are not so ridiculous that they can realise the reality. I daresay such murderers would be either really mental or too suseptible. Besides, some of them would love to write a fantasy novel. In their novels, they would create a violent story…I am not pretty sure they really get brainwashed by yandere anime, but the thing is, why should yandere game or anime be blamed first? In a soap opera, more violent things happen, though. I am not a yandere fan, but too bad, the more such an incident happens, the more yandere stuff might be blamed…Anyway, I hope nothing would happen in the real world just before the yandere episode is on the air. No more nice boat!(`・ω・´) 

 By the way, I found an interesting site. You can check how much possibility to be yandere you have. This questionnaire consists of 30 questions. If you understand Japanese, you should try it out. I think I would translate it for anyone who doesn’t understand, but wait for one more day. I tried it out, but the results is…

 My score is 52, and it says You are becoming yandere. WHAT!? Whether you will be or not is up to you…No way! I don’t believe it! Well, you can get a certificate.

Oh why?


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そっち系 [socchi kei]

January 25, 2008 at 6:40 am (general, otaku word)

 Well, if you happen to learn Japanese, you would be sure how roundabout this language is. Yes, we Japanese tend to say things ambiguously at times when we are not willing to tell directly. But actually such Japanese would become convinient somehow wherever you place yourself. At any rate, this term is kinda useful. Whether you live in the otaku circle or not doesn’t matter. But know this term varies the meaning depending upon the context…

 So breifly, そっち[socchi] means the other way of it, the opposite of it…something different from what you say or like. Also, this could imply something you are not willing to say. Ugh, I can’t explain well. Anyway, I shall write down some examples…

1. A: 俺、ツンデレ萌えなんだ。 だから涼宮ハルヒとか惣流アスカラングレーが好きなんだ。お前は?[I have a tsundere-moe, so I love Suzumiya Haruhi and Souryu Asuka Langley. What about you?]

    B: えっと、俺は言葉様とか竜宮レナが好き…[Well, I love Kotonoha-sama and Ryuguu Rena…]

    A: もしかしてお前、そっち系?[Don’t tell me that you belong to…socchi-kei?]

  B: うん、そっち系。[Yeah, right.]

 In this context, this そっち系 obviously means a yandere-moe.

2. A: やっぱり死種ならディアイザよね。[Among those characters from Gundam Seed, it should be definitely Dearka ×Yzak, right?]

    B: えー、あんたってそっち系なの?あたしはイザディアなんだけど。[Geez, are you in love that socchi-kei? I love Yzak ×Dearka, though.]

 As you can see, this conversation takes place between two fujoshis. In this way, if your friend loves the switched pair of your favorite pair, you could say そっち系 to mean that pair.

3. A: 君、かわいいね。抱きしめてもいい?[Hey, you are so adorable. Can I hug you?]

    B: え…あの、僕、男ですけど…[Er…well, I am a man, though.]

    A: わかってるよ。[I know.]

    B: あの…もしかして、そっち系ですか?[Well, are you…socchi-kei?]

 Yes, this socchi-kei means a gay.

4. A: おい、ちょっとあの人見ろよ。小指無いよ。[Hey, look at that man. He doesn’t have a pinky.]

    B:本当だ。やっぱりそっち系かな。[He doesn’t. Is he…socchi-kei?]

    C: 間違いないね。[Absolutely.]

 In this context, it means a yakuza (Japanese mafia). In the yakuza society, they shall cut down your pinky to show your apology or merely as a punishment. This is エンコ詰め[enko dsume]. エンコ means a pinky here.

 In this way, そっち系 is used a lot lately anywhere. So make this そっち系 as your own language! 🙂

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美人局 [tsutsumotase]

January 21, 2008 at 6:39 am (general, slang)


 In fact, when I explained some yakuza terminology in my previous post, I thought I should add this term. But I didn’t for some reason. At any rate, I think when you come across this term, you might be watching either a yakuza film or a two-hour soap opera or something like that. I have never thought I could encounter this in anime…but darn it, I almost forgot this anime, ひぐらしの鳴く頃に[Higurashi no naku koro ni] which is well-known as a ヤンデレアニメ[yandere anime]. If you have watched the tsumi horoboshi-hen of this anime, you could still remember…

 Well, before I explain this term, I have to give away some spoilers. When Rena’s father got his girlfriend after he got a divorce, she gets annoyed because she wants to spend much time with her father only. However, when his girlfriend, Rina tells her they are going to marry, Rena decides to open her heart to her. But actually, Rina turns out to be a yakuza’s bitch and she wants to exploit as much money as she can. That’s why she pretends to be Rena’s father’s girlfriend.

 In this way, an woman who actually conspires with a yakuza(or such people), approaches to an innocent man in order to exploit money is 美人局[tsutsumotase]. This is a peculiar reading, but if you type this in hiragana and transform, this kanji would show. Mostly, after a man and a 美人局 sleep together, her yakuza boyfriend would show up angrily, threaten him, and  say like, ワシのイロに何さらすんじゃボケェ![What the fuck did you do to my girlfriend!?] . And he would definitely blackmail the man to pay a huge consolation money…after he paid, he would know she turned out to be a 美人局. Oh no, this is too cliched.  

 I quickly investigated why this kind of woman is called tsutsumotase, and one of the theories tells that[tsutsu, pipe] implies a woman’s sexual organ in yakuza society, and a yakuza makes a woman have such a “pipe” and go to an innocent man…Simply, 筒を持たせる[tsutsu wo motaseru] might be changed somehow to put it. That is a tsutsumotase. Umm, then what about the kanji? I still have to figure out more.

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[Intermisson] My cosplay album

January 15, 2008 at 1:41 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 I made my cosplay album on the online photo album service. I think I will keep posting photos everytime I cosplay. Anyway, I posted those photos I didn’t post here. Please check it out! よろしくお願いします!

 You can go there from the blogroll.

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女装少年/女装ショタ[josou shounen/josou shota]

January 15, 2008 at 1:33 pm (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)



 When I was drinking with my friend last night, I heard of this. He told me this kind of thing is getting hot among not only fujoshis but akibakeis. Yes…actually a while ago, when I went to a bookstore in Akihabara, I saw a really really strange picture. Two little girls are playing in the river in a summer day, but both wear only underwears…and WHAT!? Obviously something is inside in the underwear. And a line says like ぼく達、男の子だよ[We are boys] or something like that. I was so scared that I immediately left there…Above image is a little different from what I saw, but I am pretty sure this is the same series.

 Well, I know ショタ[shota] is something fujoshis love, however, they don’t even need to get dressed as a girl. But for some reason, it surely has turned some akibakeis on. Normally, to love such an immature girl sexually is what’s called ロリコン[lolikon], and I also know lolikon idols(we say ジュニアアイドル[junior idol]) are still popular in Akihabara. In the certain shop, you can find any lolikon idol DVDs.  But that evolved out of what it used to be. In order to love such a shota boy, they might crossdress. I can’t put it well in English, but we say 女装[josou] to crossdress to be like a woman. At any rate, I assume this is something aims at not only fujoshis but akibakeis because it wouldn’t matter to fujoshis who love shota boys even if they get dressed as a girl. The thing is, yes, how it could get akibakeis. So I think that’s why such an androgynous boy gets dressed as a girl so that akibakeis who love lolikon girls almost forget he is actually a boy.  In above anime, the protagonist has a soft spot for a little girl, but actually the girl turns out to be a boy…but he can’t stop pursuing him…

 Come to think of it, I have seen such josou cosplayers a lot lately. If you happen to be in Tokyo, go to Akihabara or you could see such josou cosplayers. Ugh, but they are far from shota-looking, though.

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奇声萌え[kisei moe]

January 11, 2008 at 4:54 am (otaku word)


 うぐぅ, why haven’t I made a post on this so far? This is such a remarkable genre of 萌え[moe], though. If you watch any bishoujo anime, listen to your favorite girl carefully. Does she happen to give an odd voice before or after she says something? And does it turn you on somehow? If yes, you would have a 奇声萌え[kisei-moe]. 奇声[kisei] means an odd voice such as キーッ[kiiiiii] or ギャーッ[gyaaaaa](sounds like a baby’s screaming).

 Having said that, maybe those recent kiseis are getting more strange. Let’s look at some example. I shall list some of them I can think of now;

a. ムキャーッ[mukyaaaa], ギャボッ[gyabo]; Nodame from Nodame Cantabile.

b. ガォ[gao]; Misuzu from Air.

c. うぐぅ[ugh]; Ayuayu from Kanon.

d. あうぅ[auu]; Makoto from Kanon. OMG, the more I heard this, the more I cried!

e. にょろ~[nyoro~]; Tsuruya-san from the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.

f. にゅ[nyu], にょ[nyo]; Di Gi Charat.

 As for e and f, I assume kisei might be preferable when it is uttered with no other speech. I mean, uttering にゅ~or にょ~ is better than saying like もうダメにゅ~疲れたにょ~[mou dame nyu~ tsukareta nyo~]. Same goes to shokotan-go. She usually says 行ってきた [ittekitao] or ~した[…shitao]. This  doesn’t seem to count kisei. I feel this kind of uttering has a name…Darn it, I forgot. 

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ワーキングプア[working poor]

January 10, 2008 at 5:28 am (general)

 It’s not a rare term everywhere, but it has been getting more serious here in Japan. I often encounter this term in the gossip magazines…Working poor is a term used to describe indivuduals and families who maintain regular employment but remain in relative poverty due to low levels of pay and dependent expenses(from wikipedia). Putting the general cases aside here, the reason why I would like to mention this term is that it happened to my cosplay mate….

 He works for the certain anime filming company which has worked on School Days (that is why he is good at taking a picture as well). When I cosplayed L and Suefumi, he kindly took a lot for me). I am not familiar with this kind of job, but according to him, his holiday is once a week, so any other time he has to do this almost all the time. And I was really surprised to hear the amazingly low salary in this industry. Of course there is no bonus as well… One of his colleague in the other department at his company(she is from somewhere in China) could get less than 100,000 yen (about 833$) per month. Of course there is only one holiday in a week and she has to work from the early morning to the late night. So it means she has no time to do a part-time job, doesn’t it? Even though she loves to draw and paint anime, I really wonder how she could survive in Japan. Does the company give the workers accomodation? He said no. But this happens to not only his company, but almost every anime company…Oh hey, what about Studio Ghibli?

 He is coming back to his hometown in order to pursue some even higher career and seek a well-paid job. Though he likes his job, it shouldn’t last forever…What a pity, if it was a well-paid job, he wouldn’t even have to come back. He is my very first cosplay mate, though… 

 絶望した! アニメ産業の労働者待遇に絶望した!

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[Intermission] My second cosplay

January 1, 2008 at 5:18 am (cosplay(コスプレ))

 I should have written this post in Japanese as well because I found some visitors came here through Costype where I registered, so I shall update it. 


 A happy new year, everybody! 明けましておめでとうございます。So how was your 2007? I hope you had a good year, and are going to have a good new year. 🙂


 This is a bit quick project, but it was my first time trying 合わせ[awase] at a cosplay event. This story started since a Shinigami dropped a notebook in the human world my junior(後輩) at university showed me this about a month ago…



 As you can see, this is a Death Note. When she studied in Shanghai, she bought this notebook. She told me that all the Death Note in China have taken away because of the certain circumstance or something like that. Hopefully, she bought it before they took away…See? The descriptions are written in English and Chinese. Yes, I told my cosplay mate about this, and decided to do Death Note for Winter Comic Market 2007(冬コミ). So I took L and he took Light Yagami.


  The good point in cosplaying Death Note is that it’s quite simple and doesn’t cost that much. And this anime is accepted in the mainstream, so that most people can recognise you. It doesn’t almost count cosplay, but I think this is one of the most reasonable and convinient cosplay. Sometimes I have seen some cosplayers from Nodame Cantabile or Honey and Clover which are also generally popular, but it seems to be less recognisable…


 We didn’t have much time to prepare, so that I immediately started to get some properties we needed. Since Death Note is kinda easy to cosplay, I thought such properties could effect well…so I got these.



 Putting an apple aside, the important item is a cuff. If you have watched the anime, you would remember where and how this cuff was used. In order to get this cuff, I had to go to an adults’ toy shop. Umm, I had to ask the staff where I could get a cuff. Next to the cuff, there was a whip…L’s costume is quite simple, just a T-shirt and a jeans. Is there any other characters who are that easy to cosplay? Having said that, there was one difficult thing to copy…that was his strange haircut. Well, as far as you see in the above photo, it doesn’t seem to difficult to copy, but actually it was. Normally, among cosplayers who do L, there are two ways to copy his haircut; either the anime version or the live-action movie one. Obviously, the latter is far easier to copy. I took the former, but I messed it up. Darn it, I should have done Matsuyama Ken-ichi version…The most important thing in cosplay L is that, needless to say, you have to carry a lot of sweet snacks such as a candy, a chocolate, or a green tea flavored-ice cream, and try to be as geeky as possible! Don’t be afraid that people would say kimoi to you. lol 


 Though we took some photos there, I couldn’t obtain a permission from him to post a photo of us here(Too bad, he is such a bishounen, though). So I worked on even Light Yagami.



 Actually, Light is even easier to cosplay than L because it doesn’t require a difficult haircut. As long as you hold a Death Note, you can be Light. He is such a well-bred, that you just pick up some neat clothes. I didn’t have to buy anything. But hey, Light is such an evil boy that I had to be as evil as I could. I am such a doemu otomen, how can I be like him?


 Lastly, I shall posted some photos. If you don’t mind, I hope you could see them. 最後に写真を掲載しておきます。

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