April 17, 2017 at 12:03 pm (doujin(同人), general, otaku word, slang)

Hi how are you doing? It’s getting warmer and warmer in Japan, and this shall end Spring. That’s so fast. Around my place, the cherry blossoms were good last week, but not anymore. That’s also fast.

Anyway, I am here to make a new post.


If you happen to be an artist like an idol, a singer, a manga-ka (comic artist), an actor, a blogger or like that. Do you want to see how famous you are or simply how people feel about you or what you are doing? Screw up your courage, and do google your name or you will see.

This is, you can say, エゴサ[egosa] to mean egosearching. エゴサ is an abbreviation of エゴサーチ[ego search].  This is actually one of the vogue words last year 2016, but it started from about 10 years ago. The fact that egosearching has become remarkable like this, is because lots of people are depending on the net, I suppose so.

Well, when I started out this blog, I used to think like, ah I want more people to come to read. Fortunately, people dropped by or visited here, and sometime said something. That made me happy. Some of my posts got trackbacked by someone, and I went to see how they did. I have not seen such a bad thing as far as I am aware, but oh hell, what if I got insulted elsewhere? I am gonna google my name, bangin…

No way. There is no point. You can’t do anything if you care. So what is the point in egosearching? You know, it’s a good thing to know how you are evaluated, so when people do egosearching, they want to know that. Accept such a nice complement like, ah his song is beautiful or her cosplays are so cool, they want to feel good. But if you happend to encount such a bad thing like, I don’t like his blog, what do you say?

Once you found it, you got obssessed with that. So you do egosearching more and more…it is said that this is one of net addiction, or インターネット依存症[internet izonshou]. Please come off it. No good things come out. Even if you accept such a bad evaluation about you, and improve yourself, someone else would point out something else. It never ends. Going to lose yourself. Here is a good explanation.


This is a good example. A donkey and one old couple. Both get on the donkey, they would say, oh poor donkey! It feels heavy! So the old man gets on, they would say, oh poor old woman, just the old guy feels comfortable! The old woman get on, they would say the other way around. Neither gets on, are they stupid? Don’t they know how to get on a donkey?




See? Nothing can satisfy all. No matter how good film comes out, all the people on the earth never get satisfied. In real life, there are so many contradictions. You finish the work for the day, and going to leave. Behind you they would say like, is he serious? Isn’t he helping the others? You trying to help the others, they would say like, ah is he working for the extra payment of overwork?

In real life or on the net, all we need is スルースキル[through skill]. We say スルー[through] to mean to ignore or pretend not to see. スルースキル means such a technique of ignorance. Just take up good things and don’t care about bad things. Because they would tell you directly if it is not really really good. Like you are not always on time or your hair is messy for the interview. Not behind you, but directly. Let’s tell. We humans can speak.




Speaking of スルースキル, I so admire Kotomine Kirei from Fate/Zero. There is a scene the naked Gilgamesh is in front of him with an arrogant looking. Kirei never points out. Is he sure? Seriously, how do you try not to say something when a naked guy is sitting in front of you? Kirei has a great スルースキル, you know.

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New PC

July 1, 2016 at 12:11 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

Hi this is bangin. My computer got broken at last, so I bought a new one. Now I am trying to make a new post because I couldn’t upload anything for some reasons. Maybe I think that’s because of Window thing…not sure. Anyway, can I upload something now…?

DSC_0177 - コピー

Did it work? This is my Kagami Taiga cosplay. Don’t say anything. I know what you must be thinking, haha.

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デブ活 [debukatsu]

July 8, 2015 at 2:00 pm (general, otaku word, slang)

It’s unavoidable. From time to time, we have a turning point. How many turning points do we have? Okay let’s see…select school you enroll, job hunting, and spouse hunting…yes, whenever you do something like this, lots of trials or hardships come to you. That’s so stressful.


Nozomi is engaged in debukatsu.

However, there is a pretty easy trial. Just keep eating, KEEP EATING! So you will get fatter and fatter. Nothing to think about. Go on eating. That is デブ活[debukatsu]. デブ[debu] is fat or fat-ass, and [katsu] stems from 活動[katsudou] or activity. Before I mention デブ活, I shall explain proper terms which we use [katsu].

就活[shu-katsu] or job hunting is the most common to use [katsu]. 就活 origins from 就職活動[shu-shoku katsudou] at right. 就職[shu-shoku] means to get a job or being employed. Other terms got coined from this.

婚活[konkatsu] or spouse hunting. I think I have already introduced this before友活[tomokatsu] means mate hunting. Makes me laugh a bit because it sounds like it so difficult to make friends. [tomo] stands for 友達[tomodachi] or friend. Normally, you get in a new class, and start to say hello to your next guy so you will be surrounded by some other classmates. Should be a piece of cake. But, not necessarily. Some people can do it easily, others can’t. Even that, unless you move, no friends come to you. That is why you need to do action named 友活[tomokatsu].


This is Debu Live, not Love Live (warai).

So what does デブ活 mean anyway? Pretty simple. That is an abbreviation of デブになる活動[debu ni naru katsudou] or action to get fatter. What’s the point? This is irony for oneself. For example, a friend of yours is trying to go on a diet. She always saying like, “Oh I need to lose weight for this summer!” But next day, she is uploading some pics of lots of sweets or beef on twitter. Yes, she is engaged in デブ活[debukatsu]. You point out like, “hey! You said you want to lose your weight, didn’t you?” She would even say like, “yes but I am engaged in デブ活[debukatsu].”^^ She is not willing to go on a diet in the first place.

But do not say debukatsu to your friends because this is irony. Only those who are actually engaged in debukatsu can say debukatsu. Or else, I might say like, “hey! Why don’t we do デブ活 tonight?” which means let’s get a pizza and beer or something like that.

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シャフ度 [Shafudo]

June 20, 2015 at 1:55 pm (doujin(同人), otaku word)

I have lost my password to log in here. How long have I left my blog? Well, what shall I say first…okay, hi I am bangin, Japanese cosplayer, and the owner of this blog, Japanese words of anime fans, by anime fans, for anime fans. I shall introduce you those words which stem from anime or Japan’s subculture. I mean, they are otakish words, you know.

Anyway, I almost forgot to write in English. No no, my English is sucks in the first place. Takes much time to make a post. Well, days ago I got an e-mail from someone who asked me to make a post here. Oh no, thank you. Somone is still following my blog! Then I do, for sure.


If you are following any anime series from the anime production, Shaft[シャフト], you might have found one thing. It always happens, frequently happens. She looks down…he looks down…and they have an exultant look or that kind of look. Yes, that is シャフ度[shafudo], or shaft angle. シャフ[shafu] is from Shaft, and [do] means angle. In this case, is technically 角度[kakudo] or angle. Whenever you are aware of this angle, you are watching anime by Shaft.

Speaking of Shaft anime, I can think of Bakemonogatari[化物語], Arakawa Under the Bridge[荒川アンダーザブリッジ], Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei[さよなら絶望先生], or Dempa Onna and Seishun Otoko[電波女と青春男]…but wait, Revolutionary Shoujo Utena[少女革命ウテナ] is also made by Shaft. 懐かしいね!

シャフ度 can be frequently seen in the anime series by Director Teruyuki Shimbou[新房照之] who has been working for Shaft. Especially, it seems like this started from Bakemonogatari.


It’s always so hard, isn’t it? Shadow and light are so hard. This is important when we talk about シャフ度. Not only looking down, but you have to bend down backwards like an arc. This is easy to say, but hard to do!


Come to think of it, there’s one more Shaft’s technique. That’s 黒板ネタ[kokuban neta]. 黒板[kokuban] is a blackboard and ネタ[neta] is a topic or just a troll. You see this on the blackboard in the classroom. The board is full of off-topic words or nonsense. This is the idea Shaft often uses. Well, I feel we always need to fill in the blank on the blackboard, no?

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てへぺろ [Tehepero](๑≧౪≦)てへぺろ

December 3, 2013 at 11:18 am (doujin(同人), general, otaku word, slang)

 Hi everyone. Oh no, I have left my blog for too long. I even forgot to write in English! Does anyone help me with my terrible English? My blog has been 終わコン[owacon], you know. So many nice comments from the viewers! What am I doing! I’ve got to do something!

 Let’s get going, anyway. I swear myself that I could post one or two more topics to introduce a new word. Today I gotta introduce…let’s see…


 What about てへぺろ[tehepero]? I know most of you guys are frowning because this term has been already in the mainstream. Well, let me explain even that. If you can type てへぺろ, please do that. Maybe you would see some emoticons like (๑≧౪≦) or (。・ ω<)ゞ. てへぺろ itself has no point, but this is to express how shyly you are smiling at yourself. Especially this is mostly used when you goof up or make a tiny mistake. When you spill water, what would you do? When you accidentally put the papers through the shredder, how are you going to remove your blush? Let’s smile shyly and stick out your tongue.

 てへっ[tehe] is to describe such a shy smile in order to cover your mistake. I think you can see this in shoujo manga or something like that. A pretty girl is smiling with てへっ. Also, please watch out. If she sticked out her tongue, you could see ぺろ[pero] written next to her. Both are onomatopoetic words. てへぺろ is a hybrid of these two words. So if you cover your mistake, let’s say (。・ ω<)ゞてへぺろ♡. Don’t be shy.


 So who started this term? Yes, her name is Youko Higasa[日笠 陽子], who voices Mio in K-ON! In the radio program she featured, she used to say てへぺろ. The other seiyus started to copy that, and then most K-ON fans followed that…eventually, てへぺろ got in to the mainstream. Today, even non-anime fans are using てへぺろ. In 2009, てへぺろ was at the top of the current words among anime fans, but this has been common among general people 2011 onwards.

 What? Only young and cute girls can use it? Don’t say that. Once again, don’t be shy! If you softly knock your forahead with てへぺろ, that would be much better.

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[Cosplay] Fate/Zero

June 5, 2013 at 1:47 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 I am so sorry that I haven’t updated this blog all this time. There is no point in any excuses, so I gotta update something…Yes, it is my cosplay.

 What is that you are following this season? Shingeki no Kyojin? Hataraku Maou-sama? I am always behind, so I am not interested in any of them. What I am really following is this.

 Yes, this is Fate/Zero. As you may know, this series has lasted for so long. Actually, I hadn’t been interested in Fate series. However, when I was talking about my next cosplay with friends, they recommeded this. Because I am, you know, too old. Not like such a young character, but I prefer such a middle-aged guy. So I decided to cosplay him.


 He is Emiya Kiritsugu, who is one of the lead characters in this anime. You can see the decent storyline here. Well, to get to the point, Fate shows a war by several wizarding people over the Holy Cup that grants a wish. Each wizard has a servant, and they are supposed to kill others.

 Kiritsugu is one of those wizards. He is so dark-hearted, and uses whatever he can use to fulfill what he wants to do. Meanwhile, he is married and has a daughter. But they are destined to get into such a misrable fate…

 I don’t know how many times I cried. Every time I heard Kiritsugu’s voice, I can’t stop crying…darn it, it’s been a while since I cried at anime.

 There is less oppotunities for me to cosplay with someone else, but what the hell, I have had so many chances to cosplay with other Fate cosplayers since I cosplayed Kiritsugu. Lucky me. In these 5 months, I have cosplayed with four of other characters! This is a miracle. Yes, it is.

 I must say thank you for them. Thank you for cosplaying with me. Also, thank you for watching my cosplays. I always want to say. Read the rest of this entry »

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[Cosplay] Vocaloid!

December 4, 2012 at 12:59 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word)

 Hi, everyone how’s the things? I am doing alright. OMG, now it’s December? This year is going to end soon…alas, how come time flies? I go to work, cosplay, and meet people…these things repeat and repeat. Oh come to think of it, I met up the blogger who comes to my blog, tasukihoneybunny in October. Well, we met up in Ikebukuro and had dinner. Thank you for the meeting, I enjoyed. I like to meet people from everywhere because whatever they talk about is new to me. I am all ears.^^ 

 So, let’s start today’s entry. I have never been interested in Vocaloids, but sometimes I have to learn and try new things even if I am not willing to. Yes, vocaloids are quite a good example. The vocaloids I have known are Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len&Lin, Megurine Luka, Meiko, and Kaito. What is vocaloid? Now there is no need to explain, but if you are interested or would like to know about it more, you can check here. It’s a singing voice synthesizer programmed by YAMAHA. You can compose a song and make a vocaloid sing your song. The vocaloids have a decent singing voice even though it sounds like a robot to me. Of course you can get your vocaloid to sing whatever you want it to sing.

 Of course, this vocaloid things are amazingly popular among cosplayers. The interesting point is, costumes are different depending upon the song. Some of them are very gorgeous and cool. You know, I can’t even count the number of the songs. It’s really countless. One of my internet friends, Hinano told me she likes Megurine Luka. I wonder if she still follows. Anyway, I had to learn some songs in case I speak to new cosplayers or go to karaoke with my cosplaying buddies. The vocaloid I have cosplayed is this.


 This is Kamui Gakupo which is voiced by Japanese V-kei singer, Gackt. This cosplay was very challenging and difficult. The character is hard to understand because once again, the theme is different depending upon the song. The song I tried with my friend is Ryu no naku hakoniwa yori 龍ノ啼ク箱庭拠リ[From the miniature garden where the dragon howls]. This costume is so heavy that it was hard to move and strike a pose. The wig is also heavy! What is this? I am like アゲ嬢[agejou]! 何これアゲ嬢みたい! If nothing else, this costume somehow reminds me of takaradsuka. It’s so elegant…

 This photosession took place at the museum and the rose garden. The photographer Maah-san brought the cosplayer he associates, and she cosplayed Megurne Luka. She is a really nice cosplayer, and I think she makes a wonderful Luka. The museum was a bit too dark, but Maah-san tried his best. I would like to say thank you to the two. Also, as for the rose garden, it was a bit pity because it was too early for roses. Even that, the photographer Yoru-san did a great job. Read the rest of this entry »

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終わコン [owakon]

September 14, 2012 at 2:22 pm (otaku word, slang)

 Hi everyone, how are you doing? I am doing okay. It’s still humid, though. I wish fall could come soon. Well then, this blog is supposed to introduce new otakish terms, but I think I have posted too many cosplaying entries. So, I shall make an entry, quickly!

 You know, we never know what is coming in the future. Never know what will happen. No one knows what is sure. The same goes to fashion or trend. Apparently, it looks very odd, but once it gets in the trend everybody else goes for it. However, nothing is everlasting. Once we get cool down, it will be a history. So we go for something else. That is about it. Fashion or trend never last so long.

 Yes, we anime fans would be following current shows, I mean, the series being on the air now. Once it is finished, new season comes, meaning new series would start. How many of you are still following past series which were popular years ago? How many of you still remember some old series and all of a sudden feel like watching them again? Even if everyone else makes fun of me, I would keep loving what I loved. This is why I gotta introduce this term, 終わコン[owakon].

 終わコン[owakon] is an abbreviation of 終わったコンテンツ[owatta contents] which means out-of-fashion. 終わった[owatta] is a past tense of 終わる[owaru] meaning to end. In this context, contents mean video, music, novel or whatever for entertainment. 終わコン is actually used to deny such trendy stuff or simply joke such out-of-fashion stuff. Okay, we know Tiger&Bunny is very trendy. Since the first season was really nice, Sunrise announced they made season 2. Of course, T&B fans were happy, but meanwhile anti-T&B fans would be saying T&Bは終わコン[T&B wa owakon]. I don’t think so if you ask me. There are still lot of T&B fans around me. If you insist T&B is not 終わコン, you could say 終わコン(笑). Please refer to スイーツ(笑).

 So what does 終わコン origin from? The anwer is The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi[涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱]. When you hear of this anime, what would you say? “Ah it brings back memories,” or “it’s 終わコン.” That’s all. Five years ago, Haruhi was the core of the trend. When I started to be a cosplayer, at least more than 10 Haruhi cosplayers were at the event. A lot of Haruhi dancers uploaded the video on Youtube. However, the fame didn’t last so long. I must say Kyo Ani goofed up. If they had done much better, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. I am sure you know what I mean if you used to follow Haruhi series.

 The Haruhi fans died to see Season 2, but it took much time from Season 1 to 2. Some of them got bored to wait. To much worse, remember Endless 8? Yes, the first 8 episodes on Season 2 are almost the same story. It was kind of tricky. In this episode, Kyon has to re-do the same loop again and again because of a certain reason. He got in the endless loop. Of course, the cinematography was not exactly a carbon copy, but it tired the fans because they had to watch the same episode for 8 times. Meanwhile, in the anime Lucky☆Star, Konata cosplays Haruhi’school uniform or even some of the characters from Haruhi show in the episode. The female saiyu who voiced Haruhi turned out to be a bitch. In this way, Kyo Ani went too far. As a result, the fans are left and said ハルヒは終わったコンテンツ[Haruhi wa owatta contents].   

 Well, in my opinion not I don’t like 終わコン. Because I loved it, there is no reason I hate. As you may know, my cosplays are 終わコン because I am not following current series. People ask me, why don’t you cosplay someone from Kuroko no Basuke or Uta no Prince-sama? I am not that interested. Midorima is cool, though. If I cosplay a basketball guy, I will do Rukawa Kaede from Slam Dunk. Yes, it’s 終わコン. In fact, I used to be a big fan of Suzumiya Haruhi, and have cosplayed before. Now, almost no one cosplays this series. The current series you might be watching will be 終わコン someday. For sure. Even if everyone else is left, I would keep loving it. What is wrong with 終わコン? No need to be so shy. Just follow what you want to follow. No matter how many years past, great things are great, that’s why.

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[Cosplay] Jigoku Sensei Nu~be~

August 30, 2012 at 2:11 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 It’ so hot everyday, and it tires me a lot. To much worse, I got a wisdom tooth pulled out, that hurts a little. Well, how are you doing? I am doing alright, maybe.^^ Okay, let’s start today’s entry. I doubt how many of you know this anime, Jigoku Sensei Nube [地獄先生ぬ~べ~] but if you happen to know, you might be around the same age as me. Yes, actually when I used to watch this anime, I was still 12 or so. This anime was from the same title manga serialized in Shounen Jump from 1993 to 1999. At that time, almost all of my classmates watched the series, which means this is well known among non anime fans.

 Nueno Meisuke is a 25-year-old teacher called Nube by his students. He was transfered to Doumori Elementary School and started to work. Meanwhile, he is an exorcist and always senses evil spirits from the hell. Each episode shows a different spirit, and it targets his kids. Nube always tries to protect his students with his psychic hand named Oni no te. Having said that, this is not just a horror anime, but such a heartful story. Because some of the spirits have a reason why they can’t be cleared, Nube helps them go to heaven. There is always a heartbreaker, which made me cry a lot.

 I must say sorry because my cosplay is not something you would like. Maybe it would be better something like Tiger&Bunny or Kuroko no Basuke. I gotta leave it to young cosplayers. Anyway, this time I cosplayed Nube with my friend, Waon-san. He cosplayed Tamamo Kyousuke who is a fox personified. Tamamo is sometimes Nube’s enemy, but sometimes helps him. He’s really nice. Waon-san and I are almost the same age, so we used to be big fans of Nube. This is why we decided to cosplay this series together.

 This series goes well with such a creepy place like an abandoned school or devastation. I chose a certain studio which looks like a devastation. The last part of this cosplay is a fighting scene between us. Tamamo is such a powerful monster that Nube is almost beaten up. The studio is so humid and messy that we including the photographer were all sweltering. It was amazing because I cosplayed the hero I really adored when I was a kid. I am not like Nueno-sensei, but I always dreamed of being a great guy like him! Thank you, Waon-san and Maah-san. I so enjoyed this cosplay!  Read the rest of this entry »

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[Intermission] 5th Anniversary

July 17, 2012 at 1:02 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 Hi everyone, I am doing alright. I must say sorry that I haven’t come here for a while, but say thank you for following my blog. Those who e-mailed me to make sure I am doing okay, thank you very much.

 To my surprise, it’s been 5 years since I started this blog. Time flies, it really does. I didn’t know how wonderful I could share my blog with you, and made friends here when I started this. Yes, thank you very much, I want to say from the bottom of my heart. When I was tired of having such a hard time, your comments or messages really helped me. That is why I could get through. As you may know, I am a cosplayer. Cosplayers are supposed to make people happy. I don’t know if I could do such a thing. Those who make me happy are you. I was helpless and useless, even now there is a time I feel I am useless. However, if there is only one person who likes my cosplays, I feel that a wreck like me has a meaning to live.

 Well then…I shall get ready for my anniversary! Where is my tie, suits…uh? Someone is coming.

(The bell is ringing) Who is it?

 Tedsuka: I am Captain Tedsuka from Seigaku Tennis Club [Prince of Tennis].

 Y-Yes, but I have never seen you in such a suit.

 Tedsuka: So you haven’t played Motto Gakuen no Ouji-sama[もっと学園の王子様], have you? It’s an otome game of PoT. Anyway, there is no time to explain. Get dressed now. Let’s go to the party together. Read the rest of this entry »

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