歌姫萌え[utahime moe]

October 28, 2008 at 2:16 pm (otaku word)


 This is not that famous yet, however, it sure has lasted for so long now. Even if you do not follow Macross Frontier, you would know who Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee are. Needless to say, these two girls are quite famous because of their singing. They sure deserve to be called 歌姫[utahime] or diva. Well, diva might be supposed to dance and sing whereas 歌姫 does not have such a connotaion. I feel I could find such a 歌姫 easily in anime lately. When there is a diva in anime, she might sing in the episodes…and finally her CD would be released in 3D. So we shall go and buy. Usually, a seiyu(voice actress) who voices the 歌姫 could release a CD, but not necessarily. Because other sheer singers can feature the 歌姫‘s voice such as May’n who does Sheryl Nome. If I have to name this kind of singer, I might say Fiction Junction YUUKA who features Kagari’s image song 暁の車[akatsuki no kuruma] in Gundam Seed. Speaking of Seed, there is Lacus who is voiced by Rie Tanaka here.

 I feel 歌姫 could be found in such a war anime as Gundam or Macross series, no? While men go to fight, a diva sings and prays for them…so that the fighters can come back to her. Anyway, if you love such an utahime, you would have a 歌姫萌え[utahime moe]. Speaking of 歌姫, I can think of Yuna in Final Fantasy X Ⅱ, fullmoon in Fullmoon wo sagashite[満月をさがして], Osaki Nana and Reila in NANA, and Tsukishima Kirari in Kirarin Revolution[きらりんレボリューション] or something like that. Back to more, I can think of Creamy Mami[魔法の天使クリーミーマミ]. Wow, this is definitely おっさんホイホイ, does anyone know?^^ In the real world, there is Yui who featured Amane Kaworu[雨音 薫] in タイヨウのうた[Taiyou no uta]. As you may know, NANA has a live-action movie. Nakashima Mika and Ito Yuna featured Nana and Reila respectively.

 I am not following Macross Frontier, but my favorite song is Do you remember Love?[愛、おぼえていますか]. You would think of Ranka Lee’s version, but my favorite one is Lin Minmay who showed in The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross[超時空要塞マクロス]. Her singing voice was featured by Mari Iijima[飯島真理]. Oh no, sounds so pure and innocent. It sure heals your wounded heart!

 However, why is 歌姫 always women’s privilege? Is there the exact opposite of it? I mean, how come there is no male singers in anime? Let’s see…I can think of SHIPS in Kirarin Revolution. This duo is bishounen, and even released CD in 3D…but it didn’t get that famous. Too bad, no matter how well the singing is, it doesn’t become moe unless the singer is a girl.

 Though I said I am not following Macross Frontier, I used to be a big fan of Fire Bomber in Macross 7. I really really loved Nekki Basara‘s powerful voice. 教えてくれSeventh Moon この胸のモヤモヤを~♪ 

どうしてこんなに好きなんだろう 君の声 痛いほど響いてるよ
どうしてこんなに好きなんだろう 君の声 痛いほど響いてるよ

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October 25, 2008 at 5:24 am (doujin(同人), otaku word)


 If you happen to love eroge[adults’ video game], you might have seen this. Particulary, such a game in which several bishoujos are raped as 無人島物語[Deserted Island]. We call this kind of genre レイプもの[reipumono or rape thing], 鬼畜もの[kichikumono or barbarian thing], or 凌辱もの[ryoujokumono or torture thing]. In such an anime or a game, adorable girls are harrassed, tortured, and…raped by several terrible guys. First the girls shall struggle or try to run away, but the guys shall threaten and hit, hit, hit…oh no, they start to rape the girls.

 Yes, once they start to “do” it, the girls are nearly dead, I mean, look at her eyes. She looks at nowhere, right? That is…レイプ目[reipume]. [me] means eyes. How can I put it? Can I say like a rape gaze?;^^

 Well, when this レイプ目[reipume] happens, it would be probably the last part of the episode. After the guys “finished” with her, she still lies on the floor..or something like that. Usually, her body is tainted by wounds or…uh, えっと、そのですね, cum or something. She is gazing at nowhere…Does this turn you on? I don’t believe moe[萌え] is here, but some people sure say this is good. Ugh, this is too brutal to see!

 レイプ目 belongs to not only girls, but boys. Umm, I haven’t seen any reipume from guys. Anyway, this is kind of cliquished, so some patiance are required. 

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[Intermission] My first being 鬼畜眼鏡

October 16, 2008 at 2:47 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word)

 In Japan, it’s becomig cooler. Autumn has come, and will be winter soon. Such a short term is ephemeral, but that should be beautiful. No wonder most foreign people like Japanese four seasons.

 Anyway, such a nice season sure makes cosplayers cosplay. I already cosplayed twice this month, but did again…I know I am becoming insane more and more. This time, I chose the beautiful seashore, 九十九里浜[Kujyukurihama] in Chiba Pref. Even though it’s October, we found some surfers here and there. My sempai[先輩] wanted to try out his brand-new camera, so asked me to give an oppotunity to use it. I kindly asked him to take my cosplays, and we set out for the seashore.

 I tried to cosplay as much as I could because I can’t go to such a faraway place so often. But this time, I decided to cosplay him.


 He is Himuro Reiichi in Toki Meki Memorial -Girls’ Side-. I have never missed all of the Tokimemo series so far including this otome version. Anyway, he is a teacher[sensei] and is wearing glasses. See this image, you can see how cold he looks? Yes, he is…a 鬼畜眼鏡[kichiku megane]! To much worse, he is voiced by the famous kichiku seiyu, 子安武人[Takehito Koyasu].

 Nah, actually he is not that kichiku though he is cold. Though I am pretty sure he IS kichiku in doujin comics. It is normal that at least one sensei has to be in this kind of game. And he/she is the most difficult to pursue, no?^^ You are just one of his/her students, so if you want to pursue him/her, you have to be special. In other words, you have to prove you are not like most students. So basically sensei always makes us do a lot of things. You have to improve yourself, I mean, study well, come to the top of the class, show how much you are good at sport, and try to close to sensei as much as you can. This is pretty hard! You can’t do these things at the same time, but you have to. Otherwise, you can’t get your sensei.

 What am I talking about?^^ Being kichiku is more difficult than I thought. And it was so hard to copy his hairstyle. I had to comb the hair backwards so that my real hair could be seen. So I messed it up a couple of times, but anything else was simple.

 Also, I cosplayed Nagisa Kaworu in Neon Genesis Evangelion and Hijikata Toshiro in Gintama after this. If you happen to have the Evangelion manga volume 9, please see the first two or three pages. You could see Kaworu’s regular clothes which never shows in the anime…I cosplayed that. But too bad it was kinda windy though it was sunny, so I didn’t make it better. But it’s okay, I really enjoyed because I had never had a photoshooting at such a beatiful place. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 16, 2008 at 1:22 pm (otaku word, slang)

 I forgot to mention one more term on my previous post, 自宅警備員[jitaku keibi’in]. That is リア充[riajyu] which was also born in 2ch. But this word seemed to have become famous among vippers, who are relatively younger than others. Maybe including teenagers.

 If you have seen Honey and Clover, you can put this word into those characters. Well no matter what, they are having fun as a student, aren’t they? Although each of them has to surpass the hardship, it is like a spicy of life…Surrounded by several good friends, they goof around, sometimes cry, and learn something. In other words, they are having a happy life in real world(3D). Yes, that should be a normal life as a human being. リア充[riajyu] is an abbreviation of リアルが充実している[riaru ga jyujitsu shiteiru], or be satisfied with your real life.

 What about the other way around? Yes, that is 非リア充[hi-riajyu]. [hi] works as un- or in-. Or else, リア終[riashu] which is an abbreviation of リアルが終わっている[riaru ga owatteiru] or real life is over. You could say like 人生オワター(^0^)ノ[jinsei owataaa] or my life is dead! At any rate, while リア充 means such an enjoyable life, 非リア充[hi-riajyu] is totally opposite of it. Yes, if you are obssessed with the intenet or an online game all the time like a 自宅警備員, your life is 非リア充. If your friends are all in SNS, and the only one way to communicate with others is the bulltien board like a 電車男[Train Man], your life is 非リア充. More simply, if your girlfriend/boyfriend lives in 2D, and have never dated with any 3D girls/boys, your life is…In other words, if only you have a real girlfriend/boyfriend, your life doesn’t count as 非リア充 no matter how terrible it is.  

 Come to think of it, I have two friends who have such a 非リア充 life. One is a 28-year-old guy whose girlfriend is a girl from Negima! and the seiyu who voices her. A while ago, he phoned me when he was shopping around at the department store…

a(me). What’s up, man?

b(him). Uh…I am choosing a present…

a. Hey! Sounds nice. So what are you going to buy?

b. I have no idea…I don’t know what to buy, nor what makes her happy.

a. That doesn’t matter. The important thing is to have a present for her.

b. Er…I want her to look happy.

a. I know I know. But anything is fine. If you are not sure, ask her favorite.

b. I don’t know…I can’t ask…

a. Why not?

b. I don’t know her phone number.

a. ?? Then why don’t you ask her when you see her?

b. I can’t see her.

a. Why?

b. I don’t know where she lives.

a. Is she your colleague or something?

b. No.

a. Who is she?

b. Madoka Kimura(the female seiyu).

a. …

b. Her birthday is coming soon.

a. Are you making a fun of me?

b. No, I am serious!

a. She doesn’t know about you, does she?

b. No. But I hope she remembers me because I have written to her a couple of times.

a. There is no proof that she could read such a letter, right?

b. …

a. Even if you give a present to her, there would be no proof that she opens it, right?

b. Giving something is pretty enough for me!

a. But nothing comes back, right?

b. I don’t count on it!

a. Have you had any good things in all of your life?

b. もういいよっ!俺の気持ちなんて所詮リア充なんかに分からないよっ![I’ve had enough! リア充 can never understand how I feel!]

 And the other one is a 26-year-old woman whose boyfriend is the character from the certain otome game. She never forgets to cerebrate his birthday, and always makes a birthday cake for him. Of course, she never forgets to make a chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Such a chocolate shall be called 痛チョコ[itachoko] or a Valentine chocolate for 2D boys. If 痛車[itasha] is for male otakus, 痛チョコ is definitely for female otakus…I heard that countless chocolates come to the editors of Prince of Tennis every Valentine’s Day.

 What about me? I like to cosplay. While I cosplay, I am in the character I cosplay. And I completely forget my real life! GYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Is my life 非リア充!? ^^

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[Intermission] Take me there…into the Mirage of Blaze!~炎の蜃気楼~

October 11, 2008 at 5:11 am (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)

 The first thing I have to say is this doesn’t count cosplay at all. However, some cosplayers might cosplay not only anime characters, but ones from TV soap opera(like 相棒), or merely entertainers(like 羞恥心) in Japan. If you happen to live in USA, would you see any Jack Bauer cosplayers?^^ Anyway, some cosplayers might avoid such 王道[oudou] or mainstream, and do such a minor series. If it doesn’t seem to look like cosplaying, and you’re not sure what they are meant to be, ask them what they are cosplaying so they will answer for you. When double and I attended the cosplay event a while ago, we spotted a group of Toki wo kakeru shoujo. There were surely Makoto, Chiaki, Kousuke, and even the girl who is in love with Kouske. Double didn’t recognize them until I pointed out. But this is not that uncommon here.

 On the next day we cosplayed together, I had one more photoshooting. This time, I got double to be a photographer. ありがとう~^^ He brought his brand-new camera though I am not familiar with that kind of thing, and he obviously made it far better than the last time in which we had a Suzumiya Haruhi photoshooting with windbell in April.

Ougi Takaya
Ougi Takaya
Naoe Nobutsuna
Naoe Nobutsuna

 If you know this series 炎の蜃気楼[Mirage of Blaze], you might be the same age as me or elder a bit because this is a very old shoujo manga. Technically this is based on the original novel which is quite long, and its anime was aired though it was too short. The story follows a delinquent schoolboy and a gentleman who watches over him. The two are actually the reincarnated though the schoolboy doesn’t remember anything about his past life. The gentleman reveals himself as his servant, and tells there is the living dead of Shingen Takeda[武田信玄] somewhere in this present world. Their job is to find out the spirit and destroy it. But…

 Although it sounds like a typical shoujo manga’s plot, I got hooked because the stroyline is so deep and sometimes very sad (Yes, I am an otomen^^).

 As I have said, this is an old series. So if you hear this, stop to look and feel nostalgy, you might be around the same age as me (mid 20’s or early 30’s?). Such a bait shall be called おっさんホイホイ[ossan hoihoi]. おっさん[ossan] means a middle-aged man though it’s kind of a slang. ホイホイ[hoihoi] means…えーこんなの何て言うの!?okay, it’s like tempting ossan with a nice bait. Needless to say, ossan can be replaced by cockroaches… ゴキブリホイホイ[gokiburi hoihoi] is a trap to capture cockroaches. They get to the bait, and get sticked to it so they can’t get out. Same goes to ossan. If they see the very first Gundam series or hear the theme song(燃え上がれ~燃え上がれ~燃え上がれ~ガンダム~機動戦士ガンダム~♪) or something like that, they would get into their own universe and recall their youthful days…and never come back to 3D.

 Umm? But Mirage of Blaze is almost for women…so can I say like おばさん[obasan or middle-aged woman]ホイホイ? To my suprise, I found some dubbed video of this anime on Youtube…so does that mean this was aired overseas? Does that mean this is more famous than I thought?

 Anyway, I got a general person to cosplay again. The man who acted Naoe is not a cosplayer, nor an otaku. This series doesn’t count cosplay, so I thought it’s better to get more people than alone. Having said that, he made a nice Naoe though it was his first cosplay. And of course, I really appreciate double’s job as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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自宅警備員[jitaku keibi’in]

October 7, 2008 at 2:44 pm (otaku word, slang)

 There are a couple of words to mean a person who has no job in spite of not being a student such as ニート(NEET: Not in Education, Employment, Training). I already introduced 引きこもり[hikikomori] here. But I sometimes come across some similar words to this kind of thing, and assume such people have become a serious matter. That is why this kind of word keeps coming up.

 Unlike 引きこもり or ニート, this word was born in 2ch. Surprisngly, 2ch bugs came up with this to claim themselves…that is 自宅警備員[jitaku keibi’in], or home security guard. As you know, people who dwell on 2ch are sitting at the desk and obssessed with the screen. So they sarcastically insist they are surveilling home. Their job is to keep their home safe, so they have to be at home. 自宅[jitaku] means home, and 警備員[keibi’in] means a security guard. Eventually it is equal to be a ニート…Havin said that, 警備員 sounds better than 引きこもり, no? ^^ It makes me laugh a bit. Come to think of it, jobless women(in other words, female NEET) can be called 家事手伝い[kaji tetsudai]. Ugh, I can’t put it into English. Housewife? Nah, they are not married. Not correct. Anyway, their job is to do household chores. But what if they don’t do it? 結局ニートじゃん!Know this is only for women. Jobless men at home end up being a ニート or プー太郎[pu-tarou].

 Comparing to above, 自宅警備員 still sounds okay(?). And when they get kicked out of home by parents[雇用主, employer], they recieve 自宅警備員解雇通知[jitaku keibi’in kaiko tsuuchi] to mean a dismissal notice of home security guard. They are sacked, so they have to leave home…and where are they going?

 Yes, they are headed to the internet cafe to stay. Taking a shower, grabbing a snack, and finding a day labor…they eventually stay at the internet cafe. From place to place, they are wandering…so they are called ネカフェ難民[nekafe nanmin] or an internet-cafe refugee. They don’t have a home, but wander from internet cafe to another. This is also a serious social matter.

 Remember Nagisa Kaworu in Evangelion said 帰る家があるのはいい事だよ[Having a home to go is a good thing]? Umm, come to think of it where is his “home”? OMG, could he be a ネカフェ難民? Just kidding.^^

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[Intermission] 碇シンジ育成計画~僕は君とコスプレするために生まれてきたのかもしれない~

October 4, 2008 at 4:20 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 I like to get people to cosplay, and it would be more enjoyable if the person is not actually a cosplayer. When I see people, I always think of which character will suit him/her. So when I met up the young Singaporean boy named double, Ikari Shinji directly came to my mind because his height, looking, physique, and the way he is are closely resemble for him. If Nagisa Kaworu might have been born to meet Shinji, he might have been born to cosplay Ikari Shinji. And I’d venture to say I might have been born to cosplay with him. げーホントにガチホモみたい!ヤバい!キモい!間違いない!!

 I have been a cosplayer for almost one year, so I have been sure some tactics(?), I mean, how to cosplay well. The fandamental point is to find a character who looks like you. It’s not about the looking, but the figure, the shape of your face, or something like that. It would be easier to cosplay such a character rather than a character who doesn’t look like you at all. At any rate, when double was on this, I was quite happy and pretty sure he would make a nice Shinji. Then I can cosplay Nagisa Kaworu, so it would be nice if we two could cosplay together…Don’t mention our age difference is 10!

 However, I was so worried if he changed his mind to come to Tokyo again because of the massacare in Akihabara. Even if he didn’t, what if his parents were against it? But it didn’t happen. He came to Tokyo as he planned…I really think his parents and him are very thougtful and they mutually trust. Okay, so during his staying in Tokyo, I must protect him no matter what, right? Ugh, if I were Ayanami Rei, I could say あなたは死なないわ…私が守るもの[You won’t die because I will protect you.]

 Today we joined the cosplay event in Harumi Terminal[晴海ターミナル] near Odaiba. Here, cosplay events often take place though I had never been here. He obviously looked anxious, but it was his first cosplay. I think he did a good job, and of course I really appreciate don777 who kindly worked as our photographer.

 Okay here it goes, but I have to tell you these pictures contain…nah, you do know what I am going to say?? When Nagisa Kaworu is beside Ikari Shinji…you know what will happen, don’t you?^^ えっと、その…I-I-I was acting! Not really! Don’t say 嘘だッ!I am not lying!! Read the rest of this entry »

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