[Cosplay] Angelique

January 25, 2012 at 3:19 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 A happy new year, everyone! How was 2011? I wish you have a nice year. Around my place, we had a very first snow yesterday.  Not I don’t like the cold, but I wish spring could come as soon as possible. Because I am a cosplayer, summer and winter are not good for me. Anyway, let’s begin my first entry in 2012.

 If you think of any otome games, what would be coming up? Uta no Prince-sama, Heart no kuni no Alice, Vitamin X, Wand of Fortune, Miracle Train…it’s countless. In particular, we call any otome games from KOEI, Neoromance game [ネオロマンスゲーム] such as Harukanaru toki no naka de, Kin’ iro no Corda, or Angelique. You can abbreviate it ネオロマ [neoroma], and fangirls who follow those games are Neoromancer. Yes, I am.^^ My first cosplay is from Harutoki, and next I also cosplayed someone from Corda. However, I had never cosplayed anyone from this game, Angelique.

Oscar from Angelique

 Angelique is actually the very first otome game in the history. This game was born in 1994, and there was no otome games before that even though bishoujo games were everywhere. In this game, the heroine is a schoolgirl who faces to the trial that decides the next queen in the universe. Needless to say, she is surrounded by several good-looking guys who help her. You can choose your favorite, enjoy dating, and pass the trial. I have played this game, but I must say this is the most complicated and difficult because those guys are moody and selfish. Normally, typical guys in the otome games are nice to the heroine. But the guys in Angelique often turn down even if you ask him to go out. Or else, he would forget about the promise you made and have fun with another girl. Whereas he helps you, he would do the same thing to another girl. Can you believe that? I used to get mad while I was playing this game.

 At any rate,  I have a friend who really loves this game, yes we call those fangirls アンジェリーカー[Angeliquer]. She is a cosplayer who can make costumes herself. When I told her I am also a Neoromancer, she asked me to cosplay someone from Angelique. Even got me a costume? I was on it on the spot. The character she suggested me is this. He is オスカー[Oscar], the guardian of Fire. You know, there is at least one playboy(we say タラシ[tarashi]) in this kind of game. Yes he is. He always addresses the heroine お嬢ちゃん[ojou-chan] or Miss. I swear no guys say something like this. Well, he is something you see in the old American movie. But…for some reason I like him the most.

 The costume she made was really great. I had never tried on such a handsome outfit. I just got a wig and styled it myself, and went to the photoshoot with my friend. There is very few Angelique cosplayers because this series is old. In particular, Oscar cosplayers are quite rare. I fall for something like that. Read the rest of this entry »

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