November 28, 2008 at 6:34 am (cosplay(コスプレ), general, otaku word)

 I have some freinds who yearn to wear a 制服[seifuku] of Japanese school. All of them say the design is really cool. Well some schoolgirls would consider the seifuku when they choose high-school they want to go. Intelligence doesn’t seem to matter, but what they’re concerned is a 制服 in particular. And I have a friend who really wants to wear a 学ラン[gakuran] or Japanese traditional school uniform for boys(I will explain later). He ordered it from Japan, but too bad it was too tight for him, so he kindly sent it over from UK…and now I use it when I cosplay.


 As you may know, there are basically two kinds of seifuku; one is a セーラー服[sailorfuku, or sailor suit], and the other is a blazer[ブレザー]. Blazers are everwhere, but as far as I am aware, Japan could be the only one country which has designated it as a school uniform for girls. Speaking of セーラー服, you might think of the OP theme song of Lucky Star, もってけ!セーラーふく. But an ojisan like me could think of セーラー服を脱がさないで[Don’t strip off my sailor suit] by おニャン子クラブ(something like AKB48) or セーラー服と機関銃[A sailor suit and a machine gun] by 薬師丸ひろ子(the idol in 80’s). 古い!!アンタいくつだよ!


So long!


 No longer you see such a longer skirt now, but in the olden days, the length of a skirt used to be amazingly long. It had to cover your knee, and even reach to your shanks. Yes, the school rule was very strict at that time. But if the skirt covers her ankles, it would be counted as a ロンスカ[ronsuka] or long skirt, and those girls in such a ロンスカ used to be counted as a スケ番[sukeban]. スケ[suke] is an old saying to mean a woman, and [ban] means actually 番長[banchou] or a leader of a group of juvenile delinquents in school. At that time, a TV drama named スケ番刑事[sukebandeka] in which the three kawaii sukebans fought against evil was quite popular. The word スケ番 used to be in the mainstream at that time though I don’t hear this anymore. Besides, a bike gang which consists of girls only is called レディース[redhisu]. Well I think a perfect example is Gottoza-sama in Lucky Star. She quite embodies such a member of レディース.

 But things changed in the mid of 90’s. As the charismatic diva named Namie Amuro[安室奈美恵] became popular, most of the schoolgirls used to copy her. Her hairstyle, make-up, and clothes or anything(those girls who copied her were all called アムラー[amuror]). So they started to dye hair, and make the skirt much shorter. Yes, this time a word ミニスカ[minisuka] or short skirt became so popular that the teachers couldn’t almost stop them. Also, at that time the valuable item for them was a ルーズソックス[loose socks], and this makes your legs look thinner. I can’t think of any anime in which characters are wearing this…maybe GTO? Anyway, the existance of 女子高生[joshikousei] or schoolgirls was really strong. 



loose socks
loose socks

 As of 2000, the number of the schoolgirls wearing loose socks were decreasing, and instead of that, dark blue high socks started to become popular. 紺ハイ[konhai, an abbreviation of 紺ハイソックス] can make your legs look longer. Maybe you can see anime girls wearing this such as Suzumiya Haruhi. Not only dark blue, but black or white ones can be also seen. In that case, we say 黒ハイ[kurohai] or 白ハイ[shirohai] respectively. But the most popular one is 紺ハイ.




over knee socks

 If you see a lot of anime schoolgirls, you might think it’s weird that I don’t mention オーバーニーソックス[over knee socks]. Unfortunately, in the real world we can’t possibly see real schoolgirls wearing this. As far as I can tell, there’s no school which has accepted it as a part of the uniform. But of course there ARE a lot of schoolgirls wearing this when they are off. So let’s pray for such a day coming! Can I see a lot of 絶対領域 on the train every morning? I can’t stop my ハァハァ(*´д`*).


 Okay, then I shall mention boys’ seifuku. As I have said, there’s only two kinds of seifuku; 学ラン[gakuran] and ブレザー[blazer]. Usually, when the boys wear a gakuran at school, the girls should wear a sailor suit. So I think Suzumiya Haruhi’s high-school is really weird because each gender uniform does not correspond. Even Kyon says something like this in the novel. At any rate, I used to wear a gakuran at my middle school, and a blazer at high-school. Comparing to a blazer, a gakuran is very easy to wear since you don’t need a tie. Like a sukeban did so, such delinquent schoolboys also used to make a gakuran either shorter or longer. Of course we don’t see this anymore now, but the shorter one is called 短ラン[tanran] and the longer one is called ボンタン[bontan]. A tanran is really short, does not even cover your waist whereas bontan can cover your knees. Either way, you can see this collaboration in 今日から俺は![Kyou kara ore wa!] Old, old, old!

 As summer comes, students may change it into 夏服[natsufuku, summer uniform]. A change of clothes starts around the mid of June, this depends. Whichever they wear a gakuran or a blazer, they just take off a jacket. A white sleeveless shirt and a colored T-shirt are a basic style. For some reason, here is a moe for girls…since some girls might see his see-through nipples…女の子って結構エロいよね(笑)


 All in all, you will never wear a 制服 once you finish school, so that is why it’s kind of nostalgic, sad…and hot! As long as you are a student, you might not notice this. But after you lost it, you would see how important, and how wonderful it was. Yes! I have a 制服萌え

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賢者タイム[kenja time]

November 22, 2008 at 6:26 am (doujin(同人), otaku word, slang)

 This post contains some pornographic contexts. Viewers’ understanding is required. Read the rest of this entry »

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[Intermission] いろはにおとめん

November 19, 2008 at 4:32 am (cosplay(コスプレ))

 オトメンがコスプレイヤーとして生き、その命と信念を一着のコスプレに託して闘った最後の時代―幕末 [The last era in which an otomen lived as a cosplayer, placing his life and belief on a single costume…Bakumatsu]


 My first cosplay was a dancer in the olden days. We can call that kind of thing 時代物[jidaimono] or period piece. And above anime 幕末機関説いろはにほへと is sure called 時代劇[jidaigeki] or samurai anime. A year has passed since I became a cosplayer, so I wanted to return to the beginning somehow, I mean, the very first point of my cosplay…so I decided to cosplay him.


 He is 秋月耀次郎[Akidsuki Youjirou] who is the hero in the anime. As you can see, he is a samurai. When it comes to a samurai, most cosplayers would do BLEACH, Sengokumusou, Rurou ni Kenshin or something like that. As far as I can tell, there is no male cosplayers who do this anime. Although I could find some Bakumatsu cosplayers on some cosplayers’ circles, they were all girls. So I think I am the first male Youjirou cosplayer, maybe? うっ、もし違ってたらどうしよ;^^ At any rate, the reason why I chose him was that I meant to surprise my firend who is a fangirl of this anime. But too bad, I remember her favorite character wrong. Her favorite is Kannadsuki Sakyounosuke[神無月左京之助], not Youjirou. orz  

 Even though there are Youjirou cosplayers, I couldn’t find his costume at auction. Oh why? Do they make it by themselves? So I had to have the certain Chinese tailor make the costume. Well, pretty hard because I had to make a precise illustration of his costume. It made me watch the anime again and again in order to check all the parts of his costume. The tailor does not seem to understand Japanese pefectly, so that is why I had to make an illustaration. Actually Youjirou wears more things than I thought; a shirt, an inner scarf, or a manifer(手甲)…pretty hard to explain all of it to the tailor.

 I went to the event last week to have a photoshooting, however, I will definitely do again elsewhere because the location was not that suitable for Youjirou. Maybe I must find a better place next time. Besides, there was not enough time to spare for Youjirou because I had to cosplay four characters including him on the day. So let me say I will update my album for sure.

 No matter what, I know I don’t look like Youjirou. The only thing I have done well was making his アホ毛[ahoge]. Don’t mention I am not holding 月涙刀[getsuruitou], please.  Read the rest of this entry »

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November 15, 2008 at 12:15 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), general, otaku word)


 I am recalling the day…the day when the girl I really loved was running at the school ground…I was seeing her running towards the goal…and she was wearing…the gym clothes! Where is she? When does she come back to me? She will be waiting for me under the air. 消える飛行機雲~僕たちは見送った~♪

 Sorry, I am just starting this entry like key anime.^^ Okay, I’ve got to stop the nonsense, haven’t I? This type of moe has started with porn video, I suppose so. Because people spoke of Three Sacred Treasures of schoolgirls’ clothes, meaning セーラー服[sailor suit], スク水[school swimsuit], and 体操着[gym clothes] in the AV industry. The first two do not require any explanations, but 体操着[taisougi] has been a remarkable item of 萌え[moe] among anime fans.


 Well, now that I am not a student I never wear 体操着 anymore. But when I see someone wearing taisougi in anime, I end up recalling my school days…Oh why? Also, I definitely recall ブルマ[buruma] or gym shorts. Actually ブルマ is for girls, and 短パン[tampan] is for boys. Does Gym shorts really mean ブルマ only? At any rate although we can see moe-girls wearing ブルマ in anime, it is unfortunately rare to see a real one in the real world. I think you can see kindergarteners wearing buruma, so if you have a lolita-complex it would be nice. In 90’s, there was a time when most schoolgirls complained in wearing a ブルマ because of the tightness. More and more girls started to be against it, and finally some schools boycotted ブルマ. So nowadays, only conservative schools still make girls wearing a ブルマ…Anyway, this is disappointing for guys maybe? Speaking of ブルマ, I shouldn’t forget to mention ブルセラ[burusera]. At that time, some schoolgirls used to sell their own buruma to the porn shops[ブルセラショップ] at the high price. This is actually prostitution, but it wasn’t that much. So those girls could do this so easily to get a quick cash. So that is why some of the schools banned ブルマ



 As if granting boys’ wish, we are seen 2D girls wearing a ブルマ in anime, I assume. Having said that, those who love 体操着 are not only men, but women. You know, some female otakus inculding fujoshis are seriously wanting bishounen to wear a 体操着. Come to think of it, I have even seen some popular characters doing so…And of course, this really urges cosplayers to cosplay someone in 体操着.



 As I have said, you won’t have a chance to wear a 体操着 after you finish school…so is 制服[seifuku] or uniform. But remember how boys and girls changed before the class? Though the changing room was different, did you sneak around to see her changing? I guess such strongly turns guys on…

 On the other hand, I asked some girls who love 体操着 why they love it. The two told that they like the nudity, I mean, bare arms and legs. And they dare to mention the nipples underneath the shirt! 女の子って結構エッチなんだね(笑). The three told that they like the shorts just because they have a shotakon. No matter what kind of man, he can become a ショタ[shota] when he wears shorts. Is that so? I don’t know…

 OMG, I actually tried on 体操着 to cosplay Kyon’s. Sorry! I know my taisougi is not a moe at all.  Read the rest of this entry »

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[Intermission] A Group of Shinsengumi

November 14, 2008 at 6:03 am (cosplay(コスプレ))

 It’s becoming cold in Japan. It is. It’s in November already. Aw it’s been a year since I became a cosplayer. My level of cosplay has been better than the beginning? Although I have cosplayed so far, I do not have a lot of cosplay buddies. Mostly when I cosplay with someone, just one or two persons are fine. Because I like decent pictures. I mean, I do care about posing, angles, and location. I like to see a big group, but don’t think I want to foam.

 Having said that, I got a nice oppotunity that we could foam a group of Shinsengumi[真撰組] in GIntama[銀魂]. My cosplay friend whom I had never seen in real life(I mean, we have kept touch in with through the circle) asked me to join the event. She who could cosplay Okita, was meant to bring her buddy who could do Kondo. How lucky I am! I was on it, so we went to the event last week…

 However, I feel Gintama doesn’t seem to be that popular overseas. In USA, when it comes to Shounen Jump, it would be either Naruto or BLEACH. Umm, here Gintama is the most popular among young people. Especially among girls. That is because Gintama is kind of contemporary, I assume? Naruto is a ninja thing American like, and BLEACH is a samurai thing they like too. But Gintama…yes, their costumes are not that retro though the characters use a sword. Oh I am not sure. What about your country?

 The two cosplayers really did a good job. The Okita cosplayer who has a kind of shota-looking mostly worked as a photographer on the day. And the Kondo cosplayer pretty looks like him. You know, most Gintama cosplayers do either Hijikata or Okita if they choose from Shinsengumi because Kondo is too manly and muscle. Girls hardly copy that! So that is why this Kondo cosplayer is actually popular among the Gintama cosplayers. When we had a photoshooting, some cosplayers came to say hi to him…

 Okay, time for photos! I hope you like it. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 14, 2008 at 4:19 am (BL, otaku word, slang, Uncategorized)


 Ha? What are you talking about? Why is this famous? But actually I have seen this a lot lately since I knew about yaranaika?

 Technically, this has nothing to do with yaranaika, but it has a scent of that kind of thing…If you follow 2ch or Nico Nico, you might be possibly sure of this. But before I explain this, let me teach you how it should be pronounced.

 As you can see, this is not written as アーーーーーッ![Aaaaagh!] but アッーーーーー![A,——!]. Too difficult! Okay, take a deep breath first, and just say あ[a]. Please end it immediately after you said あ. Do not shut your mouth yet, please pretend to continue so that anybody else can’t say anything. Umm, is my explanation okay? To be honest, I think no one can teach it well!  

 To get to the point, this weird shouting is to describe when a gay gets poked. Now you can see アッーーー! easily since it has been an internet slang. At any rate, this is based on the Japanese baseball player, 多田野数人[Kazuhito Tadano] who succeeded in joining the Major League in 2004. Actually, he showed in the gay porn video with his juniors at school before he got a fame. At that time, some gossip magazines told the rumor temporarily, however as soon as he went to U.S., the rumor started to spread out.


 After all, he had to admit he actually showed. According to him, he had to do that for money…Anyway, this became a fuss among 2ch bugs. This is also called TDN事件[TDN Incident]. TDN stands for his surname TaDaNo. Perhaps, you could see some screenshots from the video on 2ch or elsewhere. アッーーーー!is actually what the baseball player uttered when he got poked. The most famous conversations are 「四つんばいになれ![Get down on all fours!]」「やれば返していただけるんですか?[Can you release us if I did it?]」「アッーーーー![A,——!]」「気持ちいいんだろ?オラ、気持ちいいって言え![You feeling good, eh? Say feeling good!]」「気持ち…いい…[Feeling good…]」   

 Oh, poor him.

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二次元コンプレックス[nijigen complex]

November 11, 2008 at 3:34 am (BL, general, otaku word, slang)

 As you may know, we say 3D[3次元] to mean our real world or real life and 2D[2次元] to mean a fictious world or merely a fantasy. Anyone who is not intersted real people but love 2D characters are called 2次元コンプレックス[nijigen complex] or 2次コン[nijikon]. If there is a 2ch-like saying, it should be written as [niji], or rainbow. Generally, people would think most otakus dwell on 2D in order to forget 3D. But I am not sure about this. I mean, where is the border between 2D and 3D? That depends on a person…

Otaku Summit -Live Discussion till the Morning-
Otaku Summit -Live Discussion till the Morning-

 In Gintama[銀魂], there is a certain scene in which the idol otaku, Shimpachi with the likes and the anime otaku, Hijikata discuss such a topic(this makes me laugh so much!). According to Shimpachi, idols sure exist in the real world, and fans those follow them live in 3D, not dwell on 2D. He dares to say idol otakus shouldn’t be counted as 2次元コンプレックス. Meanwhile, Hijikata insists that there is no point in following idols because it is impossible to get married to them. After all, idol otakus and anime otakus are the same. orz I think Hijikata has a point, though. 

Falling in love with a 2D girl is a waste of time!
Falling in love with a 2D girl is a waste of time!


So do you think you can marry an idol?

So do you think you can marry an idol?

 By the way, most people would think such 2次元コンプレックス happens to men. However, that is not true. Lately this can be seen among female otakus including fujoshis[BL fangirls]. Although they seem to see real people, they are good at distincting 2D and 3D. For example, if a fujoshi sees two schoolboys having a chat on the bench, she would “cook” them and make a story in 2D. 左の男の子が攻めで右が受けだわ!この後二人は… In this way, fujoshis can travel between 2D and 3D freely. As if they are wearing sunglasses…yes, this is what’s called 乙女フィルター[otome filter] to filter out 3D and turn whatever into 2D. That’s pretty convinient! I want! 

This is the news saying the signature collection campaign on the net.
This is the news saying the signature collection campaign on the net.

 The reason why I picked up this word is that the news said a remarkable site in which 2D fans are carrying out a signature collection campaign in a bid to obtain a legal permission to get married to 2D characters. Oh why? They insist they are not interested in 3D anymore, but seriously seek for a happy life with 2D characters. い、痛い…;^^ If it comes to pass, could we replace コン[kon] of 二次コン[nijikon] as 婚[kon, stands for marriage] say 二次婚[nijikon]?

 I wonder if the advocator is a man or not. I found a hilarious video on youtube in which several fujoshis talking about 二次婚. In this video, they don’t say 二次婚, but 脳内結婚[nounai kekkon]. The meaning is the same. 脳内[nounai] literally means inside a brain, well inside a dellusion. Needless to say, 脳内結婚 means to get married to your favorite character inside your dellusion. At any rate, I don’t know if they even start such a signature collection campaign because, as I have said, fujoshis could let the dellusion end on the brain. I don’t think they even want such a legal permission in 3D…what do you think?

I really adore Roy in Fullmetal Archemist!
I really adore Roy in Fullmetal Archemist!
He looks gentle, hmm.
He looks gentle, hmm.
We got married last February.
We got married last February.
I moved to 2D!

I moved to 2D!

 Me? When it comes to marriage, I must be surreal…Well, if I can get married to such a 2D character, I would choose Ritsuko Akagi in Evangelion. She is cool, smart, reliable, and gentle. I think she would be a nice wife though she is still single, no? 


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異物挿入[ibutsu sounyu]

November 3, 2008 at 1:07 pm (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 This post contains some pornographic contexts. Viewers’ understanding is required. Read the rest of this entry »

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