April 17, 2017 at 12:03 pm (doujin(同人), general, otaku word, slang)

Hi how are you doing? It’s getting warmer and warmer in Japan, and this shall end Spring. That’s so fast. Around my place, the cherry blossoms were good last week, but not anymore. That’s also fast.

Anyway, I am here to make a new post.


If you happen to be an artist like an idol, a singer, a manga-ka (comic artist), an actor, a blogger or like that. Do you want to see how famous you are or simply how people feel about you or what you are doing? Screw up your courage, and do google your name or you will see.

This is, you can say, エゴサ[egosa] to mean egosearching. エゴサ is an abbreviation of エゴサーチ[ego search].  This is actually one of the vogue words last year 2016, but it started from about 10 years ago. The fact that egosearching has become remarkable like this, is because lots of people are depending on the net, I suppose so.

Well, when I started out this blog, I used to think like, ah I want more people to come to read. Fortunately, people dropped by or visited here, and sometime said something. That made me happy. Some of my posts got trackbacked by someone, and I went to see how they did. I have not seen such a bad thing as far as I am aware, but oh hell, what if I got insulted elsewhere? I am gonna google my name, bangin…

No way. There is no point. You can’t do anything if you care. So what is the point in egosearching? You know, it’s a good thing to know how you are evaluated, so when people do egosearching, they want to know that. Accept such a nice complement like, ah his song is beautiful or her cosplays are so cool, they want to feel good. But if you happend to encount such a bad thing like, I don’t like his blog, what do you say?

Once you found it, you got obssessed with that. So you do egosearching more and more…it is said that this is one of net addiction, or インターネット依存症[internet izonshou]. Please come off it. No good things come out. Even if you accept such a bad evaluation about you, and improve yourself, someone else would point out something else. It never ends. Going to lose yourself. Here is a good explanation.


This is a good example. A donkey and one old couple. Both get on the donkey, they would say, oh poor donkey! It feels heavy! So the old man gets on, they would say, oh poor old woman, just the old guy feels comfortable! The old woman get on, they would say the other way around. Neither gets on, are they stupid? Don’t they know how to get on a donkey?




See? Nothing can satisfy all. No matter how good film comes out, all the people on the earth never get satisfied. In real life, there are so many contradictions. You finish the work for the day, and going to leave. Behind you they would say like, is he serious? Isn’t he helping the others? You trying to help the others, they would say like, ah is he working for the extra payment of overwork?

In real life or on the net, all we need is スルースキル[through skill]. We say スルー[through] to mean to ignore or pretend not to see. スルースキル means such a technique of ignorance. Just take up good things and don’t care about bad things. Because they would tell you directly if it is not really really good. Like you are not always on time or your hair is messy for the interview. Not behind you, but directly. Let’s tell. We humans can speak.




Speaking of スルースキル, I so admire Kotomine Kirei from Fate/Zero. There is a scene the naked Gilgamesh is in front of him with an arrogant looking. Kirei never points out. Is he sure? Seriously, how do you try not to say something when a naked guy is sitting in front of you? Kirei has a great スルースキル, you know.

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デブ活 [debukatsu]

July 8, 2015 at 2:00 pm (general, otaku word, slang)

It’s unavoidable. From time to time, we have a turning point. How many turning points do we have? Okay let’s see…select school you enroll, job hunting, and spouse hunting…yes, whenever you do something like this, lots of trials or hardships come to you. That’s so stressful.


Nozomi is engaged in debukatsu.

However, there is a pretty easy trial. Just keep eating, KEEP EATING! So you will get fatter and fatter. Nothing to think about. Go on eating. That is デブ活[debukatsu]. デブ[debu] is fat or fat-ass, and [katsu] stems from 活動[katsudou] or activity. Before I mention デブ活, I shall explain proper terms which we use [katsu].

就活[shu-katsu] or job hunting is the most common to use [katsu]. 就活 origins from 就職活動[shu-shoku katsudou] at right. 就職[shu-shoku] means to get a job or being employed. Other terms got coined from this.

婚活[konkatsu] or spouse hunting. I think I have already introduced this before友活[tomokatsu] means mate hunting. Makes me laugh a bit because it sounds like it so difficult to make friends. [tomo] stands for 友達[tomodachi] or friend. Normally, you get in a new class, and start to say hello to your next guy so you will be surrounded by some other classmates. Should be a piece of cake. But, not necessarily. Some people can do it easily, others can’t. Even that, unless you move, no friends come to you. That is why you need to do action named 友活[tomokatsu].


This is Debu Live, not Love Live (warai).

So what does デブ活 mean anyway? Pretty simple. That is an abbreviation of デブになる活動[debu ni naru katsudou] or action to get fatter. What’s the point? This is irony for oneself. For example, a friend of yours is trying to go on a diet. She always saying like, “Oh I need to lose weight for this summer!” But next day, she is uploading some pics of lots of sweets or beef on twitter. Yes, she is engaged in デブ活[debukatsu]. You point out like, “hey! You said you want to lose your weight, didn’t you?” She would even say like, “yes but I am engaged in デブ活[debukatsu].”^^ She is not willing to go on a diet in the first place.

But do not say debukatsu to your friends because this is irony. Only those who are actually engaged in debukatsu can say debukatsu. Or else, I might say like, “hey! Why don’t we do デブ活 tonight?” which means let’s get a pizza and beer or something like that.

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てへぺろ [Tehepero](๑≧౪≦)てへぺろ

December 3, 2013 at 11:18 am (doujin(同人), general, otaku word, slang)

 Hi everyone. Oh no, I have left my blog for too long. I even forgot to write in English! Does anyone help me with my terrible English? My blog has been 終わコン[owacon], you know. So many nice comments from the viewers! What am I doing! I’ve got to do something!

 Let’s get going, anyway. I swear myself that I could post one or two more topics to introduce a new word. Today I gotta introduce…let’s see…


 What about てへぺろ[tehepero]? I know most of you guys are frowning because this term has been already in the mainstream. Well, let me explain even that. If you can type てへぺろ, please do that. Maybe you would see some emoticons like (๑≧౪≦) or (。・ ω<)ゞ. てへぺろ itself has no point, but this is to express how shyly you are smiling at yourself. Especially this is mostly used when you goof up or make a tiny mistake. When you spill water, what would you do? When you accidentally put the papers through the shredder, how are you going to remove your blush? Let’s smile shyly and stick out your tongue.

 てへっ[tehe] is to describe such a shy smile in order to cover your mistake. I think you can see this in shoujo manga or something like that. A pretty girl is smiling with てへっ. Also, please watch out. If she sticked out her tongue, you could see ぺろ[pero] written next to her. Both are onomatopoetic words. てへぺろ is a hybrid of these two words. So if you cover your mistake, let’s say (。・ ω<)ゞてへぺろ♡. Don’t be shy.


 So who started this term? Yes, her name is Youko Higasa[日笠 陽子], who voices Mio in K-ON! In the radio program she featured, she used to say てへぺろ. The other seiyus started to copy that, and then most K-ON fans followed that…eventually, てへぺろ got in to the mainstream. Today, even non-anime fans are using てへぺろ. In 2009, てへぺろ was at the top of the current words among anime fans, but this has been common among general people 2011 onwards.

 What? Only young and cute girls can use it? Don’t say that. Once again, don’t be shy! If you softly knock your forahead with てへぺろ, that would be much better.

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終わコン [owakon]

September 14, 2012 at 2:22 pm (otaku word, slang)

 Hi everyone, how are you doing? I am doing okay. It’s still humid, though. I wish fall could come soon. Well then, this blog is supposed to introduce new otakish terms, but I think I have posted too many cosplaying entries. So, I shall make an entry, quickly!

 You know, we never know what is coming in the future. Never know what will happen. No one knows what is sure. The same goes to fashion or trend. Apparently, it looks very odd, but once it gets in the trend everybody else goes for it. However, nothing is everlasting. Once we get cool down, it will be a history. So we go for something else. That is about it. Fashion or trend never last so long.

 Yes, we anime fans would be following current shows, I mean, the series being on the air now. Once it is finished, new season comes, meaning new series would start. How many of you are still following past series which were popular years ago? How many of you still remember some old series and all of a sudden feel like watching them again? Even if everyone else makes fun of me, I would keep loving what I loved. This is why I gotta introduce this term, 終わコン[owakon].

 終わコン[owakon] is an abbreviation of 終わったコンテンツ[owatta contents] which means out-of-fashion. 終わった[owatta] is a past tense of 終わる[owaru] meaning to end. In this context, contents mean video, music, novel or whatever for entertainment. 終わコン is actually used to deny such trendy stuff or simply joke such out-of-fashion stuff. Okay, we know Tiger&Bunny is very trendy. Since the first season was really nice, Sunrise announced they made season 2. Of course, T&B fans were happy, but meanwhile anti-T&B fans would be saying T&Bは終わコン[T&B wa owakon]. I don’t think so if you ask me. There are still lot of T&B fans around me. If you insist T&B is not 終わコン, you could say 終わコン(笑). Please refer to スイーツ(笑).

 So what does 終わコン origin from? The anwer is The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi[涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱]. When you hear of this anime, what would you say? “Ah it brings back memories,” or “it’s 終わコン.” That’s all. Five years ago, Haruhi was the core of the trend. When I started to be a cosplayer, at least more than 10 Haruhi cosplayers were at the event. A lot of Haruhi dancers uploaded the video on Youtube. However, the fame didn’t last so long. I must say Kyo Ani goofed up. If they had done much better, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. I am sure you know what I mean if you used to follow Haruhi series.

 The Haruhi fans died to see Season 2, but it took much time from Season 1 to 2. Some of them got bored to wait. To much worse, remember Endless 8? Yes, the first 8 episodes on Season 2 are almost the same story. It was kind of tricky. In this episode, Kyon has to re-do the same loop again and again because of a certain reason. He got in the endless loop. Of course, the cinematography was not exactly a carbon copy, but it tired the fans because they had to watch the same episode for 8 times. Meanwhile, in the anime Lucky☆Star, Konata cosplays Haruhi’school uniform or even some of the characters from Haruhi show in the episode. The female saiyu who voiced Haruhi turned out to be a bitch. In this way, Kyo Ani went too far. As a result, the fans are left and said ハルヒは終わったコンテンツ[Haruhi wa owatta contents].   

 Well, in my opinion not I don’t like 終わコン. Because I loved it, there is no reason I hate. As you may know, my cosplays are 終わコン because I am not following current series. People ask me, why don’t you cosplay someone from Kuroko no Basuke or Uta no Prince-sama? I am not that interested. Midorima is cool, though. If I cosplay a basketball guy, I will do Rukawa Kaede from Slam Dunk. Yes, it’s 終わコン. In fact, I used to be a big fan of Suzumiya Haruhi, and have cosplayed before. Now, almost no one cosplays this series. The current series you might be watching will be 終わコン someday. For sure. Even if everyone else is left, I would keep loving it. What is wrong with 終わコン? No need to be so shy. Just follow what you want to follow. No matter how many years past, great things are great, that’s why.

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[Cosplay] Prince of Tennis

May 2, 2012 at 3:18 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), general, otaku word, slang)

 Hi everyone, it’s been a while again. Spring has come, and it is getting warmer here in Japan. It’s a good thing because it’s kind of easier for us cosplayers to cosplay. I have been cosplaying as usual, and having fun. I wish I could upload photos here blow-by-blow, but I have no time to do so. So that is why I always choose which cosplay to upload here. Of course there was a time I could do well, and the other way around. I would like to upload only things I could do my best.

  A while ago, I found a nice cosplay event around my place. That happened at the indoor studio where had an open-aired tennis court. Tennis court? Yes, the cosplay I did was Prince of Tennis. How many of you know this anime? Even though this manga is from the weekly magazine, Shounen Jump, I doubt this is not as popular as Naruto or Bleach. Can you find this manga in your language?

 Anyway, I asked two friends of mine out for this event as they are big fangirls of Prince of Tennis. At first, I was planning to cosplay Tedsuka Kunimitsu and my friends was going to cosplay Yukimura Seiichi and Sanada Gen’ichirou. But one of the two asked me to cosplay someone else.

“Why don’t you cosplay someone else? I have seen your Tedsuka before. You can use my costumes,” she said. Yes, she cosplays a lot of players from this anime. So I decided to choose him from her costumes.

 Yes, he is Atobe Keigo[跡部景吾] from Hyoutei Academy, which is a big enemy for Seigaku. Atobe is the manager of the team, and he is, as you may know, a really narcissist, but his play is so cool and great. He is always self-confident and calls himself 俺様[ore-sama]. 俺[ore] is the most casual form to mean the first person, and 様[sama] is the politest honorific. So do you see? Since Atobe uses 俺様 to call himself, he is very arrogant. But you know, I think it’s not a bad thing because it is said that most Japanese guys are 草食男子[soushoku danshi]. Maybe it is good that there is one or two guys like Atobe. Don’t say *ただしイケメンに限る.

 While I was changing in the room, I got so nervous because I didn’t think Atobe suited me. After I changed, we stepped into the tennis court. There were three groups of PoT cosplayers, and they were surprisingly looking at me. Because I was the only one guy who cosplayed PoT. Having said that, I must say I could really enjoy cosplaying Atobe because it was kind of easier for me to act him rather than Tedsuka. Atobe always has a self-confident look on his face. You can say it’s ドヤ顔[doyagao]. I think I fall for someone like Atobe. Maybe because I am totally different from him. I think I want to be like him. Note that this cosplay is based on the original comic, not the anime, which means the hair color is light-brown, not grey. Oh yes, I have to mention one more thing; look at the mole beneath my right eye. We say this 泣きボクロ[naki bokuro]. You might have seen this on your favorite character. And needless to say, if you feel fetish for this, you have 泣きボクロ萌え[nakibokuro-moe].

 I shall dedicate this cosplay to my internet friend, tasukihoneybunny who is a big fangirl of PoT. Enjoy, 俺様の美技に酔いな. Read the rest of this entry »

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僕と契約して○○になってよ![boku to keiyaku shite xxx ni natteyo!]

December 12, 2011 at 2:59 pm (doujin(同人), general, otaku word, slang)


 It’s December, and this year is going to end soon. Looking back, so many things have happened…good things and bad things. Of course, I mustn’t forget about the terrible earthquake. But luckily, I am alive and doing okay.

 I have cosplayed so much, maybe too much. Of course I shouldn’t forget what I am supposed to do here in my blog, yes I’ve got to introduce a new term, haven’t I? Okay, let’s start. Because I am a cosplayer, we are aware of what series are the most popular. Tigar and Bunny, Ao no Exorcist, and Uta no Prince-sama(I want to cosplay Tokiya) were really popular. Also, there is an unforgettable series, isn’t it? Yes, that is 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ [Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika]. 魔法少女 [Mahou Shoujo] means a wizarding girl. Yes, there are a lot of anime which follow mahou shoujo, but Magika is absolutely particular. You’ll see what I mean if you watch it.

 Put aside the outstanding storyline, let’s review the history of mahou shoujo anime series. Mahou shoujo is, needless to say, a genre of moe bishoujo anime, and always attracts a lot of fans. A cute girl who can conjure is charismatic for most girls and always grabs men’s hearts. Long time ago, in such an anime just the heroine is a mahou shoujo. If you think of mahou shoujo anime, would there be more than two or three mahou shoujo? But when I was a kid, only the heroine was a mahou shoujo, and she always helps people with her magical power. Speaking of such a heroine I might say Sally from 魔法使いサリー [Mahoutsukai Sally], or Mami from エスパー魔美 [Esper Mami](she is a psychic, though). They go to people who need help, and save them. For what purpose do they use magical power? That is to help people.

  But in the next generation, mahou shoujo evolved out of what they used to be. There are more than two mahou shoujo in the series. They would quest the world and use magical power to fight against the evil. Yes, I would definitely think of Magic Knight Rayearth in which three wizarding girls quest. Before, what a mahou shoujo has in her hand is mostly a broomstick or a wand, but they might have a weapon like a sword or a bow and an arrow. Mahou shoujo not only help people but fight for justice. Speaking of which, Mahou shoujo Lyrical Nanoha has more than two wizarding girls although just Nanoha is in the title. Meanwhile, there is a type of genre called 戦闘美少女[sentoubishoujo] or a fighting girl. In this genre, there are always girls who battle with evil. Maybe they can use magical power. Like I mentioned Magic Knight Rayearth, they could be either Mahou shoujo or Sentou bishoujo. I shall leave it to you. Sailor Moon or Precure could be both. Anyway, why are there more than two wizarding girls after 1990’s? I assume that most girls wish they could fight like boys and adore a strong friendship such as One Piece. So this genre is something most girls want to follow. If the series have several unique girls, it might last very long like Precure or Oja Majo Doremi. Even my niece really loves Precure series.

 Having said that, here is a definitely different type of Mahou shoujo, yes, that is 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ [Mahou shoujo Madoka Magika]. I don’t want to give away any spoilers in case you haven’t watched this anime, but there are two terms to introduce. Both coming from the episodes, so please mind spoilers. The heroine, Kaname Madoka is a normal school girl who has a gentle dad, mom, and a younger brother. One day, a new girl named Akemi Homura transfers to her class and for some reason she warns Madoka not to be a mahou shoujo. Soon after, Madoka encounters a cute creature named Kyuubee, and it says 僕と契約して魔法少女になってよ![boku to keiyaku shite mahou shoujo ni natteyo!] or why don’t you have a contract with me and become a mahou shoujo? This contract is too fateful, but if you have a contract with Kyuubee, you can grant one wish of yours. But you have to be a mahou shoujo. Once you become a mahou shoujo, your daily life would end. Kyuubee doesn’t explain what will happen to a mahou shoujo. Yes, he is so cruel though he doesn’t even care. In this way, lots of mahou shoujo have sacrifised their own lives. That is why Kyuubee’ line got so popular out of the series. You can replace mahou shoujo by anything else.


 Meanwhile, there is one more thing which made this anime so popular. That is what happens in episode 3, meaning Mami’s death. Yes, she dies in the middle of the battle. It happens in one moment; the monster bites off Mami’s head when she gets careless. Here comes another term, マミる[mami-ru] meaning this kind of situation. Don’t let your guard down, otherwise you would die in a moment.

 So far we have seen encouragement, friendship, and justice in mahou shoujo anime, however, everything is not necessarily good. Fighting against evil is very dangerous. Magical power is not only to save people but to use for your own. You can make your wish come true, but you have to give up so many things once you become a mahou shoujo. Little girls would say like I want to be like Cure White when I’m grown-up, but mahou shoujo is a steep and horrible world. If you want to keep your daily life, don’t get yourself into such an extraordinary world. In many ways, this anime is absolutely a new type of mahou shoujo anime. So what type of mahou shoujo would come next?

 Lastly, since I am a cosplayer, I have to say this; 僕と契約してコスプレイヤーになってよ![Why don’t you have a contract with me and become a cosplayer?] No, don’t get a contract!

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[Cosplay] When the Next Rain Comes, We Will

March 21, 2011 at 2:43 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), slang)

 So trains have started to move, and the power is working. Some services are still late like delivery or the likes. There is a long line in front of the gasoline stations. What I am concerned is the nuclear thing in Fukushima. I hope they could be fine, and I shall express my heartfelt sympathy to the people who are living in the disaster area.

 Well…so many of my cosplay friends are talking about what we shall do or what we can do. We shouldn’t cosplay now or something like that. I don’t really know. But no matter what happens in the world, even if no one knows there is tomorrow, I want my blog to be here with you. While you are here, I want you to be here with me. There is nothing I can give you, but if you kindly allow me, may I show you my cosplays?

 Like someone pointed out, I learned how to do make-up. Now I got my brand new camera, Nikon D90, so I want to re-cosplay my old characters to make it better. So this time, I cosplayed my very first character. That’s him.

 He is Oono Suefumi[多季史] from Harukanaru toki no naka de -Maihitoyo-. This anime is based on the same title otome game in which the heroine gets summoned by a mysterious voice into a totally unknown world in order to save it from the evil. Of course she is surrounded by several good-looking men and you can pursue your favorite.

 If you let me mention Suefumi, I must say he is a really heartbreaker. I would like you play the game or see the anime. The heroine meets him on the bridge in the rain. Even though he is so nice to her, he doesn’t remember who he is. So she decides to help him to remember who he really is…Oh no way, I couldn’t stop crying when I watched the anime for the first time. Of course he is my No. 1 in this series even now. Please play the music before you see, thank you. Read the rest of this entry »

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昭和臭 [shouwa shu]

March 13, 2011 at 2:29 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), general, otaku word, slang)

 The terrible thing is ongoing in Japan, but I do want to keep this blog because, thank you very much, I have a lot of people who support me. That is why…I shall make a post as usual.

Junk parts for transistor radios in Akihabara

 So this time, I shall pick up a funny word, 昭和臭[shouwa shu]. 昭和[showa] is the name of Japan’s era, and this had lasted from 1926 to 1989 before the current one, 平成[Heisei] came. Now it actually is Heisei 23rd [2011], but around Heisei 10th or so, 昭和臭[showa shu] is used to ridicule such an old thing or to point out it’s out of date. [shu] means odor. In a good way, I could say it’s a retro style or classic but if not, it’s out of date. If you don’t want to sound “odor,” you could use 昭和風[Showa fu] or 昭和テイスト[Showa taste]. [fu] means vibe. Look at some examples.

 This is a telephone as you can see. This type of telephone is called 黒電話[kurodenwa], or black telephone, and very old type. I think this doesn’t exist anymore unless it is in a film. Of course it doesn’t record messages. I am from Showa period so I still remember this type of phone. But if you happened to be born 1991 onwards, you would have no idea. And what about this?

 Yes, this is a transistor radio. After World War 2, people used to rely on transistor radios to get information. People actually made a radio themselves using some small parts. If you happen to be in Akihabara, just go and see the outlet next to the station. You will see a lot of junk parts even now. This station has already been re-constructed, but only this outlet still remains. I might say this outlet is 昭和臭. I don’t mean to ridicule, though.

 Of course there are a lot of anime series or manga in Showa era, but they don’t necessarily count 昭和臭. How do I say…such a retro character design or cinematography, we might say 昭和臭. As I said, I was born in Showa. But even if I see Heisei anime series, I might say 昭和臭. There is the other way around. Recently, I watched the anime Bokurano[ぼくらの]. Even though this anime was aired in 2007, I just thought it was made much much longer time ago. Then when does this story happen? It’s not officially decided, but Ushiro’s birthday is 2017, apparently the story takes place in 2030 or so. Even that, it looks so old, doesn’t it? Especially Daichi…

 Then do you think Rainbow -nisha rokubou no shichinin- counts 昭和臭? This story takes place around Showa 30th[1955], but I don’t think it counts because the design doesn’t look so retro although the clothes they wear fit in the anime. Out of topic, I really like this anime because my favorite seiyu, Rikiya Koyama stars. Also, Megumi Hayashibara narrates the story.

 When I speak to my friends, sometimes I feel a generation gap because I have early 20’s friends. I talk about CLAMP anime, they mention Code Geass, but I prefer X. They might ridicule it’s 昭和臭 though I don’t think so. Well, good anime is good no matter how many years pass. In the end, we always conclude that we share good anime series regardless of the generation gap.

  By the way, long time ago someone told me that my face fits the characters of the 80s/early 90s. Then should I cosplay the characters from that era? Aside from the topic, I am so pleased to have a lot of messages from you. I don’t know what to say, what to do…what I should do. I am not too sure if this is a good thing or not, but no matter what happens, if tomorrow more terrible thing happens, I just want to make you happy. My blog is always full of happy mood so long as I live on. That is how I felt after watching Bokurano. So that’s why…I would like to do what I can do.

 だから見ていて下さい、私の…コスプレ― Read the rest of this entry »

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Internet Slangs -Part Ⅱ-

March 6, 2011 at 1:14 pm (otaku word, slang)

 I have to say sorry because I haven’t introduced words lately for so long now. Now I’ve got to do that, haven’t I? Well, when I have a chat with my friends, I often hear a lot of words I have never heard. So I asked what they mean, and it turned out that they were internet slangs or otakish words. Some of them came out of internet slangs, and became yearly famous words. Okay, now is the time to list them up.

doushite kounatta

a. どうしてこうなった[doushite kounatta]: Why has it become like this? There is nothing to imply so you can say it at the right time. For example, just after you messed it up, you can say どうしてこうなった. As things are becoming worse, you can say it. When you play a video game with your friend, you are about to be beaten so you can say it. If you know Peercast[ピアキャスト], you might’ve been heard of what had happened. It is an open source streaming media multicast tool, and uses peer-to-peer technology to minimize the necessary upload bandwidth for the original multicaster. At any rate, when someone was uploading the ongoing video game using Peercast, he accidentally uploaded the screenshot which was not supposed to be get in. And on the bulltien board which were following the Peercast, someone said どうしてこうなった.

b. ガチ[gachi]: I think I have already introduced ガチホモ[gachihomo] before. Aside from ガチホモガチ[gachi] is often used among young people. It means seriously or really. We also say マジ[maji] or serious. Like saying You mean it?, we say マジで?[maji de?]. However, instead of saying マジで?, more and more young people seem to say ガチで[gachi de]. Originally, ガチ stems from ガチンコ[gachinko] which means a serious battle by wrestlers. For some reason, just ガチ[gachi] seemed to be cut off and everyone says ガチ. Did you ever listen to the Opening theme song of K-ON? There is one phrase saying ガチでスバラシ[gachi de subarashi] or really wonderful.

c. 大事なことなので2回言いました[daiji na koto nano de nikai iimashita]: This is important so I shall say twice. Actually it is not so important, not important at all when someone highlights something. This is joking you as it is not an important thing. For example, I am a fujoshi[BL fangirl]. I AM A FUJOSHI. 大事なことなので2回言いました. This stems from what a certain Japanese entertainer, Mino Monta[みのもんた] said in the advertisement. When he promoted the tooth cleaner, he said ,”this can sterilize, this can sterilize. It’s important so I said twice!”

d. チラ裏[chiraura]: It is an abbreviation of チラシの裏[chirashi no ura] which means back of a flyer. That means such a nonsense or worthless illustration or monologue. They shouldn’t come out, but stay behind because they are not so good. Yes, you can say like I’m sorry, but my fan-made novel is チラ裏[chiraura]. Or you can even say like チラシの裏でやれ[chirashi no ura de yare] meaning do it behind my back. I wonder if my cosplay is チラ裏

e. とりま[torima]: It should be とりあえず、まぁ[toriaezu maa] which means anyway

f. 砂を吐く[suna wo haku]: It means too romantic to believe, or merely very sweet. [suna] means sand, but in this context it means 砂糖[satou] or sugar. If you play any otome games, your favorite bishounen would say such a sweet speech like I love you forever or something like that. It sounds too sweet to feel sick. 吐く[haku] actually means to throw up. 砂を吐く means to throw up sugar.

daga kotowaru

g. だが断る[daga kotowaru]: But I won’t do that. This origins from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure[ジョジョの奇妙な冒険], and there is a scene in which the cartoon artist, Kishibe Rohan is on the verge of death. The enemy requests him to cooperate instead of killing him. He is about to say yes, but next moment he says だが断る. He is worshipped because of this scene. When you turn down such a great offer, you can say だが断る.

 That is all I can think of now, but I promise there will be part 3. And I am pretty sure this never ends because Japanese people including otaku always coin a new word.

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ドヤ顔 [doyagao]

December 27, 2010 at 12:21 pm (general, otaku word, slang)

 Ah I can hear this term everywhere. Even outside of the otaku society. As far as I am aware, I didn’t hear it last year. Maybe no? Anyway, I realise how much people say this. I assume there is someone who coined it, though…To get to the point, ドヤ顔[doyagao] means an arrogant looking. Like saying, “See? Look what I did, you people.” with a triumphant look. [kao] means looking, but what about ドヤ[doya]?

 In fact, ドヤ stems from どうや[douya] which means such an exlamation. Like hey or humph, we have a lot of equivalence. But どうや is actually Kansai dialect[関西弁] so people in Kansai(Osaka or Kyoto) say it. I live in Kanto[関東] so I don’t say どうや, but どうだ[douda]. In this way, [ya] seems to be used to end the sentence in place of [da] in Kansai dialect. For example, I can say コスプレが好き[Cosplay ga suki da] or I like cosplay. But if you want to say in Kansai dialect, you can say コスプレが好き[Cosplay ga suki ya]. Both sound casual, not polite.

 So if he is such a doya looking after he did something, he is so sure that his performance is good. He wants you to praise him. I don’t understand why something like this word has been popular, but I guess it could be because such a triumphant looking doesn’t seem to be seen a lot in real life. That is why people with a doya looking are remarkable. So what kind of people are doyagao? Yes, hosts at the nightclubs. Speaking of hosts, I can think of Ouran High-School Host Club. But none of them have a doya-looking in my opinion. At best, it could be Suou Tamaki but not really. He is still the prince, lack of arrogance. What about Yagami Light in Death Note? Oh yes, he is truly doya-looking. Very narcissistic and confident. 

 In this way, doyagao characters are so popular because once again, few people try to be that way. I wish I could have ドヤ顔, but it’s too difficult because you really have to be smart so that anybody else admires you. Othewise, people would think you are just talk like Oshio Manabu[押尾学]. orz

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