[Intermission] Take me there…into the Mirage of Blaze!~炎の蜃気楼~

October 11, 2008 at 5:11 am (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)

 The first thing I have to say is this doesn’t count cosplay at all. However, some cosplayers might cosplay not only anime characters, but ones from TV soap opera(like 相棒), or merely entertainers(like 羞恥心) in Japan. If you happen to live in USA, would you see any Jack Bauer cosplayers?^^ Anyway, some cosplayers might avoid such 王道[oudou] or mainstream, and do such a minor series. If it doesn’t seem to look like cosplaying, and you’re not sure what they are meant to be, ask them what they are cosplaying so they will answer for you. When double and I attended the cosplay event a while ago, we spotted a group of Toki wo kakeru shoujo. There were surely Makoto, Chiaki, Kousuke, and even the girl who is in love with Kouske. Double didn’t recognize them until I pointed out. But this is not that uncommon here.

 On the next day we cosplayed together, I had one more photoshooting. This time, I got double to be a photographer. ありがとう~^^ He brought his brand-new camera though I am not familiar with that kind of thing, and he obviously made it far better than the last time in which we had a Suzumiya Haruhi photoshooting with windbell in April.

Ougi Takaya
Ougi Takaya
Naoe Nobutsuna
Naoe Nobutsuna

 If you know this series 炎の蜃気楼[Mirage of Blaze], you might be the same age as me or elder a bit because this is a very old shoujo manga. Technically this is based on the original novel which is quite long, and its anime was aired though it was too short. The story follows a delinquent schoolboy and a gentleman who watches over him. The two are actually the reincarnated though the schoolboy doesn’t remember anything about his past life. The gentleman reveals himself as his servant, and tells there is the living dead of Shingen Takeda[武田信玄] somewhere in this present world. Their job is to find out the spirit and destroy it. But…

 Although it sounds like a typical shoujo manga’s plot, I got hooked because the stroyline is so deep and sometimes very sad (Yes, I am an otomen^^).

 As I have said, this is an old series. So if you hear this, stop to look and feel nostalgy, you might be around the same age as me (mid 20’s or early 30’s?). Such a bait shall be called おっさんホイホイ[ossan hoihoi]. おっさん[ossan] means a middle-aged man though it’s kind of a slang. ホイホイ[hoihoi] means…えーこんなの何て言うの!?okay, it’s like tempting ossan with a nice bait. Needless to say, ossan can be replaced by cockroaches… ゴキブリホイホイ[gokiburi hoihoi] is a trap to capture cockroaches. They get to the bait, and get sticked to it so they can’t get out. Same goes to ossan. If they see the very first Gundam series or hear the theme song(燃え上がれ~燃え上がれ~燃え上がれ~ガンダム~機動戦士ガンダム~♪) or something like that, they would get into their own universe and recall their youthful days…and never come back to 3D.

 Umm? But Mirage of Blaze is almost for women…so can I say like おばさん[obasan or middle-aged woman]ホイホイ? To my suprise, I found some dubbed video of this anime on Youtube…so does that mean this was aired overseas? Does that mean this is more famous than I thought?

 Anyway, I got a general person to cosplay again. The man who acted Naoe is not a cosplayer, nor an otaku. This series doesn’t count cosplay, so I thought it’s better to get more people than alone. Having said that, he made a nice Naoe though it was his first cosplay. And of course, I really appreciate double’s job as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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