戦士症候群[senshi shoukougun]

September 28, 2008 at 1:06 pm (general, otaku word)

 It’s not uncommon that the press always blame anime or video games whenever jevunile crime happens now in Japan. Since when did this pointless accusation start? Is everything because of Miyazaki Incident which a geeky man who was obsessed with little girls killed four girls? Was there such a person who really mixed up 2D and 3D and did such a crazy thing so far?

 I do not want to admit, but there was such a time when such a thing actually happened. Back to around 1987, there was a shoujo manga named 僕の地球を守って[Please Save My Earth] by Saki Hiwatari. This story follows a schoolgirl and two of her classmates who coincidentally have the same dream. In their dream, they mutually know each other, each of them has a different name, and observe the Earth. Having heard of the dream, she slips into the same dream for some reason. There are some more persons in the dream, but none of them do not even know. So they start to find them using the advertisement which you can seek for pen pals.

 The weird thing happened because of this manga. At that time, some fangirls did the same thing like the characters did so. I mean, they insisted they got reincarnated to fight against something and tried to seek for the buddies who also got reincarnated somewhere in this present world. Sounds far-fetched? I know. But this really happened. Such posts used to be seen on the magazines for SF fans like トワイライトゾーン[Twilight Zone] or ムー[Moo]. The passege is like below…

 “If [name] rings a bell to you, call me. I am resurrected. I am seeking for [name] and [name]. And I have the Philosopher’s Stone.”

 “If you are resurrected, come see me! I might be the one you need to see!”

 バカみたい…At that time, this kind of thing was called 戦士症候群[senshi shoukougun] or warrior syndrome. In other words, this is to seek for your buddy in your past life(or a different space). There was another saying, 前世の仲間探し[zense no nakama sagashi] or searching for a buddy in your past life. A word 前世[past life] could be the trend at that time because there was a term 前世ブーム[zense boom].

 Having too many posts from such 電波readers, the editors of the magazines prohibited the readers to make such a post on the ads. However, things went too far. Some of the fangirls who believed they could get back all the memories in their past life, got together and tried to kill themselves. I am not too sure they really died or not. Maybe they didn’t. But such a thing happened a couple of times, and this was called 自殺ごっこ[jisatsu gokko] or suicide game. Nah, that is not funny at all.

 At any rate, once something weird happens, it brings about 連鎖反応[rensa han’nou] or chain reaction. In Japan, this truly happens. This is what I hate because no good things come out. In the end, this is going to give the press a good excuse to blame otaku…

 Come to think of it, I am following the anime, 炎の蜃気楼[Mirage of Blaze]. This is pretty old, but quite embodies 戦士症候群. Ugh, not knowing what it is, I was following it…No no no, I am okay! I won’t mix it up! I am not Kagetora-sama! ^^

You are Kagetora-sama.

You are Kagetora-sama.

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September 22, 2008 at 5:47 pm (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 If you have seen Minamike, you could recall Hosaka-sempai who is stalking Haruka. He is extremely narcissistic and often starts dellusion…and for some reason he is naked under his jacket. His famous line is definitely バレーボールをやらないか?[volleyball wo yaranaika?] or why don’t play volleyball? He is the head of the volleyball team, and wants Haruka to take the manager’s job.

 Anyway, his line absolutely mimics Abe[あべ] from the manga of 山川純一[Jun’ichi Yamakawa] known as Yamajun[ヤマジュン], the famous gay porn manga artist. やらないか?[Why don’t we do “it”?] is frequently used in his manga, but actually some more phrases are remarkable. I shall list it out, and I think you should know because these are commonly known among otaku as ヤマジュン語[yamajun language]. Don’t worry, people don’t think you’re gay just because you know these. ^^

1. a. 俺のキン○マを見てくれ。コイツをどう思う?[Look at my balls. What do you think?]

    b. すごく…大きいです。[It’s very…big.]

 Mostly, キン○マ[kintama] shall be replaced by something else, and b says how he feels about it. In this way, people use this conversation as a joke. For example,

   a. 俺の女装を見てくれ。コイツをどう思う?[Look at my crossdressing. What do you think?]

   b. すごく…キモいです。[It’s very…ugly.]

2. うほッ!いい男![Uho! Ii otoko!]: to mean Woohoo! He is so hot! You can replace 男[otoko] as something else. Like うほッ!いい声[voice]!うほッ!いいメイド[maid]!or anything. Anyway, when people say うほッ[uho!], it must be this for sure. 

3. やらないか?[yaranaika?]: as I have said, it means why don’t we do “it”? But if you use this to joke, make sure you say this first, and add what you want to do next so that people will understand you are kidding. Okay, I shall uplaod the video in which Hosaka’s 中の人[naka no hito, seiyu] says it.

 He is Daisuke Ono[小野大輔] who voices Hosaka. Like Hosaka is well-known as キモカッコいい[kimo kakkoii], so is Ono. キモカッコいい means weird-but-cool[キモいけどカッコいい]. Hosaka is so narcissistic and anybody else says he is kimoi. However, fans like him because he is still cool. L in Death Note is キモカワ[kimokawa] or weird-but-cute, but this is not the same.

 By the way, Isaji’s face can be seen here and there. The most remarkable way is to censor a face like 笑い男[smiling man] is doing so. Besides, Nico bugs has created a funny video in which Isaji and others are dancing バラライカ[bararaika] that is basically Koharu Kusumi[久住小春 who voices Tsukishima Kirari]’s song with やらないか? This is not a misheard word, but バラライカ and やらないか closely sound similar, so that’s why Nico bugs must have punned upon it.

 Speaking of Ono, in fact I knew about him before he got famous as Koizumi in the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Because I was quite pleased with his Yukito in Air. You know, his fans seem to know how he is different when he works as a seiyu or as a singer. Actually his singing is so-so good, and his song, 雨音[amaoto] makes fans sob. Anyway, when Yukito is leaving Misuzu, and says だから、頑張ろうな[so you do your best], I was really crying.  

 Okay then…should I say this as an example?


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September 20, 2008 at 11:04 am (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 I am not sure how many famous words were born in 2ch or Nico Nico, but now it’s too late to make a post on this, isn’t it? So I shall mention some of them which are especially famous. Before I start, I have to explain 空耳[soramimi] or mishearing and 空耳歌詞[soramimi kashi] or misheard lyrics. We Japanese seem to like to pun upon to use such a misheard word, especially when we hear some foreign languages since we don’t understand the meaning. A long time ago, there was such a TV program which picked up some English(or whatever) songs and changed some lines into 空耳歌詞.

 In 2003, there was a famous Romania song named Dragostea Din Tei which is one of the famous songs by O-Zone. And in the following year, someone made a MAD and uploaded it on 2ch, and it became very famous. The Japanese title is 恋のマイアヒ[Love Maiahi], and the most famous misheard line is 飲ま飲まイェイ[noma noma yay]. Of course, it doesn’t make any sense, but this was a big trend at that time. The melody was easy to memorize, so once you heard it, it might run through your head for a while.

 All the Japanese in this video are mishearing, so if you want to know the correct meaning, ask any Romanian, please. :p

 Okay, let’s move on. I shall mention ふつくしい[futsukushii] this time. What is it? Oh no, if you really really get impressed by such a beatiful thing beyond descripition, you can’t say anything! You are too touched to say a word…so you just say ふつくしい[futsukushii] not うつくしい[美しい, utsukushii] or beautiful.

 This stems from the anime, Yu Gi Oh[遊戯王], particulary episode 54th この町はバトルシティになる![this town is to be a warplace!]. When Kaiba Seto sees the Ultimate Dragon, he said 美しい. But we can surely mishear it to be ふつくしい. The rumor has it Kaima was too shocked to say it properly. At any rate, this became a famous line to describe such an awesome thing. When you see something like that, please say ふつくしい like him.

 Stop at 3:50, or you will mishear his line.

 Next is 歪みねぇな[yugami ne na] or No distortion. Well this almost works the same way as ふつくしい, but it would mean Not bad, so good or something like that. Umm, I am not willing to mention where this came from, but I have to.^^ Yes, it’s from 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング[full-dress gachimuchi underwear wrestling] which two muscular wrestlers are doing wrestling with underwear. ガチムチ[gachimuchi] means muscular or such a man, maybe you could see them in US gay porn video. Oh I don’t know! Whereas most fujoshis love androgynous bishounens, there is the minority which love muscular guys. At any rate, this is from the certain gay video(or merely a working-out instruction video?), but someone uploaded the fragments of the video nico nico with misheard subtitles. They are not saying like this, but we could mishear like this. One of them is, yes, 歪みねぇな[yugami ne na]. I guess it should be You’ve got me…something like that. I don’t want to catch!

 So this is no need to explain, isn’t it? But let me mention Charamelldansen. Nah, this really got into the mainstream so that you have seen one for sure. Two or three characters(or more) from the certain anime(or whatever) are dancing altogether with this song. Mostly it says like xxxとxxxでウーッウーッウマウマ(゜∀゜)[so-and-so replaces xxx]. Youtube set up the fire ahead of Nico Nico, but there are more than 1400 video in Nico though youtube has around 400. However we could mishear it depends on the video, so that those misheard lyrics are not identified. But the most famous lines are Dansa med oss Klappa era händer as バルサミコ酢 やっぱいらへんで[barusamikosu yappa irahende] and O-o-oa-oa as ウーッウーッウマウマ[wo-wo-uma uma].

 BTW, have you found your favorite ウーッウーッウマウマ? But before you watch video, you have to be sure of キャラ崩壊[chara houkai]. I mean, it might destroy the character’s image. For example, even a cool character like Lelouch shakes his hip. Some want to see, and others don’t. I like to see such a cool character dancing Charamelldansen because it looks pretty.^^ My favorite is below.

 And this is hilarious. OMG, Atobe-sama and Tezuka-buchou are…COOL!

 Oh give me a break…I can’t stop laughing! テラワロスwwwwwwwwwwww

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コスプレAV[cosplay AV]

September 15, 2008 at 2:58 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)

 OMG, why? Why was my previous entry about this deleted? For some reason, it can’t be found anywhere…Okay then I shall make a post again. I must say sorry if this post is not new to you.

 I know it has been a long time since cosplaying got into the porn video industry [AV, or adult video]. However unlike now, they used to get porn actresses to dress up as a nurse, a flight attendant, a schoolgirl, or whatever. Whatever they dress up could count as a cosplay AV. Basically cosplay is an abbreviation of costume play, so that nuturally they did so. Dressed up, and play blah blah blah…^^

 But 1990 onwards, they started to make anime-themed cosplay AV because of the dramatical growth of anime. I sure remember the most remarkable characters were Chung Li in Street Fighters and Ayanami Rei in Evangelion. Besides, there were numerous tokusatsu AV which bishoujo rangers showed. It was not even necessarily Sailor Moon cosplay AV, but anything could count cosplay AV even if they featured nothing.

 Meanwhile, it could be a fan of 素人萌え, but there were the cosplay AV which real cosplayers showed. But those were just sneaking video taken by a Peeping Tom…oh no, some of them used real cosplayers as a porn actress. I don’t know they were really cosplayers or not. But on the net, you can see such a cosplayer selling her self-made DVD. So I assume here is a connection between cosplay and a porn video. And I am sure this seriously makes sheer female cosplayers…I shouldn’t talk about this in front of them, should I?

This is ひぐらしがなく頃に[it’s a parody of When They Cry].

 This is from ロゼーンメイデン[it’s a parody of Lozen Maiden].

 However, they finially started to even copy the original, I mean, they copy not only the characters but the storyline so that it’s like a live-action movie. If it was on the air midnight, you could mistake it to be a live-action drama.

 This is the Melancholy of Suzumiya HaHIru which is a parody of you-already-know. This video has 140 minutes! It’s more than a movie! Needless to say, this completely follows the first series, so you can even see the legendary duel between Asakura and Nagato. Incidentally, someone said I look like the porn actor who acted Kyon, haha. There is already the second episode the Vanishment of Suzumiya Hahiru, but you shouldn’t expect the H-scene because that is not satisfying at all since they took time and effort for cosplaying, not porn things. ORZ They seem to forget the fundamental purpose of AV…;^^

 But this is getting better more and more, I mean, I can’t believe how well they try to copy the original well. Not only copying the stoyline, but cosplay itself is getting awesome.

 This is きら☆すた[it’s a parody of Lucky Star]. No, don’t get satisfied now. This is just a prelude! Another porn video company made a much better one, らき☆ちゅた[rakichuta]. But I am sorry, but this video can’t be embed so I shall leave the link here.


 Seriously, I must say this is too perfect to be true. All the leads are pretty and even wigs are perfect. I personally like this Kagami! Are they just porn actresses? If they were at the cosplay event, there would be a long long queue for a picture. Yes, I will line up for sure!

 Now that I made a post on this again, I must introduce a new term…oh yes, 着エロ[chaku ero]. It slightly puns upon 着メロ[chaku mero] or a mobile phone melody. Even if they cosplayed, they would get naked in the end…so where is the cosplay? No no no, they are doing it in a costume…that is 着エロ. [chaku] means to dress up and エロ[ero] is erotic. Umm…how can I put it? Dressed-up sex?

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September 9, 2008 at 1:41 pm (doujin(同人), otaku word)


 There’s no need to explain this, isn’t it? Okay as it is, this is to deny someone’s utterance. But don’t take it so logically, please. If you don’t really really want to believe it, if you really get upset, you just take a deep breath and shout 嘘だッ![usodaaaa!] to mean “THAT IS NOT TRUE!.” So you can triumph over him/her for sure.

 See? This stems from the famous doujin game, ひぐらしのなく頃に[When They Cry]. Particulary the lead heroine Ryugu Rena says this when she gets upset all of a sudden. Rena is usually such a cute merry girl, and loves to collect adorable stuff. But you can’t anticipate when she gets upset, so that when the time comes, you would be terrorized for sure. Since she acts so scary when she shouts 嘘だッ!, this has become famous among not only Higurashi fans but any other anime fans…even 2ch. There is even a community named 嘘だッ!on mixi! I wonder what they are doing… 

 At any rate, you can use this from now. For example, when you have a chat with your friend, instead of saying “You’ve got to be kidding!,” say 嘘だッ!Make sure you stay cool until you say this because this doesn’t work unless you get upset all of a sudden.

 Then I shall tell you my experience. When the certain Singaporean friend of mine came to Tokyo, we met up and had a chat. He mentioned an adult’s toy named Tenga which functions as a woman’s sexual organ. He insisted he bought it as a souvenir and never tried it out.

 a. So did you try it out? [使ったんでしょ?]

 b. No I haven’t. [使ってないよ。]

 a. Are you sure? [本当に?]

 b. Y-Yeah. [う、うん。]

 a. Why are you lying? Huh? [どうして嘘つくのかな、カナ?]

 b. I am not lying… [嘘じゃないよ…]

  So I said…

 In the end, he admitted he actually usMake 嘘だッ!your own language! ^^

 That’s all for today, good-bye~♪

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September 8, 2008 at 2:20 pm (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 This post contains some pornographic contexts. Viewers’ understanding is required. Read the rest of this entry »

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