November 15, 2008 at 12:15 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), general, otaku word)


 I am recalling the day…the day when the girl I really loved was running at the school ground…I was seeing her running towards the goal…and she was wearing…the gym clothes! Where is she? When does she come back to me? She will be waiting for me under the air. 消える飛行機雲~僕たちは見送った~♪

 Sorry, I am just starting this entry like key anime.^^ Okay, I’ve got to stop the nonsense, haven’t I? This type of moe has started with porn video, I suppose so. Because people spoke of Three Sacred Treasures of schoolgirls’ clothes, meaning セーラー服[sailor suit], スク水[school swimsuit], and 体操着[gym clothes] in the AV industry. The first two do not require any explanations, but 体操着[taisougi] has been a remarkable item of 萌え[moe] among anime fans.


 Well, now that I am not a student I never wear 体操着 anymore. But when I see someone wearing taisougi in anime, I end up recalling my school days…Oh why? Also, I definitely recall ブルマ[buruma] or gym shorts. Actually ブルマ is for girls, and 短パン[tampan] is for boys. Does Gym shorts really mean ブルマ only? At any rate although we can see moe-girls wearing ブルマ in anime, it is unfortunately rare to see a real one in the real world. I think you can see kindergarteners wearing buruma, so if you have a lolita-complex it would be nice. In 90’s, there was a time when most schoolgirls complained in wearing a ブルマ because of the tightness. More and more girls started to be against it, and finally some schools boycotted ブルマ. So nowadays, only conservative schools still make girls wearing a ブルマ…Anyway, this is disappointing for guys maybe? Speaking of ブルマ, I shouldn’t forget to mention ブルセラ[burusera]. At that time, some schoolgirls used to sell their own buruma to the porn shops[ブルセラショップ] at the high price. This is actually prostitution, but it wasn’t that much. So those girls could do this so easily to get a quick cash. So that is why some of the schools banned ブルマ



 As if granting boys’ wish, we are seen 2D girls wearing a ブルマ in anime, I assume. Having said that, those who love 体操着 are not only men, but women. You know, some female otakus inculding fujoshis are seriously wanting bishounen to wear a 体操着. Come to think of it, I have even seen some popular characters doing so…And of course, this really urges cosplayers to cosplay someone in 体操着.



 As I have said, you won’t have a chance to wear a 体操着 after you finish school…so is 制服[seifuku] or uniform. But remember how boys and girls changed before the class? Though the changing room was different, did you sneak around to see her changing? I guess such strongly turns guys on…

 On the other hand, I asked some girls who love 体操着 why they love it. The two told that they like the nudity, I mean, bare arms and legs. And they dare to mention the nipples underneath the shirt! 女の子って結構エッチなんだね(笑). The three told that they like the shorts just because they have a shotakon. No matter what kind of man, he can become a ショタ[shota] when he wears shorts. Is that so? I don’t know…

 OMG, I actually tried on 体操着 to cosplay Kyon’s. Sorry! I know my taisougi is not a moe at all. 





  1. mochie said,

    Ah sports uniform… I used to love wearing that in high school mainly because our girls school uniform was ugly. Funny enough, the sports uniform was unisex, so they were made to mens sizes. Actually I quite like the girls sports uniform seen in 2D even though I’m not a man (nor would Iike to see bloomers on men but it might be amusing).

    I think the character I would like to see most in sports uniform would be Ayanami Rei, though I can’t remember if she’s worn it before in the series or not.

    I think your Kyon cosplay is good, especially the last shot.

  2. jaredinnakano said,

    Bangin’s 体操着 is very intriguing. Maybe the shorts could be shorter, like the boy in the tree?

    Where did you do this cosplay? Did people react to you? Very 萌え!

  3. bangin said,

    mochie: After most schools boycotted bloomers, those unisex sports unifrom are commonly used…Hard to see a real one!

    I think I saw Ayanami’s swimsuit, but her in sports uniform…I have seen it somewhere…maybe in the artbook, not in the episodes?

    The last shot just shows my thighs! ><

    jared: Yes, this is very short. It was embarassing for me to walk around.

    Above photos were taken at Toshimaen[としまえん]. Only some of the Haruhi cosplayers stared at me, saying “Hey, he is cosplaying Kyon’s 体操着!”

  4. goodyfun said,

    I like gym clothes because simple clothes in general are a turn-on for me. Like in this one show my sister was watching, there was a man who saw the main character working out at a gym and was really into her. She couldn’t figure out why since she was only wearing a sweatshirt, shorts, and no makeup!

  5. bangin said,

    Guys always see girls working out from a distance…although guys and girls don’t work out together. We guys do not have a chance to close to see! Maybe there is the otaher way around.

  6. Neohybrid_kai said,

    “Guys always see girls working out from a distance…”

    Yes, I think that’s why this moe can be so popular. Back then in highshool days, I know some girls who are good at sports. They are not very smart or good looking but when you watch them during PE or a sport competition, they could look different. So cool. I like girls when they’re trying their best shot. It doesn’t have to be sports actually.

  7. bangin said,

    The most exciting moment is girls in gym shorts are exercising! It IS a turn-on for all the yuri fans…

  8. goodyfun said,

    Men and women don’t work out in the together? Do you mean together like friends or not at the same gym?

    As a side note I know a slang term that relates to the gym, too. I don’t think it refers to women, but guys that work out a lot at a gym can be called “gym bunnies”. Sort of like “beach bunnies” but I think that one I’ve only heard to describe girls.

  9. Runningkid said,

    lol, how come the PE uniforms that I used to wear is nothing like that?! I should write them a complaint letter. T___T

  10. bangin said,

    goodyfun: In my case, 7th grade onwards, boys and girls started to be apart at the gym class. I think nowadays it has become sooner.

    I don’t work out at a gym, so I do not deserve that word.^^

    Runningkid: So what kind of uniform you used to wear?

  11. Hinano said,

    こっちは萌えました ( ̄∇ ̄*)

  12. bangin said,


  13. Sagan said,

    When I was maybe 9 or 10 old, I rememb girls of different sports activities wearing that kind of shorts named ブルマ, but they were named “mini shorts”, but only under the short or mini skirt. Only for indoor gimnastics excercise for womens only. At the end of the gimnastic sessions those girls.
    Now I know the reason that the students girls of Japan declined to wear ブルマ. it’s as to be wearing under wear!.
    The ブルマ it’s ok for to go to the pools, beach, rivers and other water activities, at the end, it’s ok to be wore that ブルマ under shorts, pants or skirt.

    • bangin said,

      That is a pity we can’t see ブルマ anymore. It is gone to the fantasy…

  14. Mundo Fujoshi – Moe para todos os gostos – parte III « said,

    […] Fonte : Japanese words of anime fans, by anime fans and for anime fans […]

  15. Joe said,

    Wow, in my country, there’s no way students will wear as short as Japanese oAo
    Sport pants in my school must be at least knee-length, either it’s for boys or girl. The shirt is the same, but the pants is different. The boys have loose lower side while the girls have tighter lower side.

    Anyway, no shota have hairy legs. =))

    • bangin said,

      I think it would be like your country here, now. But when I was a junior high-school student, my sport pants were like that in above photos.

      Yes I had to take care of my hairy legs when I cosplayed above.

      • Tangela said,

        I’m not easily impsresed but you’ve done it with that posting.

  16. Kブログ said,

    あなたは萌え、キョン….www (´ー`) フフフ

    • bangin said,


  17. Kブログ said,

    ミドルは歳?( ̄▽ ̄)

    • bangin said,


      • Kブログ said,


    • Cinderella said,

      Apnrpeatly this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

  18. rzncu said,

    taisougi-moe O_O! I didn’t know there’s a moe for this for girls too LOL. I thought it was only a guy thing. Maybe a sport’s team’s uniform moe but not gym suit moe XD

    THEN i scroll down and saw that picture of kaworu and I understood, I would definitely have gym suit moe for kaworu! (because he’s my favourite) Even Shinji looked slightly more *different* from his usual self, maybe that’s what’s moe, because it’s an “occasional” look instead of “everyday” look

    It seems that in Japan, it’s most likely to have white taisougi, my school had red shirt and black shorts, as with most other western schools, gym clothes are more colorful and usually have huge school symbols on the front and back.

    • bangin said,

      I just happened to find the picture of Kaworu’s taisougi, and saved it on the spot. Guess taisougi is more of a moe for fangirls. Because I have seen Gilbert and Oz taisougi picture in Pandora Hearts.

  19. Renea said,

    Oh gawd, though I’m younger than you (a sad fact I assure you), I daresay I want to be your older sister! Aw! I want to cuddle you to death! You look soooooo cute wearing those little (lol) cute shorts with that bored-but-cute expression you made! Haha! It’s so refreshing seeing a boy (or a man, but seeing you wear this, I daresay you look like a schoolboy XD ) wear gym uniform in that fashion because here in the Philippines, all of us (boys and girls, in all year level) wear T-shirts with the school logo printed on it and long pants, sweatpants~ that’s why most of us don’t really use them anymore, even if it’s PE day, you only get little penalty anyway~ Haha. And in our case, most of the time the PE teacher is not around or is too busy to care if we wear the uniform~ the pants cling on to your legs making them itchy whenever you sweat, ugh, yuck~ anyway…another great cosplay! I’m really amazed XD Gawd, I wanna pinch your cheeks! Haha. Kudos! 😀

    • bangin said,

      Ahaha, I am actually just an ojisan, you know.^^ When I was a real schoolboy, I didn’t like the gym clothes because I am so hairly.

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