[Intermission] A Group of Shinsengumi

November 14, 2008 at 6:03 am (cosplay(コスプレ))

 It’s becoming cold in Japan. It is. It’s in November already. Aw it’s been a year since I became a cosplayer. My level of cosplay has been better than the beginning? Although I have cosplayed so far, I do not have a lot of cosplay buddies. Mostly when I cosplay with someone, just one or two persons are fine. Because I like decent pictures. I mean, I do care about posing, angles, and location. I like to see a big group, but don’t think I want to foam.

 Having said that, I got a nice oppotunity that we could foam a group of Shinsengumi[真撰組] in GIntama[銀魂]. My cosplay friend whom I had never seen in real life(I mean, we have kept touch in with through the circle) asked me to join the event. She who could cosplay Okita, was meant to bring her buddy who could do Kondo. How lucky I am! I was on it, so we went to the event last week…

 However, I feel Gintama doesn’t seem to be that popular overseas. In USA, when it comes to Shounen Jump, it would be either Naruto or BLEACH. Umm, here Gintama is the most popular among young people. Especially among girls. That is because Gintama is kind of contemporary, I assume? Naruto is a ninja thing American like, and BLEACH is a samurai thing they like too. But Gintama…yes, their costumes are not that retro though the characters use a sword. Oh I am not sure. What about your country?

 The two cosplayers really did a good job. The Okita cosplayer who has a kind of shota-looking mostly worked as a photographer on the day. And the Kondo cosplayer pretty looks like him. You know, most Gintama cosplayers do either Hijikata or Okita if they choose from Shinsengumi because Kondo is too manly and muscle. Girls hardly copy that! So that is why this Kondo cosplayer is actually popular among the Gintama cosplayers. When we had a photoshooting, some cosplayers came to say hi to him…

 Okay, time for photos! I hope you like it. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 14, 2008 at 4:19 am (BL, otaku word, slang, Uncategorized)


 Ha? What are you talking about? Why is this famous? But actually I have seen this a lot lately since I knew about yaranaika?

 Technically, this has nothing to do with yaranaika, but it has a scent of that kind of thing…If you follow 2ch or Nico Nico, you might be possibly sure of this. But before I explain this, let me teach you how it should be pronounced.

 As you can see, this is not written as アーーーーーッ![Aaaaagh!] but アッーーーーー![A,——!]. Too difficult! Okay, take a deep breath first, and just say あ[a]. Please end it immediately after you said あ. Do not shut your mouth yet, please pretend to continue so that anybody else can’t say anything. Umm, is my explanation okay? To be honest, I think no one can teach it well!  

 To get to the point, this weird shouting is to describe when a gay gets poked. Now you can see アッーーー! easily since it has been an internet slang. At any rate, this is based on the Japanese baseball player, 多田野数人[Kazuhito Tadano] who succeeded in joining the Major League in 2004. Actually, he showed in the gay porn video with his juniors at school before he got a fame. At that time, some gossip magazines told the rumor temporarily, however as soon as he went to U.S., the rumor started to spread out.


 After all, he had to admit he actually showed. According to him, he had to do that for money…Anyway, this became a fuss among 2ch bugs. This is also called TDN事件[TDN Incident]. TDN stands for his surname TaDaNo. Perhaps, you could see some screenshots from the video on 2ch or elsewhere. アッーーーー!is actually what the baseball player uttered when he got poked. The most famous conversations are 「四つんばいになれ![Get down on all fours!]」「やれば返していただけるんですか?[Can you release us if I did it?]」「アッーーーー![A,——!]」「気持ちいいんだろ?オラ、気持ちいいって言え![You feeling good, eh? Say feeling good!]」「気持ち…いい…[Feeling good…]」   

 Oh, poor him.

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