The classification for 腐女子[fujoshi]

July 25, 2007 at 6:04 am (BL, otaku word)


 Needless to say, 腐女子[fujoshi] means a BL(Boys’ Love) fangirl though some people think it means a female otaku. So some female otaku might not like to be called 腐女子 unless they like BL. Anyway, there are generally some classification for 腐女子 depending upon the age.

 In general, it is said that 腐女子 vaguely means from a schoolgirl to a late twenties. If she is married, she would be 既腐人[kifujin]. It puns upon 貴婦人[kifujinnoble lady“]. 既[ki] means already done, so here, it means married. We Japanese say 既婚[kikon] to describe a married person. So…既腐人 means a married 腐女子.

 If she is over 30 years old, she could be 汚超腐人[ochoufujin]. [o] means dirty, [chou] is super-…oh no, forgive me! But it also puns upon お蝶夫人[ochoufujin] who shows up in the very old anime, エースをねらえ![Ace wo nerae!] She is well-bred, and her real name is Reika Ryuuzaki(see above image). But know this term is very rare, and I said if she is over 30…however, it’s not sure. We yet to synchronize the general definition. Speaking of rare, I hereby introduce one more term, 麻婆豆腐[mápó dòufu]. This is actually Chinese food; mincemeat and 豆腐[tofu”bean curd”] with hot sauce…something like that(see below image). As I have said, this term is very rare, so I have no idea how old 腐女子 could be entitled to be 麻婆豆腐. But I guess this might mean over late fifties because second kanji [ba] means an old woman.

 I yet to wait for more precise definitions coming out. I have done my best to investigate , but I have not been able to figure it out. orz


  1. bi said,

    Ahahahah, this is interesting, since I know a lot of fujoshi XD
    I, myself, don’t dislike BL, but I’m not that much of a fan either 🙂
    Now that i think of it, is there a word for female otaku?

  2. bangin said,

    Currently, no. I want to find out the appropriate word, though.
    This term, otaku has no gender distinction, and also in general, it seems like fujoshi means a female otaku even if she doesn’t like BL. In order to prove this, I asked five non-otaku folks about fujoshi. They all answered the same thing, “it means a female otaku.”

    That’s not true, though…

  3. bi said,

    I see… People who are outside the otaku world would tend to generalize^^

  4. bangin said,

    Yes, even if it’s misunderstang…it happens.^-^

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  6. bangin said,

    Wow, thank you for coming and adding my blog! I still remember I was surprised when I learned so many pro-seiyus do BL works. ^^ Such as Takahiro Sakurai or Tomokazu Sugita…

  7. khursten said,

    @bangin. Yes! Quite a lot of professional seiyuus used to do BL. Even… Koyasu Takehito! XD FukuJun and SuzuKen are also big BL drama seiyuu names, but lately Koyasu Takehito is my favorite because he is Kururu. XDD

  8. bangin said,

    I think Koyasu Takehito does seme mostly when he works with BL whereas Sugita can be both. XD I will write about such classification next. Sugita is my fav because he is Kyon.

  9. Avplaya said,

    Mapotofu is not quite so rare, even in the US….

    BTW, お蝶夫人 is not just from the anime, but also the Japanese name for a old Hollywood movie remake of the musical, Madam Butterfly… I know the actual name for Madam Butterfly is 蝶々夫人, but when I first saw the name お蝶夫人 the first name I thought was Madam Butterfly…

  10. bangin said,

    OMG, even in the US, Mapotofu is common…that’s so amazing!
    Even any fujoshi around me are not sure of this…

    Thanks for the link, so I am wondering whether お蝶夫人 has a connection with Madam Butterfly…I should figure it out.

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  14. Marius Mink said,

    Thanks so much for this information. I will be using these terms to describe myself now that I know more or less what ages they refer to. 🙂

  15. berry94 said,

    ;/ oh c’mon! i didn’t know what it mean… I usually named “otaku girl” fujoshi – (by the way me too)… ;/ i thinked it’s shonen, shojo and more fun too… but it’s only yaoi? ;/;/;/ but by the way thanks for info… ;]

  16. bangin said,

    Even now, some people think the whole female geeks are fujoshis, but that’s wrong. Fujoshi refers to a BL fangirl. If she is not a BL fangirl, she would hate to be called a fujoshi.

  17. berry94 said,

    Is there some other name for “female otaku” (when she doesn’t like BL)?

    • bangin said,

      Then it could be オタク女子[otaku joshi], オタク女[otaku onna], 乙女[otome].

  18. berry94 said,

    thanks ;]

  19. Joe said,

    Hmmm, I hope you don’t mind me asking this about some entry.

    I once read a yuri manga, where there is a character who actually likes both yaoi and yuri (in other words, she’s a real otaku), but when her sister were asking her and telling that her teacher and senior were doing some ‘indecent’ stuff at school, the otaku girl became excited and told her sister to tell her about the rest of the stuff. At that scene, the 腐 appeared on her forehead, where there’s a note below about a 腐女子, saying that it means female otaku.

    So does that mean now female otaku who likes yuri is a fujoshi also? oAo

    Oh, and anyway, great blog you have here. Your entries is really amazing. Keep up the good work! XD

    • Random person said,

      Was that hanjuku joushi? I think fujoshi can be applied for yaoi and yuri otaku

      • bangin said,

        I don’ think we say hanjuku joshi. Basically fujoshi means a BL fangirl, not a yuri fan.

  20. bangin said,

    Well…as far as I am aware, fujoshi means a BL fangirl, I have never heard that it means even a yuri fan.

    Joe, are you new here? Because I have seen Joe here. I am sorry if I am wrong. Please come again!

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