メンズナックル語[Men’s Knuckle go]

August 26, 2009 at 2:37 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), general, otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード), slang)

 Being young is good, you know. Whatever you do, no matter how stupid it would be, everything is going to be a nice memory in your life. Someday when you look back, you could enjoy remembering your precious memories. Oh no, what am I talking about? Why so sentimental? Never mind.^^

mens' knuckle

 The reason why I sound like above, is because I feel that way when I browse a certain magazine at a convinience store. That is メンズナックル[Men’s Knuckle], or a monthly fashion magazine for young boys. Seemingly, it is a boys’ version of 小悪魔[koakuma] ageha. True, some models in this magazine are not only stylish boys, but gorgeous hosts[ホスト] from night clubs. When I was a high school student, some of the classmates used to read Men’s egg to not only follow the trend, but learn how to appeal yourself in front of girls or something like that. Although I was(am, of course) an otaku at that time, I was trying to follow the trend in order not to be isolated in the classroom. I feel it was ridiculous, but I didn’t understand it at all. So when I look back those days, it gives me a bitter smile(苦笑).

 I am too old to follow this kind of thing, but when I see this magazine in a book shelf, I always laugh at a line on the cover page. It always says such a too-romantic line or even sounds like a line from an otome game. Later, I learned that is メンズナックル語[Men’s Knuckle go] or Men’s Knuckle language.    

 Yes, it seems like the writers must be fujoshis, anime fans, or otome game players, even ネオロマンサー[neoromancers (those who love otome games by KOEI, like Angelique, primo passo, or Harukanaru toki no naka de)]. Let’s see some examples.

 神はモテ過ぎることを禁止していない。[No matter how many girls love me, God never forbids.]

 オマエだけを護る守護者が欲しくないか?[Do you wanna a Guardian for only you?]

 そう、オレこそが乙女心の暗殺者。[Yeah, I am an assassin of Maidens’ hearts.]

 一夜の愛を永遠の想い出に変える錬金術師。[An alchemist is gonna make one night stand into an eternal memory.]

 俺は貴族なんだ。正確には伯爵だ。[I am the Lord, actually the Earl.]

 このBlackはダークマターより神秘的。[This black looks more mysterious than dark matter.]

 コスモが俺をエロスへと導く![Little Universe takes me to Eros!]

なんだそりゃ(笑)This makes no sense, but it is okay, I think. Because such a line for young people are supposed to be like this, I mean, it always exaggerates to get more people. Though it makes me laugh when I read those lines, I wonder how the readers feel about this. At any rate, I guess it is a really hard work to come up with such a fabulous line every month.

 The most famous word coined by this magazine is 伊達ワル[datewaru]. 伊達[date] means fake or pretty looks like something, but not really. ワル[waru] is bad. It boils down that 伊達ワル means a young guy in such a street fashion so that he looks like a bad boy. Before, there was a saying ちょいワルオヤジ[choi waru oyaji]. This doesn’t come from this magazine, but another mens’ fashion magazine, LEON. ちょいワル[choi waru] means a bit evil, and オヤジ[oyaji] means a middle-aged man. Who’s a good example? Well, Jack Bauer, Robert De Niro, or Jean Reno…

 Anyway, why does it have to be so rude? According to the manager, it is important to be positive and aggressive. Trust yourself, and don’t be beaten by anyone else. Pick up what you really want to wear, not care about others. That’s why those lines are always like a strong order. This is totally different from 草食男子[soushoku danshi], but I think it is interesting.

 I don’t subscribe this magazine, however, it seems that what I like to wear has something common in this magazine. We sum up this kind of style お兄系[onii-kei] or キレイメ系[kireime-kei]. They tend to wear slim-fit clothes so that it makes a body look slender, and colors are most likely to be black, brown, or such a dark color.



 By the way, these narcissistic lines remind me of some lyrics from the songs by Visual-kei[ビジュアル系] rock bands. Come to think of it, visual-kei is still popular among fujoshis even now whereas it is not in general. Then there must be writers who are actually visual-kei fans…

oshio manabu

 Speaking narcissistic, there is a big talk cerebrity. He is Manabu Oshio[押尾学]. Whatever he said in public are so rude and sounds narcissistic. There is even Oshio Sayings[押尾語録 or お塩語録(笑)]. Let’s check out some examples.

 俺がテレビに出てない時はどっかでロックしてるんだ。[I am doing rock somewhere while I am away from you.]

 バイクは好きだね。っていうか、バイクが俺を求めてる。[I like motorcycles, I mean, they need me.]

 どいつもこいつも俺を見てやがる。[Everybody is looking at me, you know.]

 押尾学の「学」は俺が学ぶんじゃなくて、お前らが俺から学ぶんだよ。 [My name, Manabu stands for learn. I don’t learn, but YOU must learn from me.]

 After those sayings, he was arrested because of drug possession a while ago. Big talk didn’t last so long, and the tragic ending was waiting for him. To trust yourself is a good thing, but we have to be aware of the danger of overconfidence. We can make a mistake because we are learning that way.



  1. Hinano said,

    This sounds like the American equivalent of “douchebag”. Men who think they’re all that and that every single woman wants to do them. 😆 Funny that they have this in Japan although I guess it’s mostly frowned upon since you have to be humble as a Japanese person. XD

    • bangin said,

      I want such a dude to be in 2D, ただし2次元に限る XD
      As for Oshio, there is no salvation. orz

  2. Sub said,

    The Language of Awesome Dudes

    • bangin said,

      In a way, they are awesome.

  3. goodyfun said,

    “Yeah, I am an assassin of Maidens’ hearts.” is the funniest example for me. You really want to say to the writers, “You’re trying too hard!” *laughs*

    • bangin said,

      I guess the one who came up with this must be a fujoshi.

  4. madrozie said,

    Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

    • bangin said,

      Hi welcome to my blog!
      Please come anytime, and feel free to comment.^^

  5. tokyo moe said,

    OMG, thank you Bangin Sensei. This post combines all of my favorite Japanese male trends: fashion, vanity, delinquency, slang, and jail. You are providing the best service for the English speaking public world-wide. ありがとうございます。

    • bangin said,

      You Jared-san? Did you change your HN?
      Anyway, I wish I could go and buy some new clothes in Shibuya. I haven’t been to Shibuya lately.

  6. tokyo moe said,

    Hehe. Yes, it’s me. I changed my icon and blog title. The URL is the same.

    This post explains so much of what has been occupying my crazy head: male hosts, big men’s hair, and delinquent celebrities.

    Someone told me that Oshio left his lover to die in a Roppongi apartment lent by the owner of Peach John, Oshio’s former lover. Somehow I can’t see those stores and shopping bags without thinking of Oshio’s incredibly bad behavior. I had no idea that he was also a braggard in addition to homicide accessory and coward.

  7. mochie said,

    I see a lot of Host Knuckle at my local Kinokuniya lately. I like guys who dress onii-kei so sometimes i will read mens magazines like knuckle to see what is trendy.

    Haha I am like the opposite of you, I never cared much about what I wear until I graduated from high school because I was always fat and I didn’t really like anyone from my school so I didn’t feel the need to dress up nice to appeal to them.

    I always thought that gyaru-o magazines like men’s egg and knuckle was to copy the western lifestyle and dress like something you would see on baywatch or dawson’s creek. That is why they always tan themselves and act in such a manner no?

  8. bangin said,

    Looking back to my past, looser clothes used to be popular like Hip-Hop dancers. I still remember following the trend at that time. I can’t believe that I used to wear such a thing now. lol

    Many gyaru-o go to the saloon to get tanned, but I am afraid what will happen to their skin afterwards.

    And I see a lot of belts like cowboys at a shop, and even boots, hats or the likes. Maybe western fashion might get young boys so much.

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