サービスカット[service cut]

March 11, 2009 at 3:59 am (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 When you watch anime or a movie or whatever, you happen to see a girl’s panty or her nudity. And that has nothing to do with the storyline, but you don’t complain nor ask why, do you? Because you could see her panty or nudity. If it is an eroge or ero-anime, that would be normal, but otherwise, it is going to be サービスカット, サービスシーン[service cut, service scene] or fanservice.

The speaker is Sekai, but we are looking at the other thing.

The speaker is Sekai, but we are looking at the other thing.

 Basically, this term was born in the film industry in order to market a movie. Putting such a service cut, they seem to intend to get more audiences. They often show such a service cut on CM in advance as a preview, and we are going to watch it. Having said that, most audiences would be disappointed if they highlight a service cut too much. Because fans might expect it as such. And if they use too many service cuts, the story would be meaningless. So that is why the usage of service cut is not that simple.


 But well, it seems like a service cut is not even necessarily such a nudity or a panty. For example, when a girl gets captured by the evil agents, she gets cuffed and chained…and she screams, “NOOOO!! STOP IIIT!” or else, a bishoujo(or a bishounen) licks ice cream like doing a blow jThis kind of thing would make fans imagine “something” unless it is porn. Whether the director intends or not, we are not sure, but fans would end up finding out such a service cut. Such a service cut shall be called オタ的サービスシーン[ota-teki service scene] or otakish fanservice.

 Meanwhile, fujoshis are also good at finding out a service cut. For us guys, it is seemingly normal but they might think it is a service cut. Umm, I know they like to have a dellusion though. Let’s see some examples.



 These cuts are from the Melancholy of Suzumiya Harhi. On the way back from the desserted island where Koizumi’s relative pocesses, Kyon and him are having a chat on the boat. While Koizumi is speaking to him, he gazes at a mole on Kyon’s neck(Kyon is not aware of this). What’s the point in this? Why is he doing this? And how come this cut has to be here? Anyway, this kind of service cut shall be called 腐的サービスシーン[fu-teki service scene] or fujoshish service scene.



 Next, above is from a scene in which Koizumi guides Kyon a closed space. Koizumi grabs Kyon’s hand. I don’t see it anything particular, but for BL fangirls, it is not so. This shot is a split second, but the more it ends quickly, the more it turns fujoshis on! Oh no, please more!

 This is an absolutely service scene, and the most famous scene in Neon Genesis Evangelion. If nothing else, it is. こんなあからさまなサービスシーンもないよなァ(笑)At any rate, Kaworu got a fame as a ガチホモ[gachihomo] with this scene. 

 No matter what, it is not a bad thing that they give us a fanservice. But sometimes it makes me laugh when I can see the director’s intention before it turns me on.




  1. w said,

    So what do you call a beautifully flawed but vaguely melancholy, service scene that inspires legions of enlightened watchers to meditate on the transience of existence? ワービスサービス?

    Ugh that was so horrible I feel inclined to stab my arm…
    I really have to admit I liked the service scenes in Real Drive. Normally they hardly do anything for me but finally, it’s a show with ムチムチ…

  2. kesenaitsumi said,


  3. bangin said,

    w: Wow, I didn’t know you were good at making such a funny pun!
    The more they hardly do anything, the more a service scene can surprise you. And not knowing it, you would want another one.

    kesenaitsumi: Are you someone who often shows on double’s blog? Thanks for coming,^^

  4. Leisure of Kesenaitsumi » Blog Archive » Hayate No Gotoku 2 Episode 00? said,

    […] those who new to anime and doesn’t understand what is mean by FanService, you can refer Bangin’s blog for the word […]

  5. TheBigN said,

    “I really have to admit I liked the service scenes in Real Drive.”

    I did like the ones in the first episode where Rin starts riding, because it’s clearly a consequence of riding with a dress on and it’s not something that they deliberately draw attention too. But if you look for it, it’s there in spades. 😛

  6. Hinano said,



  7. bangin said,

    TheBigN: If it is not something that they do it on purpose, it would be much better. On purpose or not? Here is the point we have to think. And we shall feel it hot.

    Hinano: えへへ、懐かしいでしょ?このセリフが好きでした!

  8. Neohybrid_kai said,

    I think I have had enough with all the straight forward fanservice; pantyshot, onsen episode or girl falling down on you breast first. However I like it when the give an “indirect” fanservice like when Ikuto and Amu licking ice cream (Shugo Chara) or like ThebigN said, Rin riding with a skirt. The kind of scene that depend on how dirty is your brain to perceive, lol.

    w: I don’t remember seing any obvious fanservice scene in RD, do you mean the scenes where Sota sleeps with the woman (sorry forgot her name)

  9. bangin said,

    Yes, so do I. I realise how decayed my brain is when I react such an indirect service scene. orz

  10. w said,

    Neohybrid_kai: Nah I mean all the gratuitous shots of Minamo’s underpants when sitting down in the first episode, riding roller skates, etc… and then of course Holon in general (ooh! Thighs! Thighs displayed prominently!) Lots of subtle fanservice in that show…

    …and yes, I actually can like fanservice of female characters. It was sorta cliche in RD but like I said, thighs. Stockiness. ムチムチ. Don’t see that in your ordinary anime…
    But show me another entirely contrived boob-grabbing scene that isn’t a joke and I’ll groan.

  11. 子犬 said,

    There is something that Cousin has pointed out that reminds me of fan service. It is known as the “Author Appeal”. You can always tell that a writer likes a certain type of character, plot, or something by how much it turns up in their works (It does not have to be something sexual.). And then it’s not just for the author, but also for the reader who likes the same things as the author. (I hope that made sense. I’m not sure.)

  12. bangin said,

    子犬: I know what you mean. One of my favorite manga-kas uses something like this. In his works, the lead is mostly a schoolgirl who lives with just her mother. And always yakuza people show up to harass them and her mother dies. She vows to take revenge for the sake of her mother, and gets into the yakuza’s society.

    The manga-ka is Ryo Kurashina[倉科 遼]. That is something he often uses when he starts a new story. But it is too cliched, though.

  13. 子犬 said,

    Does this mean that you like Yakuza stories?

    I thought of another example. CLAMP has made a number of couples, with a student-teacher relationship. I bet they think they are sweet.

  14. bangin said,

    Yes I do.^^

  15. kesenaitsumi said,

    >Yes Bangin. I has been there but not recently after I losing the link to his site, ^^

  16. bangin said,

    I see, then you can go to his site from my blogroll on the sidebar if you’d like. ^^

  17. kesenaitsumi said,

    Yeah, Able to find it after you remind me about I once reading his blog ^^

  18. maakusutipen said,

    Wow I’ve never thought that that mole neck scene was a fujoshi service shot. When I first so that, I just thought it was just random much like everything in Haruhi is.

    The one particular service shot that I particularly found jarring from recent memory is from the live action movie adaptation of Touch. There 長澤まさみ was running towards the stadium as the bgm plays a new upbeat cover of Touch the opening series. I really liked the new song but the bobbing chest was gratuitous.

  19. bangin said,

    すれ違いや回り道を あと何回過ぎたら二人は触れ合うの
    お・ね・が・い タッチ タッチ ここにタッチ♪

    I really like the song. When someone sings this at karaoke, we all shout Woooohoooo!

  20. w said,

    You know I know that song but when you write out the lyrics that second line just seems so ecchi, not tacchi 😦

  21. bangin said,

    This line IS サービス! 😀

  22. coeli said,

    I never enjoyed fan service. I thought they’re useless and a waste of air time lol

  23. bangin said,

    Haha, I see.

  24. goodyfun said,

    What’s funny is that whenever there are moments such as in that first picture, I’ve never thought of them as fan service. As a comic artist, I know that drawing a scene from a certain angle can add depth and realism to the picture. Sure, of course I end up looking “there” in instances like the first picture, but not until you pointed it out now did I consider that sort of thing fan service!

    …I’ve always thought of fan service as being more blatant. Say, if a woman’s chest moves slightly when she stands up or moves, that’s just normal physics. If her breasts are each the size of her head, that’s a different matter…

  25. bangin said,

    The thing is, there is an intention by the director to insert fanservice or not. But we never know if there is, or not. That is why it is hard to distinct this is fanservice or not. That would depend on people. I pointed out above scenes are all fanservice whereas others wouldn’t think so.

    Then anything could be fanservice!

  26. taki-desu said,

    xD i always point out fan service when im watching with my friends just because.. since mi younger days it always made me wonder if there was some reason behind this.. for this particular shot of that lol
    LOL at screenshot at pico, frickin shota xD

  27. bangin said,

    You figured it out. Correct, that screenshot is from Pico. lol

    • taki-desu said,

      xD whoa!
      of course im correct, i love shota/yaoi <33

  28. cobra34 said,

    That’s a pretty informative article, thanks!
    Oh, and it’s pretty interesting to know that the correct terms are “service cut” and “service scene”, NOT “fan service” as the western fandom ignorantly has called it. Do you know why English speakers keep calling this “fan service”, even when they know this term is INCORRECT? Thanks!

  29. Hayate No Gotoku 2 Episode 00? - YoHarmonica said,

    […] those who new to anime and doesn’t understand what is mean by FanService, you can refer Bangin’s blog for the word […]

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