鬼畜眼鏡萌え[kichiku megane-moe]

March 28, 2008 at 5:04 am (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)


kichiku megane

kichiku megane

 There’s no need to explain 眼鏡萌え[megane-moe, glasses-moe] now, but there’s a new mystery coming out. If he is really really cruel, remorselss, and does icy treatments, he would be classifeied as a 鬼畜[kichiku] which means a barbarian. And if he turns you on  somehow, you would sure have a 鬼畜萌え[kichiku-moe]. To be honest, I know I am a ドエム, I can’t say I like this type of a person. At best, my point has to be tsundere, so I don’t like to be phisically punished(Of course not!).

 But wait, if you look a kichiku person, does he happen to wear glasses? If yes, he would be classified as a 鬼畜眼鏡[kichiku megane]. Yes, a glass is a very important item for such a kichiku for some reason. Maybe that’s because it could give him a cooler and smarter impression, I suppose so. So mostly such a 鬼畜眼鏡 might be an expert on something. Like a professor at university, a boss at the big company, in other words, such a high-rank person. And yes, he enjoys doing cruel things to a certain person though he doesn’t show the real him most of the times.

It's no use. Doesn't work.

It's no use. Doesn't work.

 Actually, this term stems from the same title BL game(see above image), but I feel this type of person has getting into the mainstream(oh why?). If you encounter someone who is voiced by Koyasu Takehito, watch out, more than 75% he could be possibly a 鬼畜眼鏡 such as Jade Cartiss in Tales of Fandom or Himuro-sensei in Tokimeki Memorial Girls’ Side. Ugh, how come Koyasu-san always voices such a kichiku megane? Though I know he is well-known as a 総攻め声優[souzeme seiyu].



  1. robot-asaba said,

    Ohhh~! So that’s what kichiku means! XD

    I tried looking it up in the dictionary, but I couldn’t find it. Especially when I saw in the game, there was a gauge that read “kichiku level,” I thought “ehhhh? what does this mean? OwO” …I really wanted to find the definition. XD (I just thought it indicated how close Katsuya was of getting a guy, lol)

    Waa, that’s so true about Koyasu Takehito’s voice~! 😀 He has that low seductive voice…Kyaaa!! >w< Cruel, indeed…

    Thank you so much for the explanation~! You have really enlightened me greatly~! XD

  2. bangin said,

    I heard Katsuya becomes kichiku when wears glasses, is that right?
    Yes, the gauge should indicate how much he is getting of a kichiku. 😀

    The protagonist in Okane ga nai! is also voiced by Koyasu though he is not wearing glasses. I wonder if the real Koyasu is a kichiku or not. lol

  3. bi said,

    Ahahahah, I hope Koyasu is not really a kichiku!!
    I think his voice suits that kind of characters because it’s deep (= seme XD) and he has a very classy and “proper” pronounciation (such as the very nasal “ga”) that younger seiyuu mostly don’t have. It really suits someone so high-rank 😀

    …Himuro-sensei got me because of his voice >.<

  4. bangin said,

    I think if he is wearing glasses, fangirls would be able to make him a kichiku somehow…Tedsuka-buchou is a perfect example. XD

    Anyone who is voiced by Koyasu is mostly such a high-rank person, come to think of it. That’s his 運命[sadame], though. lol

  5. ルルーシュ said,

    I like Lelouch and Sasuke. Do I have kichiku moe, Doctor Moe?

  6. Soshi said,


    Okay. I think I have kikchiku megane-moe. X3

    Mm! You rarely see Koyasu voicing a person who’s not in power!

  7. bangin said,

    Lelouch: Lelouch is not a kichiku though he is a haraguro…Umm, but he could be a kichiku in doujin works. ^^ Tortures Suzaku?? Nooooo!
    Speaking of a kichiku doctor, I can think of an eroge 夜勤病棟 and 野々村病院の人々. Nah, the head doctor gets killed before the main story starts. So we rarely see the kichiku doctor in Nonomura Hospital.

    Soshi: Does Koyasu voice any gentle characters? He is already settled as a kichiku seiyu. XDD I bet Himuro-sensei must be a kichiku megane in douji works on Tokimemo. Though I have no idea who is a bottom in the pairing.

  8. w said,

    Oh my god, Lion-san from Futatsu no Spica is crying in the corner now because he’s 100% non-kichiku but voiced by Koyasu :p

  9. bangin said,

    I think Sano-sensei should be voiced by him, and Lion-san should be by Koyama Rikiya. :p

  10. w said,

    Now I can’t stop thinking of Jack Bauer’s ghost protecting Asumi and it’s all your fault. You should be punished!!

    But you’re right, Sano-sensei seemed SO much more like a Koyasu role. Well… Mwu from SEED isn’t kichiku, is he?? 😦 Okay I know this isn’t the point. You know, somehow even looking at pictures of Koyasu I can’t help but think kichiku. (This isn’t good if you look like Koyasu but I’m not implying that you’re kichiku, of course not.)

    On the other hand, although Kenjirou Tsuda’s voice makes me think he’s a bit kichiku (I mean have you heard how naturally he acn do that evil laugh?!), his face is so nice I can’t help but think that awww, it’s just a case of tsundere or something. Do you think he voices any kichiku characters?

  11. bangin said,

    Wahaha, Jack Bauer can save Asumi better than Lion-san for sure. XDD

    Okay I shall give you a perfect example. Have you seen Saint October? Remember Kurutsu who is voiced by Tsuda? Though he is not wearing glasses, I think he is a kichiku. But actually his surbordinate Ash is also a kichiku and he is actually voiced by Koyasu(!) Besides these two guys are 主従関係. I bet loads of fangirls who have a 主従萌え love these two guys.

    Too bad, neither is wearing glasses.

    I can’t be a kichiku since hetare is easier to be for me. lol

  12. Khursten said,

    *nosebleed* Yabai… hontou ni yabai.

    This one is too dangerous for me. ><;; I really have a weakness towards kichiku megane moe characters. OTL. In BL this is prominent. I mean, have you read Antique Bakery, Bangin-san? It’s not BL, but one character there, Ono-san, is a major kichiku megane moe when he becomes predatory. So hot! XD They;re really really cool characters and could probably whip anyone to submission. Ii na. *fufufu*

    I have a question… since you said that there’s a great likelihood that anything voiced by Koyasu Takehito is most likely a Kichiku Megane Moe Chara… does that mean… that Kururu is… in BL… *blush* Kichiku Megane Moe? I think he is! Hahaha! LOL! XDDD First he has a big Kichiku/Doesu side. And he has glasses! LOLOLOL! What do you think? XD

    @w — TsudaKen is slightly kichiku too. Remember Inui of tenipuri. Because of his Aozu and his training regimen, he’s considered kichiku. :3 And with the glasses, definitely Kichiku megane moe.

    I’ll think of more characters. lolol. I should try playing Tokimeki Memo Girls Side 2 on the DS. lol. I wonder if boyfriend is there. lol.

  13. bangin said,

    Of course I know Ono-san who was played by Fujiki Naohito in the live-action drama version. But he is gay in the first place desho? Yoshinaga Fumi is a BL manga-ka…Sometimes she makes a non-BL story, but it is slightly related to BL like 昨日何食べた?

     Kururuねェ・・・those character designs in Keroro gunso are too adorable to be a kichiku though Kururu is very clever and mean. I like Dororo, but does anyone make a BL doujin manga with Keroro gunso? XDD

  14. Khursten said,

    *nods* Ono-san is gay in the manga. Really gay. Like… tachibana will always give warnings to guys not to get close to him (if you are a guy) because he can ‘eat’ you if he likes you. lol. ^^;; That’s why I’m happy, in the anime coming out this June/July, they’re keeping Ono’s gay character. 🙂 Maybe you’ll understand more after seeing the anime, why I think he’s quite the vicious seme with glasses. :3

    I’m currently reading Kinou Nani Tabeta which is not BL, I believe but closer to a real life gay couple. Which is nice. 🙂 She does stories better this way.

    About BL doujin for Keroro Gunsou… Maa ne. I have firm faith that if I go to Book Off or Mandarake, I’ll find a Keroro Gunsou BL doujin. lolol. It would be funny though. lol. My god, fujoshis are really crazy.

  15. bangin said,

    Kinou nani tabeta follows a lot of recipes, right? But actually it also follows a gay couple who lives together…

    How do they do? lol

  16. bi said,

    I have to say this because I’m a big Transformers fan: Koyasu voiced Optimus in the Beast Wars series (you can find the episodes on nicovideo!), and Optimus is everything but a kichiku character XDD
    He’s good, he’s fair, he believes in justice…and everytime he sacrifices himself for the greater good……. Actually I think that Koyasu’s voice fits him very well, I think it’s very fitting for teacher-like, very calm kind of characters loike that 🙂

  17. bi said,

    Oh, sorry, I forgot! Optimus in the Japanese version is called Convoy XD

  18. bangin said,

    I missed Convoy! The only thing I remember is Konishi HIroyuki voiced something in Transformer. 🙂 I didn’t know you are a fan of Transformer.

    Sharpe eyes and chin are the important thing to describe Koyasu’s characters. Maybe it goes to the real him.

  19. Hinano said,

    Omg! I played this otome game recently called “Brothers ~Koisuru Oniisama~” and in it Koyasu voiced a Kuchiki Megane kyara!! He had glasses and was very violent and rude xDDD I never realized it but yes…

    On the other hand I like Koyasu’s silly/gentle roles such as Mosquiton (he can be evil but most of the time he’s nice!)

  20. bangin said,

    WAHAHA, I knew it! Again Koyasu voices a kichiku megane!
    He is already a kichiku seiyu in me. XDD

  21. Teko-chi said,

    Usami-sensei in Junjou Romantica while writing BL novels. ^^

  22. bangin said,

    AHHH, Usami-sensei!!
    I also think it would be more fascinating if Kirepapa was a kichiku megane. XDD

  23. 子犬 said,

    I wouldn’t like one in 3D but I like 鬼畜 because of what they do to *other* characters and I like 鬼畜眼鏡 because I love glasses! (・∀・) XD

  24. bangin said,

    No kichiku, no BL. No kichiku megane, No BL. lol

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    […] character of the game. The best part is, he has glasses which I find hot, but he’s not a kichiku megane character. (That role is saved for Kei, read below.) He acts like a very caring and overprotective […]

  26. goodyfun said,

    I’ve actually seen a rare female version of this. She appeared in the series Shojo Sect. I was surprised (and very pleased) to see at this. She was actually one of my favorite characters in the series, which itself I have respect for having very good characters.

    I forget, but I’m pretty sure that the writer was male. Who knew that a guy would actually like Kichiku megane? It’s such a girl thing. ^_^

  27. bangin said,

    I like kichiku megane, so that’s why I cosplayed Himuro-sensei. I am too soft to be cold like him.

    I think my oid entries need to be fixed. Almost all of the images can’t be seen. As for this entry, I pasted again. Thank you.^^

  28. goodyfun said,

    You know, I can’t think of any Kichiku Megane characters outside of games and manga directed at a female demographic… Do you know of any? You know of the character you cosplayed as because you played the otome game he was from, right? Maybe if more guys looked at girl stuff they would like this kind of character, too. 😉

  29. bangin said,

    There are already some examples in this entry and above comments. I can’t think of any now.

  30. goodyfun said,

    I think a small part of the fandom for this character that people don’t think of, likes the bragging rights for getting a guy this hard to win over. That’s probably more for real life, though.

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  32. angela said,

    i have been listening to kichiku megane drama cds everyday and i’mso addicted to them and i can’t live without them.the men’s voices are so sexy and hot!!my pants are on fire…….phew!!

    • bangin said,

      Yeah I know! I like Honda x Katsuya cds. It’s sooo erotic!

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