やおい穴[yaoi ana]

December 7, 2007 at 6:18 am (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

  This post contains some pornographic contexts. Viewers’ understanding is required.

 Well, if you happen to be a BL fan, you would see what it is meant to be. Yes, literally yaoi means BL(I don’t think this seems to be used a lot since most BL fans started to say BL), and [ana] means a hole. Technically, yaoi stands for やまなし おちなし 意味なし[yamanashi ochinashi iminashi, “no climax, no conclusion, no meaning”], so I am not pretty sure why this means BL. At any rate, when I read a yaoi manga for the first time, I couldn’t help but feeling painful. But at the same time, it wasn’t quite understandable to see the position of his…えっと…その…anus because it was placed just underneath the testicles(almost no space). Not only the strange position but mostly it functions as a woman’s sexual organ, I mean, it can get wet when he starts to feel. I am a man, so I am pretty sure this is not true. So I immediately asked my fujoshi friend about this. She said, “Don’t care about this. This is a fantasy!” And one more thing, when it goes too far, even pregnancy happens…”I said, this is a fantasy!” Fantasy doesn’t work out everything…”Shut up, man. Don’t hurt my 乙女心[otomegokoro].” …Where’s the logic?  

 Yes, it is said that those female manga artists who didn’t know about a man’s body well started to use this fictional and mysterious hole. As if followed this primitive method, fujoshis have accepted it for some reason. Only in BL stories, it exists…that is やおい穴. Umm, but they(characters) seem to be sure that they are using uke’s anus, though. Anyway, if this is convinient for all the BL manga artists in many ways, I think it’s okay though some mysteries are left behind. 

 On a side note; やおい穴 seems to be disliked by real gay people for some reason. Because they know the truth, I assume.



  1. bi said,

    This post made me laugh so much XDD
    An 乙女心 is delicate, you can’t break it in the name of realism XDD

  2. w said,

    Doujins are fuuuuuuull of crazy fantasies even when it comes to female body parts, too… (don’t ask me how I know or I’ll kill you)

    The general trend is “Oh who cares, it’s just for fun anyway. ^^ Don’t think, feel!”


  3. a non said,

    BL stands for “boy’s love” :3

    ahaha otomegokoro

  4. bangin said,

    bi: It reminds me of Tonari no Totoro where only kids can see the hole which leads to Totoro’s place. Yes, yaoi ana is visible for only 乙女. XD

    w-dono: I am not supposed to ask about the biological mystery…No biologists can prove it.

    ARGH, don’t hurt my 乙男心! ^^

    a non: I still wonder why yaoi means boys’ love. Since when people started to say BL instead of yaoi…

  5. bi said,

    Ahahahaha @ Totoro XD
    I have a completely new yaoi imagery now XDD

    Maybe BL became a more popular term after yaoi started to have some plot and meaning? (Where?) LOL
    Perhaps it just feels nicer and more sensitive to say BL… Or it’s just fancier because it’s in english… Ok, I’ll stop with my wild guesses XD

  6. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Pregnancy.. waw ^^;;

    okay, I think my knowledge about yaoi has widen greatly by now ^^;;

    otomegokoro, lol.

    I think BL starts to get populer because it has a softer feel on it, and maybe just like bi said, its fancier in english (maybe this is why the term ero is more popular too)

    you mean there’s a lot of misinformation about female anatomy in ero doujin too? oh, lol, I guess ero things in ero anime/manga/game are not to be taken seriously ^^;;

  7. bangin said,

    bi&Neohybrid_kai:Good guess. I agree, BL has a better ring to it than yaoi does. Well, the BL magazines sometimes pick up some interesting BL novels and even bestow them awards such as 芥川賞(akutagwa awards) of BL circles. Of course not real, though. www

    Storylines should be valued more than ever…so I guess that’s why iminashi(no meaning) doesn’t work anymore. XD

  8. khursten said,

    Hahahahaha! You guys definitely are boys!! XD Even if some of you are otomen, in your heart of hearts, you are still boys.

    これが腐女子の妄想。。。Don’t hurt our 乙女心!笑wwwww!!

    Omg! Where do I start with this? (since this is very close to my heart). Bangin-san, maybe you can ask your fujoshi friends to verify, because this is what I know having been a yaoi fan for some while.

    ヤオイ, I don’t know where it started but it was term that was popularized in the early 1990s. Maybe even late 80s. There were ホモmangas around (「薔薇族」が知ってる?) and this manga tackles homosexual issues and stuff. So you’ll see muscly men and lubricants in those stories!

    It wasn’t until the likes of Zetsu Ai (絶愛-1989)and later on, Haru wo Daiteita that the term YAOI really started to become more mainstream among fans. It’s primarily because the story for both always seemed to be centered on the sex (although I contest with Zetsu Ai!) rather than their love. So many stories were like this. With their ヤオイ穴. wwww. It’s a lot more insane in the world of doujin wherein anything can really happen! Yes! There are pregnancies, families, incest, it doesn’t matter as long as they can have sex, that’s just how it goes. Foreign fans would use the word PWP (Plot, What Plot!?) to describe stories like this. It wasn’t until in the late 90s and early 2000 that some distinct stories started to come out.

    It was a mix of what was used to be shounen ai, the stuff that Hagio Moto and Keiko Takemiya wrote, and what Haru wo Daiteita promoted which is Yaoi. You have a cohesive and moving love story. At the same time, you have sex with the mysterious hole. And hence Boys Love was born. Some of the earlier ones were like Love Mode of Yuki Shimizu also Gerard and Jacques by Yoshinaga Fumi. The popularity of series like this became the gauge for many mangakas and publishers to produce more Boys Love titles. So now, ヤオイ has evolved to something like this. I actually prefer it more than Yaoi. It’s nice and fun to read and somehow has more story than before. :3

    There are still ヤオイ mangas out there. Back then it was all under Super BeBoy Gold, but since BeBoy doesn’t operate as it used to… I don’t know where it went. It’s often mixed with many BL titles and magazines now and you can’t distinguish which is which anymore. Even some 薔薇 mangas and drawing styles are being placed in BL (Naono Bohra).

    In the end, 少年愛,ヤオイ, and BL they are all part of the Fujoshi’s delusions. They’re never real, but they have enough bishounen to whet our fantasy and keep our オタ魂 on fire. :3

    On the side, actually, some BL mangakas are conscientious and spare a panel on two on lubricants because they know guys don’t get wet at all. But only some. Like 10 of 300. lol.

  9. bangin said,

    Wow, this is wow. You are the expert on this, khursten! 😀

    Yes, I have seen some, えっと, lubricants in BL mangas or even novels. And I know a couple of fujoshis who still love muscular guys’ love. Even Mandarake in Otome Road, there is such a space…

    I still remember when I saw a yaoi doujinshi for the first time. It was maybe 8 years ago, and we were at the comic market. And I saw 桜木花道×流川楓 in Slam Dunk…that was so shocking…I am sure people didn’t say BL but yaoi at that time.

    春を抱いていた? Ah, it’s a BLCD series, right? Yeah, it’s still ongoing…I think one of the lead guys is acted by Miki Shin-ichiro, but I don’t know whether he is seme or uke.

    The only BL artists I know are よしながふみ[Yoshinaga Fumi] and 木原音瀬[Konohara Narise]. Both of them make such an interesting storyline, so that’s why I know. 😀

  10. 紫色天 said,

    your story is so funny~~
    Bl and gay are very different things. Bl is women’s imagination. i am not sure boys could understand it but….
    Maybe try boy fantasying two girls @#$!@%$…

  11. bangin said,

    Thank you, but then I wonder yuri is also men’s imagination, too.
    Like yaoi ana, is there something fictious in yuri story?

  12. khursten said,

    lolz. I’m not sure if it’s real for yuri. But for H anime, デカパイ is something really impossible! I don’t think women could ever have breasts THAT big! (without surgery!) But in H-anime, they make it appear like she’s always had those big breasts. ^^;;

  13. bangin said,

    Haha, yeah デカパイ is men’s dream! In ero doujin works, it is an absolute formula. 🙂

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  16. Teko-chi said,

    You totally don’t understand….
    In a man’s body, theres is a small pleasurable organ, about the size of a mochi-no-tama, called the prostate.
    If you touch it, it will start to secrete a liquid made of fructose. (sugars in the body..)
    and become wet.
    Also, when a man put a part of himself into a man who is like a woman…he will slowly transform into a woman.
    Then, he can become pregnant, only it is unfortunately illegal.

  17. bangin said,

    OMG, are you a biologist? Or did you experience…?
    Anyway, thanks for your explanation. I had completely no idea, but this really happens!

  18. Teko-chi said,

    Yep. I saw it happening with my boyfriend and his boyfriend.

  19. bangin said,

    So you are a witness!

  20. 子犬 said,

  21. bangin said,

    You’re smart! Right!

  22. Chronofire said,

    I am currently doing research into this particular field and many more as they play a role in a combination of many other fields and roles. If my project is successful things of this nature may fade away due to a lack of ignorance into the unknown. With all accounts my true purpose behind this reasearch and the meaning of my words is to break this barrier. I already have a great deal of understanding by this and and manner other simular matters. If you will forgive my intrution into this I must be off to continue my research…

    • bangin said,

      I don’t understand what you are talking about.

  23. Lulu said,

    Hi, I just found your site today so this obviously is my first time leaving a comment but..
    those wholes do NOT exist!?

    I only became interested in this whole new world of BL recently so there’s a LOT that I still don’t understand, but from what I’ve been reading in BL texts, I always thought when they (two boys, of course) make love, they use uke’s “whole” he uses to, um, poo. (excuse me for the language, I just can’t come up with a better word off the top of my head now)

    Anyways, I will start reading previous entries you’ve posted so far, and learn some new terminologies that I may have to be familiar with : )

  24. bangin said,

    Thank you for coming. I believe such a hole doesn’t exist because I know. I am a man. I don’t have it. XD

  25. chou said,

    XXD. This post is so funny!

    Hey, can I ask you a question?

    I found your blog while I was trying to figure out how to translate “濡れてる” for a BL scanlation I’m doing (of 百日の薔薇 by 稲荷家房之介 ). During a sex scene, Dude A is playing with Dude B’s boy parts (the part in front, not the やおい穴, lol) and says ”お前も濡れてる”. WTF is he talking about?!

    Uh, Dude B does look kinda wet down there, but does he definitely mean “you’re wet too”, or is there some other slang meaning for 濡れてる that I don’t understand? Because “you’re wet too” seems so stupid that I can’t stand it, XD.


    • bangin said,

      Ah something like that always happens in BL. Dude A is talking about Dude B’s penis. While he is playing with his penis, something overflaws from the top of his. Something is semen, that’s why he says 濡れてる.

      But…anus never gets wet!

      • chou said,

        LOL, I was afraid of that. I hate it when they say the perfectly obvious. “I’m doing X”, “Now I’m doing Y”. “You’re so X”, “You’re so Y”. Yeah, yeah, we can see all that because of the pictures, thanks!

        > But…anus never gets wet!

        So true, lol. But only because they’ve apparently never invented lube in whatever place all those guys come from. 🙂

        Thank you so much for your help.  ありがとうございます

    • LuluChan92 said,

      OMG, was that line from Hyakujitsu no Bara??? XD

  26. Platypus said,

    Younger Western fujoushi don’t seem to be aware of the term BL, even though it’s been commonplace in Japan for quite a few years now. They still think it’s called yaoi (alternately they just use the Western term, “slash”).

    I’m surprised that biologically inaccurate doujinshi etc. are so prevalent. In the West, fujoushi associate such ignorance with being a silly teenage girl and earns a lot of derision for thinking “self-lubricating butts” exist.

    Speaking of BL vs 薔薇族 (those that are aware of it just call it “bara” and associate it with burly, muscular men), a popular image board similar to 2ch has a board devoted to BL/ヤオイ, mostly populated by fujoushi and people used to fight over BL vs bara. They almost ended up making a separate board for bara but I guess they didn’t and eventually they came to a truce. It’s mostly ヤオイ but bara gets its own threads.

    I DO know a couple homosexual guys that much prefer BL to bara because they love beautiful men, but they can’t stand anatomically inaccurate doujinshi and stories.

    P.S. Sorry for once again replying to a very old thread.

    • bangin said,

      I was suprised to see BL for the first time, especially yaoi ana. Since I am a man, it didn’t seem to make any sense, or I even thought it could happen to mine? Now I am grown-up so I know the truth, though.

  27. LuluChan92 said,

    Yikes, when the mangaka deliberately draws an anatomically inaccurate man just for the purpose of… I DON’T SEE IT~ DX *headdesk*

    Okay, you can ignore the pain of the uke having a man enter his anus, you can also choose not to use lube, but making him get WET on his own?!? Or his hole being God-knows-where??? I’m a fujoshi, yes, but I still think men shouldn’t be drawn like that for the sake of the mangaka’s convenience. If I was a man I would feel insulted by that, really.

    • bangin said,

      I would like to know how much pain uke feels for the first time or always.

    • Michelle said,

      If I’m not wrong, there’re also bara or gay manga where the guy gets wet on his own and he also doesn’t bleed either. I don’t recall which titles.

      I wonder where this concept came from: maybe ero manga? ‘Cos in ero manga, the girls often get wet on both sides… lol. And usually, there’s no blood either.

  28. Empor said,

    I am a 超ゲイ男子 here, and I’m reporting in to say this:

    Sometimes my butthole DOES get wet by itself with sweat or intestinal fluid or something, but DEFINITELY never enough to fit anything more than a finger in it. Then again, I can usually fit a finger in when it’s completely dry… これってやらしすぎかな?w


  29. Alex said,

    What does BL stand for or mean?

    • bangin said,

      It stands for Boys’ Love.

  30. Brandice said,

    I have been so beelwderid in the past but now it all makes sense!

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