[Cosplay] Fate/Zero

June 5, 2013 at 1:47 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 I am so sorry that I haven’t updated this blog all this time. There is no point in any excuses, so I gotta update something…Yes, it is my cosplay.

 What is that you are following this season? Shingeki no Kyojin? Hataraku Maou-sama? I am always behind, so I am not interested in any of them. What I am really following is this.

 Yes, this is Fate/Zero. As you may know, this series has lasted for so long. Actually, I hadn’t been interested in Fate series. However, when I was talking about my next cosplay with friends, they recommeded this. Because I am, you know, too old. Not like such a young character, but I prefer such a middle-aged guy. So I decided to cosplay him.


 He is Emiya Kiritsugu, who is one of the lead characters in this anime. You can see the decent storyline here. Well, to get to the point, Fate shows a war by several wizarding people over the Holy Cup that grants a wish. Each wizard has a servant, and they are supposed to kill others.

 Kiritsugu is one of those wizards. He is so dark-hearted, and uses whatever he can use to fulfill what he wants to do. Meanwhile, he is married and has a daughter. But they are destined to get into such a misrable fate…

 I don’t know how many times I cried. Every time I heard Kiritsugu’s voice, I can’t stop crying…darn it, it’s been a while since I cried at anime.

 There is less oppotunities for me to cosplay with someone else, but what the hell, I have had so many chances to cosplay with other Fate cosplayers since I cosplayed Kiritsugu. Lucky me. In these 5 months, I have cosplayed with four of other characters! This is a miracle. Yes, it is.

 I must say thank you for them. Thank you for cosplaying with me. Also, thank you for watching my cosplays. I always want to say.









I am so happy to be with you, Kiritsugu…





If you don’t need the Cup, give away to me! I need it!



The sky is high, wind is singing,

I was dreaming for joy…

Series: Fate/Zero


Emiya Kiritsugu…bangin

Irisviel von Einzbern…Rico

Kotomine Kirei…Keith


Photographer: Maah



  1. Fane said,

    Hello, it´s so nice to see you back 🙂
    I am not familiar with Fate/Zero, but the cosplay looks amazing.
    I am following Karneval these days 🙂

  2. almondclover said,

    This is really good!
    Your cosplays and the people you work with seem to get better every time you post. You’ve been missed 🙂
    Also, Saber (Suzuto?) is beautiful. You’re looking very suave, too ^^

  3. Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup: New Costumes Unlocked | Reverse Thieves said,

    […] All the Fun of Living the Adventures of Emiya Kiritsugu Some amazing Fate/Zero cosplay with some fairly hardcore scenery that sell everything as much as the costumes (if not more.) You can taste the blood-soaked tears of folly and regret. […]

  4. aochan005 said,

    Your cosplay is amazing, as always^^

  5. cinnamon said,

    Yaaaay! My favorite blogger is back! How great to see you again, and what an amazing gallery of pics. True eye-candy:) Thanks so much for sharing!^^

    • bangin said,

      I am so sorry that I haven’t come back so long. But Now I am back!

  6. loki_lee said,

    It’s good to hear from you again! I was a little worried when I saw you hadn’t updated for so long but then I looked at your cosplay folder and saw you were doing well. (^-^) Really nice cosplay, as always~

    • bangin said,

      I am doing alright!

  7. Ahsia said,

    Awesome photoshoots and cosplay!
    Did you made your costumes?
    Since I usually just buy mine at PIJ, in Japan 🙂

    I hope to see more of your awesome cosplays soon

    • bangin said,

      Thank you! I always purchase my costumes because I can’t make it.

  8. rozzu said,

    soo cool… i like it, nice shoot…

  9. ter said,

    Daaaamn this is some cool ass cosplay

  10. mardy96 said,

    It’s been a long time, Bangin-san! Glad to see you back to your awesome cosplaying!!^^ wow, it’s been almost a year since I last read your blog!
    I’m not a fan of Fate/Zero series, but the pics are surely breathtaking! You got me in an awestruck! you are TOTALLY one of the best cosplayers I’ve ever seen, surely!
    KEEP UP… Looking forward for your future posts! I had just finished my exams (college entrance exam-sort-of). I’m happy to say that I am no longer a student, don’t have to go to school, haha… I’m also happy that I get to check on your amazing blog as frequently as I like from now on, so keep writing and keep cosplaying because you, Bangin-san, are absolutely the best!!!

  11. jose denilson said,

    dont need that eye make, its looks ridiculous. like a fag

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