[Cosplay] Hardest Task

March 28, 2010 at 11:37 am (Blogroll, cosplay(コスプレ), Otome Road(乙女ロード))

 As I have said before, my cosplay friend and I had a photoshooting of Durarara!! last Saturday. If you happen to follow this anime, you would know where we are in the photos. We actually tried to choose lonely spots where no people came, but as this place is well-known among Durarara!! fans, some of fujoshithe pedestrians watched us, saying like,”Omg, are they Shizuo x Izaya!? Kyaaa!!” “Can I take a picture!?” when they passed by. It was our first time cosplaying this seires together, but we found it so difficult because this story takes place at night most of the times. Besides, must-show spots such as Tokyu Hands or Sunshine are full of people so we had no chance to take. Of course we considered having a photoshooting at night, my camera doesn’t work with no light at all. I need a better lense, or someone who can handle this. I have lots of shots I really want, like a fighting scene by Izaya and Shizuo. Well, this is our task. Even though costume is so simple, it doesn’t mean that’s an easy cosplay. The more simple costume is, the more difficult cosplay would be. But believe me, we will cosplay this again. Yes, for sure. 「見栄っ張りだねぇ、シズちゃんは」「臨也ァ!黙れつってんのが分かんねぇのかァァ!?」

Series: Durarara!![デュラララ!!]

Cosplayers: Keith as Orihara Izaya[折原 臨也], bangin as Heiwajima Shizuo[平和島 静雄]

photographer: Suzutsuki



  1. Inktrap said,

    That’s truly a work of art. I love how you three (cosplayers and photographer) work together to greate something so cool! I specially like the last two photos. The black&white one is so artistic!

    • bangin said,

      Actually we took more shots, but too bad, there are only above to upload. We need to work out this camera thing!

      Thank you.^^

  2. fantasy2311 said,

    kya~~~ (> <). Shizuo X Izaya. Kore de mou onaka ippai. Great Izaya, even his face is similar.

    • bangin said,

      I’ll tell my Izaya, and he would be happy.

  3. Zak said,

    Wow great guys! truly a work of briliant art:D maybe you guys could include lightening effect;)

    • bangin said,

      I don’t deserve such a word…thank you very much.^^

  4. ponytale said,

    Your friend Keith makes a very cute Izaya! These photos look like fashion shoots ^^ Great job! Mmm… but are they a little out of focus? Maybe its just me… Well, I’m looking forward to your fight scenes! 😀

    I forgot to mention in your previous Durarara!! cosplay post… I love your shoes (altho they aren’t shown in full in the photos here)! ^^;;; They look very stylish. Sorry if it’s kinda out of the blue.

    • bangin said,

      Yes, actually almost all of the photos are not good at all because the photographer is not good at a camera. Since there was no one else who could help us, I asked him…ummm…..of course I thank him, but the photos…

      So in fact, last night we did it again! And this time the photographer who took my Kichimega did! And of course we did it at night! I am waiting for the photos. I am sure those are far better thank above.

      My shoes? Oh yes, that’s mine.^^

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