ゴスロリ [gosurori]

August 22, 2010 at 2:17 am (cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), general, otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード))

from Shimotsuma Monogatari[下妻物語]

 Gothic Lolita is a kind of unique fashion style that originated  in 1980’s, and linked to shoujo manga, Japanese rock bands, fujoshi, or even cosplayers. We usually say ゴスロリ[gosurori], but actually it is an abbreviation of ゴシックロリータ[Gothic Lolita]. The symbol mark is †[daggar]. Sometimes it puzzles me. Is this English? Because some people frown upon me when I mention Gothic Lolita. Even among English speakers, Gothic Lolita is like an otakish word?

 Even if you haven’t heard of this fashion, it might ring a bell to you when you see it; a handsome dress features rococo or Victrian style and fabulous lace or frill. Leather boots and shoes with over knee socks(yes, makes 絶対領域[zettai ryouiki]). A headdress with a huge ribbon. Holding a big teddy bear or a huge lace parasol. Make-up is also important; blue or black lipsticks, fake eyelashes, loud mascara, color contacts, or even tattoo. This kind of fashion seems to embody destruction, aestheticism, darkness, heresy, death, or virginity.

 Gothic is a kind of European style in the Middle Ages, and inspired lots of art including architecture or literature. Having said that, Gothic Lolita was born in Japan, so it is not technically a fashion from Europe, but those symbolism I have mentioned still remain. Lolita is…you know, such an immature girl or to love such a girl(shoujo). We say ロリコン[lolicon] or ロリータコンプレックス[Lolita complex]. But, Gothic Lolita is a combination of Gothic and a shoujo, so it seems to be different from lolicon. All in all, Gothic Lolita would embody a fin-de-siecle(decadant) girl in the Middle Ages. Does it make sense?


 I am not familiar with Gothic Lolita, but to my surprise there are several variations in this style. For example, 黒ロリ[kuro loli] is to dress up in a black outfit, and 白ロリ[shiro loli] is to do so in a white outfit. 甘ロリ[ama loli] also known as sweet loli features pink stuff such as rose, strawberry or hearts. Looks like a princess. 和ゴス[wa-goth] is gothic with Japanese fashion(wearing kimono or that kind of thing). ダークゴス[dark goth] is more violent than 黒ロリ, like using eye-patches or bandages. Leather can be seen in Dark Goth, so well, Riku in Kingdom Hearts or most characters in Final Fantasy 7 could be called ダークゴス. Not really?

 Meanwhile there was quite a famous rock band in 1980’s,  that is AUTO-MOD. All of the members would dress up in such a gorgeous outfit with loud make-up. This kind of style got a lot of fangirls. At the concert hall, so many fangirls trying to copy their fashion, got together. Have you ever heard of Visual-kei[ビジュアル系]? Yes, it started around that time. Since AUTO-MOD got famous, some more Visual-kei rock bands such as BUCK-TICK, X-JAPAN, or LUNA SEA started to be famous as well. When I was a high school student, L’Arc~en~Ciel, SHAZNA, GLAY, or MALICE MIZER(Gackt worked as a vocalist) were quite popular. Those fangirls were called バンギャ[bangya]. I guess it is an abbreviation of バンドギャル[band gyaru], ギャル is a bit rude way to mean a young girl. Whereas I was not aware, Visual-kei became popular out of Japan 2000 onwards.  


 Gothic Lolita used to be a fashion style for girls, but it changed since Rozen Maiden came out in 2002. Because of this anime, Gothic Lolita started to be popular among otaku. Technically, Rozen Maiden is not really ゴスロリ although it quite looks like. Gothic style in shoujo manga actually has been popular for a long time. I can think of other shoujo manga like Angel Sanctuary. What about うみねこのなく頃に[Umi neko no naku koro ni]?

 In Europe, Gothic Lolita is very popular. Even though it was born in Japan, it is influenced by European style as I mentioned. Even that, it seemed to be Japanese style  for them. Before, I saw a TV-show in which a French girl tried Gothic Lolita because she was a big fan of Japan. She wanted to go out in Gothic fashion, but her mother stopped her in the end…To me, Gothic Lolita is kind of cosplay, but not really. Difficult to say. If you happen to be in Tokyo, go to Harajuku[原宿] or you will see a lot of Goth girls.   

 I have never been a fan of Gothic Lolita, but…I like the costumes. If I cosplay, I would do Kamui Gakupo in 刹月華[setsugetsuka]. I think this is 和ゴス[wa-goth]. Looks cool, don’t you think?


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マジキチ [majikichi]

May 27, 2010 at 6:07 pm (otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード), slang)

 Finally I can take a rest. Even though I work from Monday to Friday, I only spare my time on Thursday and Friday. Something always comes out on Saturday and Sunday. Now in Japan, it is getting warmer. Sometimes it even gets hot and humid. I don’t like the heat…

 Anyway, I just make a new post today since I have uploaded my cosplay photos too much. Seems like this blog has lost the meaning. No no no.

 I have introduced so many terms. But remember, words are alive. So words you often say a lot now wouldn’t even necessarily last forever. Ten years later, no one would say that. Maybe yes, maybe no. However, what if people abolished a word? It is going to be 死語[shigo] or dead word. We have yearly famous words[年間流行語], I mean, the words that were the most famous in the year such as アラフォー or 草食男子. Having said that, those would be possibly dead words 10 years later, I suppose so.

 Meanwhile, there are taboo words, we say 禁句[kinku]. That’s to say, we can’t say those words in public. So that means those words shouldn’t be aired on TV. If someone said that on TV, it must be bleeped like ピーッ. Those words are most likely summed up as 放送禁止用語[housou kinshi yougo], and most of them are like names of sexual orgens. Abolishing words change nothing. The more people ban words, the less interesting it would be.

 One of such taboo words is 気違い[kichigai] or mental. It could also mean insane, crazy, or psychopathetic. I don’t see why this is not good in public. Is this because people have been mental or such outrageous incidents have happened too much? At any rate, there is a saying to mean 気違い among 2ch bugs, that is 基地外[kichigai]. Pronounciation is the same, but replaced by different kanji. 基地[kichi] means a basement, and 外[gai] means outside. Means nothing. Also 電波[dempa] has also the same meaning. Both 基地外 and 電波 are used to describe such a painful person. If he is much psychopathetic than 基地外, he could be labelled as マジキチ[majikichi], which is an  abberiviation of マジでキチガイじみてるからやめろ[maji de kichigai jimiteru kara yamero] or,”Stop, this is seriously crazy!” キ印[kijirushi] also has the same meaning. [ki] stands for キチガイ[kichigai] and [shirushi] means a label or a mark.

 If you see someone who is too painful to see, you could say マジキチ…but don’t say this to the person directly, please. We don’t know what would happen. Anyway, I shall give you an example.

I don't have to be worried about guys who pick me up!

 This screenshot is from a certain TV show that introduced a crossdressing cafe in Otome Road. All the garsons are crossdressing women, and customers enjoy having a chat with them. The two guests were asked why they liked to see the crossdressing garsons, and one of them answered like above. ナンパされる必要もなく、安心してお腹いっぱい目の保養をさせていただいております。[There is no need to be worried about guys picking me up, and I can enjoy the eye-candy.] And there are a lot of comments from the viewers…like below.

 See? みんな自分が誰だかわからないと容赦がないですね(苦笑)Also, someone said もう少し自重して欲しかった[mousukoshi jichou shite hoshikatta] or I just wanted her to be modest. 自重[jichou] means to be modest, but this is used when you get carried away. It is not only an otakish term, but most people say this. Having said that, otaku people started to say this because of 真・三國無双[shin sangokumusou] in which generals say 自重 to stop such a reckless warrior. 私のコスプレも自重かな(笑)

 Also, there is another saying, メンヘラ[menhera], which stems from mental health[メンタルヘルス]. We abbreviate it as メンヘル[menheru] and add -er, so we make it メンヘラ[menherer]. The meaning is, yes, mentalメンヘラ is more serious than マジキチ. Don’t shut yourself  in your shell. Just talk to your friends before you become メンヘラ.

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[Cosplay] Catch me if you can -Durarara!! Part 2-

April 11, 2010 at 2:03 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), Otome Road(乙女ロード))


 Okay so here goes Durarara!! cosplay part 2. In this entry, it focuses on our acting. In fact, I directed a bit, so you might be feeling something different from the original. Please be patient that I made a quick dialogue. When I cosplayed with this Izaya cosplayer(Keith) before, I directed his acting and told the photographer(tokyo moe) how I wanted him to take. I did the same thing this time, too. My Izaya did a great job as well as the photographer. By the way, he is far younger than me even though Shizuo and Izaya are the same age. And Keith actually belongs to a certain seiyu agency, however he also does actor things. Now he hasn’t made a debut yet, but I hope he will. 

 Izaya is something I don’t understand. What he thinks, how he feels, I don’t know at all. Shizuo is still easier to understand; he looks scary, but actually gentle. He just hopes a peaceful life, but for some reason wherever he goes, something happens and he can’t relax. What about Izaya? He is so annoying, and we say ウザい[uzai]. The funny thing is that some fans call him ウザヤ[uzaya] to pun upon his name. At any rate, I think it is really difficult to act Izaya because there is too much interpreting. The same goes to Nagisa Kaworu in Neon Genesis Evangelion. I have cosplayed him before, and it was very difficult to act, I still remember. But…that is why fans try to cosplay, try to understand.

 Well, pass over my boring nonsense. I hope you enjoy part Ⅱ. Read the rest of this entry »

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[Cosplay] I Love People!! -Durarara!! Part 1-

April 9, 2010 at 2:15 pm (BL, Blogroll, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード))


 I am becoming nervous because I have had too many glad things since this year started. What is waiting for me next? Well, after I had a photoshooting of Durarara!! cosplay I was so disappointed to see the photos we took, because almost all of them were not good at all. Because of my camera? Yes. But the crucial reason is, I guess, the time when the photoshooting took place. I mean if you have watched Durarara!!, you would know from what time Shizuo and Izaya start to move, wouldn’t you? The lead school students are in active during daytime, but as for the two guys, those scenes in which they show are mostly at night. So that is why the photos look boring. Then what shall I do? Try again at night? That’s it, but it is not that simple because it is really difficult to take a photo at night. I needed a much better camera or someone who can handle something like this. One person came to my mind right away, yes, he is the photographer who helped me with my cosplays at the hotel. When he showed me his photos inside his camera, I saw some night shots and they looked awesome. I screwed up my courage and asked him to help me, and he said yes. Oh my god, lucky me! I immediately told my uke-partnerKeith who cosplayed Izaya about this…and this is how we had a photoshooting.

 Around 18:00 or so, we three met up at Ikebukuro Station, and started a photoshooting. Because we started from that hour, there was almost no people who could recognise our cosplays as I guessed. And there were a few things I really wanted to do; a fighting scene and chasing scene. And some spots I really took; Tokyu Hands and Sunshine Cinema. We did it all! I was so pleased, and there was nothing else to wish for.  Thank you very much, Izaya and the photographer! I will never forget this. Oh I shall explain one term, リベンジ[revenge] to mean to re-do the same cosplay to do better than before. My リベンジ went so well!! Read the rest of this entry »

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[Cosplay] Hardest Task

March 28, 2010 at 11:37 am (Blogroll, cosplay(コスプレ), Otome Road(乙女ロード))

 As I have said before, my cosplay friend and I had a photoshooting of Durarara!! last Saturday. If you happen to follow this anime, you would know where we are in the photos. We actually tried to choose lonely spots where no people came, but as this place is well-known among Durarara!! fans, some of fujoshithe pedestrians watched us, saying like,”Omg, are they Shizuo x Izaya!? Kyaaa!!” “Can I take a picture!?” when they passed by. It was our first time cosplaying this seires together, but we found it so difficult because this story takes place at night most of the times. Besides, must-show spots such as Tokyu Hands or Sunshine are full of people so we had no chance to take. Of course we considered having a photoshooting at night, my camera doesn’t work with no light at all. I need a better lense, or someone who can handle this. I have lots of shots I really want, like a fighting scene by Izaya and Shizuo. Well, this is our task. Even though costume is so simple, it doesn’t mean that’s an easy cosplay. The more simple costume is, the more difficult cosplay would be. But believe me, we will cosplay this again. Yes, for sure. 「見栄っ張りだねぇ、シズちゃんは」「臨也ァ!黙れつってんのが分かんねぇのかァァ!?」 Read the rest of this entry »

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[Intermission] Otaku and the City -オフ会にようこそ!-

March 20, 2010 at 5:05 pm (Blogroll, Otome Road(乙女ロード))

 Spring is here in Japan. It is becoming warmer and warmer, so I didn’t need to wear my coat. Oh no, it is March, isn’t it? Spring is a season when something ends and a new thing starts. You have to say good-bye to your friends, but new people are waiting for you…

 Anyway, this Spring is going to be busy because I have some plans to meet up with guests from foreign countries. Today, I met up with the two guests from New York in Ikebukuro; Hinano and her husband, JP. And there was one more person who they brought, and he is from New Jerseyあ~お名前を忘れてしまった! Omg, sounds sooo cool! I wish I could go. Can I sound like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City?

Ikebukuro Station

 The couple is staying in Tokyo for a week, and will leave soon. If my schedule had met, I could have gave them a tour in Akihabara or elsewhere. But now that they are in Tokyo, I should go and see them. So as soon as I finished the work, I did 5時ダッシュ in order to go to Ikebukuro. I haven’t seen them, but they have seen my cosplays so they could find me easily. It was around 19:30, so I took them to Japanese restaurant, 大戸屋[Ootoya]. It looks like a pub[izakaya], but not really. This is a resutaurant where not only salarymen but young girls go. And I think the quantity and the price are so reasonable. If you pay 700 yen or so, you can have a set(main dish, rice, and miso soup). They ordered chicken, I hope they liked it. I heard a lot about American otaku conventions from them and their stories, it was so interesting. Hinano follows seiyus and otome games; Daisuke Kishio, Daisuke Namikawa, Starry Sky, Miracle Train, Brothers-koi suru oniisama-, and so on. I know some anime fans are learning Japanese with anime or manga, and some of my friends can speak so fluently. So is Hinano. I really really respect them. 俺も見習わないとなぁ…


You can have a nice meal at 700 yen (6$) or so.


If you want to enjoy all night long, here is the cheapest, I think.


Do you have an idea which anime this is?

 After the dinner, we went to karaoke. To my surprise, they already knew how to use the device to find a song you want to sing. How do you call this? They were singing as they wanted. Needless to say, they can read Japanese lyrics. JP was singing Sen no kaze ni natte[千の風になって], and trying to copy the original, I mean, it was like an opera singer. I have never seen a non-Japanese singing this song in this way, and I don’t think I will be able to see in the future. Just this once. This is the legend for sure.

 Time flies. I really wanted to have fun with them more, but I had fun so much. Please enjoy the rest of your days, and I hope you guys would come again! 楽しかった、また来てね!^^

 You can read their travel diary here.

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メンズナックル語[Men’s Knuckle go]

August 26, 2009 at 2:37 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), general, otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード), slang)

 Being young is good, you know. Whatever you do, no matter how stupid it would be, everything is going to be a nice memory in your life. Someday when you look back, you could enjoy remembering your precious memories. Oh no, what am I talking about? Why so sentimental? Never mind.^^

mens' knuckle

 The reason why I sound like above, is because I feel that way when I browse a certain magazine at a convinience store. That is メンズナックル[Men’s Knuckle], or a monthly fashion magazine for young boys. Seemingly, it is a boys’ version of 小悪魔[koakuma] ageha. True, some models in this magazine are not only stylish boys, but gorgeous hosts[ホスト] from night clubs. When I was a high school student, some of the classmates used to read Men’s egg to not only follow the trend, but learn how to appeal yourself in front of girls or something like that. Although I was(am, of course) an otaku at that time, I was trying to follow the trend in order not to be isolated in the classroom. I feel it was ridiculous, but I didn’t understand it at all. So when I look back those days, it gives me a bitter smile(苦笑).

 I am too old to follow this kind of thing, but when I see this magazine in a book shelf, I always laugh at a line on the cover page. It always says such a too-romantic line or even sounds like a line from an otome game. Later, I learned that is メンズナックル語[Men’s Knuckle go] or Men’s Knuckle language.    

 Yes, it seems like the writers must be fujoshis, anime fans, or otome game players, even ネオロマンサー[neoromancers (those who love otome games by KOEI, like Angelique, primo passo, or Harukanaru toki no naka de)]. Let’s see some examples.

 神はモテ過ぎることを禁止していない。[No matter how many girls love me, God never forbids.]

 オマエだけを護る守護者が欲しくないか?[Do you wanna a Guardian for only you?]

 そう、オレこそが乙女心の暗殺者。[Yeah, I am an assassin of Maidens’ hearts.]

 一夜の愛を永遠の想い出に変える錬金術師。[An alchemist is gonna make one night stand into an eternal memory.]

 俺は貴族なんだ。正確には伯爵だ。[I am the Lord, actually the Earl.]

 このBlackはダークマターより神秘的。[This black looks more mysterious than dark matter.]

 コスモが俺をエロスへと導く![Little Universe takes me to Eros!]

なんだそりゃ(笑)This makes no sense, but it is okay, I think. Because such a line for young people are supposed to be like this, I mean, it always exaggerates to get more people. Though it makes me laugh when I read those lines, I wonder how the readers feel about this. At any rate, I guess it is a really hard work to come up with such a fabulous line every month.

 The most famous word coined by this magazine is 伊達ワル[datewaru]. 伊達[date] means fake or pretty looks like something, but not really. ワル[waru] is bad. It boils down that 伊達ワル means a young guy in such a street fashion so that he looks like a bad boy. Before, there was a saying ちょいワルオヤジ[choi waru oyaji]. This doesn’t come from this magazine, but another mens’ fashion magazine, LEON. ちょいワル[choi waru] means a bit evil, and オヤジ[oyaji] means a middle-aged man. Who’s a good example? Well, Jack Bauer, Robert De Niro, or Jean Reno…

 Anyway, why does it have to be so rude? According to the manager, it is important to be positive and aggressive. Trust yourself, and don’t be beaten by anyone else. Pick up what you really want to wear, not care about others. That’s why those lines are always like a strong order. This is totally different from 草食男子[soushoku danshi], but I think it is interesting.

 I don’t subscribe this magazine, however, it seems that what I like to wear has something common in this magazine. We sum up this kind of style お兄系[onii-kei] or キレイメ系[kireime-kei]. They tend to wear slim-fit clothes so that it makes a body look slender, and colors are most likely to be black, brown, or such a dark color.



 By the way, these narcissistic lines remind me of some lyrics from the songs by Visual-kei[ビジュアル系] rock bands. Come to think of it, visual-kei is still popular among fujoshis even now whereas it is not in general. Then there must be writers who are actually visual-kei fans…

oshio manabu

 Speaking narcissistic, there is a big talk cerebrity. He is Manabu Oshio[押尾学]. Whatever he said in public are so rude and sounds narcissistic. There is even Oshio Sayings[押尾語録 or お塩語録(笑)]. Let’s check out some examples.

 俺がテレビに出てない時はどっかでロックしてるんだ。[I am doing rock somewhere while I am away from you.]

 バイクは好きだね。っていうか、バイクが俺を求めてる。[I like motorcycles, I mean, they need me.]

 どいつもこいつも俺を見てやがる。[Everybody is looking at me, you know.]

 押尾学の「学」は俺が学ぶんじゃなくて、お前らが俺から学ぶんだよ。 [My name, Manabu stands for learn. I don’t learn, but YOU must learn from me.]

 After those sayings, he was arrested because of drug possession a while ago. Big talk didn’t last so long, and the tragic ending was waiting for him. To trust yourself is a good thing, but we have to be aware of the danger of overconfidence. We can make a mistake because we are learning that way.

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[Intermission] Decayed, but women

May 24, 2009 at 6:19 am (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード))


 Whenever I shop around in Akihabara, I always stop to think about. Especially when I see a long line in front of a maid cafe. Well, if you have been to Akihabara, you must have seen a lot of maids giving out flyers on the street. That means there are a lot of maid cafes as such. However, not all of them are doing good. When a new maid cafe opens, an old one might be closing somewhere. In this way, this industry is not that easy just because maids quite embody moe. When I escort someone in Akihabara, I always go to my favorite maid cafe. But although the cafe used to be full of customers before, it is very slow now. I wonder if it is going to close soon. Meanwhile, the popular maid cafes are doing okay since I can always see a long queue. What is the difference? 

 There is no question―the thing is, the maids are all pretty. Yes of course. And, the maids are acting who they are supposed to be. This is important. Once I got disappointed when a maid who served me was not really like a maid. We say 萌え[moe] when we feel hot, but you can say 萎え[nae] in such a situation. 萎え is a noun form of 萎える[naeru] or wither. When you see something turns you off, please say 萎え~[naeee].

 Putting aside those in-store events like playing a game or a drinking competition, here is one more point we should talk about. That is a quality of food and drink. If you go to a maid cafe, do you expect this? If the maids are all cute, don’t you feel it is okay even if food and drink are not that great. I am okay unless it’s really really horrible. If a maid like Souryu Asuka Rangley serves me, I would go again even if food and drink are mediocre. If you are a man, please think about this. Do you agree?


 I figured out something. Here is a difference between male otakus and female including fujoshis. Speaking of such a themed-cafe for women, it is definitely a butler cafe[執事喫茶] where handsome butlers serve for you. Because of some trendy anime or TV-drama such as Kuroshitsuji[黒執事] or Mei-chan’s Shitsuji[メイちゃんの執事], butlers are becoming popular again. Nonetheless, there are very few butler cafes in Japan (is there any in your country?). As far as I know, there are just three, which are in Ikebukuro[Otome Road], Shibuya[渋谷], and Roppongi[六本木]. I have been none of them, so I don’t actually know how they are. But according to some customers’ review, the good one is just that cafe in Otome Road. You have to wait for a month to make a reservation, and all the tables are full from open to close. Meanwhile, the other two are very slow now. I don’t even know the one in Roppongi, but as for the one in Shibuya, it becomes slower and slower. But why? Please watch this video, all the butlers are handsome, aren’t they? How come it doesn’t work?

 The answer is, the quality of food and drink they serve. Women are more particular when it comes to スイーツ(笑)food and tea, so it seems that they are not willing to go again unless such things are also good even if the butlers are all handsome. They shall call you ojou-sama[Miss] or princess, so you can feel you become such a noble lady. But that is why food and tea have to be nice. Otherwise, it would ruin your dream, in other words, you will say 萎え~. Those reviews said the same thing; all the butlers are handsome, but the tea wasn’t great; the cake was not great although it wasn’t cheap. Meanwhile, the butler cafe in Otome Road reportedly serve more than forty kinds of tea and the dishes and the tableware are very handsome. There are even professional pastry chefs and all the butlers get strictly trained for two months. By doing so, it can finally meet women’s expectations…That is why there are very few butler cafes, I suppose so.

 There is a proverb, 腐っても鯛[kusattemo tai] which means it may not be what it once was, but it is still first-class. [tai] is a sea bream. It is kind of a handsome fish. Even if it is rotten now, it is a sea bream. This means the value or the quality never change even if it doesn’t have a good-looking anymore or it gets too old腐女子[fujoshi] is literally a decayed girl, but they are strictly girls. 腐っても女子[kusattemo joshi], that is what I coined, and I believe. 


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Welcome to the decayed world![腐の世界へようこそ!]

May 2, 2009 at 4:09 am (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード))

 Like things change, words shall evolve out of what they used to be. While I am not aware of, this classification has evolved out again…So I’ve got to update it, haven’t I? This world is getting decayed…not only enviromentally but in “another” way. When you come across a kanji, [fu] or rotten in the otaku society, the meaning must be only one. I don’t need to say, do I? This time I am going to take you to the world which is full of 腐. Don’t get yourself decayed unless you are a fujoshi.

a. 主腐[shufu]: As I have mentioned here, the classification changes depending upon how old you are. 主腐[shufu] could indicate 30-something or merely married BL fangirls. In fact, a correct kanji is 主婦[shufu] or housewife, madam. By replace fu with 腐, it makes a funny pun. Another saying is 腐レディ[fu-lady], not Freddy in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

b. 腐ェニックス[fenikkusu]: The highest class used to be 汚超腐人[ochoufujin] or 麻婆豆腐[mapo doufu] which are for over 40. But here comes an ultimate end, that is 腐ェニックス[phoenix] or 腐死鳥[fushichou]. A correct writing is フェニックス and 不死鳥 respectively. Yes, it is a rotten bird which, accroding to ancient stories, lives for 500 years, burns itself in a fire, and is then born again from the ashes…They never die, and will be born again and again. Well, this generally indicates fujoshis around 50 or 60, however, I don’t think real 腐ェニックス claim who they are on the web. Maybe young fangirls ironically use it as a joke. Like,”Ah, I wonder how longer I will go on being a fujoshi? I will be a 腐ェニックス someday!”

c. 腐レンド[furendo]: Forever Friend. Nothing is important than friends. Yes, it is wherever you are. Even in this decayed world. Anyway, a correct writing is フレンド[furendo]. Replace [fu] with [fu], or you can call your fujoshi buddy 腐レンド. An irrelevant note, otaku buddy is オタ友[otatomo], and cosplaying buddy is コス友[kosutomo].

d. 腐通[futsuu]: No matter how weird it seems to be, it is usual, perfectly normal for fujoshis. Such is 腐通[futsuu]. A correct writing is 普通[futsuu] or normal. Then やおい穴[yaoi ana] is also 腐通?

e. 腐ィルター[filter]: If there are two things here, fujoshis always filter them out and make a pairing whatever it is. You can say  BL filter, otome filter, yaoi filter, 腐視線[fushisen] or decay gaze. I am not a fujoshi, but I think I can understand why they do this. You know…having a dellusion is not a crime.

f. 腐純[fujun]: A correct writing is 不純[fujun] or impure. What if it is decayed? Yes, you are totally decayed. Whatever you see, you end up using 腐ィルター. You can’t stop it. Because you are 腐純.

g. 腐臭[fusyu]: If here is a corpse, it smells like that. Same thing. If you smell a scent of BL, it is 腐臭[fusyu]. If you get near Otome Road, you will smell the odor.

h. 腐教[fukyou]: To mission something related BL. In other words, to brainwash others’ mind with BL. A correct writing is 布教[fukyou] or mission. Get your friend decayed, and turn him/her into a 腐レンド! I don’t mean to do it even though I sometimes recommend Mirage of Blaze.(苦笑)

i. お腐会[ofukai]: オフ会[offkai] means to meet up with your internet friend. But what if the friend is a 腐レンド? The meeting would be decayed!

 That’s all I could update now. But sooner or later, I will have to again. Because all the fujoshis’ lives are everlasting like a phoenix.

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[Intermission] Crying Out for Love in the Center of Otome Road-乙女ロードの中心でアイを叫んだキョン-

January 7, 2009 at 6:58 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード))


 地球をアイスピックでつついたとしたら、ちょうどいい感じにカチ割れるんじゃないかというくらいに冷え切った朝だっtI can’t stop asking myself why I have to be here. As usual, I left home, headed to school, took six classes, and I was going to the classroom of our SOS Brigade to have a nice tea served by Asahina-san. But before that, I got caught by Haruhi, and asked to do an errand. Nah, not asked, but forced! As you may know, I have no choice but obey her. Otherwise…right, Koizumi? There would happen a closed space and bring about such a catastrophe, eh? I know, I know. I shall do that as you have commanded. So? What do you want me to do now?…WHAT? Go to 乙女ロード[Otome Road] and get some doujinshis? Are you saying I must go there? That district? “Yes, you have to obey her, otherwise we have no idea what will happen.” Damn Koizumi! Alright! I gotta go, does it settle, right?

…So this is why I am here. Today is going to be my worst day in all of my life. Will you follow me? I will show around. Read the rest of this entry »

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