[Cosplay] Desperado -Gintama(銀魂)-

September 20, 2011 at 3:24 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 Typhoon is coming. Because of that, it has suddenly cooled down here. Today, I need to grab a jacket to go outside. What’s goin’on? I don’t like the heat in fact, so well…it’s not bad.

 This year, I have made friends with some cosplayers and photographers. Thanks to them, I could improve my cosplays. You know, I am a man so it is pretty hard to find a photographer because most photographers don’t take guys, but girls. So I bought a better camera, learned how to use, and started to ask out my friends for photoshooting. This is how I could improve my cosplays. But meanwhile, I had been trying to find a photographer who could take my cosplays. First I signed up for such a community where models and photographers could get to know each other. A couple of days later, one young girl named Yoru spoke to me…and that was the beginning.

 She claims herself as an otaku photographer. Not only portraits, but cosplayers she wanted to take, that is why she spoke to me. Actually she is a big fan of Gintama[銀魂]. Her best guy is the main hero, Sakata Gintoki[坂田銀時], and next is Takasugi Shinsuke[高杉晋助]. She wanted to create her work with Gintama, so I wanted to help her. Not help, but create together. I don’t have Gintoki’s costume, and I know I don’t look like him. But there is still possibility I could cosplay Takasugi…so I borrowed his costume from my friend who cosplays Takasugi.

 Yoru and I visited a certain themed village to take Takasugi cosplay. Since we wanted to create such an artwork, I chose the best location. Gintama is a hybrid of fantasy and samurai drama. But sometimes it gets so serious and cool. Such a gap grabs fans’ souls. Takasugi is a mad terrorist. He’s so evil and dark-hearted. Before, he and Gintoki used to be study together. However, he has changed himself since his beloved mentor was killed. Always grinning, and smoking…we never know how he feels and what he desires. He says he wants to destroy this world, but is that what he really wants?

 He reminds me of the song named Desperado by Eagles. Takasugi loves to kill people, and never trust anybody. He never shows the real him and sees people with the icy gaze. How long will he keep fighting? When does it end? What drives himself? We never know. That is why I want to follow him, watch over him. It was so difficult to act him as I have no idea how he feels. But I want to cosplay him again! Read the rest of this entry »

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