[Cosplay] Prince of Tennis

July 29, 2011 at 5:02 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 It’s been so humid since the typhoon was gone. God, please end this summer as soon as possible. Now some companies are even working on Saturday and Sunday because they have to save the power. Of course so does my company. Instead of working on weekend, I am off on Monday and Tuesday. It’s not a good thing to me because I can’t join any cosplay events. Almost no events happen on weekdays. Even that, I do cosplay. It’s hard to find a photographer who can help me on weekdays, but I have to.

 Anyway, this year I decided not to cosplay new characters because I bought a new camera. I prefer to take my old characters than cosplaying new ones, but…I cosplayed him.

 He is Tedsuka Kunimitsu[手塚国光] in Prince of Tennis[テニスの王子様]. You know, this is so popular not only in Japan, but in Taiwan or Sounth Korea. Besides, this series has a live-action drama and a musical on stage called Tenimyu[テニミュ], which a lot of young good-looking actors show. It’s hard to choose who to cosplay because this series has too many boys. Tedsuka is the manager of Seigaku Tennis Club that the lead characters join. I must say other schools are far popular than Seigaku such as Hyoutei or Higa. Poor the hero Ryoma! Who is the real hero?

 Put aside almost all the characters do not look like a junior-high. Still, Tedsuka looks like a salaryman no matter how many time I try to think he is actually 14 or so. Well, it is good to me because I am a salaryman. Even though this was my first time cosplaying Prince of Tennis, it was so challenging to me. First I have never played tennis, so I had to see how the cosplayers strike a pose. Also, I wanted to do this cosplay at a tennis court, so I went to my alma meter to ask a permission. First their reaction was negative, but I countinued to negotiate so they said yes.

 So my friend and I went to the school around 16:00 or so because they appointed the time. When I changed and stepped into the court, some players surprisingly looked at me. It was a bit embarrassing, but we did our best.

 I shall dedicate this cosplay to tasukihoneybunny. Enjoy.


Series: Prince of Tennis[テニスの王子様]

Character: Tedsuka Kunimitsu[手塚国光]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: uo-chan



  1. Hinano said,


    • bangin said,

      Tedsuka and I are almost ojisan!

  2. Hazuki said,

    Wow…the shots are really great! I agree with you that Tezuka looks like a salary man – it’s just that “stern” expression he has on his face all the time. LOL

    • bangin said,

      He hardly smiles. I wish he could smile more!

  3. tokyo moe said,

    You look very sporty in tennis cosplay. Great legs and hair!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you! It was my first time styling wig.

  4. tasukihoneybunny said,

    YAH!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! It is Wonderful Bangin-san!!

    Love ya Bangin!!! :o)

    Tezuka does “smile” once at the end of the series.

    I love all things TeniPuri/TeniMyu !!!

    Thank you!

    *end of fan girl ramblings* :o)

    • bangin said,

      I hope you like it. I know you are a big fan of Tedsuka. How do you watch Tenimyu from U.S? Is there DVD available?

      • tasukihoneybunny said,

        Well…I downloaded fan subs for the first few musicals (most of first class and some of second class.) Which is okay for me, since I am huge fan of Eiji Takigawa (such a hottie. Yum!) Which for me was a double bonus because he played “Tezuka” (double Yum!)

        I also have the first box set of the CD of the musicals.

        Someone really asked you if you were “Tezuka”, That is soooo cool! If saw you I would ask for your picture.

        Thanks Uo-chan for the wonderful pictures! You made fan girl heart happy!


        Atobe is my favorite non-Seigaku player. I am planning on making his school uniform for my next cosplay. I am basing it off the musical version.

  5. Mardy_96 said,

    The pics are absolutely great! No one can ever deny the fact that your stern expression is similar to Tedsuka’s!

    I love the cosplay…^^

    Nearly all of the characters in POT doesn’t look like schoolboys at all, especially Tedsuka. It would be amazing if you could cosplay him along with other characters like Fuji or Atobe. Those two are a few of my favourites, but it’s Hajime Mizuki that I love the most!

    I can imagine how it feels like when a player sees a “Tedsuka” steps into the court…lol

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much. I think I tend to cosplay someone like him. I also like Atobe-sama.^^
      Oh Mizuki. lol

    • Columbine said,

      Mizuki! ❤ *fellow fan nod*

  6. Filip said,

    Oh dear… it just made me all fangirlish. I could go on and on how great is this cosplay, but to make it short – this cosplay makes you キュン. Yes, that’s right, キュン. Period.
    And I think I might have hit my forehead against my desk just a little bit too hard when I saw it… Being a fangirl may be so hard on your body :}

    • bangin said,

      Hahaha, arigato! But I can’t play tennis!

      • Filip said,

        Then if you still can do a great cosplay of a tennis-playing character, it only shows how good you are, ね?

  7. Dream said,

    *ear-piercing fangirl squeal* OMG PRINCE OF TENNIS!! It’s one of my favourite anime (my username is based on one of POT’s opening lols ^^)

    Awesome job! Those poses are not easy to do lols
    I LOVE every shot! Uo-chan did an exquisite job!!
    It’s good that you were appointed to go to the school at 4:00 because the lighting is really nice..kinda set the after-school training feel to it ^^

    The other tennis players were probably intimidated by the presence of Seigaku’s buchou on the court~~*o*

    • bangin said,

      Ah your name is from Dream Believer. Yes I am sure that is the OP of POT. I like Driving Myself and Make you free.
      Uo-chan loves Kai and Hirakoba from Higachu.
      They appointed the time because we were allowed to use the court after the club members finished. But that’s good for us because, as you said, it looks like after-school training.

      In fact, one boy was running toward me, and he said, “Are you Tedsuka?”

      • Dream said,

        My fav song is Future..but that would’ve been a weird name so I’ve been Dreambelieva ever since 31-12-2006 lols just curious..how did you got your name, Bangin?

        Wahhh back on topic!

        What a grand compliment! ^o^ Did you told him to do laps around the court? Or don’t let his guards down? XD j/k j/k

      • bangin said,

        My name is a hybrid of Ban and Ginji from GetBackers.
        I told him to 20 laps around the court. lol

  8. angelofdevotion said,

    kyaa!!!! すごい!バンギンさんはすごく若い!高校生みたい!
    Another collection I have to click “like” to it! I like your facial expression and postures a lot! I bet if there were fans of POT on the court that day, they will surely rush over to you for a photo taking section! haha ^^

    • bangin said,

      Thank you, but I am twice as old as Tedsuka. lol Maybe more than that!
      Prince of Tennis is what most tennis players know or have read once.
      Even the school staff know who I cosplayed. Maybe her child likes it!

  9. thunder bite said,

    wow,he looks exactly like tezuka

  10. Arikoto Madenokoji said,

    You look good with glasses 🙂

  11. Ponytale said,

    Woah Bangin-san you sure look awesome with a serious expression.

    Tasukihoneybunny was the one who drew my attention to POT. I’ve not actually read the series but you definitely cosplayed (or rather became) the character here 😀 another level up with wig styling too.

    For someone who hadn’t played tennis before you sure look like a pro lol.

    Beautiful and interesting camerawork by uo-chan.

    I admire you for your persistence in securing the shooting location!

    • bangin said,

      Yes we cosplayers do whatever in order to make better photos!
      I read POT comics more than 10 times to copy Tedsuka’s pose.

  12. Miki Fang said,

    Kya~ Tenipuri is one of my most favourite series of all tiime!! I love Tezuka. ^^

    • bangin said,

      Thank you, so who is your best guy?^^

      • Miki Fang said,

        Definitely Tezuka ^^ Because I love Tezuka x Fuji and Fuji x Tezuka Pairing

      • bangin said,

        I like Tezuka x Atobe.^^

  13. Columbine said,

    Wow! I never thought I’d see you cosplay Prince of Tennis. It’s really good. If you think about doing it again, you should consider Kite from Higa-chu. You’ve got long arms and legs that would fit his look quite well.

    • bangin said,

      Kite! He is too difficult to copy.^^
      Especially his haircut.
      I like Shiraishi from Shitennouji.

  14. Whitey said,

    The photo got cinematic feels to it! ❤

  15. loki_lee said,

    Wow~ wonderful cosplay!! Really feels like Tezuka~

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your blog, I feel that you have become more attractive since the last time I looked. O////O Sorry, that’s pretty forward, but I don’t know how else to phrase it.

    • bangin said,

      Oh no! Long time no see. How have you been? Where are you now?
      I am fine and enjoy cosplaying.

  16. Brightshine said,

    Where did you bought the seigaku uniform? I want to have one like yours.. tnx

    • bangin said,

      I ordered this unifrom at yahoo auction. I think this came from China.

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