[Intermission] Interview with bangin -4th Anniversary!- (4周年記念スペシャル)

July 13, 2011 at 2:41 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), general, otaku word)

 Omg, OH MY GOD!  It’s my 4th anniversary for this blog! I don’t believe it…no words to describe this feeling now. All I can say right now is, thank you very much for following my blog. If you happen to be a lurker, I would like to say hello and thank you as well. I still remember when I started this blog like yesterday. The regular visitors those days, alas, are all gone. Well I don’t know. I wish they were still interested in my blog. Anyway, although it is still July, so many things have happened this year. Maybe it is too much. So I nearly forgot my anniversary. Just like the 3rd anniversary, I got an interview hours ago.

Hello, bangin. Nice to meet you. Shall we start?

 Yes, nice to meet you too. Sure we can.

First, happy 4th anniversary.

 Thank you very much. I am quite happy that I could keep this blog so far…I can’t realize even now.

I must say I am terribly sorry about what happened in Japan. That earthquake, I mean.

 Well…yes, I shall accept your words. Of course I feel so sorry for those people who are living in that area.

So, what I would like to ask you this time is, about your cosplay stuff. I am sure you have been a cosplayer for almost 4 years because I know your first cosplay happened just after you started this blog. I noticed you have been cosplaying a lot lately. Have you had a change or something in your mindset as you have cosplayed so far? 

 When I started to cosplay, I just enjoyed wearing the costumes I wanted to wear or act as I like. As I told you last year, I did an actor thing for two years and a bit. So I really like to be in the character I cosplay. That never changes no matter what.

Why I asked above question is because your pictures have been better than before. Better than those photos shown last year.

 I think that is thanks to the camera and the photographer. One of my best photographers is Hajime who is also a cosplayer. She spoke to me because I cosplayed Naoe Nobutsuna in Mirage of Blaze which she really really loved. She helped me with my cosplay because I had almost  no photographers at that time. And the photos she took were very nice. Her camera was Nikon D40 which was far better the camera I had. She loves to take “cosplaying photos,” not portraits.

What do you mean by that?

 I didn’t see the point at that time, but now I see. You know, cosplaying photos are pictures which clearly shows the mood of the series you cosplay. Not only a model, but a location, a camera thing, and photoshop have to work together. If you cosplay someone from Evangelion, the photos have to show that neutral mood of the anime. That is a cosplaying photo. I think that is an artwork. As I worked with Hajime, I started to love those photos she could take for me. But even that, I didn’t have such a skill like her because I didn’t have a digital single-lense reflex(DSLR). So I decided to buy it. This is how I bought my camera, Nikon D90 with a single focus lense.

Sounds so expensive.

 It is. But not so much. Because the latest version is Nikon D3, D90 got the price down. Anyway, I seriously learned how to use it in order to make cosplaying photos like Hajime did for me. But that was not enough.


 Actually, I tried to find some more photographers who could help my cosplays. I could find one or two. I hate to say, but none of them were good. Even though they were using a much better camera with a better lense, those photos were unsatisfying. The reason is only one. They are not otaku. They don’t know who I cosplay, that’s why.


Naoe Nobutsuna from Mirage of Blaze

So you saying, otaku or not. Is that such an important thing?

 Absolutely. Those photographers sure take good portraits. But it doesn’t mean they are good cosplaying photos because, once again, they don’t know who I cosplay. They don’t love who I cosplay. Hajime loves the characters I cosplay, that is why she can create cosplaying photos. How could we take out the mood from the cosplayer? Only those who love the character know how to.

Ah, so love is everything for cosplayers.

 Yes, love conquers all. We say [ai] to mean love. If you are just a consumer, all you need is 萌え[moe], but if you want to create something, you need . We cosplayers love characters we cosplay more or less. In order to make such photos, we do whatever. Sometimes, I had to ask people for a permission to take cosplays, or go to so a faraway place…That is because I love my characters. Having said that, Hajime doesn’t know all of my cosplays. So I had to find someone else if she didn’t know my character. Not anyone is good. They have to love the character I cosplay as much as I do.

I see…so this is why your photos have improved.

 Thanks to my friends, I could make it alright. I told you before, I was always a minor character like a waiter A when I was in the drama group. After all, I was never the lead. But I wanted to be all this time. That is why I became a cosplayer. Because cosplay always makes my wish come true. However, I found cosplay is not something I can do myself. Because you need someone  who helps you with your cosplay. To create an artwork called cosplay.

 The chime is ringing.

Who is it?

 I have no idea…I’ll go and see.

Takano: Hey man. Can I come in?

Excuse me, sir. Are you the editor-in-chief of the Emerald department, Mr. Takano from Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi?

Takano: You are having an interview. Should I come back later?

Oh no, it’s okay. We are almost done. What do you have in your hands?

Omg, Takano-san…is this…

Takano: 4周年おめでとう。

That is very sweet. Why don’t we toast together?

Oh yes. I gotta go and get a glass.



Series: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi [世界一初恋]

Character: Takano Masamune [高野政宗]

Cosplaeyer: bangin

Photographer: Uo-chan



  1. Micchi said,

    Grats bangin-san!

    I really enjoyed the interview and your points regarding that to create something, you need 愛. Seeing the amount of time and detail you devote to the blog and cosplay photos, your 愛 really shows.

    Here’s to another year! ^^

    • bangin said,

      Hi Micchi, thank you very much! Yes, if you happen to make a doujinshi, or a doujin-eroge, you need 愛…

  2. Renevith said,

    Awesome post.

    Keep up the good work! I like your cosplay (even though I usually don’t know the characters), and I like learning new Japanese words and how they are used. Thanks for 4 years, and hopefully many more.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you for your comment. It is okay, my characters are usually minor. And I am glad I could help you learn Japanese words.

  3. Dream said,

    -a lurker is acknowledged- ;_; *facepalms*


    I still follow this blog after all these years ^^; (unfortunately, I’m not regular commenter orz)

    Ah..I remember the first entry that I saw from your blog… it was the one about your first cosplay ^^ you were explaining the process of your cosplay experience…It was really sincere entry. I thought, ‘hmm interesting, I wonder if he’ll do more cosplay? what else is he capable of?’
    *bookmarks blog*

    ‘til this day I’m reading your blog lols You’re capable of so much and more! =)

    Your passion for your works is contagious and that’s what keeps me coming back XD


    • bangin said,

      Hi, of course I know you have commmeted couple of times. Oh since that entry, have you followed my blog? Thank you very much! That means you have followed for more than 3 years.
      I will keep going!

  4. Mardy_96 said,

    To continue this blog after 4 years… that is what I call a noble act, Bangin-san.

    Happy 4th Anniversary!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and I find it to be very helpful and interesting for the Otakus… I love all entries of yours!

    The first time I came accross this blog was when… let’s see…
    I was searching for ‘Saito Hajime Cosplay’ on googleimage and I saw you cosplaying him… I was like, “Oh my god,This is how I imagine Saito Hajime in reality.” The background, the costume and the expression is perfect! So much like Saito-san.^^ Of course, I didn’t take any pictures of yours for I respect your right for privacy…

    So, I decided to take a peek of your blog and I got immersed into reading every posts, including the older or the newest ones. I can see that you are devoted in doing this. And it is your dedication and enthusiasm in writing this blog that got me hooked until today.

    Keep up the good work!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much. So that is how you found my blog.
      May I ask where you are from? Because I wonder where Hakuouki is the most popular out of Japan.

      • Mardy_96 said,

        I am from Malaysia and I’m proud of it! Well, as far I know, minor series are not really popular here, except among “true” Otakus. Most people here are into series like “Naruto” or “Bleach” and such. The worse thing is, there are people who claim themselves as “Otaku” when they don’t even remember a character’s name and unable to differentiate simple terms as “Mangaka”, “Yaoi/BL” or “Yuri”. Are there such people in Japan?

        There are some of my friends are like that. Whenever I mention series like, Hakuouki, Sengoku BASARA, DuRaRaRa! or Mirage of Blaze, they would ask, “are there really such series?” And that’s dissapointing. However, not all people are like that, but that’s the reality. It’s hard to find a true Otaku here.

        I laughed when my friends mistook “Mangaka” for “Otaku”. I know, I shouldn’t laugh about it… sometimes I just want to tell them, “Hey, read Bangin’s blog and you’ll know what you’re talking about!”

      • bangin said,

        We say light-ota or choi-ota to mean such people you mentioned. I know what you mean because I had something like that before.
        Unless it is in the mainstream, they don’t try to follow. Death Note is a good example. Even though they know Death Note, they don’t know Bakuman nor Hikaru no Go.
        At least, they never know what I follow.

    • azu-chan said,

      Hi, fellow malaysian! XD I am from MY too. XD Based on your name, i assumed that you’ll be having PMR this year. Ganbatte! XD

      And yeah, I am irritated with those ‘otaku’s too. Most of them only know bleach, naruto, conan and doraemon. I hate telling them my fav anime is …. (inserts latest anime here) and they would like go “Huh.. Is that even exist?” >_>;

      • Mardy_96 said,

        Thank you, Azu-chan! I’ll do my utmost! Thanks again for reminding me.^^

        It will be 2 weeks before the trial exams…-_-‘

  5. Michelle said,

    Happy anniversary! =) May your blog continue to grow and prosper. 🙂

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much!

  6. iformaybe said,

    Congratulations! This is such a great interview, as if the interviewer really knows you and shares your interest in cosplay.

    I don’t always comment, but I always read your blog. Thank you for continuing to share your love for cosplay.

    • bangin said,

      Oh really? Yes, I will keep going!

  7. Arikoto Madenokoji said,

    Happy anniversary, Bangin! ^^ Best wishes for you.
    I’ve followed your blog for quite some times. 😀

    • Arikoto Madenokoji said,

      I’m thiking about adding you in Facebook again. I’m using a new account now. Don’t really remember your last name 😐 (I still your first name is Yuya, just like the singer Yuya Matsushita)

    • bangin said,

      Oh yes, thank you very much. Yuya Matsushita shows in Kuroshitsuji on stage, doesn’t he?

      • Arikoto Madenokoji said,

        Yes. Quite a few of his songs are my favourite (Koe ni Naranakute feat. Sista; First snow feat. Sista; Last snow, etc…). ^_^ First knowing him from Durarara :).

  8. Filip said,

    (A little late) congratulations! おめでとう!It’s really impressive, to keep up a blog for 4 years, while posting quite regularly to boot. I’ve never managed to do such thing, the more I’m impressed. I’ve been following only for a few months, but reading your posts on various topics and watching your cosplays has been a fantastic experience, so just let me say this: thank you for keeping up this blog and so, for letting us into your world. (Now there is a “corny-alert!”, and I’m going to write something really embarassing. Oh, what the hell! ^^) Because when I read your posts, and thought how sincere and not-for-show they felt, when I laughed myself breathless and even sometimes cried a little bit, I couldn’t help myself not to think how great it is that you are able to share this things so selflessly even with unknown and nameless strangers. And I really liked that attitude of yours, that makes your reader feel kind of honored because of that.(End of alert and embarassing things). So! Keep it up, do your best, do what you love, and I wish a lot of good things for you to come beacause you do what you do.
    Uff, 以上です。

    • bangin said,

      Thank you, this blog keeps me going because I have people like you. I can’t do such a big thing, but if my cosplays could make someone happy, I would like to keep doing. I don’t care who they are, where they are from. So long as they come to my blog, I would be happy.
      Please come anytime!

  9. tokyo moe said,

    Thank you, Bangin. You are creating something beautiful and sharing it with the English-speaking world. Although I am not a true otaku, I always learn something from this blog. Please keep up the great work!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you! Come to think of it, you have been following my blog for so long…Maybe the longest viewer?

  10. azu-chan said,

    Omedetou! Wow, i cant believe it’s already the 4th since I still remember your interview for the 3rd anniversary. ^__^

    Thank you for all the cosplay you have done with love! XD Eventhough i am a little busy lately, but i’ll always remind myself to check out this blog. XD Btw, the last part is so funny… wwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • bangin said,

      Arigato! Yes you came to say hi as of my 3rd anniversary.
      I am so pleased if my cosplays could rest you when you are tired.

  11. cinnamon said,

    happy anniversary, banging-san, and many happy returns! i’ve been following your blog about a year now, i think; and i always look forward to your new posts, new pics and cosplays! these always make my day, yay!
    however, i think i am your only follower from the distant corner of earth, all the way from Estonia…:)
    keep up the fantastic work and bisous! (we don’t really say that in estonia, but i like a little french every now and then=)

    • bangin said,

      Oh thank you, you have followed my blog for a year!
      How did you find my blog?
      I have never been to Estonia, but I think it’s beautiful. I just saw some pics on google.
      Btw, I will go to Stockholm soon.

      • Filip said,

        Ooh, you are going to Stockholm? That’s so close… ^^ I suppose you are not going to take a detour around other European countries…? Like, in Central Europe..? :}

      • bangin said,

        I will stay there for 4 nights, and oh no, this time I just pay a visit my friends.^^

      • Filip said,


  12. Michelle said,

    It might be late but Happy Anniversary! =)

  13. Hatori said,

    i want to see Hatori >A< ….

    • bangin said,

      Oh I also like Tori!^^

  14. Charana said,

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve been following your blog since Nov. last year. I keep coming back because your blog is nice, fun and informative with lots of great pictures. It’s also nice to watch you evolve. I’m wishing you a happy life! Thank you for everything!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much! ^^

  15. Ponytale said,

    Hi hi bangin-san

    Happy 4th anniversary! Sorry for the late wishes.

    Love how you use the interview q&a style 😀

    Here’s to another fabulous and fulfilling year of cosplays, friends new and old, awesome experiences and interesting places to visit.

    Cheers XD

    • bangin said,

      Hi ponytale, I don’t know how long you have been following my blog.
      But many thank you for your visit!

  16. Irene said,

    Naoe~~~ Bangin-san, that’s the best Naoe cosplay I have ever seen.

    • bangin said,

      You have followed my Naoe from the beginning. Do you think I could improve my Naoe?^^

  17. Dave-Andreas said,

    I live South of Seattle, so if you need a photographer, I am here. I used to do various portfolio work for theatre arts students (costumes, props, sets)(my first major was in technical Theatre Arts, where I specialised in lighting design), and I did some work for Eastern Air Lines, very long ago. I stopped doing so much commercial work to concentrate on Fine Arts Photography, but the attention to detail, lighting, and so forth, are just as important. I have been making photos since I was about six, studied photo, and taught it at university and an art school.

    I like the ideas and images that you have developed, like anything that illustrates/portrays character, much is developing the look, setting, and atmosphere, that will enhance that character. While cosplay is fantasy, it is still an illusion just a theatre and film are fantasy even when attempting to portray the real. From what I have seen of your photos, and ideas, you enjoy them and attempt to give that depth and sense of place to your characters.

    When doing portraits, I always like working with dancers and actors: people who have a sense of who they are/how they are, and inhabit an environment. Those who can dance with the photographer/camera, always give the best images.

    It would be nice to work with you, if the opportunity should arise.

  18. [Intermission] Interview with bangin -4th Anniversary!- (4周年記念スペシャル) | Anime said,

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