[Cosplay] Nodame Cantabile -Part 2-

April 4, 2011 at 12:14 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), general)


 Even though there are so much concern, we’ve got back our daily lives. Trains work, and delivery is okay. Food is still late, but not so much. The only thing we are scared of is the nuclear meltdown in Fukushima.

 Having said that, more and more people refrain from having fun in consideration of those people who are living in the disaster area. Because of this, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, wedding churches are too slow. They even cancel their own wedding ceremony. We often say 自粛[jishuku] to mean such a voluntary restrain. Meanwhile, some people critisize those who have fun in this situation. Of course such a mood is coming to cosplayers. I have seen a lot of debates, I mean, to cosplay or not to cosplay now.

 I have no idea. Because there are too many opinions, so I can’t judge what is right. I just asked some of my friends or colleagues at work how they feel about 自粛. One guy told like this; those who have a normal life should go on having a normal life. If we don’t do anything, don’t purchase anything, don’t go anywhere, it would make things worse. What we can do is to retrieve a normal life as soon as possible. Go to work, eat, sleep, and go out weekend to have fun, that’s it. Meanwhile, we should do for the victims like doing a donation, saving power and water or whatever.

 Besides, a friend of mine whose hometown is the disaster area told like this; she hasn’t seen any cosplay photos of her friends since the earthquake, nor even heard they have fun. She seems to feel sorry because she knows her friends refrain from having fun. As this situation persists, she feels they can’t have fun because of her.

 No matter how much we feel sorry for the victims, it changes nothing, saves nobody. We had better do what we can do. I have been thinking a lot what to do. I mean, I should stop cosplay or not. But if there is only one person who enjoys my cosplay, I will cosplay. That is what I can do. So I decided to join the cosplay event with my friend last week. The cosplay we did is Nodame Cantabile. If you have been following my blog, you might have seen part 1. After that me and the Nodame cosplayer decided to do part 2 in which Chiaki and Nodame have a session. She started to make her dress for the concert, and I tried to find the concert hall to cosplay.

Museum in Yokohama

 This is how we arrived at the memorial hall in Yokohama city, Kanagawa pref. The cosplay event takes place sometimes, but because of 自粛 or power saving this event might have been cancelled. But luckily it took place, so we joined. The setting was so beautiful, but the lighting was too dark to take a picture. However, the two photographer who have helped me joined as well. The devastation maniac Muen Kashi and the photographer NOBORAN kindly helped Chiaki and Nodame to do a session. Let’s go, Nodame. We’ve got to play for the people who are living in the disaster area in order to send our music, hope, and love. 


届け想い 明日の空へと どこまでも続く未来への光

笑う時も 泣きそうな時も 愛の種に水を与えよう

誰も見たことない 場所へ行ってみたいんだ

淋しい日は あなたへと手紙を書くよ

光も影もポケットに詰め込んで握りしめた 今まで見たものすべてが


さあ出かけよう 風を集めたら 今放つ想い 叶えたい願い

命の音 耳を澄ませたら きっとたどり着けるはずだから

Nodame: Hehehe, Chiaki-sempai is mine…

Chiaki: Oi!!

Chiaki: Don’t make a mistake in such an easy part!!

Nodame: GYABOOOO!!

Nodame: Your taxido looks terrific, sempai!

Chiaki: Don’t start it now, idiot!

Chiaki: Where are going, Miss?

Nodame: Ugh, s-sempai…


いつの日か心の花びら 咲くように…

笑う時も 泣きそうな時も 夢の種に水を与えよう

Series: Nodame Cantabile

Cosplaayers: Aoi Kon as Noda Megumi, bangin as Chiaki Shin’ichi

Photographer: Muen Kashi, NOBORAN



  1. Filip said,

    そんな大きいコンサートホールでコスプレできたのはすごい。ポーランドでそんな事はコスプレイヤーに無理だと思う。You are such a cute yet sadistic Chiaki ^^ Lucky Nodame, フフ~
    悲劇の事は国で特に日本学の教師や生徒の中に心配する人が大勢いる。がんばってね!It may seem cruel to some, but just living normally as much as you can may be the best. At least it is a great deal of help for country’s economy. Oh, well…
    (日本語がまだ稚拙が、ごめんね。And probably not quite correct. Please, be so kind and say if make a mistake, ね?Since I just started learning^^)

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much! Yes, we have to get going. That is what we can do.
      And your Japanese is good. 日本語がまだ稚拙 で ごめんね is correct, but I can see what you mean.

      • Filip said,

        あ, 分かりました, 先生^^

  2. khim said,


    • bangin said,


  3. azu-chan said,

    うわ~。 素敵ですね。場所もかっこいいです!
    …. and that’s all.. LOL.. i’m a bit blur today and seeing the previous part i just have to comment in japanese a bit.. XD

    And total lol irl at the comment up there! ohoo~~ i do can guess what it means eventhough idk the kanji,.. lol.. ^^;;

    • bangin said,

      ありがとう!This place is lovely, but it’s hard to take pics as it’s too dark.

  4. Dream said,

    The pictures are lovely!! Both of you look dashing~! The comical shots are extremely cute!!! *o* –standing ovation-

    At times like these, it’s natural to show some restraints…but you can definitely still do what you love! You just have to find creative alternatives to show that you’re not ignorant or insensitive to the situation (or to yourself). You and your friends’ choice to continue showing your talents and dedication to art and your culture shows us that you guys are well, still got hope and will continue to persevere! That give us great reassurance =)

    Good luck, I know it’ll be hard, but continue doing what you can do!

    Life is all or nothing so cherish it when you have the chance ^^

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much! Yes this Nodame cosplayer is good at acting, so I really had fun.
      We have to keep going no matter what, otherwise we have to stop.
      I chose “keep going.”
      Once again, thank you very much^^

  5. khursten said,


    I was just watching the Nodame movie now. XDD So I had a laugh in seeing.

    Your Chiaki conductor look is so awesome. *3*) Also, the image on the piano is one of my favorite Nodame images.

    Good job you two! ❤

    • bangin said,

      Yes I really love these images. I still love Nodame Cantabile!

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