昭和臭 [shouwa shu]

March 13, 2011 at 2:29 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), general, otaku word, slang)

 The terrible thing is ongoing in Japan, but I do want to keep this blog because, thank you very much, I have a lot of people who support me. That is why…I shall make a post as usual.

Junk parts for transistor radios in Akihabara

 So this time, I shall pick up a funny word, 昭和臭[shouwa shu]. 昭和[showa] is the name of Japan’s era, and this had lasted from 1926 to 1989 before the current one, 平成[Heisei] came. Now it actually is Heisei 23rd [2011], but around Heisei 10th or so, 昭和臭[showa shu] is used to ridicule such an old thing or to point out it’s out of date. [shu] means odor. In a good way, I could say it’s a retro style or classic but if not, it’s out of date. If you don’t want to sound “odor,” you could use 昭和風[Showa fu] or 昭和テイスト[Showa taste]. [fu] means vibe. Look at some examples.

 This is a telephone as you can see. This type of telephone is called 黒電話[kurodenwa], or black telephone, and very old type. I think this doesn’t exist anymore unless it is in a film. Of course it doesn’t record messages. I am from Showa period so I still remember this type of phone. But if you happened to be born 1991 onwards, you would have no idea. And what about this?

 Yes, this is a transistor radio. After World War 2, people used to rely on transistor radios to get information. People actually made a radio themselves using some small parts. If you happen to be in Akihabara, just go and see the outlet next to the station. You will see a lot of junk parts even now. This station has already been re-constructed, but only this outlet still remains. I might say this outlet is 昭和臭. I don’t mean to ridicule, though.

 Of course there are a lot of anime series or manga in Showa era, but they don’t necessarily count 昭和臭. How do I say…such a retro character design or cinematography, we might say 昭和臭. As I said, I was born in Showa. But even if I see Heisei anime series, I might say 昭和臭. There is the other way around. Recently, I watched the anime Bokurano[ぼくらの]. Even though this anime was aired in 2007, I just thought it was made much much longer time ago. Then when does this story happen? It’s not officially decided, but Ushiro’s birthday is 2017, apparently the story takes place in 2030 or so. Even that, it looks so old, doesn’t it? Especially Daichi…

 Then do you think Rainbow -nisha rokubou no shichinin- counts 昭和臭? This story takes place around Showa 30th[1955], but I don’t think it counts because the design doesn’t look so retro although the clothes they wear fit in the anime. Out of topic, I really like this anime because my favorite seiyu, Rikiya Koyama stars. Also, Megumi Hayashibara narrates the story.

 When I speak to my friends, sometimes I feel a generation gap because I have early 20’s friends. I talk about CLAMP anime, they mention Code Geass, but I prefer X. They might ridicule it’s 昭和臭 though I don’t think so. Well, good anime is good no matter how many years pass. In the end, we always conclude that we share good anime series regardless of the generation gap.

  By the way, long time ago someone told me that my face fits the characters of the 80s/early 90s. Then should I cosplay the characters from that era? Aside from the topic, I am so pleased to have a lot of messages from you. I don’t know what to say, what to do…what I should do. I am not too sure if this is a good thing or not, but no matter what happens, if tomorrow more terrible thing happens, I just want to make you happy. My blog is always full of happy mood so long as I live on. That is how I felt after watching Bokurano. So that’s why…I would like to do what I can do.


Series: Gintama[銀魂]

Character: Hijikara Toushirou[土方十四郎]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: Uo-chan, Mame



  1. azu-chan said,

    Awww.. That is just so sweet~ I think we readers are really lucky and grateful to have a blogger like you.. ^_^ Even with all the things that happened, you still writing a blog entry and a long one too.. Thank you~ XD

    I am happened to be born 1991 onwards, and i know the phone. I think the phone is cool.. lol.. you know, it’s confusing to keep turning it but at that time, it was a very fun toy for me as a kid.. XP Though, it’s hard to find them now. and i dont know about that transistor radio.. lol.. i’ve seen the super old big TV somewhere a few years ago but not this.. ^^

    hm… bokurano… ^^;; is it really good? i dropped it at ep 2 when it was still airing. Maybe because it was too matured for me at that time.. ^^;; I would’ve say code geass too last year but this year, i finally watch it due to my friend’s rec.. and man, that was one great anime.. T_T

    LOL.. this is the longest comment i ever wrote right?
    Take care.. i read that some after-shock are coming soon.. ^^

    • azu-chan said,

      oh yeah, i almost forget… XD It’s white day~ Happy White day! XD ( i wish there is this kind of day at where i live X3)

      • bangin said,

        There is nothing I can give back. If there is, that is to update!

    • bangin said,

      I can’t help but feel I am useless every time I hear the news. I have been thinking what I can do…In the end, that is only to update my blog and show my cosplays. At least, while you are at my blog, I would like you to feel relax. Trying not to think about other things. That is why…

      Bokurano is very deep and depressing, but a good story. And speaking of CLAMP, I still recommend Magic Knight Rayearth.

      • azu-chan said,

        Dont feel useless.. We all feel very grateful to you~ ^^ Just relax and dont worry much.. at least you’re fine now. ^^ And yes, this blog does feel relaxing especially compared to twitter now so be happy.. ^^

        bokurano and magic knight.. hm.. Maybe i’ll watch it soon or later in the future. You know, ever since the tsunami, my internet connection has been so slow.. :/ it’s hard to even watch an ep of anime now… ^^;

  2. tasukihoneybunny said,

    Wonderful, Bangin! Thank you!!!

    Try to keep on Smiling. *hugs*

    If you mention Clamp to me, I will say Card Captors Sakura or Magic Knight.

    • bangin said,

      This is only I can do for you. Thank you for your hug.^^

      And don’t miss Chobits!

  3. tokyo moe said,

    Yaaay, Bangin sensei! I love how you want to bring moe and happiness to the English-speaking universe. Thank you! 頑張りましょうね。

    • bangin said,

      If that is what I can do, I will do.
      Oh I am sorry about Skype. I got your message, but when I found it, you were off.

      頑張りましょう, and the power is running in Tokyo, right?

  4. Jesse said,

    Aww, no one can ever think that phone is showa shu!!! It’s a total classic! I love those kinda phones! And…i think although i am born before 1991, i can’t get used to the older anime as, with the exception of Sailormoon, i only really started watching anime when i was 19. >< I liked all of Clamp's anime, but i still prefer the newer ones like Tsubasa or Xxxholic….^^;; I'm just shallow like that I guess, attracted by shiny new animations….orz

    Oh btw, just wondering, did the earthquake damage any of Japan's old buildings?

    Lol at the Toushirou's mayo!! XD アタシもマヨラーだから、気持ちがわかる…

    • bangin said,

      When I was a kid, we used this type of phone though it wasn’t black.
      I especially like 1990’s anime series like Evangelion or Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Now young anime fans often mention K-ON! or Oreimo, I actually prefer the older series. Sometimes I brainwash my friends with showa anime. This is called 昭和洗脳[showa sennou].

      I haven’t heard of any Japan’s old heritages. Mostly victims, tsunami, nuclear…

      You are mayorer?

      • Jesse said,

        Haha, my friends tried to make me watch Evangelion but i still haven’t gotten around to it…^^;; I will though, it’s on my to-watch list…:D

        Lol…i’m a super mayorer, along with my housemates. We go through a BIG bottle of Japanese mayo every 2 months, sometimes less than that! Sooooo good! ^^

  5. kloadheart said,

    its good to see that ur still able to blog hahah [:
    as usual, luv the cosplays~! ❤

    and stay safe!!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you!
      I am a cosplayer, so what I can do is to cosplay.

  6. cinnamon said,

    Oh thanks for this great post! And i, born in early 80s, also remember a phone like that! although…it was soviet union that time… and indeed the phone was a bit different one:) Keep up the brave spirit in this tough time, bangin-san and I resonate with the words said before – we, your readers – are a lucky bunch indeed:)

    • bangin said,

      I wonder how your phone looked in soviet union.
      Thank you, I will keep up!

  7. Filip said,

    I guess that no matter what’s happening, just living on is the only thing human beings can do to keep themselves sane…
    I think I may like “shouwa shu” 🙂 Even though I was born in rather late 80s, I still can recall seeing or using things like that. It’s a coincident, but in my country such oldschool things are commonly associated with the times before 1989, when the government used to be communist. And a lot of people are fans of them ( I mean oldschool items, not the communists), even some of my friends.
    Speaking about shouwa shu, I know about something that can definitely count as such. It’s the teaching video for basic Japanese from Japanese Foundation, made in 1983 – “Yan san to nihon no hitobito”. It’s still in use, for example in my uni’s Japanese Institute – every first year have to go through it and it’s considered cult among students 🙂

    • bangin said,

      Oh Yan san to nihon no hitobito, I am surprised to hear that from you. Yes that’s very old series, but I think it is useful. Ah I smell showa from that!

      • Filip said,

        I’m pretty sure I’ll watch the next episode during tomorrow’s classes 🙂

  8. kesenaitsumi89 said,

    wow. I got amazed seeing your cosplay photos. Do you learned how to make up your eyes too? they looked so nice in the photos. ^^

    • bangin said,

      Oh thank you very much! Yes actually my friends taught me how last year. Since then I do myself. Thank you for pointing out.^^

  9. Matt Katch said,

    Can you recommend any other good 昭和 era comics? I was just barely in the 昭和 era.. 61 I believe.

    • bangin said,

      Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, City Hunter, Slam Dunk…it never ends.

  10. az said,

    When I think about CLAMP, I remember Magic Knight Rayearth and X ’99! haha~ I haven’t even watched Code Geass!

    • bangin said,

      X ’99 is a really nice series thought it’s a tragedy!

  11. sherri said,

    Just came across your blog since I was trying to find out what リア充 mean. Great blog you have here! I will be reading from time to time to learn more otaku words =D And good luck to Japan!

    PS. When I hear CLAMP, the first one I think of is Cardcaptor Sakura. It’s quite old too. XD

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much.
      Chobits is also an old series!

  12. Required field said,

    Interesting to learn about shouwa shu just as Showa Monogatari is starting to air.

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