[Cosplay] Fullmoon wo Sagashite

February 24, 2011 at 12:38 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 Well, I know myself. I mean, I am kind of a rare otaku, even as a cosplayer, I am very rare. Because I cosplay a lot of characters from otome games and BL games. Moreover, I sometimes cosplay very minor characters most cosplayers don’t cosplay. To much worse, I am a man. A friend of mine told me before that I am the only one man who cosplays Mirage of Blaze. Even though I cosplay such a character from popular series, some of the characters I wanted to cosplay were very rare. No, most anime fans know my cosplays, but most cosplayers don’t cosplay. That is why people say like, “why are you following something like this?” Yes, I am following something most people don’t follow. So what is coming this time?

 He is Sakurai Eichi from Fullmoon wo Sagashite[Searching for Fullmoon]. When I was watching this anime on TV, it was about 10 years ago. But I still love this even now! Because I like this kind of storyline, which a young girl yearns to be a diva for her first love, and makes a debut with magical power. Like most of my cosplays, Eichi-kun doesn’t count as cosplay. However, I wanted to cosplay him as I love him. He is so pure and ephemeral like an angel.

 There is one thing I have been wondering; why do girls love this kind of story? Where a dreamy girl wants to be a singer and it comes to pass by angelic power. From time to time, we have seen this type of anime such as Creamy Mami or Kirarin Revolution. I assume girls always want to be a star. In real life, they don’t want to be, they can’t make it come true even if they want, but somewhere deep in the heart they are dreaming. Yes, they might feel empathy toward such a heroine. I think I tend to do so although I am a man. That’s why I love this kind of story.

どうして どうして 好きなんだろう 君の声 悲しいほど 響いてるよ

忘れようって思えば思うほど 君が大きくなってくよ


どうして君を好きになったんだろう 簡単過ぎて 答えにならない


Series: Fullmoon wo Sagashite [満月をさがして]

Character: Sakurai Eichi [桜井英知]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: uo-chan



  1. Charana said,

    Ah, they are all so peacefull and beautiful. In the fourth picture I cant tell if you smile slightly or not … seems to change every time I look at it hehe, could just be the trick of my eye and the angle of your face. I like it, especially the last one.

    Hope your having a good week bangin!

    • bangin said,

      Yes, please look forward part 2!

  2. Charana said,

    hm.. (looking again).. maybe I just want to see your smile is why I’m see it sometimes 😀

  3. azu-chan said,

    Yes, i know what you mean. but for me, it’s more like i feel good following something not known well. They’re like hidden gems and not much people know about it and i’m one of those people. There are so much popular stuff but i always thought they are a bit over-rated like bleach and naruto. That’s why i would never watch or follow popular stuff unless they are good.

    oooh. fullmoon wo sagashite. It’s one of the first long series shoujo manga i’ve ever read. The ending was so heart-warming.. X3 i shed a few tears of it.. huhu. Though i never watched the anime coz… i’m a bit lazy to watch all those ep.. haha.. ^^;;

    • bangin said,

      I am so glad when someone says like OMG, I have never known here is a fullmoon fan! It’s not in the mainstream, but doesn’t matter. I just follow what I like.^^
      Those songs by fullmoon are so good!

  4. Charana said,

    hmm. oh haha I forgot what you said because I got caught up in your pictures! It’s always a wonderful surprise to have someone who does not follow the main stream. Like …. finding a ruby in a stack of diamonds 😀 Wonderful surprise variety.

  5. Jesse said,

    I guess for girls they want to feel special and different compared to everyone else? I know I used to love Sailormoon back in elementary school, and would wish i had powers like that, along with a mysterious and cute boy who would love me, and not just be a normal schoolgirl.
    Lol now that i’m a lot older I’m more jaded and I guess that innocence and dreaminess has faded.

    Love the cosplay btw, the location is really excellent!

    • bangin said,

      Yes, they want to feel special, but as we get older, we are going to lose innocence. But I still dream of it, that is why I cosplay such a character.

      This is actually a studio including the rock.

  6. Hinano said,


    • bangin said,


  7. Filip said,

    Well, I don’t really like such stories, even though I’m a girl. But I can certainly understand why people love them so much.

    Putting that aside, the cosplay is very nice. I think the fourth picture from the top is the one I like the most. It has very good combination of colours. And you are such a lovely angel ^^

    • bangin said,

      I tend to like a charcter with wings!

  8. Irene said,

    Not really a Fullmoon Sagashite fan (tho I kinda like Madoka).

    Pretty pictures. And the wings are cute. ^_^

    • bangin said,

      Thank you!
      I like Izumi-kun.

  9. cinnamon said,

    blond suits you super-fine, love it!

  10. Renea said,

    Your eye make-up is really good, do you do it yourself Bangin-san?
    Thanks for sharing this!
    Suits you very well~ 😀

    • bangin said,

      Thank you for your comment!
      Yes I did my self! I learned how to do make-up months ago.

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