[Cosplay] sweet secret

December 17, 2010 at 1:52 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

If you have been following my blog, as you may know, I have been crazy about cosplay. And I have cosplayed whatever I wanted all this time. In case you don’t know, I choose a character to cosplay so carefully. However, sometimes I pick up a wrong character. If it is good for me, my friends say like it fits you. Of course there is the other way around.  Anyway, this cosplay is really really challenging to me…because the character I cosplayed this time is him.

 He is Yunoki Azuma[柚木梓馬] from Kin’iro no Corda -primo passo-[金色のコルダ]. As you can see, he is well-bred, refined, good-looking, there is nothing to complain. Of course he is such a bishounen, he is always surrounded by girls. There is even a fanclub for him at school. It is too cliched, isn’t it? Yes, someone like him has to be in shoujo manga. Kin’iro no Corda is an otome game which you can pursue several good-looking boys. Let’s say イケメン[ikemen] to means such a handsome boy. Sure, every otome game has such a prince. I don’t have to mention an example because once again, it’s too cliched.

 Having said that, Yunoki is so dark-hearted as a matter of fact. Even though he looks gentle, and is nice to anybody else, he shows the real him in front of just the heroine. Actually he is very mean, and such a bully. In this game, you are a schoolgirl who practices the violin in the brass band. Yunoki is a flute player. Needless to say, his playing is so good, but when he learns the herione is getting better, he starts to threaten her. So evil! I so laughed at the scene in which he changed himself all of a sudden.

 Anyway, I really like such a mean character because he is not someone I can be. Surrounded by girls, having such a long hair, a chauffeur always picks him up…Ah, if I could get reborn, I would be a prince like him! Well, I want to dwell on the shoujo manga! At any rate, he is so hard to cosplay. For one thing it’s a long long hair! I had never tried such a long wig. That’s really hard to take care. And also make-up. He looks like a girl, so I asked my friends how they do make-up, and how to use eyeshadow and mascara…I still hesitate to upload the photos…well, but now that I cosplayed him, I do. Almost of all the photographer’s friends said I look like a host. orz  

If you wish to know, come to under the rose…

Somewhere deep in my heart, maybe I will be waiting for you.

Yes, I will be there for you…

Series: Kin’iro no Corda -primo passo- [金色のコルダ]

Character: Yunoki Azuma  [柚木梓馬]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: NOBORAN


  1. Hinano said,

    Wow you style the wig so well! Do you use some kind of hair gel or glue to make it stay like that? 😯 My wigs always look so dead and floppy ;_;

    • bangin said,

      I found this wig at auction because it was already styled for Yunoki. But this is hard to set because it is too long. When wind blows, the hair gets floppy. So I used hair cream to set. すごくセットしづらいの!

  2. Charana said,

    AAAHHHHHH!!!!! Looks so goood!!

    • bangin said,

      Is that so? Thank you veru much!

  3. Charana said,

    hehehe, I’m excited to see your new pictures. I think I like these the best so far 🙂

  4. Filip said,

    Usually I don’t like those prince-like characters. (They are sooo freakin’ annoying! Hurrah for ordinary, honest, and a little bit shy boys!) But, this cosplay strangely… somewhat… somehow…
    It looks really good /////

    • bangin said,

      Someone like him exists only in a fantasy. A prince always escorts us into a dream.

  5. Filip said,

    And so I don’t like such characters in fantasy. And if they existed in reality, I wouldn’t like them either. That’s just not the kind of dream for me. Is that something strange?
    But oh well, looks like in your cosplay you’ve made him likable (is it some kind of superpower you possess? 🙂 Making the character you cosplay nicer? I wonder…)

    • bangin said,

      I have no such power. lol
      Thank you.^^

      • Filip said,

        Oh, don’t say that… Pretty much everyone has some kind of special powers or skills 🙂 For example, I can bend space-time continuum, especially during the end-of-term examinations. And I’m sure one of my Japanese lecturers uses secret ninja techniques during classes… -_-;

  6. Charana said,

    I think they are funny 🙂 and so I like them.

  7. azu-chan said,

    lol… you do like host… you look beautiful… ^^

    and yeah.. i’m with filip… actually, i dont like yunoki….. ^^;;; i just dont like his purple long hair… but you make it looks good… XP

    • azu-chan said,

      i mean to say you do look like a host…. ^^;

      • bangin said,

        OMG, aw~I am actually a host. Just kidding.^^

  8. Arikoto said,

    The purple long wig really suits you. I don’t like this character much but I like this cosplay.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much!

  9. kloadheart said,

    i cant imagine u with long hair
    but w/ the wig
    u look almost just like teh character .__.
    ya look nice w/ long hair 😀
    then again, im feeling this uke aura ;D

    hahahah jk jk x]
    but seriously this rlly came out well [:

    and do u kno how to play the flute? :O

    • bangin said,

      Actually I took the flute in a wrong way. My friends pointed it out, so I observed the real players.
      This character is a sadist, so he is not uke. lol

      • kloadheart said,

        hahah nice x]

        ahhh, no wonder hahah
        cuz i’m a flute player and i was like thinking to myself about certain things hahah so i was just curious x]
        you should try to learn flute though! its a lot of fun!! 8D
        i’ve been playing that thing for almost 5 years now! =w=

        woah he’s a sadist? o.O”
        woah totally didnt even think that .__.”

        but i still think that you’ve portrayed the character really well x]

  10. Dream said,


    I don’t like this character, but you pulled him off nicely!
    You look good with long hair =)

    I really like the pic where you’re reading “How to be good” lols the camera shot is really cool with the buildings in the back
    thumbs up for NOBORAN!

    Now, all you need is a crowd of fangirls *volunteers to be member A*

    (Is this a precursor to Gakupo?!!) *o* -looks hopeful-

    Keep up the great work!

    • bangin said,

      The photographer hasn’t got used to take cosplays because he is not an otaku. But now he is practicing.
      Yes I need volunteer fangirls!

      I wish I could cosplay Gakupo, so this is a precursor.

      • Filip said,

        I volunteer for a fangirl too! (in some more or less near future though… -_-;)

  11. azu-chan said,

    @bangin LOL.. if you are really a host, it’s better if you work at a BL bar.. i just read there is that kind of place in akiba a few days ago.. lol

  12. bangin said,

    kloadheart:: If I had time, I would like to practice the piano, the violin, and the flute.

    • kloadheart said,

      omg violin…. ughh….
      i took lessons for that and i quit =w=”
      violin’s gonna be probably the hardest one out of all three of those: just for a heads up hahah but dont give up!!… like me >>” cuz i regret quitting violin lessons TT-TT (if cuz my teacher was so scary and mean hahah so after 4 days i quit cuz she made me cry 2/4 days of the lessons -o-)
      but hey, maybe a long the way you can try guitar 😀
      me, im self taught with all those instruments so if i can do it (me being a worthless idiot =w=”) then anyone can do it including you [:
      but watcha mean “if i have time”? have you been busy a lot now-a-days?

      • bangin said,

        I also cosplay Tsukimori Len from this game, he is a violinist. So I have mine, but it’s broken. It is a bit hard to hold it because I have to get my chin to touch the violin.
        Yes I am busy with work and cosplay. Especially now.

  13. doriinatrix said,

    Ah, bangin-san, you are the best cosplayer ❤

    • bangin said,

      I am not. There are hundreds better cosplayers than me all over the world. But thank you.^^

      • Filip said,

        Being good cosplayer is not only about technically good costume and makeup, but also this certain something thet’s inside the cosplayer. I don’t know you in person, but I can guess, that you have that something, like your personality shows through the characters you cosplay and ads a new quality to it. And makes your cosplays fantastic. Just a thought. I probably talk nonsense… =_=
        But your cosplays are seriously getting better and better.

  14. ponytale said,

    Bangin-san… you look exactly like Yunoki and you look beautiful with purple long hair! XD I was just thinking about it today and was wondering if you’ll ever cosplay Gakupo. You’ll be perfect… I’m sure of it X3

    Anyway back to Yunoki 🙂 I was admiring how lovely and elegant your cosplay looks, your poses, hair and yes, your eye make-up. So pretty! ❤ Did you use mascara? You did a great job! I've not met real hosts so I can't tell 😀 but it's a compliment, isn't it? Cos hosts are usually ikemen lol~ X3

    Your photographer did a lovely job capturing the dreamy quality of Yunoki. I know he has a dark side cos I watched some episodes of the anime. I didn't finish it tho. What's the happy end spoiler in the game if you choose him?

    • bangin said,

      Gakupo is far harder than Yunoki! He is too V-kei looking!
      My friends taught me how to use mascara and eyeshadow. I realised how hardworking women are as they do this every morning.

      In the game, you have to defeat him at the competition, but what music you play changes the happy ending. Either, he retires the music club. So you can have him.

      BTW, I have read a leaflet for host clubs. Why do they all look the same!?

  15. krazzykamaali said,

    I just finished La Corda d’Oro Primo Passo!!! oh my goodness you look like Yunoki-sempai!!!! you look fabulous! great make up too! (I hope to be able to do mine well too!)

    • bangin said,

      Ahaha, thank you. But I am too far from Yunoki-sempai.

  16. fancy cars (@skyfishforyou) said,

    Very good cosplay! I am looking forward to your Gakupo 8)

    Personally I find that rainbow-coloured wigs tend to look more realistic when the colour is slightly darker. Unless the wig only comes in that colour, then it can’t be helped!

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