[Cosplay] Love me tender -Kyo Kara MaoH!-

December 3, 2010 at 4:24 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 It’s in December now. Oh no how come time flies? The beginning of this year seems to be only yesterday, but now is the end of this year. When I look back, I am surprised to see how much I have cosplayed this year. I have been a cosplayer for three years, but I am sure this year is the best to me. Because I have more cosplaying friends than ever. They help me a lot.

 Anyway, there is a character I wanted to cosplay all this time, but I didn’t for some reason. That is him. He is Sir Conrad(Conrart Weller) from Kyo Kara MaoH![今日からマ王!]. Seemingly, he looks normal. His costume is not so cool, but I really like him. Conrad is gentle, and I really like how loyal he is to Yuuri, and he is so cool when he tries to protect Yuuri. Meanwhile, Conrad is actually Yuuri’s godfather so that he is like his elder brother. I wish I could have an elder brother like him, or else I wish I could be a man like him.

 Months ago, I found his costume at a really cheap price so I took it right away. If this costume were much more expensive, I wouldn’t have bought it, though. So I joined the cosplay event at the rose garden where I have been with Tokyo Moe. Kyo Kara MaoH! is such a fantasy that the location has to be like that kind of place. In the garden, not only roses, but colored leaves were here and there. Most cosplayers were from Rosen Maiden, Umineko no naku koro ni, Kuroshitsuji or that sort of thing. Because Kyo Kara MaoH! is such an old series, I couldn’t see any MaoH cosplayers.

Series: Kyo Kara MaoH! [今日からマ王!]

Character: Conrad (Conrart Weller)[コンラッド(ウェラー卿コンラート)]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: Keith


  1. tasukihoneybunny said,

    Totally Awesome pictures! Really pretty roses. I think the place really fits in with conrad personality.

    i love Kyo Kara Maoh! Gunter and the Bear bees is my favorite characters from the show. I have not finish watching season 3. It is downloaded but life has gotten in the way… like with most things recently.

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to many more cosplays in the coming year! 🙂

    • bangin said,

      Yes I really think this rose garden goes well with Kyo Kara MaoH! Haha, I think Gunter loves Yuuri.^^ But Conrad loves Yuuri, too.
      A while ago I wrote about konkatsu, but I wish I could be a man like him! Or, if I were a woman, I would definitely seek for a man like him!

  2. Dreambelieva said,

    Wow!! *o*
    You’re getting better with each post!! GJ =) good thing you found the deal!! it’s a really good cosplay~
    I love the rose setting~
    I never watched the anime, but from what you said about the character, you definitely showed the gentle side of this character~ I really like the picture where you take a sniff of the delicate, wilting rose with such tenderness

    Keep up the great work~!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much!
      I am happy to hear you say that.^^

  3. Invi said,

    The rose garden is beautiful setting; it looks like a great place to have cosplay event. The photos are very nice. You’re a handsome Conrad. ^^ I watched Kyou Kara Maoh a long time ago; these pictures reminded me how much I loved that series.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you!
      I used to be a fan of Kyo kara maoh before, and really loved Conrad.
      This rode garden is sometimes open for cosplayers!

  4. azu-chan said,

    beautiful!!! i used to be a really huge fan of kyou kara maou. well, how could i not love it when i just realised how much i love sakurai takahiro… X333 kya!! *coughes* i’m a bit weird.. haha… too much reading books this past month…

    the background was perfect.. it reminded of the flower gardens in the anime… conrad have his special flower right? i forgot…. and the sword looks cool!

    you know what…. the best thing for me is your hair!! I love hairs so much and your’s conrad hair is one of the best! XD

    • bangin said,

      I love not only Sakurai Takahiro, but Morikawa Tomoyuki who voices Conrad. I think kyou kara maoh is most likely BL…well, not exactly. Because it has a lot of fanservice.

      My hair? Conrad looks like Naoe in Mirage of Blaze, so I didn’t do this hair that much.^^ He is easy to cosplay.

      • azu-chan said,

        oh.. morimori…. hm.. that reminds me i havent heard his voice in anime nowadays.. i know he’s more popular with the BL cds but i rarely listens to them.. ^^;

        idk, i think this hair was the best… lol.. XP especially at the picture where you are with the red flowers… XD

  5. Filip said,

    Oh. My. Goodness. Isnt it one lovely Sir Weller here ^^ It is, indeed:) Kyou kara Maoh is one of my most favourite whacked anime series and I always try to show my friends how awesome it is. They are strangely immune to its sweet absurdity and whackness, though 😦 So I’m quite alone in my fangirlism…
    The setting is fantastic. I can almost see the bearbees and the jealous Wolfie lurking behind those rosebushes 😉 However it’s true, that roses would also fit all the cosplays with victorian or victorian-ish themes, and France from Hetalia too. And maybe the Ouran High School Host Club – or maybe not, since every rose in OHSHC simply has to be pasted in Photoshop 🙂

    • bangin said,

      Thank you! Yes some Hetalia cosplayers were at this garden.
      Kyou kara maoh is a very long story, actually I haven’t finished reading it all. But I really wanted to cosplay Conrad because I love him so much.

      • Filip said,

        Oh, I can perfectly see why. He is such a fatherly figure, not only to Yuuri, I dare say to everyone. Though, I always got the feeling, that he’s kind of… lonely? I am not sure why.

  6. almondclover said,

    Thank you for cosplaying this. I love Kyou Kara Maou, and rarely saw any good cosplays of the series before this!
    This character suits you really well – or at least, you look very good cosplaying as Conrad 🙂 Keep it up! The setting is beautiful as well.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you for your comment. Do you happen to be a cosplayer from Singapore? Your cosplays are also cool and beautiful. I am planning to cosplay Gakupoid next.^^

      • almondclover said,

        You’re welcome, it’s more than deserved 🙂 Yes, I am, thank you for looking at my blog! *gasp* Cool! Gakupoid from which version/song? I think you will look very cool as him as well 😀

  7. kloadheart said,

    oh my…
    i havent watched kyo kara maoh in soooo long hahah xD
    anyways =w=
    love teh cosplay 😀
    the setting even made the feeling of conrad’s gentle aura seem so calm [:
    you reallly portrayed this character well x]

    • bangin said,

      Not so long before this, I cosplayed Conrad, but I chose a wrong setting for him. I forgot he is from a fantasy. He needs a more elegant place. I think I chose a right place this time. Thank you.^^

  8. ponytale said,

    Bangin-san :3 You have a penchant of choosing some of my favourite characters to cosplay ❤

    The royal garden setting is perfect and I love the attention to details in your cosplay. Can't help noticing you wearing those boots. Very sexy somehow. Fav pic of you is the one where you're posing with your sword. I like the expression you have 🙂

    Conrad is the perfect boyfriend… that was what I thought when I watched the anime… but then my rational mind kicked in and made me feel a little sad cos he doesn't exist in this world. He is too perfect! ^^;;; His seiyuu is awesome. I didn't have time to watch season 3 but I definitely loved the first 2 seasons.

  9. bangin said,

    Hi ponytale, I have been waiting for you!
    I so love Conrad, but I always hesitated to cosplay him because his costume is not so special. However this time I cosplayed him, I changed my mind. It was so enjoyable to cosplay him. It was so difficult to act him because I shouldn’t try to be a dude like any other characters. He is so gentle, always gentle. Not laugh, but gently smile. So difficult! Yes I also like the seiyu, Morikawa Tomoyuki. He voices a lot of characters from otome or BL games.

  10. tokyo moe said,

    A gentle daddy? A male love triangle? I think you should forget about konkatsu and follow your heart, Bangin sensei!

    • bangin said,

      If I were a man like him, someone could come to me. Well then, I will keep going!

      • Charana said,

        Gambatte Kudasai! (this how you say best of luck??)
        Gambatte Kudasai! Gambatte … can I just say Gambatte? hehe.
        Don’t give up! 🙂
        I agree with everyone on this post. You do very good job, also, you look good with the glasses.
        I agree with Azu-chan about the hair, very very nice, one of the best 🙂

  11. bangin said,

    almondclover: I want to cosplay Gakupo from Lord Venomania or Imitation Black. That is very cool, isn’t it? But I am a bit afraid that I could cosplay him because Gakupo is very hard to cosplay.

    • almondclover said,

      Those are some pretty cool costumes 😀 Looking forward to seeing them!
      Looking at your latest cosplay though (Yunoki Azuma) you should be able to cosplay Gakupo – after all, they both have long, purple hair, and you can pull that off 😛

      • bangin said,

        I think I have to do much louder make-up if I cosplay Gakupo. Should I read those visual-kei books?

  12. bangin said,

    Charana: Thank you very much.

  13. almondclover said,

    Much louder makeup? What do you mean?
    Visual-kei eyes would be awesome, but that’s my bias. By all means, read the books,even if it’s just for the eyecandy 😀

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