[Cosplay] Eternally…-Saito x Chidsuru-

November 14, 2010 at 7:23 am (cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)

 It’s November now, and it’s becoming cold. Speaking of November, we have beautiful Fall in Japan. In Spring, you can enjoy cherry blossom[sakura], but in Fall we have autumn leaves, 紅葉[kouyou]. Maple leaf or colored leaves are here and there. Cosplayers are always looking for beautiful places for cosplay. So…of course I shouldn’t miss this chance, should I? And Japanese costumes go so well with 紅葉. Now cosplay events are full of such cosplayers as Gintama, Nintama Rantarou, Sengoku Basara, or Sangoku Musou. And Hakuouki is one of them. I am a Hakuouki cosplayer, so it seems like I have been cosplaying Hakuouki a lot in the last few weeks. 紅葉 will disappear by next month, so I want to cosplay Hakuouki as much as I can before it’s gone.

 Meanwhile, I had been waiting for this session with one of the best photographers I have worked with, highwaysong. He has taken my cosplays a few times like Durarara!! or Kuroshitsuji. He is such an awesome photogarpher that a lot of cosplayers ask him. So that is why I had to wait for 4 months as his schedule was too tight. But I booked this session on this day, because I wanted to take Hakuouki with 紅葉.

 To my surprise, highwaysong brought a Chidsuru cosplayer who often works with him. Now that we have a beautiful 紅葉, it would be better for you to have Chidsuru, he said. He wanted to make this cosplay more like a love story between Saito and Chidsuru.

 We went to the Japanese garden where highwaysong often uses for photoshooting. I was so surprised to see wonderful 紅葉. Could we cosplay with this!? I was too lucky. There were a lot of tourists inside the park, so it was a bit difficult to take cosplay as people got in to the photo. But highwaysong is a magician, how could he do something like this? There are just Chidsuru and me in almost all of the photos. The photos look so dramatic! I wanted something like this. I want to say thank you to him and the Chidsuru cosplayer.

 One more thing, she told me one term, キャッキャウフフ[kyakkya ufufu], which means to act cozy or snuggle. You can say like 友達とキャッキャウフフした[tomodachi to kyakkya ufufu shita], or I had fun with my friends. She said, 斎藤とキャッキャウフフした[Saito to kyakkyaufufu shita] or I had fun with Saito.

 Anyway, enjoy the photos, and have fun with kouyou. Please play the music before you see.


Saito: I don’t even remember how many people I’ve killed with my sword. Enemy or not enemy, I didn’t even care. So I would die in the battle someday. What goes around comes around. That’s it. I am not someone you really need to be nice.

Saito: Chidsuru, stay behind me.

Chidsuru: I-I’ve got to fight, too!

Saito: No, you shouldn’t.

Saito: Grab it so tight.

Chidsuru: Yes…like this?

Chidsuru: I think this would be nice to you.

Saito: …

Chidsuru: See? I was right! Looks nice.

Saito: …

Saito: C-Call my name…p-please…

Chidsuru: …!?

Chidsuru: Saito-san, are you alright!?

Saito: I-I am fine, I gotta be alright soon…

Saito: So long as I am supposed to protect you, I will.

Chidsuru: I am not sure how many days are left for us. I have no idea when we have to fall apart.

Chidsuru: But it’s okay…even if we can’t live together any longer, I want to stay with him until then. Please, please let me believe this moment. This very moment…I love him. I really do. But for now…

Chidsuru: I just want you to stay with me a bit more. Just like this…

Series: Hakuouki[薄桜鬼]

Cosplayers: Chachamaru as Yukimura Chidsuru[雪村千鶴], bangin as Saito Hajime[斎藤 一]

Photograher: highwaysong

Music: Eternally by Utada Hikaru



  1. Hinano said,

    二人かわいい(*´ω`*)!! お疲れ茶ぁ (●´▽`)_旦 (´ω`●)

    • bangin said,


  2. tasukihoneybunny said,

    Aww… KAWAII!!!

    I love it, bangin!!!!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you!^^

  3. angelofdevotion said,

    OMG!!!!! I love this cosplay of yours so so so much.The setting of this photoshoot is so beautiful that I can’t even find words to describe how beautiful it really is!!! Furthermore, there are so much action in those photos, that I feel that I am watching a live action drama series of Hakuoki!! Kyaa. 
    PS: Chidsuru is such a beauty!!!! ^^


    • bangin said,

      Some cosplayers like to copy key scenes, and so do I. I always plan how we should take before we start. We can bring official artbooks or that kind of thing. I just asked the photographer to copy some CGs from the game, and we acted.


  4. Arikoto said,

    I like this costume a lot ^^ Never get tired looking at 😀 (hope I don’t sound like a pervert :P). Thank u for ur hard work.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much!

  5. cinnamon said,

    Oooh, these pictures are ethereal! The colors and magic, simply amazing, absolutely love it! You are lucky to have this kind of nature in November. Here in Norther Europe we are facing eternal night and a lot of snow very soon…
    And now, I have to admit being just a tad bit jealous of Chidsuru…:D

    • bangin said,

      Oh I think I love that nature out there. Because there is a CG in which Saito and Chidsuru are holding a snow rabbit. We need snow!

  6. kloadheart said,

    waaiii~!!! it’s so cute 😀
    wish i could cosplay a love story :/
    but over here, not a lot of people wants to ><
    ayyy, i admire u :]

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much!
      You can do that, too.^^

  7. Irene said,


    In some shots the Chidzuru cosplayer looks a bit like Ayumi Hamasaki ^_^;

    • bangin said,

      Thank you!
      Ayu!? I will tell her, she’ll be happy.^^

  8. Kurihime said,

    Oh, what a beautiful series! Autumn in Japan looks absolutely lovely; I hope to be able to visit in that season someday~

    You look very handsome as Saito, and Chizuru looks very pretty! I think that this is a wonderful, amazing shoot. Compliments to your photographer as well. ^ ^

    I am new to your blog, and I feel really inspired when I looked through your cosplays! I think you’re highly talented, and it’s great that you are doing something you’re passionate about.

    Please keep up the good work! (^o^)

    • bangin said,

      Hi thank you for coming! And many thanks for your comment for my cosplay.
      Yes I have been a cosplayer for three years, and currently this is the best thing I am really passionate.

      I will keep up, please come again!

  9. azu-chan said,

    OMG!!! this love story looks cute!!!! XD

    at first i was in awe with the beautiful scenery and the great pictures…. he really does a great job!! i salute him!

    at the end, it feels so moe…. X3 i love the pictures where you were sitting with her on that rock near the river… it is so beautiful…..

    • bangin said,

      I don’t know what to say after I got these photos because they are all so beautiful.
      This cosplay is sure one of my best memories in all of my life!

      • azu-chan said,

        TT__TT saitou!! why you need to die in the anime… Why!! TT___TT oh man, i seriously will cry if i’m not going out in a few minutes… TT___TT

  10. ponytale said,

    wow… the photography is amazing :O

    You are really professionals. I mean it’s the first time you met Chachamaru-san? Great chemistry there and your poses are very lovely 🙂 The cosplays are already so beautiful and the story element made it even more enjoyable to see. Love it! Are you planning to do the snow rabbit CG during winter? 😀

    • bangin said,

      I really want to thank the photographer. Chachamaru is his favorite cosplayer, and he brought her this day. Because leaves are so beautiful, it would be better that Saito gets Chidsuru. He was right. We got a really awesome photo album.^^

      Oh yes, yukiusagi? I want to copy that scene, but we haven’t had snow yet!

  11. bangin said,

    azu-chan: The anime’s ending follows the original game. So in the end almost all of Shinsengumi members died. Chidsuru shouldn’t have a happy ending with anybody in the anime. But I think the ending still follows Hijikata’s arc. I wanted Saito not to die!

    • azu-chan said,

      oh.. i was about to ask that… i think it’s great though almost all of them died… it feels more realistic… i dont want to watch another anime like La corda D’oro… ^^;; i hope starry sky wont be like that too.. ^^
      so if the anime follows saito’s arc in the game, hijikata would died instead of saito is it??

      • bangin said,

        Basically, whoever you pursue just Harada and Shimpachi don’t die. And if you pursue Saito, yes Hijikata dies. But not only him, but Todo and Okita die. Anybody else but the guy you pursue shall die in the game.

  12. Tiffany said,

    I just finished all the routes last night, and the tears would not stop. ;___;

    You two did a great job cosplaying them though! The scenery is beautiful and the outfits are well done.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you. I am so pleased to hear you say that.

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