[Cosplay] Hakuouki -Kyoto Trip 2-

November 9, 2010 at 12:43 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), general)

 This is day 2 of my trip in Kyoto. The photoshoot lasted by 3:00 a.m., but we had to do check-out at 9:00 so all of us were too sleepy to wake up. Even that, we got ready quickly and set out for the cosplay event in Osaka[大阪]. The venue was the shopping mall named ATC (Atlantic Trade Center). It is the most famous cosplay venue in Osaka, and there were quite a few cosplayers.


 After we changed, we shortly went outside to take photos. We all cosplayed Hakuouki, but the different thing is that we cosplayed Hakuouki SSL[Short Sweet Love], that the setting is school. You know, it’s a school-nized Hakuouki[学園化]. It’s not a fan-fiction, but officially released. Hijikata is a teacher, Chidsuru, Chidsuru, Heisuke, Saito, and Kazama are students. Saito is a prefect, and Kazama is the head student. Look at the arm badge on my left arm, which saying 風紀委員[fuki iin] meaning a prefect. It’s like Hibari Kyoya in Katei Kyoshi Hitman! Reborn.

 We came to Osaka all the way from Tokyo, and cosplayed students and a teacher. It’s like 修学旅行[shugaku ryokou] or school excursion. In fact, I don’t like my real school excursion as I didn’t enjoy it at all. But…with my friends, of course I had fun!

Hikata-sensei: You guys, say cheese.

Hijikata-sensei: Hey, don’t play with Saito!

Saito: …

Saito: No snack inside school.

Chidsuru: Oh no, give me a break!

Hijikata-sensei: Yukimura, make sure you do it better from next time.

Chidsuru: Yes, sensei.

Saito: …

Chidsuru: So then, here you go!


Hijikata-sensei: Saito, why don’t you have fun with them?

Saito: I am fine.

Hijikata-sensei: Okay you guys, let’s take purikura [sticker]!

All: YEAH!!

Series: Hakuouki SSL [薄桜鬼SSL]

Cosplayers: Yukiharu as Yukimura Chidsuru[雪村千鶴], Waon as Hijikata-sensei[土方先生], Mamitath as Toudo Heisuke[藤堂平助], bangin as Saito Hajime[斎藤 一], and Sena as Kazama Chikage[風間千景]

Photographer: Sena



  1. Hinano said,

    I finally played both Hakuoki games, I love all the photos!
    The one of Chikage and Chizuru is so cute x3

    • bangin said,

      Did you play zuisouroku!? I haven’t played that one!

  2. Arikoto said,

    Hijikata & Saito are cute. Good job!

    I still like your previous posts better though. Keep updating your blog. ^^

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much!

  3. angelofdevotion said,

    Bangin-san, I could really feel that you were having so much fun while shooting these photos! I really like the last photoshoot where you and Hijikata-sensei are sitting by the riverside…..(is that a riverside?) Well… anyway, you two really look charismatic!!!!

    I really like your cosplays because there is always a storyline to it. By the way, do you also cosplay at anime conventions?

    PS: Pocky!! I always wonder why Pocky from my country (Thailand) never tastes as tasty as the ones in Japan hahha.

    • bangin said,

      This is kind of a harbor where Hijikata-sensei and I are sitting. Because it’s the trade center. Some ships come and go.

      No I have never cosplayed at anime conventions. I would like to take nice photos at a beautiful place, but sometimes I feel like joining a cosplay event to make friends.

      Oh what kind of flavor do Pocky have in Thailand?

      • angelofdevotion said,

        The flavours they have in Thailand are similar to those in Japan, but I think the quality of the chocolate or strawberry is different….So I had to buy imported products because the Japanese ones taste so much better.

        However, Thailand has its own really tasty bread sticks of our own original flavours too.. It is called the “larb” flavour which is 非常に辛い!. Loads of my Japanese friends love this bread stick! I am not sure if you have tried it before, but it’s quite popular.

        It has Japanese written over there. Hope you have the chance to try it someday!!!!

  4. ponytale said,

    lol~ bangin-san ^^ Saito as a prefect is very suitable for his character. XD The serious (and grumpy? lol) expression on your face is so cute (i know it’s an oxymoron) lol~

    I like how Yukiharu-san pokes your face with the chupa chup lollipop XD she looks so sweet and mischievous.

    Nice purikura shot too! Was that from the game too? Or your idea?

    You guys definitely don’t look like you didn’t have enough sleep cos all of you look fantastic in the photos! ^^)/ Is there a part III?

    • bangin said,

      Yukiharu always carries sweets or snacks with her. Not as Chidsuru.^^

      Too bad we didn’t have Okita, and Harada!
      The purikura booth was at the venue, and there were too many cosplayers waiting. But as a memory, we decided to take one!

      The rest of our trip, we travelled in Kyoto as a tourist.^^ Like going to the shrine or having sweets.

      But stay tuned, there are a bit more Hakuouki cosplays!

  5. bangin said,

    angelofdevotion: Oh I think I have tried this. Because one of my colleagues gave it to me from his trip in Thailand. I still remember that taste, it was good. I don’t think it is so hot to me.^^

  6. cinnamon said,

    Very cute sticker:)

  7. tasukihoneybunny said,

    Wonderful pictures!!!

    Bangin, you seem to like stoic characters. Have you cosplayed as a character who is not as stoic?

    I am just curious. I do love all your cosplays.


    • bangin said,

      Well then, come to think of it, I tend to choose such a stoic character…
      But, Shizuo in Durarara!! is not, but like a stud. lol

  8. Teko-chi said,

    Bangin-kun as Saito is so awesoooome~ owo

    I think Sugata (from Star Driver) is a similar character.

    He’s always super cool, and stuff.. c:

    • bangin said,

      Thank you.^^

      This character is voiced by Fukuyama Jun…

      I think Saito also looks like Hifumi from Cafe Kichijouji de.

  9. azu-chan said,

    LOL.. it was funny.. XD the pictures are cute too… XD

    oh yeah… i’m back!!!……. ( ^____^ )

    • bangin said,

      Welcome back, how was your exam?^^

      • azu-chan said,

        thank you.. XD
        hm.. my exam was ok…. but not good enough for my target though… ^^;;

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