[Cosplay] Hakuouki -糸- 

September 26, 2010 at 7:19 am (cosplay(コスプレ))

 It’s been cooler and cooler in Japan, finally. I hate the heat. Yesterday, we had a typhoon, and the temprature got down a lot. I needed a jacket to go out.

 Anyway, my cosplay life has been crazy as usual. My cosplay friends are planning to go to Kyoto[京都] for sightseeing and cosplay. I am really looking forward it. And this month, I cosplayed 4 times, it’s too much. My body is a bit sore. I know I am not that young. At any rate, my friends and I went to the cosplay event in Odawara Castle[小田原城], Kanagawa Prefecture. It was a very first cosplay event there, and according to the sponsor, it was really hard to have a permission to launch an event. If this event sure goes well, they are going to be able to do again. I hope they will because the location is really nice. Here was a rule in this event; cosplayers must wear Japanese costumes like yukata or kimono. This castle is designated as a tourist spot, so there are a lot of tourists. Because of this, cosplayers should fit this place. As the rule indicates, I saw just Gintama, Sengoku Basara, Nintama Rantarou, and…Hakuouki.

 Yes, we cosplayed Hakuouki. It was my first time cosplaying Hakuouki with someone else. My part is him.

 He is Saito Hajime[斎藤 一], and actually it was my second time cosplaying him, but the costume is different this time. Last time I did 洋装[yousou] style, but I did 和装[wasou], which means kinagashi[着流し]. And in fact the hairstyle is also a bit different, meaning his hair is longer than the one in 洋装. My friends did Hijikata and Chizuru respectively. As I said, the location is great. I want to cosplay there again.

 Here is one more happy thing I want to talk about. While we were taking photos, a group of cosplayers spoke to us to take a photo. And we let them. As we left the spot, those girls waved at us shyly. So I nodded twice. Two days later, the Hijikata cosplayer told me that he found a blog which seemed to write about me. The blogger is sure the cosplayer who spoke to us. According to the blog, she said like below.

a. We spot the wonderful group of Hakuouki cosplayers, and asked photos.

b. As they left, we were looking at them and waved.

c. Just Saito noticed us, and he nodded twice.

d. All of us were squealling for joy inside.

e. All of us were too chicken to ask his name, why didn’t I ask his name?!

 Hijikata asked me to send a message to her. I was wondering if she really meant me, but I sent a message to her as he commanded. Soon she e-mailed me back and said,”Oh no, I don’t believe it! It was you I really wanted to speak to you! Thank you very much for speaking to me, and I want to thank your Hijikata because he found my blog and told you about me. I seriously regret that none of us asked your name. Ah Saito-san, arigatougozaimasu!”

 Here ends my story, and don’t say それなんてエロゲ? Please play the music before you watch. Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

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