[Cosplay] SLAM DUNK

September 14, 2010 at 10:05 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), general, otaku word)


 My legs are sore. I wish I could say that’s because I was playing basketball a lot. But no, technically I was cosplaying a basketball guy. I am not good at sports as a matter of fact. Last Sunday my cosplay friend and I joined the cosplay event at the closed school. At this school, cosplay events take place sometimes, but it is going to close and won’t happen anymore. So I really wanted to use the place to cosplay him because the school has a gym.

 He is Rukawa Kaede[流川 楓] in SLAM DUNK. This anime was over long long time ago, but even that there are still lots of fans like me. Actually I can’t miss this manga whenever I talk about my youthful days. SLAM DUNK is loved by everybody including non-otaku people. Rukawa Kaede is one of the lead characters, cool, a man of few words…and far from myself. That is why I adore him, I just wanted to be like him. I think I have 2次元コンプレックス.

 At any rate, the school was full of cosplayers, so that there was almost no space to take photos. The gym was used as a changing room for the first two hours, so we took photos in the classroom. After that I changed to the Shohoku uniform and went to the gym. But it was crowding. Almost no space. My friend did the best, she was trying not to let other people in the photos…The gym was so humid that we were sweating as if we really played basketball.

 I wish I could use a real gym to have a better photoshooting. Yes I will do. I won’t give up. Because I am from the generation called スラダン世代. Please play the music before you see the photos, enjoy.

あなたを想うだけで 心は強くなれた

ずっと見つめてるから 走り続けて…


Series: SLAM DUNK [スラムダンク]

Character: Rukawa Kaede [流川 楓]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: Hajime



  1. tasukihoneybunny said,

    I love the pictures! Your friend did a great job at taking the pictures! The school uniform picture with the people in the background, really gives you the feeling that you are sitting in class.


    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much! The photographer who took my Mirage cosplays read over all of Slam Dunk comics as a preparation. And she also loves Rukawa. That is why we could make these photos. The classroom was full of cosplayers, but she made the most of it so that it seems like there are some classmates in the background.

  2. azu-chan said,

    *A* the sight of a japanese guy wearing a gakuran is so moe to me.. X3 LOL.. i just realised maybe i have fetishes toward gakuran too? O-o

    anyways.. the pictures were great! both the gakuran and the shohoku shirts.. XD and the way you’re sweating there makes it looks more real!

    • bangin said,

      Ahaha, yes I think you have gakuran moe. I used to wear it at junior high, but in fact I got this gakuran from a friend of mine.

      We were sweating a lot so when we got to the cafe after this, we got too much coke.

  3. Mariejoanna said,

    This is a perfect cosplay! Your face really suits to these kind of old school manga (others not). And as always, camera angles and lighting are awesome. Because Kaede rarely smiles so facial expressions seem to easier.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you! I had to be more serious while I was holding a basketball.
      Old school manga like Slam Dunk? Sometimes I cosplay a character from a very old shoujo manga.

  4. angelofdevotion said,

    What an awesome cosplay!!!!!
    With you cosplaying as Rukawa Kaede , I just had a thought that you have made this character alive while looking at these pictures!!!

    Moreover, You look totally cool in a school uniform!
    You also remind me of Fuma Monou from Clamp’s X. ^^


    • bangin said,

      Oh thank you very much!
      Before someone told me the only one thing in common between Rukawa and me is long eyelashes.

      Ahaha, I do like X, and Kamui.

  5. tokyo moe said,

    Fantastic cosplay. I like the gakuran pose sleeping on the desk, and the *two* basketball outfits. Well done!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you!^^
      I really love this uniform, and it is too late to wear a gakuran. XD

  6. iformaybe said,

    It’s amazing. You really look like Rukawa! Not just your natural looks, either (and you certainly are a deadringer) but also your expressions and poses.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very mcuh! Deadringer! I have never heard of the word, but now I understand. lol

  7. az said,

    whoaaaaaaaa amazing cosplay! maru de basuke shite itandaaaaaaaaaaa! XDDD

    good work, bangin-san!

    also, I’m also from the Suradansedai, but that’s because the show aired here during the late 90’s, and I was about in 5th grade back then. XD

    • bangin said,

      Thank you!
      Slam Dunk is greatly appreciated by each generation actually. Even if you were in 5th grade, you would have loved it! XD

  8. Twinks said,

    The 1st picture; talk about making good use of the ‘neighbouring scenery’! And those action poses; nice! 🙂 If you do something like this next time you may want to try shots that show movement. (think, those sports pictures of racing cars etc.)

    • bangin said,

      The classroom was full of other cosplayers, but the photographer did a great job. She took some stundent cosplayers as if Rukawa was really in the classroom.

  9. El arte más allá de un simple disfraz [ Entrevista con Bangin] » :: RetornoAnime:: Todo el manga, anime, jmusic está aquí said,

    […] cabe mencionar que bangin se considera todo un otomen. En lo personal a mi me encanta su cosplay de Rukawa de Slam Dunk y de Yagami Light de Death note. RA: Bangin, ¿cuéntanos un poco sobre ti? B: Soy un japonés […]

  10. Arcane Zeal said,

    Thats a very short Rukawa lol. Nice photos though.

    • bangin said,

      Yes I want 20 more cms!

  11. Ikki said,

    Damn son, your intense expression is very good.
    and the poses and angles are good as well!
    It really looks like as if you really are playing basket ball > w <

    Slam Dunk is one of those inspirational manga / animes that I really love!
    Thank you for sharing~ ❤

    • bangin said,

      Oh thank you very much! I love Slam Dunk! I am not good at any sports though! ^^

  12. aeonemortal@yahoo.com said,

    haha the face of rukawa is so fuuny and verry funny!@

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