三択恋愛 [santaku ren’ai]

September 8, 2010 at 3:38 pm (doujin(同人), otaku word)

 If you seriously love someone in your favorite anime or manga, and happen to wish you could get married to him(or her), that would be 2次元コンプレックス[nijigen complex]. However, if you always pursue someone in bishoujo games or otome games, the love shall be called 三択恋愛[santaku ren’ai]. The real love story is complicated. There are numerous choices at times, I mean, what to say or when to tell. If you made a mistake, you wouldn’t be able to get your sweetheart. In real life, you sometimes have such a hard time not only in love, but friendship or work. If you and your friend happen to have a fight, what would you do now? Are you going to apologize or keep ignoring your friend? Ring or e-mail? What are you gonna say? If you have a presentation at work, what would you do now? Keep talking or ask opinions?

 In this way, you need to choose a right option if you have to, otherwise you can’t move on. I wish it could be more simple and easier because I am not a type of person who can always get through. But at least there are love stories which have only three options so you just choose one. Even if you fail, you can start over again and again. That is 三択恋愛[santaku ren’ai]. 三択[santaku] means three choices and 恋愛[ren’ai] means love. Where could we have 三択恋愛? Yes, in bishoujo games or otome games. In case you have never played it, I shall explain. In this type of game, you are surrounded by several pretty girls(bishoujo) or good-looking boys(bishounen). And you can pursue your favorite in order to have a happy ending. After you finish, you can start over to pursue another target. As the story goes on, you are required to choose a option from time to time. Whatever you choose would affect the result of your date. If you choose a right one, it would be okay. If not, you wouldn’t be able to move on so you have to start over. If you ask me, it is pretty simple if there are only three options. Look at below example.

 Now you are in the karaoke booth with the boy you pursue. After you sang a song, he said, “Wow you looked different when you were singing.” And what are you going to say?

a. Because I was thinking about you.

b. I should pretend to be a singer, shouldn’t I?

c. I am kind of emotional, you know.

 Okay let’s go a. And what is he going to say?

 “Well…you know, then why don’t you sing once again? ” Great, it worked. He is blushing, see? In this way, you just choose a right choice. I wish I could say I am experienced, but actually in 三択恋愛. orz   

chikan otoko

 This term became famous as an internet slang among vippers in 2ch around 2004. At that time, the story about 痴漢男[chikan otoko] or Groper was mentioned by someone, and at first it seemed to be just a comment but they created the love story. The storyline seemed to be like 電車男[densha otoko] or Train Man. It boils down that a 20-year-old guy who loves anime and insects is misunderstood as a groper by a young lady. It turns out to be just a misunderstanding, but he has a crush on her…But he has no experience of women, but 三択恋愛.

 We are human beings so it’s no wonder we make a mistake. Whichever it is love or human relationship, just one mistake could destroy everything. I had something like that before. We need to be careful when we are required to choose an option. Because real life is not a game.



  1. hinano said,

    I am very terrible at fucking choices too so when I play otome games I always use a guide to make sure I get only the good ends xDDDD

    • bangin said,

      Oh no, you actually have another blog, don’t you? I always end up going to a bad end so I check other players’ review.

      Does your blog contain any entries about Miracle Train?

      • Hinano said,

        My anime blog does (jphinano) but my game blog is only for games (and otome games) XD

  2. hinano said,

    Oh sorry it was picking not fucking ahh stupid phone autocomplete (゚~゚)

  3. tasukihoneybunny said,

    when i understand japanese more, I will buying some of these games.
    Like Dual Love.
    Would the dating sims for Prince of Tennis and Fushigi Yugi be considered a santaku ren’ai ?

  4. bangin said,

    So long as three choices always come up, it would count a santaku ren’ai. Is there a dating sim version for Fushigi Yugi?

    • tasukihoneybunny said,

      This is the game I am talking about.
      From what I could gather from the google translated page that is what is was dating sim game .

      Am I correct or is this something else?

      • bangin said,

        Yes, it says 女性向恋愛ADV[dating sim for girls].

  5. azu-chan said,

    oh, how i wish life is like otome games~~~ X3
    i played some of it myself.. i’m not good though.. always uses some guide.. ^^; it’s too much pain to play again if you lose in the end.. ^^

    • bangin said,

      I browse other players’ reviews to check right options. Because I don’t want to see bad endings!

      • azu-chan said,

        urgh.. bad endings.. >_< i remember i was playing the bad ending for lucky dog game just for fun.. and it turns out isnt so fun anymore.. the bad ending is BAD! O_O

  6. Mochie said,

    I wish real life is that easy, if I pick the wrong choice, I can just reload the date slot and pick again.

    • bangin said,

      Yeah me too! I wish I could reload the time when I made a mistake! Or else I wish someone could give me three options always.

  7. ハルジオン said,

    I am sorry in advance for the very long comment! *www* I wanted to say something but I was worried if I put a comment on a very old entry, it might not be seen, so I wrote here instead.

    I have been looking up Japanese terms lately to try and understand them better, so I keep finding your blog, which always has better explanations and information than anywhere else I can find! So I thought it was time to say thank you and leave you a comment.

    I am known around my group of friends because I love the ‘karesen’ type so much (and also suits-danshi, riiman, soushoku-danshi, otomen). I like to play Otome/BL games sometimes, or watch dramas, and while my friends are all saying how much they like the younger, cuter guys, I alway like the older ones no one cares about! *www* I am probably a little bit ‘rekijo’ (I like Sengoku Basara, anything with Shinsengumi, etc). My biggest love is Japanese music, though. Is there a specific word for a music-type otaku? My favorite things to listen to are not new pop music artists, but Southern All Stars, 尾崎豊, 德永英明, seiyuu-singers with very deep voices, or 及川光博 and 郷ひろみ, who are older and put on a very fun show. ^^ )

    I don’t like to call myself fujoshi even though I have some of those types of interests, because whether someone is ikemen or not doesn’t matter to me, the personality is what is important. Most sterotypical fujoshi seem to prefer good looks and younger men, or it seems that way to me. If I am a fujoshi, then I am a fickle/picky/lazy one! *ww*

    So your blog has been very helpful for me! I will try to find information on something, and I end up saying, “Oh, I found it on this blog, again!”

    I have a boyfriend that is probably a mix of otomen/otaku. We started out meeting in college, where we were both studying theater & the arts. He is VERY sensitive and lacks any kind of ‘traditionally male’ angry or violent temper. He doesn’t like to make decisions and is very agreeable and laid-back. He prefers to stay in at home for leisure and likes children and cats and does chores around the house. He has a very nice/sweet personality and is usually well-liked by everyone he works with. And then he has his ‘otaku’ type interests, like videogames and comic books.

    But it works very well, because I also like videogames and comic books, and he sometimes even watches me play otome games or asks me questions about some of my doujinshi collection *w* He is definitely going to be ‘karesen’ soon… (I am 29, he is 31. We have been a couple since I was 17!) We have been together a long time but have no interest in getting married. I have a medical problem so I cannot have children, so we enjoy our time with just the two of us. He is not ‘ikemen’ at all, he is very plain, but as I already said, personality is what’s important.

    So, happy couples like this can happen. ^^v

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