[Cosplay] First Love -Last Servant- (3周年記念スペシャル! ⑤)

August 9, 2010 at 3:23 am (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)


 So my third anniversary ends like this. Well, I had a long-lasted dream that I really really wanted to make it come true. That is, to cosplay my beloved character, Nagisa Kaworu in Neon Genesis Evangelion. I have cosplayed him for a couple of times, but what I wanted to cosplay is his plugsuit which he wears when he pilots Evangelion. But actually his plugsuit is really hard to find because most cosplayers do either Ayanami Rei or Souryu Asuka Langley. If any, it is Ikari Shinji’s. Why don’t they want Kaworu’s plugsuit? I believe he is the most popular character in Evangelion. I am a big fan of him. My top 3 anime characters are Naoe Nobutsuna in Mirage of Blaze, Shironuma Tetsuo in sweet pool, and next is Kaworu.

 If you want to know who Kaworu is, I strongly recommend you should watch Evangelion. Well, he is…uh, you know, a gay angel. But I so cried at the climax in the anime. I do wish Kaworu and Shinji could be happy. That is why most fangirls make a fan-fiction comic which the two have a happy conclusion.

 At any rate, I found Kaworu’s plugsuit at auction, and it wasn’t so expensive that I bought it…I didn’t really care about my wallet. I couldn’t stop myself. もはや暴走モード(笑) But what I was worried about was the size. As you may know, plugsuits look tight. So when I got it at home, I couldn’t try it out right away. Well, it fits. Almost. So where should I take photos? I just tried to find a nice location…and I found it. It was a an old plant, yes this goes well with Evangelion.

 I asked my cosplay friend who claims to be a fangirl of Kaworu x Shinji (yes she is a fujoshi), and went to the plant. She did a really good job because, once again, she is a fan of Evangelion. It is better that a photographer knows about the character the cosplayer features. I was right, she took a lot of beautiful photographers. Oh if you have 工場萌え[koujou-moe], I hope you like it. Please play the music, enjoy.








Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion[新世紀エヴァンゲリオン]

Character: Nagisa Kaworu[渚カヲル]

Variation: plugsuit

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: Shiroko

Music: First Love by Utada Hikaru(piano version)



  1. Dream said,

    I never watched the anime so I can’t fully appreciate it, but I still like what I see XD

    Really nice lighting in the photos (is it natural sunlight from the plant?)

    My favourite photo is the one that you’re lying upside down with your hands over your ears, looking straight into the camera ~ so mesmerizing *o* (the 3rd from the end)

    GJ to you and Shiroko!

    • bangin said,

      This plant is a bit dark, we got little sunlight from the window. Shiroko’s camera did a good job, I bet.
      This is my first cosplaying plugsuit, but thanks to Shiroko, I could make Kaworu.

  2. Mochie said,

    Ah you got his plugsuit!! It looks great!! ^^

    I was actually planning to make one for you in the future (when I figure out how to do it nicely haha).

    you always choose really cool places for your photoshoots!!

    • bangin said,

      Location is really important for cosplay. I always choose a suitable place for my character. Wrong place spoils your cosplay. Evangelion takes place at such a neutral place, so an old plant fits.

      I am quite pleased to cosplay Kaworu-kun’s plugsuit!

  3. azu-chan said,

    cool! the plugsuit looks great~~ XD
    i like the picture where you touch the chains.. the lighting was really good there.. and the last picture too.. ^^

    huhu.. i havent watch this yet and lots of other people are recommending it. you wont fukyou me anymore about this~~ i’ll keep in mind to watch if i have time.. which is next year~~

    • bangin said,

      Thank you!
      I want to fukyou you with Evangelion. Well, Kaworu is officially gay like Naoe. He loves Shinji, and holds his hand inside the tub in the bathroom.

      • azu-chan said,

        lol.. no.. at least not this year.. i need to concentrate on exam.. ^^;

        urgh.. you’re making it harder for me to not watch it.. i asked my friend who watched it today.. and she said it has a sad ending.. really? coz i really love sad endings..

  4. aitsuito said,

    very cool~~Bangin-san you look very seme here :DDD

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much! Kaworu is seme, haha.

  5. tasukihoneybunny said,

    Hot Hot Hot! 🙂

    I know a girl who made her own Rei plugsuit. What auctions do you get your cosplay outfits?

    • bangin said,

      I always use Yahoo auction. And I got a discount on this plugsuit. I think no one buys because it is summer now.

  6. Inktrap said,

    Ohh so beautiful! I’m amazed at the perfection of the costume and the setting. Japanese cosplayers are so hardworking. I specially love the pretty settings. Parks, and victorian looking hotels. Once, I saw a group of japanese girls cosplaying Enzai in a prison. I was really amazed – how do you find such awesome places to cosplay in?!

    You look great as Kaworu, Bangin! I enjoyed the poses, specially the ones in the stairs. Where are you taking your pictures? It’s an exquisite place!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much!
      Yes recent cosplayers have been particular in finding a better place for cosplay. There are a lot of events everywhere so that cosplayers can choose a suitable place. The Enzai cosplayers must have found such a place. We resister cosplayers’ community like Cure, and exchange information. Or else you can check upcoming events. Or some cosplayers try to find a place themselves because they don’t want other cosplayers be in the photos. I ask some parks to have permission to cosplay…

      This Kaworu cosplay, we did at the small plant. It was so small that there were only less than 10 cosplayers including us.

  7. bangin said,

    azu-chan: Are you a student? I am quite elder than a student…not like Kaworu.

    Yes, there is a sad ending for Kaworu and Shinji. There is no salvation!

    • azu-chan said,

      yes.. i am a student.. a high school student to be precise.. ^^;; you must think i’m young.. haha.. ^__^

      oh…. i’ll wait for the time when i’ll finish my high school life this year.. and then i’ll watch it.. ^^

  8. cinnamon said,

    beautiful! thanks bunches for sharing this:)

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much!^^

  9. Mochie said,

    Oh btw, I found this website recently on cosplay photography, posing, etc.


    You can have a look at their work, I find that it’s really insightful. d(^_^o)

    • bangin said,

      Oh I think I have seen these cosplayers on Youtube. Thank you for this info.

  10. animelovers411 said,

    outstandign post haha , i want to cosplay as the main character now

  11. JanuarySkies said,

    I’m a bit late in commenting but I was compelled to do so anyway. I really love Kawora as well. I’m actually a bit jealous that you got that plugsuit. lol
    Looking forward to more awesome cosplay from you. ^__^

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much, I really love Kaworu, too.
      I was dreaming to have a plugsuit! Came to pass!

  12. azu-chan said,

    finished watching this yesterday… ^^ the first 23 eps i was thinking “bangin lied to me.. i dont see any BL.. lol ” and then ep 24 comes…. T_T it’s so unfair for kaworu to appear/live in only 1 ep.. >_< i was finally happy to see some BL fanservice..
    the last two eps are a bit a depressing too.. huhu..
    thanks for the rec! ^^ i'll be reading the manga next coz a friend of mine said kaworu lives longer in it.. XD

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