[Intermission] Third Anniversary -3周年記念スペシャル!①-

July 11, 2010 at 11:38 pm (Blogroll, cosplay(コスプレ))

Omg, just omg, it’s been three years since I started this blog! I can’t believe it, how could I do this? I had never blogged for a long time, but why have I been boing this? The answer is, yes, you readers. Because you are following my blog, such a damn blog in which Japanese otaku writes something with his not-so-good English and shows his cosplays.

 Anyway, come to think of it I have had a lot of nice memeories thanks to this blog. For one thing, I could make friends with many people from everywhere. And I have even met some of them in real life like windbell, double, any other Singaporean I cosplayed with, Cat Clan, Hinano, and Tokyo Moe who kindly helped me with my cosplays. They are all so nice to me, and…they are so sweet memories. Thank you very much. And if you happen to be a lurker, I am gonna say, thank you.

 And I do have to say thank you to my friend who suggested me that I should start this blog. She is a banker in Hong Kong, and a fangirl who always follows Japanese history-related anime such as Samurai Champloo. Currently, she is in love with Hakuouki[薄桜鬼] which is based on the otome game, and her favorite is this.

Saitou Hajime

 He is Saitou Hajime[斎藤 一] who is a man of few words, but so loyal to the head of the brigade named Shinsengumi, Hijikata Toshizou[土方歳三]. I think she tends to love such a cool swordman, in other words a samurai[侍]. The spirit of samurai is kind of 萌え[moe] to her, well then? I must say she is quite a 歴女[rekijo], and loves a character voiced by Kousuke Toriumi[鳥海浩輔]. Anyway as I said, I must say thank you to her for motivating me to start this blog…so I decided to cosplay him. 

 But please know this; Hakuouki has several series, I mean not only the anime, but any other game series like 随想録[zuisouroku]. In the anime, Saitou wears 着流し[kinagashi], but he shows in a different costume in the other games. So I cosplayed the Western style[洋装] of it because I prefer it.

 From last month, I prepared to cosplay him, buying the costume, a pair of the boots, a wig, and cut it. And of course I was trying to find a best photograher to take this cosplay. Because this time is really special. The person comes to my mind shortly, yes, he is the photographer who helped me when I did Durarara!!. I spoke to him to ask, but he was too busy to help me. Actually when I asked him, it was still the first of May. So that means I had to wait for about two months. But I still could make it on time, though…

 The photographer took me to a certain big park in Tokyo. He loves to take cosplays there and Hakuouki really fits. He has even taken other Hakuouki cosplayers there. In this park, there is Japanese Garden[日本庭園]. I cosplayed Saitou for the first time…with the best photographer. You know, it’s been humid in Japan, so I was sweating a lot with this costume. But I didn’t really care. Because as I said, I was waiting for my turn coming for two months. After this session, I have no idea when the next time would come. So I did my best, I really did. After I finished, I realised my inner shirt was soaked with sweat.

 Here is Japanese proverb, 心頭滅却すれば火もまた涼し[shintou mekkyaku sureba himo mata suzushi] or surpress your ‘self,’ even a fire is cool. 

 I shall dedicate this cosplay to my long-lasted friend, Wabisabi.

 Please play the ED of Hakuouki, 君ノ記憶[kimi no kioku]. Enjoy.

舞い落ちる花びら 頬をつたう雫

あの日二人で見上げてた 景色に今ただ一人

思い出すのが怖くて 瞳 心 閉ざして

何度も消そうとしたの その度にあなた溢れた

ずっと守りたいと願った たとえ傷ついても 誰よりも近くで見つめていた

抱きしめた温もりは まだこの手の中に

忘れない 幾つの季節を重ねても あなたを想ってる

初めて会った時 今も覚えてるの

月灯りに揺らめいてた 悲しげなその横顔

切なさを抱えたまま 瞳 心 濡らして

大きな背中 抱きしめ 呟いた 私がいるよ

そっと包み込んだ両手は あなたのためにある

何も言わないで ただこうして 

全てを失くしたって 後悔なんてしない

本気で思ってた あんなにも誰かを 二度とは愛せない…

幾つの季節を重ねても あなたを想ってる…


Character:斎藤 一[Saitou Hajime]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: highwaysong


  1. Kesenaitsumi said,


    コスプレイは背景にぴったりですよ。 ^^

    • bangin said,

      Thank you, and it should be 暑い in this context.^^

  2. miccostumes said,

    wow, this cosplay is so damm cool!!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much!

  3. angelofdevotion said,

    The costume, the scenery/setting, and especially your awesome cosplay, all blend in perfectly, creating such a beautiful collection to add to your other cosplay collections!

    Anyway, before I forget, おめでとうございます! Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary of blogging useful and interesting posts on Japan, anime and sharing your amazing cosplay pics!

    Please continue to provide us with more posts and your cosplays!

    • bangin said,


      Thank you very much, please come again!!

  4. Hinano said,

    Congrats on the 3 years!! 😀
    I saw the Hakuoki anime but I was really disappointed! T_T
    Maybe one day I’ll try the game out since I heard it was going to be much better!.
    As usual your cosplays are awesome 😉

    • bangin said,

      Thank you^^
      The second season will start, and you could see above costume in the next series. The game is more heartbreaking.

    • Ethica said,

      Shoot, so that’s that one supsopes.

  5. Taiyaki said,

    Congrats on you blog’s third anniversary! Nice cosplay as well, that costume is pretty cool!

    • bangin said,

      I will keep up! Please come again!

  6. Yoko-chan said,

    Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! Please keep posting and sharing your cosplays just like you did so far because they’re really great, entertaining and i’ve actually learned a lot through your blog!
    Great photos and great cosplay as usual! The location really is awesome!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you for coming, and following my blog so far.
      I will keep cosplaying and writing!

      Yes this location is really nice!

  7. nanashi said,

    Thank you so much for cosplaying Saito!!! I was going to cosplay him after I fell in love with his character (in the game XP) but I never got to it! You are an awsome Saitou! The background works really well with the cosplay too.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much.
      I think I like his half-eyed face and the costume.

      This background is really nice, I love it.

  8. azu-chan said,

    OMG! It’s saitou!!!!!! *A* *drools* I love him so much. and haha… just like your friends, toriumi kosuke is great! XD it’s cool to hear him voicing some cool chara too.. X3
    oh man, seriously just WOW for this cosplay.. not only, i love saitou so much, the scenery, the wig, the eye, katana is perfect! XD and my fav is the last one.. X3

    and omedetou for the blog’s 3rd anniversary!!! ^_____^

    • bangin said,

      Hi azu-chan, thanks for coming. So you are a fan of Toriumi, too? I love his Gilbert in Pandora Hearts.

      And this 3rd anniversary special doesn’t end this, there is a next cosplay to show. Please come again!

  9. azu-chan said,

    yep.. ^^ i like him as gilbert.. though there’s some history behind it.. i used to hate him.. ^^;;;; *guilty*

    oh.. i will! XD cant wait for it! ^^

    • Dragon said,

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  10. ponytale said,

    Congrats for 3rd Anniversary Bangin-san! \(^o^)/ Here’s to more exciting years to come!

    Truly beautiful scenery to complement your cosplay. You look dashing! If you’re melting in the heat, you certainly didn’t look it 🙂

    Looking forward to the next 3rd anniversary cosplay special XD

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much!
      The photographer was sweating, but he said, how come you look fine in this heat? No I was sweating, but I didn’t really care.

      Next I will try his Japanese style which you saw in the anime when I cosplay him next time.

  11. kumoriha said,

    3 years, congratulations!
    And that park is extremely beautiful.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much.
      Yes this park is very beautiful!

  12. Irene said,

    Guess what? You just made me download Hakuoki! I told myself that I’d download it once I’m finished with other series but after seeing this cosplay, I just had to check out Hakuoki (and how Hakuoki’s Hajime Saito compared with the one in Rurouni Kenshin :P) Conclusion: I much prefer Hakuoki’s Saito.

    These pictures are beautiful and your cosplay is impeccable as always….but I’m sure you know that. 😉

    • bangin said,

      Oh no I didn’t notice your comment here, I’m sorry.

      Saito actually has several costumes, Kinagashi, Shinsengumi uniform, and school uniform(maybe extra game series?). I chose this as this looks cool the most.

      Did you finish all of the guys in Hakuouki? lol

  13. cinnamon said,

    just found your blog today and I’m absolutely amazed! thank you for writing it and please, keep posting, so that someone from another side of the planet could read it:)

    • bangin said,

      Welcome to my blog, and thank you very much. Please come again!
      You can leave a comment anytime.

  14. az said,

    @_@ waaaaaaaaa cool cosplay! nice pics! props to the photographer too!

  15. bangin said,

    Arigato! The photogarpher did a great job!

  16. Twinks said,

    Happy (Belated) Anniversary! I wish you many more good cosplaying and blogging years. ^.^

    • bangin said,

      Arigato! Thank you very much.^^

    • BertieorBirdie said,

      billRAID and get some back up SW to back up nightly to external disk , there are some recovery tool syou might be able to try but its prob more work than reinstalling tooGD Star Ralnggtoadini…

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