Internet slangs -Part 1-

June 19, 2010 at 12:14 am (doujin(同人), otaku word, slang)

 I hardly see any online bulltien boards, but when I watch video on youtube, I come across some comments I don’t understand. They do not make any sense so I have to ask my friends what they are meant to be. When I could figure out, it always makes me laugh. I always wonder who coins such a funny word. I think there are a lot of equivalence out of Japan, so if you know how you say it in English(or your language), please let me know. Why don’t we share internet slangs? Actually, I didn’t understand lol, LMAO, XD or something like that before.

a. 巣に帰れ[su ni kaere]: [su] means a nest, and 帰れ[kaere] is an order form of going home. If I say a nest is a home for birds, it would sound nice. But actually in this context, implies a dirty place where shady people hang around. does not work for people, but bugs, rats, or…something dirty like a cockroach. Anyway, this phrase is often used to insult such a weirdo on the bulltien board. When a weirdo keeps talking about something that has nothing to do with the subject of the entry, others would say 巣に帰れ! to kick him out, instead of saying, “we don’t need your fucking opinion, GET OUT!”” Before, we used to say 逝ってよし[itteyoshi] or you can leave. But watch out, 逝く[iku] actually means to die, so 逝ってよし implies “you may die.” When a stupid bug comes out and makes no sense, yes, you can say 逝ってよししつこい腐男子も巣に帰れ。

b. xxxですね、わかります[xxx desune, wakarimasu]: I don’t know where exactly this origins from, but I feel I often come across this lately. It means, “xxx, right? I know.” It sounds like you pretend to be know-it-all although you don’t know about it well. Or sounds like you are ironically pointing out something before anybody else. I don’t use twitter, but someone asks me about it, and I might say, “twitterですね、わかります.”

c. 希ガス[kigasu]: Misspelling of 気がする[kigasuru] or I feel…You know, if you have followed 2ch, you might have seen this saying. 2ch bugs frequently misspell a word on purpose. You can say like そのアニメは面白い希ガス[sono anime wa omoshiroi kigasu] or I feel that anime is interesting.

d. タヒね[tahine]: Means 死ね[shine] or die. It’s so terrible! Look at this kanji, [shi] which stands for death, and compare these two katakana [ta] and[hi] and . Looks similar? 2ch bugs make one word, combining two letters. ネ申[kami] or god is an example. This is actually made from two letters, [ne] and [shin].

e. ネ申[kami]: God, but actually it also means an awesome person or who can do such a thing.

f. 禿同[hagedou]: An abbreviation of 禿しく同意[hageshiku doui]. And 禿しく is a misspelling of 激しく[hageshiku]. The full meaning is, “I totally agree with you.” Be careful, 禿[hage] stands for bald

g. wktk: An abbreviationd of ワクワクテカテカ[wakuwaku tekateka]. You can also say ワクテカ[wakuteka]. ワクワク[wakuwaku] means a state in expectation, and テカテカ is a sound of shining. ワクワクテカテカ is used to describe how much you are looking forward to. You can say like 次の話をワクテカしながら待っています[tsugi no hanashi wo wakuteka shinagara matteimasu] or I die to watch the next episode!

h. パネェ[panee]: Means really awesome, hilarious, beyond description. It origins from 半端じゃない[hampa janai] or outstanding. I guess they must have abbreviated like below,

半端じゃない[Hampa janai]→半端ない[hampa nai]→ハンパねぇ[hampa nee]→パネェ[panee] 

 You can say like 薄桜鬼パネェ[hakuouki panee] or Hakuouki is really awesome!

 There is too many, but that’s all for today. I think I will make another entry soon, so stay tuned.

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