[Cosplay] If I were a bird

June 13, 2010 at 2:48 am (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)

 Well, I admit I have done a lot of damn things in my cosplays such as taisougi, nekomimi, nudity, and BL. But you don’t know what will come out this time, do you? Yes I guarantee you that this is the most unspeakable…because I cosplayed him.

 See? He is Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass R2. How shota-looking he is! In case you don’t know what shota means, please see here. I’ve got to say again, shota!! Around-30-year-old man cosplays a shota-looking boy? This is a history, don’t you think so? オジサンがショタのコスプレなんかしちゃってんの!Oh no, I just introduced マジキチ a while ago. Yes this is it. This is マジキチ, you can say.

 But why did I cosplay him? I tell you what, I am not pedophiles. 俺はショタコンじゃないからね!Oh I don’t know myself. I just had a soft spot for him after I watched the anime. You know what happened to him? [Spoilers ahead] He is a spy on Lelouch whereas he is his false younger brother. At first he tries to fulfill his mission, but as he spends time with Lelouch, he starts to love his false elder brother. Because he used to be all alone, he has been an assassin. Lelouch is someone he can say brother for the first time. So he tries to protect him no matter what happens. In the end, he keeps using his geass for the sake of Lelouch, he dies. [Spoilers end]

 Oh no, he is a heartbreaker. I so cried at this ending. I am sure this could make a lot of fangirls cry, and I have no idea how many fangirls who love Rolo x Lulu got killed? Anyway, this is why I cosplayed Rolo. But…I think I goofed up. こんなの全然ショタじゃない!I won’t cosplay him again. We cosplayers say 封印[fuuin] to stop cosplaying a certain character. orz


空を舞う鳥のように あなたが僕に自由をくれた 心をくれた



あなたはそこに いつでもそこに



暗い夢の中で 僕を呼ぶ声が聞こえた





急ぎ生きるけど ごめんね








Series: Code Geass -Lelouch of the Rebellion- R2 [コードギアス―反逆のルルーシュ―R2]

Character: Rolo Lamperouge [ロロ・ランペルージ]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: Ranmaru


  1. Kブログ said,


    • bangin said,


      • Kブログ said,


  2. ponytale said,

    I think some how you feel more “in-character” as Lelouch. But maybe you need to pair with another Lelouch cosplayer to bring the Rolo out of you lol~ Love your previous Lelouch cosplay post btw X3 And it’s always a joy to see you cosplay and pay tribute to the characters you love 🙂 Sigh~ I cried at the sad ending for Rolo too.

    • bangin said,

      I can’t stop crying for Rolo! That is why I cosplayed him, but…I can’t wear his shoes. Just this once. lol I wish I could have a much shota-looking Rolo cosplayer!

  3. animelovers411 said,

    I love anything with code geass so great job and great pick , i think that rolo has less expression the most characters and in your cos-play you still had emotion just saying but then again im not a cos-player

    • bangin said,

      Thank you, but I think I should have chosen a different character like Lee Sin Ku.

  4. azu-chan said,

    cool.. XD rolo is so cute too.. and you didnt look that ojiisan anyway.. XD

    huhu.. rolo’s ending is just so sad.. i think one of the worst part i cried in any anime was rolo’s dying.. Q_Q how he said, eventhough you’re lying , but the time spent with lelouch is true” <— makes me so sad.. T_T

    • bangin said,

      I know my brother is a liar. You’re right, your brother is a liar.

      OMG, it was so sad. And don’t mention I don’t have his mobile in this cosplay!

      • azu-chan said,

        ^^;; i didnt remember at all.. well, you mention it at first.. ^^;;
        aww.. yeah.. if you have that mobile, it will be a lot more better.. i’m imagining a part where you lie on the floor with your hand holding the phone.. huhu.. that will be really great.. XD

  5. Ayanta said,

    (…I like how Rolo falls under the BL category xD)

    • bangin said,

      These brothers must be under that category. lol

  6. Lee said,

    I’m not a huge fan of Rolo to be honest. I found him as a weaker character.

    however your cosplay of him is fantastic. if i saw that before i saw the series i’d have thought he was more badass. lol A++

  7. bangin said,

    I wasn’t at first. But after I watched his episode, I found him so nice!

  8. kumoriha said,

    Too expensive, I assume?

    • bangin said,

      5000 yen or so, I guess?

  9. mikiyj said,

    I think the photos are really nice and it was a really good first try. ^^

    Maybe the choice for wig colour could be a bit different? And the way it’s cut could be a different style too to make you look younger. I think eyebrows play a big part in this too (as weird as this sounds) I think Rolo looks very innocent so he doesn’t have as angular eyebrows. Haha.

    Maybe you can try putting more eyeliner on the top eyelid too.

    Haha but I really think the cosplay still looks good. Can I tell that it’s distinctively Rolo, maybe not but the overall presentation is really good compared to some of the rolo cosplayers I have seen. ^^

    • bangin said,

      I think I chose a wrong character. ><

      I found this wig at auction, which was displayed for Rolo. His hairstyle is a bit curly while this wig is too straight.

      All in all, I can't act him well, gwaaaah!!

  10. Tekochi said,

    Ahhh.!! =D
    Bangin-nii’s cosplay is still adorable as ever… ❤

    Also, you should use a curling iron at the hair tips. ^^

    • bangin said,

      Bangin-nii, hahaha. I am just an ojisan, young lady.^^

      Rolo’s hairstyle is hard to copy! ><

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