マジキチ [majikichi]

May 27, 2010 at 6:07 pm (otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード), slang)

 Finally I can take a rest. Even though I work from Monday to Friday, I only spare my time on Thursday and Friday. Something always comes out on Saturday and Sunday. Now in Japan, it is getting warmer. Sometimes it even gets hot and humid. I don’t like the heat…

 Anyway, I just make a new post today since I have uploaded my cosplay photos too much. Seems like this blog has lost the meaning. No no no.

 I have introduced so many terms. But remember, words are alive. So words you often say a lot now wouldn’t even necessarily last forever. Ten years later, no one would say that. Maybe yes, maybe no. However, what if people abolished a word? It is going to be 死語[shigo] or dead word. We have yearly famous words[年間流行語], I mean, the words that were the most famous in the year such as アラフォー or 草食男子. Having said that, those would be possibly dead words 10 years later, I suppose so.

 Meanwhile, there are taboo words, we say 禁句[kinku]. That’s to say, we can’t say those words in public. So that means those words shouldn’t be aired on TV. If someone said that on TV, it must be bleeped like ピーッ. Those words are most likely summed up as 放送禁止用語[housou kinshi yougo], and most of them are like names of sexual orgens. Abolishing words change nothing. The more people ban words, the less interesting it would be.

 One of such taboo words is 気違い[kichigai] or mental. It could also mean insane, crazy, or psychopathetic. I don’t see why this is not good in public. Is this because people have been mental or such outrageous incidents have happened too much? At any rate, there is a saying to mean 気違い among 2ch bugs, that is 基地外[kichigai]. Pronounciation is the same, but replaced by different kanji. 基地[kichi] means a basement, and 外[gai] means outside. Means nothing. Also 電波[dempa] has also the same meaning. Both 基地外 and 電波 are used to describe such a painful person. If he is much psychopathetic than 基地外, he could be labelled as マジキチ[majikichi], which is an  abberiviation of マジでキチガイじみてるからやめろ[maji de kichigai jimiteru kara yamero] or,”Stop, this is seriously crazy!” キ印[kijirushi] also has the same meaning. [ki] stands for キチガイ[kichigai] and [shirushi] means a label or a mark.

 If you see someone who is too painful to see, you could say マジキチ…but don’t say this to the person directly, please. We don’t know what would happen. Anyway, I shall give you an example.

I don't have to be worried about guys who pick me up!

 This screenshot is from a certain TV show that introduced a crossdressing cafe in Otome Road. All the garsons are crossdressing women, and customers enjoy having a chat with them. The two guests were asked why they liked to see the crossdressing garsons, and one of them answered like above. ナンパされる必要もなく、安心してお腹いっぱい目の保養をさせていただいております。[There is no need to be worried about guys picking me up, and I can enjoy the eye-candy.] And there are a lot of comments from the viewers…like below.

 See? みんな自分が誰だかわからないと容赦がないですね(苦笑)Also, someone said もう少し自重して欲しかった[mousukoshi jichou shite hoshikatta] or I just wanted her to be modest. 自重[jichou] means to be modest, but this is used when you get carried away. It is not only an otakish term, but most people say this. Having said that, otaku people started to say this because of 真・三國無双[shin sangokumusou] in which generals say 自重 to stop such a reckless warrior. 私のコスプレも自重かな(笑)

 Also, there is another saying, メンヘラ[menhera], which stems from mental health[メンタルヘルス]. We abbreviate it as メンヘル[menheru] and add -er, so we make it メンヘラ[menherer]. The meaning is, yes, mentalメンヘラ is more serious than マジキチ. Don’t shut yourself  in your shell. Just talk to your friends before you become メンヘラ.


  1. Mochie said,

    It’s interesting to see the different types of censorships in different countries. I know America beeps their swear words , Australia used to too but not anymore. Today it’s frequent for TV shows to use vulgar words provided they are not G rated shows so there hardly isn’t any censorship before.

    On the topic of mental I it’s the same over here where you wouldn’t go and tell someone they are mental or retarded randomly but sometimes with people you know you will say things like “You’re mental” or “are you retarded?”

    Sometimes my teachers say it when they get frustrated at a student or as a joke.

    • bangin said,

      We Japanese tend to restrict whatever if some obtuse people feel it is a taboo word. If kichigai is not good in public, what else it would be okay? Such a debate is so meaningless.

      I still remember that there were some porn programs on the air over midnight. And even no censorship.

  2. Kar said,

    What I’ve kind of wondered is: does Japan actually have swear words? I know there are rude forms of saying certain words, but I haven’t heard swear words like English has. Is there such a thing in Japanese?

    • bangin said,

      Of course we do. We have so many. But kichigai must be censored now. Before it wasn’t, though.

  3. azu-chan said,

    wow.. i dont know something like kichigai can be censored in japan too.. O-o

    • bangin said,

      People have been too sensitive. I don’t like those people often complain about this kind of thing. It takes away fun from us.

  4. animelovers411 said,

    really kichigai would be censored in japan wow ,

    by the way amazing blog my name is tony and i would love to follow your blog do you have a twitter?

    email me at lee.tony93@yahoo.com

    or IM me – lee.tony93

    hope to hear from you an amazing blog

    • bangin said,

      Hi thanks for coming. I don’t have a twitter, sorry.
      But you can also e-mail me from the sidebar.

  5. animelovers411 said,

    ok no problem ill email you thanks

  6. animelovers411 said,

    heres mine


    i cant seem to find yours ?

    • 仲魔 said,

      It should be a link just above the mini-calendar, and below the “Search:” button.

    • bangin said,


    • bangin said,

      animelovers411: I just e-mailed you now.

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