閉鎖空間 [heisa kuukan]

May 3, 2010 at 4:18 pm (general, otaku word)


 There is often an old saying; otakus have their own universe and stuck there all alone. And they never come out and see nobody. I know that’s not true, however, I sometimes wonder why a word like 自宅警備員[jitaku keibi’in] is always stalking otakus. Let’s talk about it later, but now I shall introduce today’s keyword, that is 閉鎖空間[heisa kuukan].

 I assume there is no need to explain what it is if you have watched the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi[涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱], but for those who haven’t, let me explain. In this anime, the heroine Suzumiya Haruhi is actually the God of all the universe, and whatever she wishes comes true. But she is not aware of that, and her classmates including the hero, Kyon try to keep it secret so that she does not realise it. Because catastrophe might happen if she did. At the same time, her classmates must entertain her so that she wouldn’t get bored. when she gets bored, when her frustration comes to the point, something would happen. Yes, that is 閉鎖空間[heisa kuukan] or a closed space.

 閉鎖空間 is a totally different world from where we are, and there is nobody. Whatever Haruhi wishes is supposed to exist. In other words, she can do anything inside it. Anything comes true. Besides, a mysterious giant acts weird. According to Koizumi who is an esper boy from the agency he belongs to, the giant represents Haruhi’s frustration. If 閉鎖空間 gets broad, the real world would disappear and only 閉鎖空間 exist. In other words, the two worlds would be switched.

 That is all(almost?) about 閉鎖空間. Actually this word has been popular out of Haruhi fans since the anime was over. To make it simple, it means to stay in your shell. Like people often say, otakus tend to stay in their inner world. Watching anime, playing games, reading or drawing manga, or whatever. While you do this kind of thing, you stay indoors and talk to nobody. In the end, you might forget how long you shut yourself up…because you place yourself in your 閉鎖空間.

 Please don’t take it so seriously. This term has no negative connotation, rather most otakus use it as a joke. Let me give you some examples.

a. ねえ、夏休みどうしてた?[Hey, what did you guys do during this summer vacation?]

b. 閉鎖空間に引きこもってゲームやってた。 [I was stuck at 閉鎖空間 and played video games.]

c. 閉鎖空間でチャットしてた。[I was chatting online.]

 Of course, I shut myself indoors when I blog or do homework. Because I can’t talk to anybody while I do it. I can’t do two things at the same time, so I have to tell if someone speaks to me while I am engaged in something,”I’m sorry, but could you wait for me a bit more? Now I am in 閉鎖空間.”

 Having said that, it could mean as it does, I mean, your frustration. When you get frustrated too much, you might feel like crying out. Somewhere in this world, or in the universe 閉鎖空間 would come out, and a giant is freaking out. Since we live in such an irritable world, we get frustrated, irritated, and annoyed. If there is no way to release it, it would drive you crazy. That is not good. Koizumi is right. We had better clear frustration so that we won’t make 閉鎖空間. To do so, you just do what you want. Me, go to karaoke or cosplay, that’s all. That is the way I clear 閉鎖空間. Once a week or so, I go to karaoke. Well, not bad!

 How you deal with 閉鎖空間 will be important for your life.



  1. Retrocombine said,

    A 閉鎖空間 of my own sure would be nice…besides my own room, of course. I can’t be the only one enchanted by the idea of a world where I can do anything I want. I heard about something like that – lucid dreaming? Where when you dream, you have full control over what you do, instead of sitting back and watching it like a movie. I wish I could do that.

    The fact that heisa kuukann exists says a lot about otaku/hikki culture. To many other people, it’d be the complete opposite of what they want! Lots of people view being alone or isolated as a bad thing, when it doesn’t have to be. I guess solitude is very appreciated by certain people.

    • bangin said,

      Yes, I guess there is a time anybody wants to be alone. Especially when we want to think of something or mull over. If you have somewhere to go when you are in such a mood, the place would be your heisa kuukan. I often go to my favorite cafe where is so quiet, so to me that cafe is my heisa kuukan, too.^^

  2. w said,

    Man, do I enjoy my 閉鎖空間 or what. I think it’s fine to occasionally go into your own space; some of us do need a time out from other people and things. But as with sealed spaces in the physical world, even the smallest bit of foul smell can become intolerable (I won’t go into details here) So it’s important not to lose control in there, because frustration can rise exponentially.

    My personal 閉鎖空間 is under the bedsheets. Cold days + good book + warm blankets = heaven!

    • bangin said,

      Hey welcome back. And welcome back to my heisa kuukan. lol

      Yes in a way, this blog is my heisa kuukan. Because I can relax here!

  3. 仲魔 said,

    Good evening, bangin-san. I need to apologize for leaving this abrupt and weird comment.. there is something important that I must speak with you about. It concerns a friend of mine living in Japan, and.. a recent blog post you made. If it is possible for you to contact me by email, I would be truly grateful. 本当に申し訳が有りません。

    • bangin said,

      I just e-mailed to you minutes ago.

      • 仲魔 said,

        Thank you for your email, you helped me out!
        I sent a reply but I cannot confirm if it reached you. In any case, thank you very much.

  4. kumoriha said,


    Hope that came out as I wanted to. I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I have to say, it is very useful and informative. I’m learning Japanese right now, and these slang terms have been really helpful in understanding a lot of the stuff I’ve seen.


    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much, and I am glad it could help you understand Japanese otakish words.

      Please come again!


  5. bangin said,

    仲魔: I got your message. I didn’t help at all! But your mail is welcome anytime.

  6. moritheil said,

    Would it be fair to describe 閉鎖空間 as an isolated space, and not merely one which is physically enclosed?

    • bangin said,

      Yes. Heisa kuukan is your place, your isolated space. You can say.

  7. Mochie said,

    Haha sometimes I think I am stuck in 閉鎖空間. When I was in high school, I dressed the way I wanted to and just did what I like so I was very oblivious to the outside world. In my holidays I just stayed at home and worked on my cosplay or played video games.

    I think I am slightly better now haha but maybe to some of my friends I am still in my own world since I do not know a lot about western mainstream pop culture. I don’t have the need to keep up with the now, just look at some current things and focus on what I like. Funny thing, I was talking to my friend the other day and I realised I do not know what Johnny Depp looks like in real life. And I don’t know what Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt looks like either. Because they have never caught my eye so I did not feel the need to find out what they are doing or watch their movies, etc.

    • bangin said,

      When I cosplay, I am in heisa kuukan called 2D. When I make a post on my blog, I am in heisa kuukan named my room. Like this, wherever I am going whatever I do, I am in heisa kuukan.

      I didn’t even know Akanishi in KAT-TUN had dropped out again. I just heard about it a week ago. I am too behind.

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