[Cosplay] sweet pool

April 27, 2010 at 9:51 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ))

 I do realise this year is the best in all of my life. Since last year was horrible, it seems like everything got recompensated. The thing is, I am quite happy now. Though I am really busy. So, one of my resolution is to cosplay sweet pool which I really love. If you have played games from Nitro+ Chiral, you would know, wouldn’t you? Nitro+ Chiral used to create some bishoujo games like Saya no Uta, but they switched it into BL games for some reason. As far as I know, the first one is Togainu no Chi (lately the anime has come out?), next is Lamento-Beyond the Void-, and this, sweet pool.

 I didn’t mean to follow this game, but a fujoshi friend of mine got me to play because she insisted that this should be my cup of tea. And she was right. I can say I love sweet pool with no hesitation. Even though there are some scenes which make me sick, the storyline is so sad. My top is Mirage of Blaze even now, but this comes to my No. 2! I don’t mean to give away any spoilers, but there is no happy ending in this game. Not like any other otome games or BL at all. If you can’t stand it, maybe you shouldn’t play. Actually after I finished all the arc, I cried out. ハッピーエンドがないなんて悲し過ぎるよ!So that is why most fangirls try to create fan-fiction to make a happy ending for their own. I don’t do that, but if here is such a doujinshi, I would take it for sure.

 Oh no, let me talk about this cosplay. A while ago, I got an e-mail from a girl via Cure(Cosplayers’ SNS). She told me she is a cosplayer and likes my cosplays, especially my Tetsuo. I haven’t uploaded the Tetsuo photos here because of a certain reason. She also told she and her friends would come to Tokyo from Fukuoka Prefecture, and asked me to take my Tetsuo. OMG, what should I do? いや~オジサン参ったな^^At any rate, I cosplayed the two leads, Sakiyama Youji[崎山蓉司] and Shironuma Tetsuo[城沼哲雄]. I don’t usually cosplay more than two characters from one series, so…I realise I so love it.

 And, I shall dedicate this cosplay to my internet friend, ponytale. I hope she likes it.






Do you have an idea about this version?

ponytaleさん、いつもありがとう。これからもよろしくね! bangin


Series: sweet pool

Characters: Sakiyama Youji[崎山 蓉司], Shironuma Tetsuo[城沼 哲雄]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: Ruri, highwaysong


Zenya: Ruri



  1. ponytale said,

    (^///^) Bangin-san, thank you! I don’t know what to say… I feel very honoured!

    You really cosplayed both characters! ❤ Thanks for the hard work! I love how you brought out Youji's reserved nature with your body language and you seem to give him a softer expression? So cute… sipping the milk ^//^. Your Tetsuo definitely feels different although you cosplayed them together. The shots look lovely!

    Mmm I thought the black outfits looked familiar… did a quick check~ that's from the Chiral night visual! XD

    • bangin said,

      Ahaha~actually I need to get tunned when I cosplay Tetsuo. Yo-chin is okay, though. Yes, Yo-chin is a sick boy so I shouldn’t try to be cool, but look softie.
      You’re right, these black outfits are from Chiral Night! I thought you knew that!

      But I have more scenes to copy! Well, not “that” scene! lol

      • ponytale said,

        It isn’t easy cosplaying characters from the same series at the same time huh cos you gotta tune from one to the next ^^ But the results look great!

        uwahaha… WHICH scene? *cough* lol~ XD Whatever your do, I’ll look forward to them! I think it would be so beautiful if you could challenge the sunset scene before they jumped into the pool 😀

  2. azu-chan said,

    seriously i need to get a new laptop/PC.. my current one is f**k with the system that i cant install the game.. T_T i cant even play togainu no chi and lamento because of it.. T_T

    anyways, it is really a good cosplay! i like it very much.. XD

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much! I was lucky, just after I bought a new PC, I got sweet game so there was no problem to install.

      Sweet pool is a heartbreaker. ^^

  3. bangin said,

    ponytale: Well, most sweet pool cosplayers do the cover page pf the artbook which depicts Youji and Tetsuo are embracing each other in the swimming pool. Maybe that is a must-do shot! And the roof scene, the umbrella scene, ED…too many! lol

    You do know what I mean, that scene! Wahahaha!

    • ponytale said,

      XD the scene your friends suggested? *mosaic mosaic* (^///^)

      Hmm… that’s true~ usually it’s the cover shot, I’ll love to see your version 😀 So many exciting possibilities!

      Just curious, have you seen a total underwater shot before? :O

      • bangin said,

        Which of the two? Tetsuo or Youji? I have seen Tetsuo’s underwear shot before. It was an offset book for Summer Comic Market, I remember.

  4. Irene said,

    Did someone say Mirage of Blaze? *crazed fangirl look* @_@

    I’ve actually never played any BL games. For one thing most of them are in japanese. I know there are fan translations out there but lol, doesn’t if feels surreal to look at the translation in one window and the actual game in another?

    • bangin said,

      Irene, are you actually a fangirl of Mirage of Blaze?

      I don’t know if ponytale played sweet pool in Japanese, but I would like to know how it got translated. Because some parts of the endings are really nice, I want to know how it should be in English.

      • ponytale said,

        hihi bangin-san, Had a good and enjoyable holiday? XD

        I meant “under-water” shot like totally submerged inside the swimming pool (e.g. http://www.pinardy.com/modeling/image%20modelling/018/_MG_6295.jpg) -not- “underwear” shot hehehe (^///^) but erm… if there are scenes you want to cosplay… well I’ll try to hold my nosebleed lol~

        @Irene: I played the original Japanese version, I understand some parts but for parts that I don’t, I used online translation help from here and there ^^;;; I wish I knew the language well enough to not have to do that… However, don’t let that discourage you from giving it a try. It didn’t diminish the enjoyment of the game and story for me at all 🙂

      • Irene said,

        If it were possible for me to breathe in Mirage of Blaze instead of oxygen, I’d do it. XD

        I think my first comment on your blog was regarding MoB. But yes, I’m a big fan of Mirage. My fave character is Takaya/Kagetora. Very few novels can make me cry at the end. I really hate/love Mirage’s ending T-T. Augh.

        I saw some stray translations for Anima Mundi and Angel’s Feather but I’ve never bookmarked the blog since I figured that I’ll never play them. Anima is already translated and distributed in the US I think.

        Togainu no Chi’s artwork looks awesome. Does it have voice acting? I can listen to Japanese language pretty well but my written Japanese is atrocious.

  5. bangin said,

    ponytale: Oh no! Stupid me, it is under water! Yes I have seen a beautiful cosplay photo of the two vocaloids. They are under the water, and the bubbles look great. I think it may need a hard camera skill.

    Come to think of it, sweet pool has such a picture. When the two fall from the roof…

    And I enjoyed my holidays, of course I cosplayed for three days. lol

    Irene: Yes I still remember. You laughed at my choubuku, didn’t you? lol
    I was surprised to know there is a fangirl of Mirage of Blaze out of Japan. Even in Japan, MoB has been less popular because this is so old. There are still fans, but more fans won’t come.

    And…as far as I am aware, I am still only one male cosplayer who does MoB. If you see any, please let me know. XD

    Togainu no Chi has voice acting. I think Shiki is voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru.

    • Irene said,

      Sadly, Mirage is pretty unknown here. I can count with one hand the number of friends who know about MoB without me telling them.

      I’m kinda hoping that someone will pick Mirage of Blaze and remake it like they did to Ai no Kusabi. But I think that’s probably impossible given that Mirage is very plot-heavy and 13 episodes just can’t cut it. I think they’d need at least 50 episodes to effectively flesh out Naoe and Takaya’s complex power dynamics (T-T).

      P/s: I will inform you if I manage to find/force any male cosplayer to cosplay MoB characters :P.

  6. ponytale said,

    Yep, it’ll be awesome if you can challenge underwater scenes ^^

    Glad you had fun! XD woohoo~ there’s more cosplays to look forward to! ❤

  7. setuhiro said,

    It’s so amazing to find a boy likes bl games.
    One of my net friends told me that there’s one and so that I got here.
    What can I use to describe my exited feeling when I saw these excellent photographs? wow~o>///<o
    I feel so fortunate to know a like-minded boy. Through your photos I can find the beauty in sadness,just like the love story between Youji and Tetsuo. They are in the deep love which lives hard between their instincts and reasons. The story brings me the miracles disguised in the hopelessness. It gives me the reason to continue trying to gain my value in my life.
    It's really a good story and it doesn't only constitute a bl game, it's like a sign to show us how to find the shining tings in life.

    Actually I wrote all above just want to say'Nice to meet you!'(\^0^/)
    P.S,I'm weak in English.Hope you can forgive my mistakes. OTZ

  8. bangin said,

    Hi thank you for coming. And don’t worry, I can understand you.^^

    Yes I really like sweet pool because this is a sad and deep story. I don’t think this is just a midiocre BL story. I like such a heartbreaking story even though I sometimes like a funny story like Kichiku Megane.

  9. jessica_ning said,

    (Eh,my english is poor and my words have no sence of gramma and logic.)
    Bangin san~kon ni chi wa~
    At first I wanna say something about this game.Sweet Pool is my favorite game so far.I think it is not only a BL story, but a very deep and moving one. Everyone in the game has his own way of life, meanwhile their destiny is conjointed. I’ve played this game for more than 5 times, and the moving it brings to me never decrease.
    The day before yesterday I find your blog in a forum. and I think you did a great job in this work. Youji is really su ba ra shi i ! Your eyes are beautiful I think, and I love your fair skin and well figure.In a word,the whole feeling is great !
    Oh, I’am sorry to have a verbiage. I hope you can make more good works. Thank you.

    PS:I have to show my respect s to Ruri san and highwaysong san, their skill is great and their work is necessary. Thank you.

    • bangin said,

      Kon’nichiwa, thank you for coming!

      Here is another sweet pool fan! I am so happy.
      Yes in fact I finished the game, but even now I sometimes want to play again. The endings still remain inside me.

      Thank you very much, Ruri-san is a big fangirl of Nitro Chiral and she cosplayed Zenya on the day.

      • jessica_ning said,

        I’m coming to disturb you again~
        Actually I’am a N+C fan like Ruri-san,and I love SP most !Zenya is a kawaii boy, maybe many people think he is a strange and freak person,but in fact he is innocent and pure.He can live an ordinary life as other common students and don’t have to undertake such a sad thing he experienced. He hates his body but he never think of something negtive, just like death.He just wanna get Youji and prove he is not useless.In a word I love this character.
        About the background,at first I think ‘they’(sorry I don’t konw the name of that communion) are the origin of sin, but after several times I play the game, I think nobody is ought to be blame in this game, each of them is just follow their principle.‘They’ just wanna live on , even if as the form of meat.
        Oh sorry, when I talk about this game, I always have a lot of things to say and can’t stop. Many of words I can’t express well because I’m a Chinese student and my English is not very good ,haha.
        Thank you for reading my strange words.and I wanna see Ruri-san’s Zenya if it is convenient, it must be beautiful I guarantee! Thank you.

  10. bangin said,

    jessica_ning: I uploaded one photo of Ruri-san for you. Please see the bottom of this entry.
    Yes Zenya looks happy but he seems to be in despair because his body never functions as a human being. He is kind of moody and uses Kitani, but he knows what he is doing though he yells at Kitani. I like Kitani x Zenya relationship, too. But Zenya’s route is too painful to see. Not as much as Makoto.

    • jessica_ning said,

      Oh oh,ya ba ri Ruri-san is a beautiful girl ! This photo is great~
      I love Kitani X Zenya very much, O(∩_∩)O~but last time I forgot the spelling of ‘Kitani’ = = Zenya is capricious and freeness, but Kitani can contain and ma mo ru him unconditional even if he don’t know much about the truth of Zenya.
      I feel so sorry to leave so much massagers in your blog%>_<% Actually I love all of your characters but I can't show my feelings in each of page╮(╯▽╰)╭ If I really become a troublesome that, you will absolutely hate me, haha.In short, I will always be concerned about your works and look forward to more and better work !Thank you.

      • bangin said,

        Oh no no, I am so happy to hear from a sweet pool fangirl like you. Because I love sweet pool.
        Ruri-san sometimes comes to Tokyo so we will collaborate again. Next time I hope we could have a private photoshooting so that no other people don’t get in the background.

    • ponytale said,

      *loves the update* XD

      I find all the boys likeable as individuals even tho some of them did terrible things to Youji in their bad endings :-\ Compared to Makoto, I also feel more for Zenya as he is a deeper character cos of the suffering he went through.

      Anyway, I’m a Kitani x Zenya supporter too X3

      • bangin said,

        Makoto’s ending has no salvation, but Youji is still alive in Zenya’s ending. Though he is almost dead.
        As the story goes on, I start to feel sorry for Zenya. He doesn’t even care about his own body because he is sure his body would end someday.

        Don’t kill Tetsuo, Kitani!

  11. jessica_ning said,

    Bangin-san~I feel happy to hear that.
    eh, actually I can’t understand the mean of your last sentence’ Next time I hope we could have a private photoshooting so that no other people don’t get in the background.’ I konw the meaning but I don’t know why you say it.
    Tokyo is a great place, but the density of people is horrible~But before I went to university I live in Beijing, is also really a big city in the world.Oh, my dear terrible transportation!
    I prepare to go to Japen for sukura and comic someday after I graduated. But it wil be a long time to wait.
    I advice you to send E-mail to reply me, because I think it strange to always chat in your blog = =I won’t leak you address to others XD~I have no malice at all ,I just wanna make friends with a Japense people ,and won’t disturb you all the time.Thank you.
    my address:【morningshoot@live.cn】
    Hope everyone come to disturb me if you like, haha!

    • bangin said,

      Actually above photos were taken at the amusement park in Tokyo because we couldn’t find a nice location for the day. Ruri-san came from all the way from Fukuoka Pref. She just stayed in Tokyo for two days, that is why we had to do this there. But this place doesn’t fit in sweet pool. I wanted to take such a cool and quiet place.

      You can e-mail me from the sidebar. Click e-mail me, and you can do.

    • bangin said,

      I just e-mailed you two days ago. Did you recieve it?

  12. animelovers411 said,

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    i totally agree with what your saying , amazing post again , i totally love the last picture nice job !!

    see you around

  13. hiroshichan said,

    simply lovely *claps*

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