[Cosplay] その執事、オトメン[The butler, an otomen]

April 15, 2010 at 3:07 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), general)


 Ladies and gentleman, my name is Sebastian Michealis. I am a butler, working for my goshujinsama[master] bangin. He told me he will be late because he has to work overtime tonight, so I am here to tell you a message from him.

 My goshujinsama is really pleased to have a lot of messages from you on his previous entry, so he really wants to say thank you very much. I am so happy that he has such gentle internet friends. I would like to say, thank you very much. Besides, he said he has nothing to give so the only one thing he can do for you is to show his cosplay. So long as there is at least one person who sees his cosplay, he will go on cosplaying. But now, as I have said he won’t come home tonight. So…I, Sebastian shall be humbly at your service.

Butlers have to wake up earlier than anybody else.

Butlers must be looking neat anytime.

Good morning, ojou-sama.


Thank you for waiting, Suzaku-sama.

My goshujinsama is coming home soon, so I shall leave here now. I hope you would come here again, and looking forward to seeing you again.

Series: Kuroshitsuji [黒執事]

Character: Sebastian Michealis [セバスチャン・ミカエリス]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: highwaysong



  1. Melissa said,

    sigh…what a hot butler. I think I may need your services…

    • bangin said,

      Feel free to call me if you would like, please. You can call me with the bell.

  2. whytebubble said,

    what can i say. i really love your cosplays! – the putting on gloves shot had such a nice angle (with the reflection and all). the mansion (!) is magnificent! where did you find a place like that to take photos? anyways. loved it and keep up the good work!

    • bangin said,

      I do not deserve such a word, but I am honored to hear you say that.
      My goshujinsama and his friends rent this mansion to have a photoshooting. It looks like a mansion, but in fact this is a gorgeous hotel.

  3. ponytale said,

    Sexy Sebby~ moe-ed~ ❤ You need to pose with a cat too! X3

    The location is perfect for this cosplay. Love your captions for the photos too ^^

    • bangin said,

      It is so great that I have such a sweet word, ojou-sama.

      My goshujinsama changed seven times on the day because he wanted to cosplay as much as he could. Because this location was really nice for cosplay.

      • ponytale said,

        O_O wow 7 times!!! お疲れ様です… o~ that means you have more cosplays you haven’t showed us yet? ❤

  4. azu-chan said,

    hi! XD actually, i’ve been stalking your blog for a while.. when i stumbled here, i was really interested in the contents here.. and i ended reading almost (ok maybe not but maybe 60%) of all your entries before this.. my fav is the first BL cosplay you did.. lol.. X3 i just feel like i need to introduce myself this time.. ^__^

    wow! the cosplay is great! i love the eyes and the hotel~~~ XD

    • bangin said,

      Thank you for coming out, and leave a comment. My goshujinsama is quite pleased to hear you said that on his first BL cosplay. That was a big challenge for him and his friend.

      My goshujinsama does not do make-up a lot, but for this cosplay, he did.

  5. seizonsha said,


    Haha, no honestly, that cosplay is great and the location is perfect.
    I thought about doing Sebastian if I ever started cosplaying again…but it’s expensive and it’s not really my type of character…it’s just that we share the same name, hehe.

    Keep up the great work!!

    • bangin said,



  6. kloadheart said,

    suzaku? O:
    crossover of Gundam Seed and Kuroshitsuji i ges? :]
    really love how Sebastian came out :]
    i wouldnt mind if he served me ha hah xDD

    • bangin said,

      No, this Suzaku is from Code Geass. He was there as a guest.
      Thank you very much, I would like to serve you.

      • kloadheart said,

        my bad; ha hah
        i was listening to Reason by Nami Tamaki
        so i accidentally wrote Gundam Seed
        …. my bad xD

        that would be nice :]

  7. Laura said,

    Your uniform is perfect and perfectly fitted. Do you tailor your costumes yourself?

    • bangin said,

      I always have the tailor make my uniform. They are doing a good job.

  8. Irene said,

    Are those red contacts or just Photoshop?

    One of your best cosplay imo. Very convincing and your built is kinda similar to Sebby too.

    Suzaku as in Code Geass Suzaku?

    • bangin said,

      I am wearing contacts.
      Thank you very much, I am quite happy.

      Yes, there was Suzaku-sama from Code Geass in this mansion. I served a cup of tea.

  9. mochie said,

    Wai~ You did sebastian cosplay again! ^^ Looks even better this time!! I will be making Ciel’s dress in July this year too.

    Your contacts are lovely! It’s so hard to get lovely red contacts in Australia 😦

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much, Miss.
      I think the photographer did a great job. My goshujinsama always tells me that his camera gets too much noises when he takes at an indoor place.

  10. bangin said,

    ponytale: Yes…goshujinsama said that there is a reason why he has not uploaded them yet. And it has something to do with you…I think you will see soon.

  11. khursten said,

    Ah! I have to say, this is one of your best photoshoots, bangin-san! Where did you take this photo? Is there a place like this in Tokyo? o3o)

    • bangin said,

      This is actually a hotel in Kawasaki, close to Kanagawa Pref.
      My oyashiki is here, and you can see my butler. lol

  12. miz said,

    Really great shots… it would be fantastic to see you do another photo shoot with a Ciel, but you as Sebastien, definitely screams fabulous.. ^_^ But with the new season coming out this summer… hmm.. potential or not?

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much. Bocchan was still sleeping at that time.
      When my goshujinsama is away for a while, I will come here again.

  13. Yoko-chan said,

    Had to get back to this post now that i finally finished watching Kuroshitsuji.
    Awesome photos and awesome location and you really make an awesome Sebastian! Congrats!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much, ojou-sama.
      This mansion is really wonderful.

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