[Cosplay] I Love People!! -Durarara!! Part 1-

April 9, 2010 at 2:15 pm (BL, Blogroll, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード))


 I am becoming nervous because I have had too many glad things since this year started. What is waiting for me next? Well, after I had a photoshooting of Durarara!! cosplay I was so disappointed to see the photos we took, because almost all of them were not good at all. Because of my camera? Yes. But the crucial reason is, I guess, the time when the photoshooting took place. I mean if you have watched Durarara!!, you would know from what time Shizuo and Izaya start to move, wouldn’t you? The lead school students are in active during daytime, but as for the two guys, those scenes in which they show are mostly at night. So that is why the photos look boring. Then what shall I do? Try again at night? That’s it, but it is not that simple because it is really difficult to take a photo at night. I needed a much better camera or someone who can handle something like this. One person came to my mind right away, yes, he is the photographer who helped me with my cosplays at the hotel. When he showed me his photos inside his camera, I saw some night shots and they looked awesome. I screwed up my courage and asked him to help me, and he said yes. Oh my god, lucky me! I immediately told my uke-partnerKeith who cosplayed Izaya about this…and this is how we had a photoshooting.

 Around 18:00 or so, we three met up at Ikebukuro Station, and started a photoshooting. Because we started from that hour, there was almost no people who could recognise our cosplays as I guessed. And there were a few things I really wanted to do; a fighting scene and chasing scene. And some spots I really took; Tokyu Hands and Sunshine Cinema. We did it all! I was so pleased, and there was nothing else to wish for.  Thank you very much, Izaya and the photographer! I will never forget this. Oh I shall explain one term, リベンジ[revenge] to mean to re-do the same cosplay to do better than before. My リベンジ went so well!!

人 ラ ブ!!


 Here ends part 1 because there are too many photos to upload here. In part 2, you will see fighting scenes or that kind of thing. Please stay tuned! I will be back.



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  2. fantasy2311 said,

    omg…. i luv the photo with the phone. a pity its not really being stomped on (lolz). the night background really does accentuate hair and sunglasses and izaya’s fur on his coat. the whole shady feeling is good as well. the 2 BL-ish photos r my favs as well as the ones on the bridge.

  3. Marie said,

    Kyah~ (//▽//)
    You guys look amazing (☆o☆)
    I think it’s the background that’s synchronizing flawlessly with the anime!
    Great job ^^b

    • bangin said,

      Marie: Thank you.^^ Night lights make the two characters look more gorgeous, don’t they? The photographer was so awesome, he used something could adjust the flash, and placed it around us. And when he took a shot, that thing automatically released a flash of light.

  4. Inktrap said,

    Gorgeous photos, I love the ones in front of the vending machines. The light wraps all around you, it looks so cool! Because of the products behind, the photos end up being colorful despite the dark atmosphere, the same as with the lights of the city. So pretty…! The poses are amazing. My favorite is this one where you have your foot on the wall, it’s so full of attitude!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you, I really enjoyed this photoshooting. As we were enjoying, we came up with a lot of poses. In front of the vending machine, we already took before, but I wanted to try again at night. The result is…as you can see. I really love it!

  5. ponytale said,

    *silly grin on face for the fan-service* X3 and Yay for crazy Izaya (almost) step on mobile phone shot lol~

    These night shots look awesome~ and yep you guys look gorgeous ❤ definitely feels more DRRR!! I think this is probably the first time I've seen cosplay shoots that are taken during the night. Are you the first to do so? XD

    Your photographer is really good. The problem with shooting people at night is that with our usual cameras, often if you want to get the lights in the low-light scenery, you can't capture the faces of the people in the shot. And if you switch the normal flash on, you lose the lights in the scenery and get big bright faces in front LOL~ Hmm, it really makes a difference with the right equipment and experience for night shots.

    I think your photographer must be enjoying shooting the photos as much as you guys too ^^ I would really love to be there to see the process 😀

    Woo~ I'm so looking forward to your fight scenes XD

    • bangin said,

      One of my fav cosplayers did Izaya at night, so when I saw the photos, I felt like doing the same. And in order to copy DRRR!!, night scenery is necessary, isn’t it?

      The photographer is so awesome. He had one or two small controllers to synchronize his camera. When he took a shot, those released enough lights. Me and Izaya were so surprised, but it really made us get serious! He is an experienced photographer, and has had a lot of photoshootings at so many places like a deep forest.

      You will see part 2 soon!

  6. 仲魔 said,

    Such good lighting! It reminds me of a suspense movie. Between the pictures with a shadowed face, and the other pictures that show your faces clearly, each has a good atmosphere. I’m really glad for you that you met that photographer 🙂

    • bangin said,

      Thank you for coming to see my cosplays, and I do hope you enjoy part 2!
      I just wanted to make the atmosphere like Ikebukuro West Park. lol
      I wish the photographer could help me with my cosplays again.

  7. Yoko-chan said,

    Ok i’ll keep this short. The first pic, 7th, 12th, 15th and 20th – epic wins! Congratulations to you two and also to the great photographer!

    PS: 12th pic is definetly my favorite!

    • bangin said,

      Haha, 12th is a kind of…fanservice! lol

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