[Intermission] Otaku and the City Ⅱ

April 5, 2010 at 12:01 pm (Blogroll)

 My life has been hectics lately. Cosplay? Not only that but also other things like meeting new people. A while ago, I met up with the two bloggers from New York, and had fun together. Here comes another oppotunity; I got an e-mail from a Mexican blogger. He told me he was coming to Tokyo for honeymoon, and asked me to have fun. Of course I was on it. 嬉しいなぁ、えへへ^^

 Last Saturday, we met up at Ueno Station[上野駅]. There the blogger Cat clan-san and his wife, Nanami-san were. Even though it was his first time visiting Japan, his Japanese was brilliant. He told he has studied Japanese for years, and both of them could read Japanese. I guess they could write as well.  Cat clan-san really loves cats(neko-moe), so they went to Nanjatown in Ikebukuro to get a nekobag[cat bag] which is a symbol of it. Also he loves Chi Sweet Home. まさかちぃがメキシコで知られていたとは…(笑)Besides, he has been a fan of Sailor Moon for 14 years(!), and knows a lot about seiyu. His favorite is Megumi Hayashibara, Maaya Sakamoto, and Haruko Momoi. He said they were going to her event next day.

 The cherry blossom was in full bloom, so we headed to Ueno Park to see. There were too many people to walk straight. But Cat clan-san took us to the spot where less people were. And we took some photos there.

With Cat clan-san.


 I didn’t forget to ask him to take my portrait because I didn’t want to miss this cherry blossom. Thank you very much.^^

桜の花びら散るたびに 届かぬ想いがまた一つ…

 After that, we went to karaoke like I did with Hinano and her husband. You know, I must say karaoke is so popular among foreigners. Anyway, we are anime fans so what are we gonna sing? Yes, there is no need to explain. By the way, Cat clan-san knows some of the songs I chose; Get Wild from City Hunter, The Real Folk Blues from Cowboy Bebop, Hitorijanai from Dragon Ball GT, and Country Road from Mimi wo Sumaseba. And they were singing Blue Seed, Sakura Taisen, Kare Kano, and even Sister Princess! I guess they might be around the same age as me. We were singing some of those songs together. So fun! 超楽しかった!!^^  


 I heard a lot about Mexico from them, and how anime-related events are out there. Well, when I have a wonderful meeting like this, I always think it was nice that I’ve studied English. My English is sucks, though. Well, I’ve got to go on studying!



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  1. Bobcat said,

    slm man mostafa hastam daneshjiye reshteye biochtenolgy baraye karshenasi arshad mikhastam shakheye pezeshkesho sherkat konam mikhastam bedonam kodom keshvar khareje behtare va hazinash cheghadre va che madrake zabani mikhad

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