[Cosplay] Kichiku Megane

March 31, 2010 at 1:47 pm (BL, Blogroll, cosplay(コスプレ))

 Spring is here. But if you happen to be in Tokyo, you might think it is a bit odd because it is still very cold now. It should be warmer around this time, but why is it so chilly? I still turn on my air-conditioner when I get home. I hope it will be warmer soon because I haven’t seen the cherry blossom yet.

 Speaking of Spring, most people start a new life. What about you? Start to work? Or a new semester begins? Me, go on working at the company. Nothing changes. By the way, I got a lot of mails from men’s shops. Most(?) young people would start to work so that they need a suit and tie. Well I felt like buying a new one so I went to the shop to do so. My suit seems to be a bit loose because I bought it when I enrolled the university. Don’t ask me how many years ago. 年は聞くなよ(笑)Anyway, when I dropped by the shop, I was a bit surprised because most suits seemed to be slim-fit. So I immediately bought one because I could use it to keep my physique. I am a cosplayer, so that I ought to care about that kind of thing. When I tried it out in front of the mirror, it showed my body’s shape clearly…こ、これは太れない! At any rate, I just thought of cosplaying someone in suit…Oh yes, there is him.

 He is Saeki Katsuya[佐伯克也] in Kichiku Megane[鬼畜眼鏡]. Does anyone know this? Let’s abbreviate it as kichimega. Well, he is a salaryman who works for Kikuchi Marketing. Since he is such a wimp, he can’t work as he likes. When he feels disappointed at a lonely park, a mysterious man speaks to him. The man shows him a pair of glasses, and says,”This will change your life for sure.” Yes, the glasses change anybody into kichiku…that is kichiku megane!

 I laughed a lot upon hearing this. Well, I like such a bit funny story. Since most of the characters in kichimega are salarymen, this BL game is classified as リーマンもの[reeman-mono]. I guess the reason why this kind of genre is popular among fangirls is リーマン is a men’s society where ladies can’t get in. Even though men and women are working together in the same office, there seems to be a invisible border between them. If there is a fujoshi in the office, how does she use her yaoi filter? In my division, there are only six people including me. And there is one lady. What if she is a fujoshi…? lol

 What am I talking about!? Let me talk about this cosplay. In the hotel I had a photoshooting, I cosplayed Katsuya for the first time. This cosplay was so enjoyable because I acted two modes; normal and kichiku. That means I acted a masochist and a sadist, in other words, seme and uke.

 In case you don’t know this game, I shall upload the OP here. Don’t worry, there is no BL scene. The cosplay photos, too.


Ha…what shall I do? I don’t know what I am supposed to do…

Yes…I am so sorry…yes…I know…I am terribly sorry…

(Hey…this is not yourself. Get the glasses, now!)



Don’t be scared. You will feel good…



Series: Kichiku Megane[鬼畜眼鏡]

Character: Saeki Katsuya[佐伯克也]

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: highwaysong, Shiroko



  1. fantasy2311 said,

    yay!! finally saeki katsuya from kichiku megane!! the photos are very well done, especially love the uke saeki. the seme version seems a bit too evil though… thinks it’s your eyes, slightly scary (> <). how to say (hmmm…). in my opinion, the seme saeki katsuya is more like a male jou-ou sama (ousama??), though more rough. slightly unrelevent, but hirakawa daisuke ROX!!

    PS: i pfft-ed slightly at kichimega, the mega part really fit my funny bone. Kichigane is my preferred abbreviation (lolz).

    • bangin said,

      The cosplayer who took my cosplay is a big fan of Kichiku megane, and she sure said, “I really love kichimega, love it!!” We say kichimega as a matter of fact.

      • fantasy2311 said,

        ooooo, no wonder u call it kichimega. thats how they call it in japan, kewl. but isn’t it odd? like wouldn’t it be better to shorten megane to gane rather than mega? as in at least gane forms the last kanji rather than mega which does not have that much of a meaning.

  2. Inktrap said,

    Ohh! Kichiku megane is my favorite kind of seme, but in my opinion, Saeki Katsuya was too kind! Mabe it’s because I’ve only read the manga. I really wanted a Seme!Saeki/Uke!Red-haired guy I forgot the name, but apparently you can only get this as an uke ending?? That was disappointing… So I didn’t want to play the game, as I wasn’t interested in the other characters.
    I really liked your cosplay! You look soooooo good in glasses. Plus, the hotel is a really fine setting, and part of the charm of kichiku megane is totally their finesse. And you have really scary expressions, you play seme guys so well, gyaaah. I’m totally entranced by the evil and confident expression beneath those glasses!

    • bangin said,

      I think you were mentioning Igarashi. And yes, you can’t get some of the characters unless you choose either side.

      Thank you very much.^^ Now I want to have a photoshooting outside next, like in front of a lot of skyscrapers. In such an office district.

      Usually I am like uke mode of Katsuya. Sometimes I feel like being kichiku mode! Can I have a real kichiku megane? lol

  3. ponytale said,

    Hi hi bangin-san~ I had a sneak peek of your Kichiku Megane cosplay in your photo album before you published this post ^^ The photography and location is lovely! And I’ve to say again, I think you look very good wearing glasses! The first time I commented on your blog was for Zetsubo-sensei’s brother’s cosplay where you wore glasses too! But this time your aura is entirely different! I wonder why? XD

    From the photos, I think you channel seme Megane way better. I like your menacing eyes ^^ I think your fujoshi friends may say you look like uke, I think you definitely project seme better lol.

    Suit + megane moe XP

    • bangin said,

      I think I might want to change myself like Katsuya because I am just a hetare salaryman. The pro-photographer who took my Shizuo said the same thing as you, like I can channel myself. Oh really? lol

      This cosplay is so simple as I just got the megane, the wig, and the suit. And…the power of Kichiku! Wahaha! XD

      • ponytale said,

        Yep, it’s true ^^ I think cosplay isn’t just about dressing up and looking cute/pretty/handsome… even if it was like you said, a simple one, the ability to channel the character you’re cosplaying makes a big difference. 😛 That’s how I feel.

        Hetare salaryman? fufufu* give Kichiku a try then XD

  4. Irene said,

    bangin-san, I think you can post the sans blazer pictures and tell them you’re cosplaying Gackt from Wasurenai Kara promotion video and none would be the wiser XD

    I couldn’t find a better picture. Gackt’s not as popular as he used to be I guess. Finding older pics of him is hard 😦

    • bangin said,

      Omg, G-Gackt!? The hairstyle looks like Katsuya, but…oh no if I said that, a lot of his fans would kill me! lol

      Yes he is not as popular as he used to be. So that is why he has featured some anime songs or a tokusatsu hero.

  5. Salaryman Moe: Glasses make the Boys Love game « Tokyo Moe said,

    […] sure to check out Bangin’s cosplay of the two faces of salaryman Saeki Katsuya [佐伯克也]. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)(500) Days of SummerWhen […]

  6. sally said,

    omg i love how you cosplayed both of them 😀
    cute and charismatic at the same time :]
    must’ve been difficult
    but you’re so skinny! D:
    put some meat on those bones x]
    but still, the cosplay’s super awesome! :DDD
    i think i became a fan of your’s ha hah xD

    • bangin said,

      Ahaha, thank you very much!^^
      I think I will be fatter in a few years.

      I have some more cosplaying posts to upload. Please come again!

  7. クラウス said,

    ah please excuse me xD;; I have somehow wondered my way here hehe xD;;

    Wow! just as those post above said. You did very well, changing your appearance
    ^^; even though you’re still the same. O_olll its almost scary to say that www xD

    I think I have a better understanding of how the characters looks different yet the same. haha xD you’ll be my proof (笑)

    I love your megane look! you portray megane san very well ^^ the process of noma changing into megane when wearing the glasses ^^

    • bangin said,

      Thank you for coming. Kichimega is my favorite, and I think the real me is like noma katsuya. I want kichiku megane! Mr. R, please get me kichiku megane!

  8. Charana said,

    😀 then… put on the glasses at work and become kichiku like in the pictures! Muwahaha! Confuse your colleagues! 🙂

    • bangin said,

      No, my glasses don’t change me at all! lol

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