[Intermission] Otaku and the City -オフ会にようこそ!-

March 20, 2010 at 5:05 pm (Blogroll, Otome Road(乙女ロード))

 Spring is here in Japan. It is becoming warmer and warmer, so I didn’t need to wear my coat. Oh no, it is March, isn’t it? Spring is a season when something ends and a new thing starts. You have to say good-bye to your friends, but new people are waiting for you…

 Anyway, this Spring is going to be busy because I have some plans to meet up with guests from foreign countries. Today, I met up with the two guests from New York in Ikebukuro; Hinano and her husband, JP. And there was one more person who they brought, and he is from New Jerseyあ~お名前を忘れてしまった! Omg, sounds sooo cool! I wish I could go. Can I sound like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City?

Ikebukuro Station

 The couple is staying in Tokyo for a week, and will leave soon. If my schedule had met, I could have gave them a tour in Akihabara or elsewhere. But now that they are in Tokyo, I should go and see them. So as soon as I finished the work, I did 5時ダッシュ in order to go to Ikebukuro. I haven’t seen them, but they have seen my cosplays so they could find me easily. It was around 19:30, so I took them to Japanese restaurant, 大戸屋[Ootoya]. It looks like a pub[izakaya], but not really. This is a resutaurant where not only salarymen but young girls go. And I think the quantity and the price are so reasonable. If you pay 700 yen or so, you can have a set(main dish, rice, and miso soup). They ordered chicken, I hope they liked it. I heard a lot about American otaku conventions from them and their stories, it was so interesting. Hinano follows seiyus and otome games; Daisuke Kishio, Daisuke Namikawa, Starry Sky, Miracle Train, Brothers-koi suru oniisama-, and so on. I know some anime fans are learning Japanese with anime or manga, and some of my friends can speak so fluently. So is Hinano. I really really respect them. 俺も見習わないとなぁ…


You can have a nice meal at 700 yen (6$) or so.


If you want to enjoy all night long, here is the cheapest, I think.


Do you have an idea which anime this is?

 After the dinner, we went to karaoke. To my surprise, they already knew how to use the device to find a song you want to sing. How do you call this? They were singing as they wanted. Needless to say, they can read Japanese lyrics. JP was singing Sen no kaze ni natte[千の風になって], and trying to copy the original, I mean, it was like an opera singer. I have never seen a non-Japanese singing this song in this way, and I don’t think I will be able to see in the future. Just this once. This is the legend for sure.

 Time flies. I really wanted to have fun with them more, but I had fun so much. Please enjoy the rest of your days, and I hope you guys would come again! 楽しかった、また来てね!^^

 You can read their travel diary here.



  1. Hinano said,

    wait I don’t remember us singing a song that had Saiyuki as the video O_O! lol
    thanks for introducing us to Ootoya! We went to the Yokohama branch as well which was great because I was hungry and the lines at the ramen museum made me rage.

    • bangin said,

      You are right. In fact I went to Ikebukuro two days later with my friends. As I didn’t take enough photos to write this entry, I had the same route.
      Ootoya is cheap. but nice taste and quantity. I like it!

  2. tokyo moe said,

    Sounds like a great meet up!

    BTW, have you seen my friend’s Tokyo RealTime tour of Akihabara? It’s a one hour audio tour: very well produced and informative. There’s also one for Kabukicho. http://www.tokyorealtime.com/

    • bangin said,

      I see. This is for people who want to travel oneself, not people who need a host. I didn’t know Kabukicho is the place travelers want to go.

  3. zak said,

    wow:D i never knew tokyo was this stunning at night it’s much like vegas, but tokyo definetly wins hands on;D You should do this more often taking pictures:)

    • bangin said,

      Not stunning at all. Vegas is far better and cooler than here.
      Maybe when I guide someone, I will do so.

  4. Bwee said,

    *belts out*
    Tatoeeee hitori demoooo
    Kimi no koto shinjite i-ta-iiii
    Sonnaaa shunkan niii
    Kono sekai haa…UGOKIDA~SU!

    …Sorry, Gensoumaden Saiyuki was one of my gateway anime and I really like anything that has to do with Journey to The West. XD

    • bangin said,

      Wow, I didn’t know Saiyuki is well-known out of Japan. You could sing with us!

  5. tasukihoneybunny said,

    I loved Saiyuki!!! Hakkai and Sanzo are my favs from the series!! I have a section of a wall in my place just for my saiyuki stuff!!!

    • bangin said,

      Oh so you love it too! I didn’t think about that way. I like Sanzo, and wish I could cosplay him someday! lol

      BTW, thank you for adding my blog in your blogroll.

      • tasukihoneybunny said,

        Your welcome!! :o)

        I love your cosplays! I wish my cosplays looked as awesome as yours!!

  6. bangin said,

    May I see your cosplay?

  7. tasukihoneybunny said,

    Sure! Let me make a web page to show ya. I meant to do this earlier but I forgot! Sorry :o(

    • tasukihoneybunny said,

      that was suppose to be a frowny face ;( I like to make emoticons with noses but I guess word press does not like them.

  8. tasukihoneybunny said,

    Here they are:


    I also have a Haine Otomiya from Gentleman’s Alliance Cross and Shuichi Nakatsu from Hana Kimi (manga version) but I can not find the pictures.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you. Is that all? lol

      • tasukihoneybunny said,

        I am still new to the cosplay. Plus I have limited funds for outfits. Sorry.

  9. bangin said,

    No it is okay. Thank you for sharing this with me.

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