[Cosplay] Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-

February 13, 2010 at 4:24 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)

 Omg, I must say I’m sorry before I start this entry because, well, it is going to be the most horrible cosplay I have ever done. I think I have done a lot of unforgivable cosplays like shirtlesstaisougi, or BL. And most of my cosplays are students although it is too late to be. But this time, I must make sure you put on a google to protect your eyes. Because the cosplay I am going to show you is this.

 This is a BL game from Nitro+ CHiRAL, Lamento-BEYOND THE VOID-. If you have played Togainu no Chi or sweet pool, you would be definitely sure of this game, and why the cosplay is too painful to your eyes. Yes, all the characters in this game are humanized cats[擬人化]. So? Well…you know, every one of them has cat’s ears and tail. Oh no, an elder guy like me cosplays a humanized cat? オッサンのくせに猫耳なんかつけてやんの! I know this is really painful(we say 痛い[itai]), but あのね、言い訳させて! I really wanted to challenge a 猫耳[nekomimi] character when I cosplayed with Zander-kun who did Chesha-cat from Pandora Hearts. He got a lot of “Kya~kawaii!” when we walked around the venue. I am not defintely young like him, but it is not bad that I challenge such a character once in my cosplay life.

 The reason why I cosplayed this series is that my cosplay buddy suggested. She is a big fan of this game, and cosplays the hero, Konoe. Then she asked me to cosplay someone in this game, so I decided to cosplay him.

 He is one of the lead characters, Asato[アサト]. Darn it, I made a mistake. I should have chosen someone else because his skin is so dark. I have to get tunned before I cosplay him! Asato is a man of few words, and not so smart, but tries to protect Konoe. Well, I think I’m starting to like him. This Konoe cosplayer is an ex-cosplayer, not anymore. However, she remembered the promise we would collaborate together so she came back just for this. Glad to cosplay with her, even I became a criminal.

 I shall explain the summary briefly; the story takes place in the forest in which all the animals are in a desperate hunger. They even try to kill each other to eat. In such a time, Konoe decides to leave the forest, however he finds a dark mark appears on his skin all of a sudden. It turns out to be a kind of curse, and it is going to kill him. He learns about a way to break the curse so departs from his home, but…

 Such is the prologue of this game. Konoe meets other characters, and you can choose who you work on. No matter who you choose, Konoe ends up being an uke. At any rate, Lamento is a BL game, but the storyline is so good that the Konoe cosplayer cried over and over. Most fangirls like Lai x Konoe, but I prefer Asato x Konoe. Because once again, I tend to like a clumsy character.

 In case you don’t know this game, I shall upload the video. Once again, get ready a google for your eyes. Are you ready?


So near but so far away, you’ll forever be locked withing my heart, presence in the air of melody…

 When the end comes, will it take it all away? Sweeping our memories, erasing time that we so much shared

When the end comes, everything will fade away

Don’t let it come undone, withing my heart let it stay…even when…

In darkness we seek for light though it may never be

Someday we might find the sky we long so much to see

共に過ごした時間や想い出が すべて虚ろになって消えてしまっても


Series: Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-

Cosplayers: Sakon as Konoe, bangin as Asato

photographer: Sakon and Kamitaka

Lyrics: When the end by Itou Kanako



  1. Taiyaki said,

    Don’t say it’s horrible, I like it! It’s not painful at all, quite the opposite actually. Good job!

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much, so Taiyaki-san, please tell me. Do you know this game?^^

      • Taiyaki said,

        Yeah, although I haven’t played it yet. It’s on my BL game backlog. ><;

  2. 仲魔 said,

    I just arrived recently and am reading the entries.
    Thank you for doing this blog, it’s very interesting!
    In other languages slang is the greatest mystery, but it is the most fun to learn.. due to your explanations the conversations in ニコ生放送 makes more sense, hahaha.

    I don’t know at all the world of cosplay, but it looks fun!
    …and you should do Oswald from Odin Sphere

    • bangin said,

      Thank you, I am glad I helped you understand the conversations in Nico. ^^
      Please come anytime, and feel free to speak to me.

      And some cosplayers do Oswald, but that is a very hard work. We say 造型コスプレ to call such an armor character. I can’t do that!

  3. Marie said,

    You look adorable (≧▽≦)/

    Happy New Year and Happy Valentines Day (^___^)ノノ゛☆ bangin ☆

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much, and please give a chocolate to this pitiful cat!

  4. ponytale said,

    Hi bangin-san, you’re too modest. You look really cute with neko-mimi! XD Don’t be shy to do more. Your friend looks lovely as Konoe too! *gives yummy dark chocolates to both of ya XD*

    Asato is interesting cos he struck me as even more uke than Konoe oops lol~ ! I like his seiyuu very much ^^ He is my favourite cat after Konoe… although I think Rai is very handsome.

    Yeah, I thought Asato should have very tanned skin but you still look fab as Asato 😉

    For the fun of it, I photoshopped you in 2 of your pix with a slight tan XD Please don’t be offended! (Please feel free to remove the links if you don’t like it ^^;;; )

    • bangin said,

      Oh! OMG! You did it so well! Do you often use photoshop? I don’t have it and nor know how to use. Thank you very much! I really like it!

      Yes, most fangirls follow Lai x Konoe, and that’s pity we didn’t have him.

      BTW, you figure out the real seiyu in the characters, don’t you? I know those names on the credit are not true. Who voices Asato? And do you also know who actually voices Tetsuo in sweet pool? I really like him and his voice!

      • ponytale said,

        (^///^) Glad you liked them. I did one more for your Asato signature pose with flowers XD

        I’m using photoshop CS2 (old version! It’s up to CS4 now but too expensive to buy). For most purposes like work and general use, CS2 is good enough.

        Oh… that’s right, I forgot that these 2 seiyuus didn’t use their real names for the games 😛 Asato is voiced by 羽多野涉 and Tetsuo is 川原慶久. It took some research to find out who Tetsuo was cos I couldn’t recognise his voice when I played the game and it was the first time I saw his pseudonym 鳩マン軍曹 XD I love his voice in Sweet Pool too. Never noticed him before in other anime ^^;;; I’m glad he took this BL role.

  5. bangin said,

    Oh great! I think it’s cool you can handle Photoshop! I just use a free software, gimp to edit photos. But I can’t paint or design. Do you use it for work?

    I know Wataru Hatano, but I didn’t hear of 川原慶久. I wonder who he has voiced so far. But I like his voice now! And I really like Tetsuo. I laughed a bit when he ate ramen, gyouza, and rice because he looked like Japanese salaryman. lol

    • ponytale said,

      Gimp is a good free software with many good features for photo manipulation but since I get to use Photoshop for work, I don’t use gimp 😛 I have a pen tablet too and it is very useful for doing touch-ups ^_^)b a very good investment!

      Same here… I only got to know 川原慶久 cos of sweet pool. I checked the wiki entry on him and seems that his work includes Nyan Koi, Nana, Kaidan Restaurant (but he sounds completely different cos he voices a young school boy). I didn’t watch the other two so I don’t know how he sounds.

      Hehe, ramen, gyouza, and rice are usual food for Japanese salaryman? XD Are you thinking of cosplaying that scene?

      • bangin said,

        Wahaha, yep I want to copy that scene! And also that yakisobapan scene at the roof, and bartender-mode!

        In the office district like Shinbashi or Yurakucho, there is always a long queue in front of a ramen restaurant at a lunchtime. You can see a lot of salarymen and office ladies are eating ramen. Most men order a set of ramen, gyouza, and rice. I think that’s too much. That is why 30-something salarymen seem to be chubby. Tetsuo is such a 2D bishounen that he never gets fat. lol

  6. ponytale said,

    That’s awesome! Looking forward to your Tetsuo! ^^

    Sounds like a lot of food… I think that’s okay occasionally but everyday… anyway Nitro+Chiral did draw a chubby Tetsuo chibi as an April Fool’s joke in 2009 lol~ XD

    • bangin said,

      Oh yes, I think I have heard of that, too.

      BTW, I furucompu all the screenshots in the game two days ago, but I have some points I don’t understand. I mean, the meaning of the endings. I will go to your page, and leave a comment.

  7. Meilin said,

    キャーーー!猫耳萌え!!!! p(=w =;;)
    This is not a horrible cosplay at all!
    ehehe sorry for commenting on a month-old post >Д<

    • bangin said,

      No no, of course you can comment on every entry!
      Thank you very much for saying like that.^^

      • Kaed said,

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  8. az said,

    whoaaa you’re both cute! such a cute pair! wohoho~

    • bangin said,


  9. rzncu said,

    ❤ cat ears XD I think most fangirls have a moe for them. (it makes me want to rub the fluffy ears like kagome does to inuyasha's ears orz)

    You look very different in contacts, I envy people that can wear contacts since I'm stuck with glasses…

    • bangin said,

      I usually wear contacts(not colored). When I am at home, I wear glasses. Color contacts make your cosplay better. That is why I use it.

  10. Renea said,

    Aw, I’m a big fan on Nitro+ CHiRAL and I’m glad I saw these~ such lovely photos! I once again applaud of your great portrayal. And damn, you look good getting photographed from below or angles near that~ the 1st photograph were you’re touching the bars and looking down ~ so good :3 Hohoho. I really enjoyed this! 😀

    • bangin said,

      So you are a fangirl of Nitro+ CHiRAL! I cosplayed Asato because my Konoe friend asked me to cosplay him. I like Lai!

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  11. Julia said,

    😀 great cosplay!
    Lamento is my favorite BL game right now and Asato one of my favorite characters (right after Karitsu ?- im not very good at reading katakanas)

    ^ above post – i would love to see your lai cosplay if you ever do it because you have such intense eyes 🙂

    keep up the good work 😀 and if you’re ever interested, want to try togainu no chi? 🙂

    • bangin said,

      It’s Karutsu, that’s alright.
      Oh yes, I would like to cosplay Shiki from togainu.

      • Kaycie said,

        Superior thinking dertastmnoed above. Thanks!

  12. Thena said,

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