[Cosplay] ひぐらしのなく頃に[When They Cry]

January 25, 2010 at 2:36 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)

 I am trying to tell myself that I have to stop cosplaying. I was, I have been doing so but after all I can’t stop. A new year has come, and this is going to be my first cosplay in 2010. Oh someone, you should stop me!

 After I uploaded my Death Note cosplaying photos on cosplayers’ SNS, Cure, I noticed a trace from someone. I tracked down and there was a pretty young girl. She happens to cosplay the characters from the series I follow such as Death Note, Suzumiya Haruhi, Code Geass, Evangelion, and…Higurashi no naku koro ni[When They Cry]. I just spoke to her, and luckily she answered me and told she liked my Yagami Light. I screwed up my courage, and asked her to cosplay with me. So she said…yes. And we joined the cosplay event yesterday!それなんてエロゲ?

 Didn’t I say truth is stranger than fiction? Yes, we never know what will happen in the future. Actually a lot of bad things happened to me last year, but since the end of the year, glad things are coming to me. This is one of them. 人間生きてればいい事も悪い事もあります。Can I say like Easy Come Easy Go?

 In fact, when I was a beginner I cosplayed Higurashi. But it was a long long time ago so I was a bit surprised when she asked me to cosplay this series. My part is the hero, Maebara Keiichi who transfered to a small village named Hinamisawa. She cosplayed Hojo Satoko who is a younger sister of the classmate he’s never seen. And her friend did the legendary bishoujo, Ryuugu Rena. How legendary? Please watch the anime or you’ll see. 

 I was so lucky to cosplay with such cute cosplayers although it was my first time cosplaying Higurashi with someone else. Now that I cosplay with Rena, there are some must-do key scenes, right? So we did, and I’ll tell you what; this is not TMA. Don’t do omochikaeri(save) the photos, or you will be haunted by oyashiro-sama.

Keiichi: You guys are hiding something behind me, aren’t you?!

Rena: …

Rena: What about you, Keiichi-kun?

Keiichi: Er…

Rena: You are really hiding something behind us, aren’t you?

Keiichi: No I’m not…




 Cosplayers: bangin as Maebara Keiichi[前原圭一], Pokemaru as Ryuugu Rena[竜宮レナ] and Sonozaki Shion[園崎詩音], Yon as Hojo Satoko[北条沙都子] from ひぐらしのなく頃に[When They Cry]

Photographer: Kilt and us



  1. Hinano said,

    You guys are all so cute!! x3
    It must have been easy to do Keiichi’s cosplay since its just regular clothes 😀

    • bangin said,

      Yes, it’s pretty cheap and easy! But that’s why it was nice to cosplay with some more characters. Rena and Satoko are leads! I wanted Satoshi and Rika, too. ^^

  2. Laura said,

    Great pictures!

    Why give up cosplaying? Do you have pressures on you to stop, or does it sometimes not seem interesting to you?

    • bangin said,

      Thank you!

      Because I am too old to keep cosplaying. lol

  3. Micchi said,

    I think you portrayed K1 quite well. Satoko is absolutely adorable! Hauuuuu~~~~~~~~!!!!

    • bangin said,

      I really wanted to do omochikaeri her! lol She is very cute.

      I am almost twice as old as K1-kun.

  4. chounokoe said,

    竜騎士07のWhen they Cryシリーズが大好きっす。

    I think many people in the English speaking countries know Higurashi by now, but everyone who doesn’t watch the anime….or better try to read it if you know some Japanese (it’s not THAT hard).

    • bangin said,


      Yes, I heard more and more people in the English speaking countries are enjoying Higurashi so I assumed some people could recoginse our cosplay.

  5. mikiyj said,

    Wah~ the cosplay looks so nice~

    I’ve wanted to cosplay Higurashi before too but kinda felt I was too old to do so since they drew all the characters very young and cute looking. Which is probably why the series were so disturbing to begin with. Haha. But with Higurashi, once you start watching it, you cant stop and I get more and more confused throughout the episodes. Haha.

    • mikiyj said,

      Sorry~ Forgot to add, this is mochie btw. I moved my blog to wordpress recently~~ Still trying to figure out how to use it. Haha. ^^;;

    • bangin said,

      Oh~what about me then? I am far elder than Keiichi. lol
      Yes, all the girls in this anime are diminutive. Satoko and Rika are lolita-looking in particular.

      Even now, I don’t think I am handling wordpress well. Though it is been more than 2 years!

      • mikiyj said,

        haha, well Keiichi still looks ok but Satoko and Rika are very Lolita – looking. That always seems to be the case in Anime and Manga, the male looks OK and of age but the females look extremely young and cute. >.<

  6. Marie said,

    I don’t know why you have to stop cosplying -___-a…
    If you really enjoy doing it, I don’t see why not continue with cosplaying.
    And don’t tell me it’s the age xP
    You know what they, “Art is only limted by its frame.”

    Age is not a frame.

    You guys look adorable ^^! Good job!

    • bangin said,

      Age is not a frame! That is a nice word, can I have it in my dictionary?
      Well, don’t say such a nice thing, or I can’t stop it forever! lol

      • DarcyAglow said,

        U look really young, ur skin is perfect without photoshop ^_^ Why should u worried? Anyway, i’d love to see u in Facebook. If u creat an account there, I will be ur fan.

  7. Taiyaki said,

    Nice cosplay pics! I love the When They Cry series.
    Don’t tell yourself you must stop cosplaying, keep going!

  8. bangin said,

    DarcyAglow: These are photos, that is why I look ok-looking. And I have an account on facebook, but HN is not bangin. Please e-mail me from the sidebar if you want to know my account. ^^

    Taiyaki: Thank you very much…and I will join the event next week again. orz

  9. Kブログ said,

    あなたは本当に良い.( ゚▽゚)/

    • bangin said,


      • Kブログ said,

        ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ私はいつもコスプレしようとすると思っていました。

  10. bangin said,


    • Kブログ said,

      私は霊夢になりたい。 (東方から)(≧∇≦)

      • bangin said,



  11. Kブログ said,


    • bangin said,


      • Kブログ said,

        私はあなたが表示されます! (私はコスプレを完了)

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