[Intermission] A Happy New Year

January 3, 2010 at 1:05 pm (Blogroll)

 あけましておめでとうございます! A happy new year everyone! How was your 2009? I had so much fun with you. And I even cosplayed with the guests from other countries, I am proud of it. Well, I think I will keep cosplaying this year, too. Oh can I?

 Resolution? Umm…okay, get Nagisa Kaworu’s plugsuit, cosplay sweet pool, and travel abroad to experience a cosplaying event such as Otakon in U.S, EOY in Singapore, or Japan Expo in Paris. 

 Let’s enjoy together and make 2010 a happy year! 今年もよろしくお願いいたします^^



  1. Micchi said,


    • bangin said,


  2. Twinks said,

    Happy New Year everyone! May we all have a good year a head. And may your dreams come true Bangin. ^^

    • bangin said,

      Yes, you too. I hope you will have a good year.^^

  3. Hinano said,

    You don’t wanna come to Otakon…I have gone there for 3 years and it’s really crowded and stinky (オタクくさいww)


    • bangin said,

      でも行ってみたいなあ。 I want to cosplay there!

  4. chou said,

    Happy New Year, bangin! Thanks for your awesome blog over the past year, and good luck with everything you do in the coming year.

    > あとオタコンにいる町はすっごく危ないです

    I’ve never been to Otakon, so I don’t know anything about the con itself- the website says last year there were 26,000 participants… that does sound pretty crowded. But as far as the city goes, I have friends who used to live in Baltimore, Maryland (the city Otakon is in). Baltimore isn’t dangerous- no more so than any American city anyways. And the area the hotel is in is beautiful. So don’t be discouraged if you want to go.

  5. bangin said,

    Happy new year!

    A-con, Sakura-con…there are a lot of cons in America. When I travel U.S. someday, I hope I could join one of them.

    I am interested in Japan Expo in Paris. More and more people are participating every year.

  6. DarcyAglow said,

    Happy new year ^^ Bangin. Looking forward to more of ur interesting entries.

  7. tokyo moe said,

    あけましておめでおうございます。I love your new year photo. Best wishes for 2010 and the decade ahead.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you for everything you did for me last year, especially being a photographer!

  8. mochie said,

    Agemashite Omedetou!! COme to Sydney, Australia this year~~ We have nice beaches~~

    • bangin said,

      Oh yeah, I am thinking of travelling abroad this summer, either Spain or Australia.^^

      • w said,

        I saw this and instantly have to add: IF YOU COME TO BRISBANE TELL ME!

        I’ll be in Brisbane and MORE than happy to meet up with you! Although I am not very socially adept.

        If you’re coming to Australia in Japan’s summer though be warned it will be winter here – granted, it’s a mild winter but still, not quite beach weather. If that’s your sort of thing.

  9. bangin said,

    You will be in Australia? Studying?

    If I go to the beach, I will use it for cosplay shooting, not swimming. lol
    Okay so I have two persons I should meet up if I go there.

    • mochie said,

      Haha yea, I think Sydney beaches are nice all throughout the year (except rainy days). Will be a bit cold in Winter time but still nice. If you come around September to Sydney, there is an Anime event on at that time. World Cosplay Summit Finals are usually held then too.

  10. Alex said,

    Although Otakon is fun, you should definitely go to Anime Expo (http://www.anime-expo.org/) in Los Angeles. It will be easier to fly there from Japan anyway! I have been reading your blog for a while — great job on every post! — and it would be awesome to see you in the States this summer. ^_^


    • bangin said,

      Oh yes, L.A.! I love there. And I have heard of other cons like A-con or Sakura-con. I have been to the States three times, but I want to go once again!


  11. Gwen said,

    *w*v Do come over to Singapore! This time we can show you around instead LOL!

    • bangin said,

      Oh~thank you for cosplaying with me last year! Did you guys enjoy Tokyo? When I go there, please take me to the beautiful spots and take my cosplays!

  12. kloadheart said,

    you should come to anime-con in the US :]
    i might be going this year xDD
    its one of the biggest conventions in california.. i think…
    if you do go, then i’ll see you there :]

  13. bangin said,

    L.A.. It was a two-weeks trip. And I have been to Seattle, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

    • kloadheart said,

      ddaaannngg really? :O
      lucky xD
      i liv about.. 2 hrs away from LA and about.. 4-5 hrs away from las vegas
      did ya enjoy it here in the US? :]

      • kloadheart said,

        u also havta com to the beaches on the coast
        like…. errr…
        santa monica
        redondo beach
        … i seriously suck at names… -o-”
        but the beaches on a hot, summer day is one of the best x]
        … that is, if you dont get sunburned (by the sun), stung (by a random jellyfish), biten (by a sea creature) or snapped at (by crabs…)

  14. bangin said,

    Yes, Santa Monica. That was beautiful, I remember.

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