[Intermission] Touched by an Angel

December 31, 2009 at 3:58 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 This is actually the last entry this year, and as I have said before I am extremely busy so I haven’t been able to find time to blog, to introduce a term. I am sorry. I hope things will settle next month, maybe it will.

 One of the reasons why I am busy is Winter Comic Market[fuyukomi]. Well I don’t follow doujinshi so I always pass Tokyo Big Sight[国際展示場] and go to TFT to cosplay. This event is just for cosplayers, and it is called となコス[tonacos], abbreviated from となりでコスプレ[tonari de cosplay]. Because this event takes place at the building next to Tokyo Big Sight.

 I joined this event with three friends of mine including the guest from Singapore, Zander-kun who cosplays Chesha cat in Pandora Hearts. I cosplayed Hijikata from Gintama and Break from Pandora, and my friend cosplayed Takasugi from Gintama so we could collaborate together.

 Well, when we walked around the venue, Zander-kun drew much attention from Pandora cosplayers. Because Chesha cat cosplayers are so rare, so many people asked him for a photo, and they all said, kya~!!kawaii! Meanwhile, we Hijikata and Takasugi took photos inside and outside. But well, I think we should do at a better venue. TFT does not go well with Gintama. orz Anyway, my friend makes a nice Takasugi, don’t you think?

 Zander-kun had something he had to do on the day; it was to spot the Angel of Cosplay, Kipi. If you are a cosplayer, or even if not, have you ever heard of her? She is a really really famous cosplayer, and I think she is well-known out of Japan. You can find photos or video on the net so easily. Here is one.

 See? She has a fanclub and there are almost 4,000 members. Although she had been away from cosplay for a while(because she had been studying abroad?), she is back now. Zander-kun had heard she showed at the event, and tried to find her on the whole day.

 Around 4:30 p.m. or so, he finally found her. Yes, there she was. She was cosplaying Black Shooter, and of course she was really awesome. I can’t explain well, she had a different aura from other cosplayers. How do I say…she is charismatic. Zander-kun was in a state of ヘブン状態[heaven joutai], so I tried to help him communicate with her. I explained that he is a big fan of her, came from Singapore, she is very popular in his country, he was trying to find her, and he was really happy to see her.

 Kipi-san was so nice and kind. I thought such a high-rank cosplayer is arrogant, but she is definitely not. Although she doesn’t speak English, she kindly said,”Thank you for coming to see me all the way from Singapore. カワいいネコさん、ありがとう~♪,” and gave him a hug! くゥ~うらやましいね!And she even let us take a photo with her. We two were touched by an AngelGod loves you.She is great because she stroke a different pose every time I took a snap. And her posing are all perfect as if she knew how she looks in the frame. This is, what’s called, ネ申[kami] or God. It’s an otakish spelling. Combine [ne] and [shin], or you can make [kami]. ネ申 means such an awesome person or action that no one else can copy.

Lucky you, Zander-kun!


 I joined cosplaying events nine times, had a photoshooting ten times. It is 19 times total. I think I did too much. Meanwhile, I really had fun with you. Talking about something, meeting up with each other, even cosplaying together. Thank you very much. Thank you for following my blog.

 Have a happy new year, and see you next year! よいお年を!

Cosplayers: bangin as Hijikata Toushiro(Gintama) and Xerxes Break(Pandora Hearts), Keith as Takasugi Shinsuke(Gintama), Zander-kun as Chesha cat(Pandora Hearts)

Special guest: Kipi as Black Shooter



  1. Kaori said,

    i think its so amazing you all got to take pics with kipi! i love her~! she’s too cute

    btw, all 3 of you have awesome cosplays too!

    happy new year!

    • bangin said,

      Hi Kaori-san, you still cosplaying?

      Yes Kipi was so great, I became a fan, too! ^^

      Happy new year.

  2. mochie said,

    Wah~~ You got to take photos with Kipi. I am jealous now~. She is really pretty and even though sometimes her costumes may be simple she still looks absolutely stunning.

    It’s great to hear that she still has a good personality. A lot of well-known local cosplayers here are extremely stuck up and they all have princess/prince complexes.

    • bangin said,

      Is she famous out there? She is so pretty, slender, and really great. I can’t explain how terrific she is!

      I actually have seen some famous cosplayers, but they were so arrogant. That is why I despise such a cosplayer even if the cosplay is good. But Kipi is definitely not.

      Awesome people are truly humble and modest. That is what I learned.

      • mochie said,

        I think every otaku who has internet access knows of Kipii. Her photos are always the most posted on BBS and all.

        Yea some cosplayers have really bad personalities. They will start saying that cosplayer looks horrible, etc or they think that because they are a cosplayer, they should get special treatment from other people.

  3. Mariko said,

    She’s very pretty! *_____*

    A Happy New Year to you!

    • bangin said,

      She is so charismatic that I could not help but gazing at her. She is…great.

      Happy new year. ^^

  4. whytebubble said,

    Happy New Year!

    Kipi is so cute!! and the cosplays are amazing as always =)

    • bangin said,

      I knew about her, but I was not her fan. Oh no, now I am a big fan of hers!!

  5. Marie said,

    Happy New Year!

    You guys all look great on the photos ^^b Good job!

    • bangin said,


  6. doriinatrix said,

    Ahh, nice cosplay as usual! You make a great Hijikata!
    Also, Happy New Year! 😀

  7. bangin said,

    Thank you! Happy new year, you too!

  8. Khursten said,



    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Everytime I see you in your Hijikata costume I just squee with much joy and happiness! And your Takasugi looks amazing! >ww<)b

    • bangin said,

      Hi khursten, it’s been a while.

      Ahaha, I think Takasugi is the best one of all he cosplays. Though I have never seen Hijikata x Takasugi pairing doujinshi. lol

  9. bangin said,

    mochie: I have seen a really snobbish and arrogant cosplayer. Though he can make all the costumes and props so he shows in the magazine like Cosmode. Great people are never like that. Stay humble and modest, that’s who I respect. Kipi is, yes, who I really respect. ^^

  10. rzncu said,

    *o* her black shooter cosplay is amazing!!!! (I think if I was a guy, I would go into heaven joutai for her too??? ^^;) You guy’s pandora hearts and gintama cosplay are all very good too!!!!

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