[Cosplay] その執事、オトメン[The butler, otomen]

December 21, 2009 at 2:33 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 Ladies and gentleman, welcome to our blog. And if you have followed this blog, I shall say thank you very much as always.

 My name is Sebastian Michaelis[セバスチャン・ミカエリス], a butler working for my goshujin-sama[master], bangin. He is away for a while on business, so I shall manage this blog. 

 I was told to explain the wonderful experience he had last week. He had four guests all the way from Singapore, and cosplayed with them together at the gorgeous mansion. One day, goshujin-sama recieved a mail from Singaporean cosplayer named 満月[Mitsuki]-sama and the ojou-sama had told him that she and her friends came to Tokyo. They are going to join a certain cosplay event around the year-end, but they still have enough time to join other events, so he recommended some more events. Coincidentally, Mitsuki-sama, her friends, and goshujin-sama cosplay the same series in common: Kuroshitsuji and Pandora Hearts.

 Goshujin-sama tried to find a better event for the two series, and he found an event that took place at the gorgeous mansion. And they started to plan how they should do…and finally the day came.

 He went to the nearest station to pick them up around 10:00 a.m., and met up with the four cosplayers; Mitsuki-sama, Kyubei-sama, Faustine-sama, and Zander-sama. All the four are much much younger than goshujin-sama.

 The place where the mansion was just like a countryside, there was nothing to speak of. And when they came in to the mansion, the host was a bit surprised to hear they spoke in English. They hadn’t had any foreign cosplayers untill then, that is why.

 Mitsuki-sama cosplayed Ciel, Kyubei-sama did meSebastian, Faustine-sama did Madame Red, and Zander-sama did Grell. However they did a dance party version, so Mitsuki-sama did Ciel’s crossdressing version. They were so stunning, and the mansion really went so well with their cosplay.

 In the bathroom, goshujin-sama and Zander-sama changed while ladies did so in the Japanese rooms. He did make-up and set up his hair, oh well, it was a bit too hard to set up his hair although he read the comics again and again.

 At any rate, he seemed to be quite happy that he could cosplay with such wonderful cosplayers, and appreciated so much. And he really wants to say this, あくまで、オッサンですから(笑)

刹那 希望 剥れ 意識失い 遠くに聞こえる涙

今夜 命 惹かれ 業火 蝕み 暗黒に潜みながら

満月の闇に堕ち 主に仕える翼


絶望を見つめている その孤独を護れるのなら

I guard you どんなに暗い琥珀より どんなに蒼い髪より

どんなに紅い記憶より 美しく


 “Hold my hand, ojou-sama.”

全てを失う刻が来ても 最期の痛みに代えても


Cosplayer: bangin as Sebastian Michealis

                       満月[Mitsuki]sama as Ciel Phantomhive

 Photographer: Kyubei-sama, Zander-sama

 Lyrics: 貴方の声が色褪せようとも、盟約の歌がその胸に届きますように by Sebastian



  1. w said,



    • bangin said,



  2. chou said,

    Those are awesome! I especially like the one with the silverware. But how can you stand to put those contacts in? (I get grossed out by eyeballs, lol).

    • bangin said,

      Thank you. Yes, those contacts have no priscription so I can’t see anything while I wear. So that is why red-eyed characters are really hard to cosplay. lol

  3. mochie said,

    Wah~ first time I see you with such heavy make up haha. My choice was right mm *nods* Sebastian suits you.

    • bangin said,

      It was so hard to copy Sebastian’s haircut. The front is long, but the back is short. I brought the comics to my hairdresser’s. I think he did a good job, I like this wig.

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