[Cosplay] 侘寂 Ⅱ

December 17, 2009 at 3:07 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 December is the busiest month in a year. It is. I have to meet people, go somewhere, do assignments, and cosplay. If someone asks me, how was this year like?, I must say…well, it was so tough. Good things happened, but bad things as well. That is what the life is all about. Wherever I go, no matter what happens, the place I can come back is here. When I log in, I can meet you. That is why I could keep this blog until now. I didn’t think I could blog for so long now. Because there are people like you, people who follow my blog. Thank you very much. ありがとうございます^^

 This month is crazy because I have three cosplay events to join. Lots of preparation! I am not sure how long I will be able to cosplay. Well maybe next year I will do, but after that I don’t know. Cosplay is good because I can forget everything while I cosplay. And I can feel I am in the work (anime, manga, or whatever). I would have to find a next hobby after I finished being a cosplayer. Because some of my cosplay friends have stopped and started to find another purpose in their lives.

 Life is short. If you are still a teenager, you can fool around as you like. But time flies. Soon you will be around my age because time goes by so fast after you turn 20. So if you have something you want to do, please do so. If you do, you are a winner. In other words, anyone can be a winner even if you fail to succeed. While you hestitate, time goes by ruthlessly…

 Life is ephemeral. When I think about something like this, I feel like cosplaying Japanese costumes like a kimono or a yukata. Somehow, those costumes make me feel setsunai[sentimental and nostalgic]. I don’t know why, though. This is Japanese virtue, wabisabi[侘寂]? I am Japanese, and I do like Japanese traditional costumes while I also like Western-style.

 Last Sunday I joined the cosplay event. The venue was an old-fashioned amusement park named Hana-yashiki[花やしき] in Asakusa[浅草], Tokyo. This place goes so well with any characters who wear kimono, yukata, or the likes that there were such cosplayers here and there.

 I cosplayed two characters there. One is Oono Suefumi from Harukanaru toki no nakade-Maihitoyo-, and the other is Lelouch from Sound Episode 2. And as an extra cosplay, I wore a yukata. Fundoshi is…maybe someday!

1. Oono Suefumi[多季史]





2. Lelouch(Sound Episode 2)

いつの間にか大きくなっても 僕よりうんと 幸せがいい

いない時も 頑張れたことが 今になって 自信になって

いつからずっと 強くて弱いの 君は知ってて 同じ空 見てくれてたの

3. Yukata[浴衣]

夏の終わり 夏の終わりには ただ貴方に逢いたくなるの

いつかと同じ 風吹き抜けるから

Cosplayer: bangin

Photographer: ruea

Lyrics: 影踏み by 一青 窈, 夏の終わり by 森山直太朗



  1. Hinano said,

    イケメン発見! (=^▽^=)

    When JP and I come to Japan you must show us good cosplay store! I want to buy some Vocaloid cosplay maybe? 廻音ルカさんとか


    • bangin said,


      Oh so it is decided! Sure I will show you some cosplaying shop, let’s hope some vocaloid costumes are available then.

  2. w said,

    ! You look stunning in a yukata, did you know that? Just plain and simple (but I think your Oono Suefumi cosplay is rockin’ too) That haircut is very cute. Seriously, the first yukata picture looks like an ad or something – props go to the photographer as well, of course. I should take some cues from YOU and take a little more care of my appearance, heh.

    Thanks so much for the blog as always – the fundoshi one really cracked me up this morning. And I hope you keep it going! I’m sure you’ve got a lot out of doing this too 🙂

    • bangin said,

      This yukata is so easy to put on, actually I bought this at my favorite shop in Shibuya. Now even Shibuya-kei gyaruo wear a yukata, but something loud is always embroided on the back like a dragon. I don’t like that kind of thing so I chose this yukata, since it is so simple, desho?

      I think this location makes the photos better, that is why it looks like an ad. Of course I must say the photographer did a good job. His camera is far better than mine. And to make it more like an ad, I brought a plastic bottle of green tea and a fan as a prop.

  3. ponytale said,

    ❤ You look really fabulous (^///^) (and very handsome in Yukata) Awesome cosplay and photos!

    I think I definitely have traditional dress/period costume moe ^^;;; As for fundoshi moe… lol~ I guess when if it comes with the yukata or kimono XD yeah *embarrassed*

    I agree with you about doing things you like when you can… Life is short indeed and there are so many obligations to fulfill and things to pursue as we get older 🙂 It isn't always easy to do so but let's all try and maybe in the future we can look back and say… haa~ we were young and stupid once but it sure was FUN!!!

    • bangin said,

      I want to try other countries’ period costume like Saiunkoku monogatari or something like that. Well Saiunkoku is Chinese-like, not really though. Seirei no moribito is also good.

      Now I am doing cosplay, and when I look back my past, I am sure this will be left as a precious memory in my life, maybe ne?

      We still have time, so do whatever we want! Nothing is waste, even wearing a fundoshi. lol

  4. DarcyAglow said,

    I like ur Oono Suefumi the most: your wig, clothes, contact lens and the background, etc ^^. But u look little scaryy when u cosplay Oono Suefumi. U look so friendly when u r in the yukata.
    Well, I’m turning 20 his year. Not teenager anymore =.=. “…time goes by so fast after you turn 20” right? Until now my biggest hobby is still manga. Only manga can make a big change in my mood when i’m feeling bad. I think I still gonna read manga and collect manga until I die ^^ (sound so crazy …haha)

    • bangin said,

      I tend to double my eyedrums when I cosplay Suefumi or Lelouch to make my eyes look bigger, and try to look as far as possible since Suefumi always wanders as if nowhere to go. And more or less, I did make-up around my eyes because characters from otome games are Visual-kei looking.

      Yukata portrait doesn’t make me do something like this, so I can relax. ^^

      Collecting manga is not wrong at all. The older we get, the less freedom we have. If you will turn 20 this year, it would be nicer if you find something you can do only now. You don’t have to rush because you are much much younger than I.

      Oops, I sound like an old man, ne?

  5. Marie said,

    I think I’ve said this before ^^;; You really look great with red hair.

    And I think regardless of which country, the traditional attires are always beautiful in every aspect ^^!

    Oh, and I absolutely agree with fleeting of time after 20s -___-!

    • bangin said,

      What is the traditional costume in your country?

      20s goes sooo fast! I still remember when I turned 20. It seems to be like yesterday, but at the same time, long long time ago.

  6. mochie said,

    I think that I am very blessed I found out what my purpose in life was since i was a teenager. I don’t know why I wasn’t like other 16 or 17 year olds who would illegally sneak into bars and thought “i will wait till I am 18 and legal”. The first time I went to a bar after I turned 18 I thought as if life could not be more boring, so ever since then i always decline invitations to go clubs and bars.

    I always enjoy cosplaying and looking at other people’s cosplays. I feel the same way when I cosplay, when I can just be someone else for the day, just be in someone else’s shoes for the day and live in a fantasy world. Your cosplays are always lovely to look at, but if I remember it’s winter in Japan right?? Don’t you feel cold wearing that lelouch costume??

  7. bangin said,

    In real life, we don’t strike a pose like a character when we take a picture, nor pretend to be a character. But cosplay allows us to do so. No matter how narssistic I pretend to be, it is okay because everything is fantasy!

    Haha, yes it was so freezing. Very silly to cosplay like this! But we can still have time to fool around.^^

  8. Irene said,

    For a moment, my brain skipped a neuron. When I saw the Lelouch cosplay, I thought you were cosplaying Nakoruru’s sister -_-;; *palms forehead*

    You look very cool in the Suefumi cosplay. Like a real-life shoujo anime bishie. Any more kakkoii than this and you’ll be needing bodyguards like Gackt to ward off fangirls XD. Ok, I have to go download this Harukanaru thing. I’m pretty outdated on anime nowdays since I got caught up with exams. 😦

    • bangin said,

      Harunaru anime is already over, I think Maihitoyo was years ago. So that means I am pretty outdated on anime in fact. lol

      While I cosplay, no one comes to me, haha.

  9. Wabisabi said,

    Is this post named after me? -____-

    BTW, check email.

    • bangin said,

      Wahaha, yes I implied it for you. And you picked up this post as I thought.

  10. rzncu said,

    ❤ I love your yukata look~ the location looked really nice for both of the cosplays too~

    I think it's hard to put on yukata, once I went shopping for one and i tried on one of them but it was so complicated to put on that I didn't buy it in the end even though it looked really good. I don't think I can wear one by myself with all the tying and adjusting length without looking at online step by step tutorial, I would worry if I didn't wear the yukata properly (°□°;)

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